Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2008 on CBS

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  • Shows like Jericho are as rare as they are entertaining. This episode is a fine example of the quality, depth and risk-taking this show is known for.

    Jericho first returned from an unexpected demise, a demise not unlike the plot line of the series itself. No one saw it coming and it really pulled people together. I admit that the first episode of Jericho (Returns) left me worried about the direction the series was headed, and some current online reviews echo that sentiment. It is said around the internet that Jericho is now pointing toward a series finale as opposed to a season ender after the next three episodes culminate. Well, if this episode is any indication, I think Jericho will be fine, despite the low Nielsen numbers. *MILD SPOILERS*

    March 4th's show returned to the nail-biting, eye-covering intrigue the first season had become known for. Every emotion was brought to the surface: anger, excitement, curiosity, fear, compassion, sadness, and the human need for revenge to name a few. The fact that we lost another neighbor whom we had grown to know and care about was not unexpected in this series and shows why the program has such a loyal following. The producers take risks and are confident that we'll return. But how can you not? Every week ends with a cliffhanger that leaves you to just as soon lop off a leg as to miss the next one. Just as this most recent offering: everyone knew Ravenwood would be back; everyone knew Goetz had an axe to grind; everyone knew they were evil like no other breathing body. And now everyone knows that a score has to be settled with them.

    Here's hoping that Jericho can pull a better following: I hope CBS is tracking the online success, their partnership with Sprint PCS and all the other formats as well. This would be a sadly missed program.
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