Season 2 Episode 7

Patriots and Tyrants

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 2008 on CBS

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  • The writers somehow managed to wrap up all the storylines to make sure Jericho goes out with pride.

    Though Jericho is now gone, she won't be forgotten.

    Beck's bosses are cracking the whip – put a stop to the 'insurgents' in Jericho. What are they going to do? Just crush any town that gets a bit defiant?! In a shocking move, the one ally Jericho now has is New Bern!! Stanley predictably freaks and leaves and Eric sends men to help him, good decision. Beck found out about the missing page so now knows Heather was in on it.

    The one ally in Cheyenne is Gray, he wouldn't be my first choice but we take what we can get. Is it really a good idea for Jake to be wandering around Cheyenne in public? Jake, with surprising eloquence, tells Gray to go home – the town needs a leader who's not in hiding. Their other potential ally, Chung, is working for J&R! He is the answer of how to find the bomb. Jake's prior knowledge of J&R comes in handy again. Retrieval of the bomb was going smoothly until Chung is killed and Hawkins shot… and by none other than our mystery man. Jake, who doesn't take orders well, came to see what the hold-up was and saves the day.

    Beck's a good guy and he's not been comfortable with this from the beginning. These 'insurgents' he's hunting are good people and yet they're willing to die for this - for the first time, he's actually starting to wonder why. And what's the first thing he sees? The J&R report which was used as a basis for the September attacks.

    Eric's meeting with Constantino is as uncomfortable as we would have imagined. His plans are as distasteful as the rest of his actions – long term plans to make J&R back off but that means cold-blooded murder of 'enemy' soldiers. This is a deal with the devil, agreeing to it takes away Jericho's ability to hold the moral high ground – they really would be insurgents. Knowing Eric as we do, his answer is obvious: no.

    Deciding to make a stand, it's obvious Beck's changed his mind because only one vehicle approaches Stanley's farm. Beck himself shows up, having defied his superiors, no longer taking commands from Cheyenne, he will be charged with treason. His final act is to release Eric and his friends. In a surprise move, Beck then shows his officers the J&R file. Heather is released. To the delight of us all, Beck's men disavow Cheyenne and put themselves back under his command.

    At first, Hawkins' plan seems insane… until we realise they're on Texas soil! So they made it to Texas after all! Jake and Hawkins are given a plane to get to Texas, with Cheyenne right behind them. Minutes from Texas airspace, two fighters appear to try to force Jake to turn around. It has to be a bluff, they couldn't risk shooting him down while the bomb is on board. Plus, firing on a diplomatic flight is an act of war against Texas – that would stop Texas from joining Cheyenne and Texas' allies will do the same. Any way you look at it, Jake can't turn around – even if they are shot down and killed, the mission will be completed. Not surprisingly, Texas fighters come to escort Jake and they are not playing games! No warnings, they just open fire, destroying the Cheyenne fighters! That, my friends, is called an act of war.

    Meeting Chavez in Texas, the bomb is transferred and the cover-up about to be exposed. Downside to all this – Cheyenne won't give up without a fight which means a civil war.

    Gray returns home to a drastically altered Jericho and for the first time, I actually find myself liking him – the flag was a nice touch.

    Despite the rush to finish the storyline for the last episode, the writers did an amazing job of wrapping everything up in one episode, I'm astonished they were able to do it. They did a fantastic job and ended the series in a very satisfactory fashion. RIP Jericho, we'll miss you.
  • "Ended before It's Time"

    I both looked forward and did not look forward to this episode. This show ended much too soon, and had great potential. The final episode was pretty much as was advertised. It tied up most of the loose ends and tried to give viewers some measure of conclusion. When watching I was excited and hopeful. I was glad to see that the boom was as I believe delivered into the hands of those who will not misuse it. As well as having Major Beck not only chooses to defend Jericho against his superior offices, but also gets his men to follow him. The way the show ended also leaves some room to have the show either come back or even become a full length TV or made for theater movie (you just never know).
  • Is anyone going to FIGHT FOR this SHOW? Because I want in.... CBS(Cancel Best Shows) screwed us again.

    This shouldn't have happened. This series shouldn't have been cancelled what with Season 2 being a whole lot better than S1. I don't get it...This is plain ridiculous. Let's hit another network for all I care, just get the damn show back on the air. If crap like One Tree Hill and what not can survive, then so should Jericho. Again, even if its on ANOTHER NETWORK. We can save this people, we DID it ONCE, we WILL do it AGAIN. This is the rally call. If we lose this one, they will forever decide what We Should Watch. Stand Up, this is a moral battle.
  • Jericho is the show!

    The (series finale) of Jericho on CBS. For sure the best episode of the entire series. Jericho was giving 7 episode of new life, and they spent it well. The last episode might have seemed rushed, but still was everything you could ask for (giving the fact that it was the last episode). The next great war in American history is one we will not experience, unless a miracle happens. I have faith that something good will happen. Other then that Bonnie is put to rest, Jericho is freed for now, and Major Beck has separated from the corrupt government along with his unit.
  • The most amazing episode of Jericho, ever. Why does this show have to be over?

    This tv show has been worth every minute of my viewing time, and this episode made for one of its best installments ever. I'm not going to go into the whole plot right now (probably will later) because I'm really shook up right now. It'll suffice to say that I was on the verge of tears nearly the whole time, from the first few seconds to Hawkins' brilliant lines: "So how does it feel?" "What?" "Making history."

    I just wish they hadn't ended it here. Patriots and Tyrants made for a spectacular season finale but our thirst for these characters and their fates is far from over. Sc-Fi, USA or whatever channel: please consider the value of tv milestones like this and pick up the genius that is Jericho! I keep on hoping.
  • CBS cancel the show again after never giving it a chance! bad time-slots and pretty much none existant promotion!

    This was a great season finale episode, possibly series finale! we see some of the conspiracy's come to a close and it ended with us having some answers, which was nice instead of leaving us with none! the only good decision CBS have made was to air the none-cliffhanger ending so we had closure at least! but i still think CBS are stupid for cancelling this show again! do they actually realise how much of a fan base the show has! did they not learn that from the nuts campaign to save it the first time!

    CBS are going to lose i think a lot of viewers from different shows because of this, the Jericho fans will do anyting in order to get the sow back again, but to be honest i would love some more episodes and seasons BUT not on CBS! CBS suck and it will only end up getting cancelled again! i have hopes that SCI-FI will pick it up! i think they would benefit from the having all of the Jericho fans on their side!

    Shame on you CBS, shame on you!
  • The series finale? I hope not. But even if so - it was perfectly fitting.

    Jericho didn't start off as strong as it ended. It was somewhat bumpy in the start. Perhaps thats why the audience lost interest and the ratings sunk.

    However, halfway the first season it got great - and the last quarter was simply heart pounding non stop edge of your seat suspense with awesome action and drama.

    The second season continued that, and the last 4 episodes have been probably the best of the series.

    If anything, this episode was perfect. It puts and end to the "exposing Cheyenne" storyline and also ends the defend-Jericho storyline, at least against Beck and company.

    While these two may be the biggest plot threads of the show, there are many doors opened, making the show easy to continue.

    The victory is not in Texas' hands yet, and some of the characters haven't been fully fleshed out just yet.

    Was a bit odd how we didn't see Valente but it wasn't neccessery. I always thought the series finale would end with the "big shots" (the president, Valente, etc) being taken out. But this way, it was actually somewhat better and more belivable.

    I really loved the Jake/Hawkins dynamic in this episode. It's usually good, but this episode it really worked. And oh my, how sweet was it when Jake was flying the plane? Knowing since season 1 he can do that, it felt like "so THATS why they told us 16 episodes ago!". Okay, maybe they didn't have this in their heads back then, but anyway, a really nice coincidence.

    I've also give my congratulations to the visuals. They've been lacking this season due to the lowered budget, but this episode had real nice cinematography and CGI, especially the plane scenes. As far as the Jericho storyline goes, somewhat slow, but I loved it. Bringing back Constantino just for one scene was great. I liked that, in the end, Jericho never turned into a mad max-esque town. Gray's arrival near the end showed that it was on that way, but that's simply not the way to go down on.

    Speaking of which, having Gray back was awesome. He wasn't a good character, actually - for the most. But now, I totally thought he was needed to be there. The small Johnston reference with the flag - heart warming, to say at least. Referencing him also adds to the "finale" feeling. Despite the fact he died only 7 episodes ago, it feels like forever...

    All in all, I wonder what the cliffhanger ending would've been. The bomb's not retrieved? Beck's executed? Hawkins dies? However, I don't think this ending was worthy a "THE END" at the end of the episode. It's still open enough to continue, but if this is the last we see of Jericho, it's still satisfying.

    All in all, great show, great ending, the mis-steps are forgotten, let's all remember the good, which won't be too difficult.

  • it is what a drama should contain, mystery, intrigue, and edge-of-your-seat action, and intensity. makes you wonder what is going to happen next, or in the next episode. Hopefully, it will get Americans thinking about thier own leaders and government.

    It was the best episode, so far. Can't wait for the next show. Plesa do not cancell this show. It's the best show CBS has put on in a long time. Kind of shows what could happen to us. I hope this show continues, it needs to show reconstruction, unity, and strength in the American people during a time of major crisis. And it also shows how a government can become corrupted by "big business." It also shows the same corruption in political aspects. This show really exploits these "charictaristics", puts them to use, and shows the real American spirit. Keep it up.
  • The characters were great, not everyone was in it but it was still a great show.

    This episode was really great it solved some questions but made some more. Poor Bonnie was finally laid to rest, what a loss she was a great character in the show. They got the bomb to Texas, Hawkins got the medical care he needed, now there is a war that going to start. We are so glad that Beck came to his senses and is on the good guy side. The Greene boys honored there father Eric by not going with Constino and shooting American soldiers and Jake by getting the bomb to Texas. The mayor is now back in town and not to be recken with he has put up The Don't Tread On Me flag.
  • Too happy?

    I guess since this is the series finale, things were going to get all patched up. But wasn't it too happy? Bonnie gets buried, Beck figures out that the government is corrupt, the Rangers are off the hook, they get the bomb to Texas, Hawkins lives, and Stanley and Mimi get married. I thought it was a little out of character for the show to work out. But this being the finale, maybe it's understandable.

    Don't get me wrong, I liked the finale. Hawkins and Jake's trip to get the bomb was the most, and maybe only, exciting part. I loved the parts with Jake in the plane. I guess it was lucky he knew how to operate that thing. Right? I like how Beck finally came to his senses. It was a nice little surprise for his men to see the truth too. I also like Johnston's flag being put up. It was like he was part of the episode. The only ones who were missing were Darcy and the kids. I know that they added no benefit to the story, but his being the finale and all, they should just be there.

    So long, Jericho, you will be missed. There are many shows that have long overdue series finales, but you weren't one of them. But sometimes even the most beloved shows end. Like Hawkins said, you made history; maybe not as a long-lasting award-winning series you could have been but as the one with the biggest fanbase.
  • An exciting series comes to an end - This review is a retrospective of the series finale the past year and a half. Some spoilers.

    First of all, I want to thank the whole creative team behind Jericho for their hard work. This was a good show, and it had a lot of heart. I was hooked on the premise when I first tuned in, and I stuck with the show until the end. Last season, each episode was filled with excitement, culminating in a smashing cliffhanger with New Bern. The new seven-episode season started out strong... new characters were introduced(Beck)... old ones died (Bonnie's death was a shock/I never thought that CBS would allow Stanley to shoot Goetz in the head on TV) and the stories were solid.

    Last night's finale was good, but it seemed like it was rushed, which left some holes that had to be left to the imagination. In one scene, Jake and Hawkins are talking in Hawkins' cabin about getting to Cheyenne. Hawkins is a wanted man, and he and Jake are in hostile territory. Five minutes later, they're in the heart of the ASA in Cheyenne in the mayor's hotel room with no real explanation of how they got there. We know that they must have encountered military patrols, checkpoints, possibly road gangs, but somehow, they've made it. Same thing with the mayor. One second, he is in Cheyenne, but then he sees Jake and Hawkins, and bam, he is back in Jericho with no problem. In one of the other reviews, I noticed that one fan commented that too much of the finale took place in Jericho (Bonnie's grave, Stanley/Mimi, etc). I disagree with that viewer's assessment. This show is called "Jericho," not "Jake and Hawkins." The writers had to find a way to tie up loose ends, and it was only natural to try and bring closure to each character, which is difficult to do in a normal finale, let alone forty-five minutes. I wish that there might have been an additional episode (perhaps a two-hour event) to really resolve wrap things up. As I said, this episode was rushed. I suppose that it was necessary for the bomb to be transported by plane to Texas. Again, given the time constraints, that was the only way to do it. If there had been more time, there could have been a story about smuggling the bomb out by truck or train. There might have been many things... and I guess that's what I am left with: A good show that might have been more if it hadn't ended prematurely.

    Oh, and by the way, CBS, if you are reading this, it was poor taste to air a commercial for Sprint during the finale, which asks customers to "follow the bomb so that they can learn more about next episode." Clearly, there will not be any more new episodes.
  • Series Finale? I certainly hope not. As I type there is hope a cable network is picking this great show up!

    What CBS did, with very little promotion, is cancel a show that could have survived the strike induced shortened TV season and Jericho would have mushroomed into the success it was!

    This episode was rushed, horribly so, as the writers put together a finale that should have spanned seasons and not one hour. Hawkins and Jake get the bomb on a plane and Beck realizes that Cheyenne is a corrupted and leaves with his troops. Gray shows back up in Jericho and Stanley and Mimi's story wraps up. The action was good, the writing was nop notch. And it was painfully obvious this show had so much more to offer had CBS gave it a chance to do so...
  • Jake and Hawkins race to save the state of the nation, while the town of Jericho attempts to open the eyes of Major Beck and his troops.

    This show ended on the note it came in on... perfection. It showed grace, style and a sense of why most people are proud to be Americans. It was heartfelt, well thought out and playe dlike a perfect book end to one of the better shows on tv. Sadly enough, I think this show was just too smart, too intricate in its details and too difficult for most people to understand. The main reason it is off the air is most people just want to watch reality competitions (mindless), crime dramas that require no deep thinking because they spell everything out for you or comedies that have lost all the viewers altogether. Sad to see it go, but it was a good run.

    Well I honestly didn't think they could end this series and wrap almost everything up. Without going into major details, as they will be written about lots - I think the writes, director and the actors did a terrific job in wrapping up the series. They not only got the bomb to Texas so that they could open up the government conspiracy, they got the funeral done, the wedding sort of happened in it own special way and the Army on the good guys side. All week I was thinking there is no way they can wrap it up, but they did - now they should rename the show and let's get the civil war on with! Of course CBS is to dumb to do that. This was an excellent series and I wish all the actors the best of luck in the future.
  • Sad to see a show like this die with a 39:20 Minute Ending!

    A lot say its a great episode and all but..... not my favorite one! im actually a FAN of jericho but the story and the episode was shortened dramatically

    "lets go to Cheyenne" 2.5 seconds later... they are in Cheyenne?? SERIOUSLY????
    like a million blockades they had to pass through to get to cheyenne someone wanted for terrorism and no story or problems about their way?? C'MON CBS first you cancel the show and then you don't even give them a chance to end the story right?? at least a 2HR ending would be more decent!

    Any way! at least they gave us an ending not like last season!

    Will miss jericho
    One of the greatest shows ever! (canceled as usual by a lot of suits thinking about money instead of viewers satisfaction!)
  • In today's episode we saw a conclusion of sorts. Hawkins and Jake succeeded in taking the bomb to Texas and thus Texas sided with Columbus.

    Today was a very sad day, because we saw the end of one of the best pieces on television ever. Jericho, had everything you can ask for. It had a good backstory setup, intrigue storylines and very good writing.

    In today's episode we saw a conclusion of sorts. Hawkins and Jake succeeded in taking the bomb to Texas and thus Texas sided with Columbus. By having Texas aircraft attacking Cheyenne's one we have witnessed the beginning of the second American Civil War. Now the good guys have a fair chance of winning with Texas siding with Columbus.

    RIP Jericho ... you were definitely one of the best shows ever!
  • Jericho finishes on a very high note that shows exactly why it shouldn't have been cancelled.

    I've got a bit of a feeling of déjà vu whilst writing this as I remember writing a review for the season 1 finale and at the time having to look back at the show in general as there was a good chance that would also be the series final. Fortunately that wasn't the case and we've been given another seven quality episodes, but this time the season finale is almost definitely the series finale. After last week's episode it seemed that they couldn't possibly finish off the story in a satisfactory manner and this is was one of the great things about this episode, that it didn't finish the story. They could've rushed through everything and given a happy ending but that would've cheapened the overall show. Instead they finish off the second season's story arc and give enough closure for the show in general to keep the viewers happy.

    First off Jake and Hawkins were trying to get back the bomb and met up with Mayor Anderson in the process in Cheyenne. It was nice to see Gray again as he's come a long way from the unlikeable character he was in season one. Instead of just second guessing Johnstone's moves he's shown he is a good choice for Mayor of the town. Anyway, Jake and Hawkins tell him to head back to Jericho to see for himself how had things have gotten before meeting one of Hawkins' contacts. His contact seemed a bit thrown in for convenience, but considering Hawkins' background it's perfectly believable that he could know someone who'd be able to help them.

    His contact however doesn't make it through a cool fight sequence where Hawkins is also injured but saved by Jake. "Mr. Smith" finally reveals himself to be 24's George Mason, although runs off straight away so his story can't be explored any more. But again this is what works in this episode. There's so much going on that they couldn't cover it all so pretty much playing points like these as if they would get a third season was the best choice. There's then a great high speed chase where they burst into a Texan embassy (which was a nice touch in the Jericho universe). Again the way Hawkins seemed to be able to get a hold of everyone he needed to quickly and easily enough seemed a bit of a stretch, but for the sake of the finale I was happy to buy it.

    The Texan embassy gave them a plane to get the bomb to Texas which was when it appeared Hawkins was going to sacrifice himself for the greater good. This would've been a great way for his character to go out, but what they did instead was even better. Jake refused to let him die and dragged him onto the plane too with the best line of the show: "I'm not debating either, I'm ignoring you", awesome! Hawkins is a great character and the decision to not kill him off ended up being the right one. Of course it wasn't over yet and Jake and Hawkins ended up being followed by two fighter jets. But just when it looked like they were totally screwed the Texas fighters came in to save the day in a scene that showed off some incredible CGI for a TV budget.

    Back in Eric seemed to be on the verge of joining with New Bern's Constantino which as Stanley pointed out couldn't end well. Fortunately after a quick scene between the two of them Constantino's remarks made Eric realise that he's the bad guy and joining him would be big mistake. Fortunately Major Beck finally found out the truth about the Cheyenne government and so let Eric and co go free as well as releasing the military hold over the town. The full effects of this decision can't be fully shown in this episode but it gives a good bit of closure to his storyline as well as that of those in hiding.

    Again this seemed a bit convenient but because of the great way Beck's been written and acted throughout the season his actions were perfectly believable which helped sell that scene. On top of that Stanley got to bury his sister and essentially married Mimi (on Bonnie's grave which I thought was a bit odd). It was an emotional-ish scene but felt a bit forced within the episode. The two emotionally charged scenes put together the way they were took from the overall effect a little bit, but to be fair that's my only real complaint in the entire episode.

    So the show ended on a relatively happy and positive note. Gray putting up Johnstone's "Don't tread on me" picture as the flag was a great statement to end the show on. Although we didn't get to see the fallout of the proposed war that the country would now be thrown into it was heavily implied that "the good guys" were going to win. This episode was jam packed and didn't waste a single second of screen time to move the story forward. Although this made certain parts of feel like things were going by too quickly considering what they needed to do in the one episode it was perfectly excusable. The ending was great, if not fantastic, but was certainly the best way to end the show. Had we been given a quick epilogue type thing showing the war and everything that's to come within five minutes it would've cheapened the experience.

    Overall this was an excellent episode and a great way to end the show. That's most likely it for Jericho but it accomplished more in a season and a bit than most long running series ever do. Jericho was a truly great TV show that created an impressive post-apocalyptic type world that was very believable which is a testament to every part of the show from the production design to the actors to the writing. Now everyone go out and buy the DVDs so that a Serenity-esc movie can be made for it!
  • A satisfying, albeit shortened version, series finale that I am sure CBS would have preferred to realize after a longer than 7 episode season.

    I saw the Nielsen ratings for the finale, which was a 1.9 (or 6 million viewers). Obviously, that is not enough for them, or for a show at this time slot, which is a real shame. Good shows, like this one, should have thrived. But, sometimes the day and the time slot just don't work. Certainly, the shows' plot, acting and production was top notch.

    I can't help but see the parallel of this show to our current political environment. J&R is Halliburton, and Cheyenne represents the current administration. I'll leave it at that, since YOU can surely draw the inferences from there.

    Sorry to see Jericho go. It certainly would thrive as a continuing series if sold to a cable network, like TBS, TNT, USA or LIFE. I know I would follow them there.
  • It is wrong to give this episode a low rating just because CBS screwed us over. Rushed as it may seem this is a very special "finale" that is NEVER officially the end!!!

    I knew this episode would only inspire Jericho fans to fight even harder for this series a second time. Even if this is the last we see of it, I think it was well done and kept me satisfied as a potential ending but let's face it...there's about to be a civil war and the show is over? How can that be? It seems to me that the civil war is going to be the climatic point of the series. A real Jericho ending would end with all of America being one nation...the U.S.A. again Jennings & Rall free of course, and finally getting back to normalcy. Jake still has to hook up with a girl (I wont say which one I prefer in order to keep this neutral) and other things need to happen before this series can close its doors.

    If CBS wont give this show another chance, then another network is gonna steal the spotlight. This show is going to make TV history (remember the final lines in this episode?) as one of the biggest underdog shows of its time!! May Jericho live on forever!!!!!!!!
  • i need more

    it was good, but we need one more at least..
    for the sake of the fans...
    the last one was awesome, with all the paralelism between histories, end the support of texas, the fire in the sky at the end, but i just got that feeling that was something missing, it was too much information for a 40 minutes episode..
    you know, a double episode could be the perfect choice..
    end we need to know how would be the future of the characters, end the way that the country will handle the war..
    so go nuts writers, end give us all just one more, just one..
  • I Refuse To Classify As "Series Finale". What More Do You Need The Writers To Do To Pick Up This Show? Season Two Comes To A Conclusion, One Of The Best Seven Episode Sets Ever...

    I'll be honest, it wasn't a picture perfect finale by a long shot. When the final credits roll of a supposed 'series finale' you don't expect to have any questions left. Obviously, there were a lot of questions left about the show as a whole, but the writers pulled out all the stops to bring us the best seven episodes of television that they could. With a budget not much better then a daycare drama, how could you have asked for more out of this season. I was a "nut-turned" fan and I wish there had been many more like me who turned in to watch it after that campaign.

    Anyways - to the episode itself. It started out pretty slow, but picked up as it got closer and closer to the end. Jake and Hawkins storyline was obviously the one we wanted to watch, as they had the most riding on the line. Then going to see Gray Anderson was a detour that I didn't think was needed, but when Gray walks into Jericho for the first time I thought that was a beautiful scene. Jake and Hawkins then steal the bomb (you know Jake wasn't staying in the car) and drive into a Texas-protected embassy with it. Winner! Didn't see that one coming from a mile away. They now have their ticket to Texas and two figher planes save it when Cheyanne planes want to take it out of the skies. I thought that was a great scene and to do that under such a low budget? Even better. They get to Texas, expose the conspricacy, and Hawkins and Jake together (the two great masterminds of the show) deliver the closing lines about making history. Perfect final scene.

    All the scenes at Jericho were good enough, they were just filling in some of the gaps for Hawkins and Jake. The one I really wanted to see with another moment with Mimi / Stanley and we got it. Thats the only relationship drama on the show I was interested in at all and the writers gave them a great final scene. I thought the scene with Stanley and the group burying Bonnie was also really well done. Beck has a change of heart and sides with everyone else. Overall, not the best flowing perfect finale, but it got the job done in the long run. Terrific final line, one that I will remember for a very long time to come.

    Long Live Jericho!
  • Simply a classy way to end a series.

    I am terribily disappointed that more people did not start watching this exciting and though provoking show.I guess more people just want to be mindlessly entertained by seeing people dance or sing than to be entertained by something a bit more challenging. The Jericho series finale shows how to end a series on a exiting and postive note. There were many "right on" moments on this last episode.The wounded Hawkins willng to sacrfice himself and a stubborn Jake unwilling or Hawkins to make that sacrfice.The whole Cheyenne sequence was exciting to watch from the stealing back of the nuclear bomb to the air battle with the Texas Rangers coming to the rescue. The burying of Stanley's sister after all that time had past was heartbreaking.Many of the actors/actresses were outstanding and I will definitely miss Lennie James' Hawkins character as well as Esai Morales' Major Beck character as well.I found it amusing the the actor who plays the villianous Constantino also plays the comedic cop on Psych and the actor that played the villian Marlo on the Wireplayed the kind hearted Army Corporal in the burial scene on Jericho.I will definitely miss this show and it though provoking protrayl of how American citizens respond to a crisis in this country.
  • In the Series Finale of Jericho Jake & Hawkins travel to the capital of the Alied States of America to retrieve the bomb made by Jennings and Rall to expose them as the the ones behind the "September Attacks"

    Great episode, I could watch it 100 times & probably will if the series is not picked up by another Channel. I loved how they left the plot open to return if another station bought it from CBS. I was really worried that they were going to kill the whole cast off at the end of the series like they did with the Soprano's. Their were a lot of things that happened in this episode I didn't think the writer's would do & it really keep me guessing what was gonna happen to Jake after every commercial break. All in all great send off for a series that will at least live on DVD.
  • Action packed and fast, too fast!

    Action packed and fast, which is also here its greatest problem lies,I had to classify this episode as informative, because it felt so rushed that alot of the tension had been drained out of it because you felt you where running a marathon at top speed. hat also bothered me was the introduction of a 'trusted' character who dies 2 minutes later,was his death meant to of shocked us, i thought that whole fight seen was a little shabby and they could of done far better, as they have showed us so many times before.
    I do however like the thin lide they tread on giving us the satisfying conclusion yet leaving it open for continuence.
    If only they had more time, some one send them some more nuts!
  • I like the parallels to current events.

    The thing that I liked most about this show is that the patriot citizens were willing to stand up to the corrupt, illegitimate government. That is a brave and very hard thing to do.

    The following are possible parallels to current events:

    A private corporation owning/creating a country - reference to corporate power and influence in the U.S. government. This is probable a reference to the mega mercenary company Blackwater an/or Halliburton. Both companies are making big money in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

    Gray Anderson said, "This convention is a sham. And when it's done I don't think there's anything this government is not going to have the power to do in the name of national security." - reference What George Bush and Dick Chaney has been doing to this country for the last 8 years.

    The "patriots" in this show are the citizens standing up to the corrupt, illegitimate government. Patriots in the show do not obey their government blindly. The citizens are the government.

    I know this is obvious; September attacks - reference nine eleven
  • great episode

    Jake and Hawkins find a way to get to cheyenne. getting there turns out to be a problem when they are both being hunted down by the cheyenne government. there only way out is to drive to a texas embassy where they can seek political asylum. it's a really exciting episode. the aerial dogfight scene was awesome. back at jericho, beck learns the truth about the cheyenne government after sifting through hawkins' computer. Stanley buries his sister at the family cemetary close to their house. it's a really conclusion to jericho. it gives a possibility for future episodes, but at the same time it gives a satisfying closure.
  • Another great installment, it wasnt the most conclusive ending but hey we have CBS to thank for that

    I'm giving this score of 10 for the finale episode of season 2 of Jericho partly based on the episode and also based on the whole of season 2, which even though it was short and fantastic. For the episode itself, it held up quite good, if you forgive the loopholes (how quickly they got to texas etc etc) and not the greatest of ending (even though the last bit of dialogue was great) then this episode was great. The pacing of the episode was the best yet from Jericho how they structured the story between Jake and Hawkins, Beck and the other characters on the ranch was seemless considering all three stories had different feels to them. Anyway everyone knows this show should of been cancelled (twice!) and maybe it will get picked up. Whatever happens its still nice to see great orginal stories still getting shown on tv, well done Jericho
  • CBS once again kills an excellent show. They hurt it in the first season bye such a long delay over the holiday and by not promoting it.

    CBS has once again killed an excellent show. One of the few shows on TV today that actually had a plot and good character development. Let the adults please have a show instead of more stupid game shows. Hopefully Sci-fi will pick this show up or some other cable outlet. It has a rabid fan base that lots of cable networks would love to get. The actors in this show were excellent. Skeet Ulrich and Lennie James did excellent work week in and week out. Another issue CBS only gave this season 7 weeks so they had to cram 22 eps of content into something a third the size. Obviously the finale had enough content it could have been 5 shows if it were allowed to play out. Lets hope and pray someone picks up one of the few good dramas on tv today.
  • Fast paced, gripping television. There had better be a season three. Don't make me send more nuts. :)

    I have to say I absolutely loved it. Admittedly the pace was a bit on the fast side, which resulted in some chop. It should probably have been a double episode back to back. That said we were warned at the beginning of season two that this would be a short season with a full story arc, so the pace was inevitable.

    After this season and particularly this episode I can safely say I am even more hooked now than I was at the end of season one. Here's hoping the studio remembers they have a good thing going and gives us a season three. Bring it back soon.
  • Jake and Hawkins risk all to expose the conspiracy

    jake ,chang and hawkins determine the bomb is being moved in an ambulance with security dressed as paramedics.They attack the abulance jst after the bomb is loaded killing several"paramedics"one of them is revealed to be mister smith who wounds hawkins before jake wounds him.They escape with the bomb ,hawkins is badley wounded but he directs jake to a coumpound in town.The texan embassy ,who give them asylum and medical attention.Meanwhile in town an aliiance is considered between new bern and jericho .During a roadside meeting constanino advocates stronger methods in order to break the soldiers moral and will to fight.Stanley buries bonnie and the ASA soldiers show up to arrest them all.before they can, beck orders there release having read the files on hawkins captured laptop ,he realises he on the wrong side.He tells his goverment to stick it and the rest of his division join him.he tells them to prepare for war.Jake and hawkins board a plane to texas with the bomb,unfortunately cheyenne sends two fighters to shoot them down.

    An all time classic piece of tv.the civil war begins but texas is on side with ohio and our heros now believe they have a fighting chance of winning the second american civil war.
    Utterly fabulous ,how often do you get to use those words when talking about a tv show?
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