Season 2 Episode 7

Patriots and Tyrants

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 2008 on CBS

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  • I like the parallels to current events.

    The thing that I liked most about this show is that the patriot citizens were willing to stand up to the corrupt, illegitimate government. That is a brave and very hard thing to do.

    The following are possible parallels to current events:

    A private corporation owning/creating a country - reference to corporate power and influence in the U.S. government. This is probable a reference to the mega mercenary company Blackwater an/or Halliburton. Both companies are making big money in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

    Gray Anderson said, "This convention is a sham. And when it's done I don't think there's anything this government is not going to have the power to do in the name of national security." - reference What George Bush and Dick Chaney has been doing to this country for the last 8 years.

    The "patriots" in this show are the citizens standing up to the corrupt, illegitimate government. Patriots in the show do not obey their government blindly. The citizens are the government.

    I know this is obvious; September attacks - reference nine eleven
  • Jericho is the show!

    The (series finale) of Jericho on CBS. For sure the best episode of the entire series. Jericho was giving 7 episode of new life, and they spent it well. The last episode might have seemed rushed, but still was everything you could ask for (giving the fact that it was the last episode). The next great war in American history is one we will not experience, unless a miracle happens. I have faith that something good will happen. Other then that Bonnie is put to rest, Jericho is freed for now, and Major Beck has separated from the corrupt government along with his unit.
  • The series finale? I hope not. But even if so - it was perfectly fitting.

    Jericho didn't start off as strong as it ended. It was somewhat bumpy in the start. Perhaps thats why the audience lost interest and the ratings sunk.

    However, halfway the first season it got great - and the last quarter was simply heart pounding non stop edge of your seat suspense with awesome action and drama.

    The second season continued that, and the last 4 episodes have been probably the best of the series.

    If anything, this episode was perfect. It puts and end to the "exposing Cheyenne" storyline and also ends the defend-Jericho storyline, at least against Beck and company.

    While these two may be the biggest plot threads of the show, there are many doors opened, making the show easy to continue.

    The victory is not in Texas' hands yet, and some of the characters haven't been fully fleshed out just yet.

    Was a bit odd how we didn't see Valente but it wasn't neccessery. I always thought the series finale would end with the "big shots" (the president, Valente, etc) being taken out. But this way, it was actually somewhat better and more belivable.

    I really loved the Jake/Hawkins dynamic in this episode. It's usually good, but this episode it really worked. And oh my, how sweet was it when Jake was flying the plane? Knowing since season 1 he can do that, it felt like "so THATS why they told us 16 episodes ago!". Okay, maybe they didn't have this in their heads back then, but anyway, a really nice coincidence.

    I've also give my congratulations to the visuals. They've been lacking this season due to the lowered budget, but this episode had real nice cinematography and CGI, especially the plane scenes. As far as the Jericho storyline goes, somewhat slow, but I loved it. Bringing back Constantino just for one scene was great. I liked that, in the end, Jericho never turned into a mad max-esque town. Gray's arrival near the end showed that it was on that way, but that's simply not the way to go down on.

    Speaking of which, having Gray back was awesome. He wasn't a good character, actually - for the most. But now, I totally thought he was needed to be there. The small Johnston reference with the flag - heart warming, to say at least. Referencing him also adds to the "finale" feeling. Despite the fact he died only 7 episodes ago, it feels like forever...

    All in all, I wonder what the cliffhanger ending would've been. The bomb's not retrieved? Beck's executed? Hawkins dies? However, I don't think this ending was worthy a "THE END" at the end of the episode. It's still open enough to continue, but if this is the last we see of Jericho, it's still satisfying.

    All in all, great show, great ending, the mis-steps are forgotten, let's all remember the good, which won't be too difficult.

  • it is what a drama should contain, mystery, intrigue, and edge-of-your-seat action, and intensity. makes you wonder what is going to happen next, or in the next episode. Hopefully, it will get Americans thinking about thier own leaders and government.

    It was the best episode, so far. Can't wait for the next show. Plesa do not cancell this show. It's the best show CBS has put on in a long time. Kind of shows what could happen to us. I hope this show continues, it needs to show reconstruction, unity, and strength in the American people during a time of major crisis. And it also shows how a government can become corrupted by "big business." It also shows the same corruption in political aspects. This show really exploits these "charictaristics", puts them to use, and shows the real American spirit. Keep it up.
  • The characters were great, not everyone was in it but it was still a great show.

    This episode was really great it solved some questions but made some more. Poor Bonnie was finally laid to rest, what a loss she was a great character in the show. They got the bomb to Texas, Hawkins got the medical care he needed, now there is a war that going to start. We are so glad that Beck came to his senses and is on the good guy side. The Greene boys honored there father Eric by not going with Constino and shooting American soldiers and Jake by getting the bomb to Texas. The mayor is now back in town and not to be recken with he has put up The Don't Tread On Me flag.

    Well I honestly didn't think they could end this series and wrap almost everything up. Without going into major details, as they will be written about lots - I think the writes, director and the actors did a terrific job in wrapping up the series. They not only got the bomb to Texas so that they could open up the government conspiracy, they got the funeral done, the wedding sort of happened in it own special way and the Army on the good guys side. All week I was thinking there is no way they can wrap it up, but they did - now they should rename the show and let's get the civil war on with! Of course CBS is to dumb to do that. This was an excellent series and I wish all the actors the best of luck in the future.
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