Season 2 Episode 7

Patriots and Tyrants

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 2008 on CBS
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Jake and Hawkins have one chance to expose the conspiracy behind the September attacks and the Cheyenne cover up to the independent Texas administration. However, getting there proves to be the most difficult part of their plan.

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  • Are you kidding me?

    So they tell us a war is coming and we all know this series is canceled. This is crap. It tied up, if not neatly, too quickly for my taste. I'm glad Beck ended up being the good guy I thought he was. I didn't cry when they buried Bonnie, because I thought they dragged her death for a while. I would love to see how Jericho defends itself against the Cheyenne government, this is what kills me. The third season could be so awesome, but damn the people who canceled it! I really liked the old time spirit the Don't Tread On Me flag brought to the town. Like pioneers. Even Gray turned out to be a good guy. I will really miss this show. And I only started watching it a eight days ago.moreless
  • The writers somehow managed to wrap up all the storylines to make sure Jericho goes out with pride.

    Though Jericho is now gone, she won't be forgotten.

    Beck's bosses are cracking the whip – put a stop to the 'insurgents' in Jericho. What are they going to do? Just crush any town that gets a bit defiant?! In a shocking move, the one ally Jericho now has is New Bern!! Stanley predictably freaks and leaves and Eric sends men to help him, good decision. Beck found out about the missing page so now knows Heather was in on it.

    The one ally in Cheyenne is Gray, he wouldn't be my first choice but we take what we can get. Is it really a good idea for Jake to be wandering around Cheyenne in public? Jake, with surprising eloquence, tells Gray to go home – the town needs a leader who's not in hiding. Their other potential ally, Chung, is working for J&R! He is the answer of how to find the bomb. Jake's prior knowledge of J&R comes in handy again. Retrieval of the bomb was going smoothly until Chung is killed and Hawkins shot… and by none other than our mystery man. Jake, who doesn't take orders well, came to see what the hold-up was and saves the day.

    Beck's a good guy and he's not been comfortable with this from the beginning. These 'insurgents' he's hunting are good people and yet they're willing to die for this - for the first time, he's actually starting to wonder why. And what's the first thing he sees? The J&R report which was used as a basis for the September attacks.

    Eric's meeting with Constantino is as uncomfortable as we would have imagined. His plans are as distasteful as the rest of his actions – long term plans to make J&R back off but that means cold-blooded murder of 'enemy' soldiers. This is a deal with the devil, agreeing to it takes away Jericho's ability to hold the moral high ground – they really would be insurgents. Knowing Eric as we do, his answer is obvious: no.

    Deciding to make a stand, it's obvious Beck's changed his mind because only one vehicle approaches Stanley's farm. Beck himself shows up, having defied his superiors, no longer taking commands from Cheyenne, he will be charged with treason. His final act is to release Eric and his friends. In a surprise move, Beck then shows his officers the J&R file. Heather is released. To the delight of us all, Beck's men disavow Cheyenne and put themselves back under his command.

    At first, Hawkins' plan seems insane… until we realise they're on Texas soil! So they made it to Texas after all! Jake and Hawkins are given a plane to get to Texas, with Cheyenne right behind them. Minutes from Texas airspace, two fighters appear to try to force Jake to turn around. It has to be a bluff, they couldn't risk shooting him down while the bomb is on board. Plus, firing on a diplomatic flight is an act of war against Texas – that would stop Texas from joining Cheyenne and Texas' allies will do the same. Any way you look at it, Jake can't turn around – even if they are shot down and killed, the mission will be completed. Not surprisingly, Texas fighters come to escort Jake and they are not playing games! No warnings, they just open fire, destroying the Cheyenne fighters! That, my friends, is called an act of war.

    Meeting Chavez in Texas, the bomb is transferred and the cover-up about to be exposed. Downside to all this – Cheyenne won't give up without a fight which means a civil war.

    Gray returns home to a drastically altered Jericho and for the first time, I actually find myself liking him – the flag was a nice touch.

    Despite the rush to finish the storyline for the last episode, the writers did an amazing job of wrapping everything up in one episode, I'm astonished they were able to do it. They did a fantastic job and ended the series in a very satisfactory fashion. RIP Jericho, we'll miss you.moreless
  • Action packed and fast, too fast!

    Action packed and fast, which is also here its greatest problem lies,I had to classify this episode as informative, because it felt so rushed that alot of the tension had been drained out of it because you felt you where running a marathon at top speed. hat also bothered me was the introduction of a 'trusted' character who dies 2 minutes later,was his death meant to of shocked us, i thought that whole fight seen was a little shabby and they could of done far better, as they have showed us so many times before.

    I do however like the thin lide they tread on giving us the satisfying conclusion yet leaving it open for continuence.

    If only they had more time, some one send them some more nuts!moreless
  • The most amazing episode of Jericho, ever. Why does this show have to be over?

    This tv show has been worth every minute of my viewing time, and this episode made for one of its best installments ever. I'm not going to go into the whole plot right now (probably will later) because I'm really shook up right now. It'll suffice to say that I was on the verge of tears nearly the whole time, from the first few seconds to Hawkins' brilliant lines: "So how does it feel?" "What?" "Making history."

    I just wish they hadn't ended it here. Patriots and Tyrants made for a spectacular season finale but our thirst for these characters and their fates is far from over. Sc-Fi, USA or whatever channel: please consider the value of tv milestones like this and pick up the genius that is Jericho! I keep on hoping.moreless
  • "Ended before It's Time"

    I both looked forward and did not look forward to this episode. This show ended much too soon, and had great potential. The final episode was pretty much as was advertised. It tied up most of the loose ends and tried to give viewers some measure of conclusion. When watching I was excited and hopeful. I was glad to see that the boom was as I believe delivered into the hands of those who will not misuse it. As well as having Major Beck not only chooses to defend Jericho against his superior offices, but also gets his men to follow him. The way the show ended also leaves some room to have the show either come back or even become a full length TV or made for theater movie (you just never know).moreless
David Meunier

David Meunier


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Chris Kramer


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Xander Berkeley

John Smith

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Sprague Grayden

Sprague Grayden

Heather Lisinski

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Michael Gaston

Michael Gaston

Gray Anderson

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Esai Morales

Esai Morales

Major Edward Beck

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Hawkins: (prepping to retrieve the bomb) I'm asking for your help but I can't afford for you to go off book out there and I don't have any room for debate, so if you've got any questions, now's the time.
      Jake: Yeah, I've got a question. How do we find the bomb?
      Hawkins: No idea. Anything else?

    • Heather: He said this government is corrupt and illegitimate. That it lied about who attacked us to seize power.
      Beck: You're naive.
      Heather: And you're a coward.
      Beck: Excuse me?
      Heather: You know there's something wrong with this country, and you refuse to open your eyes and see it.

    • Hawkins: How many paramedics carry a 9mm?

    • Constantino: Strange meeting. I figured you and I ever got this close again it'd be at the end of a gun.
      Eric: A few weeks ago I was on my way to New Bern to put a bullet in your head.

    • Eric: You were right.
      Stanley: Right about what?
      Eric: Constantino. There's something he lost that I don't ever wanna give up. I mean, we're right, Cheyenne's wrong, but the minute we start shooting American soldiers, all that changes.

    • Hawkins: What happens in the next few hours could determine the course of things for years to come. Y'know, maybe our history for the next hundred years. That is the responsibility we got here. And if that comes at a terrible cost, then so be it, because that's the only way things get better and the way people stay free. That's why I do what I do.

    • Soldier: ID, sir?
      Gray: Excuse me?
      Soldier: Who are you, sir?
      Gray: I'm Gray Anderson. (looks around at the devastation on Main St.) I'm mayor of this town.

    • Hawkins: Damn it, Jake! I am not debating this.
      Jake: I'm not debating, either. I'm ignoring you.

    • Col. Thompson: (after saving Jake) Son, I don't know what you're carrying, but whatever it is better be good. 'Cause I think I just declared war on Cheyenne.

    • Jake: I think we started a war today. Let me guess, not your first?
      Hawkins: Jake, this war was coming with or without us. I just hope we did enough to make it a fair fight.

    • Hawkins: So how does it feel?
      Jake: What?
      Hawkins: Making history.

  • NOTES (3)


    • The term "Patriots and Tyrants" is found in a quote by Thomas Jefferson which says "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants".