Season 2 Episode 7

Patriots and Tyrants

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 2008 on CBS

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  • I Refuse To Classify As "Series Finale". What More Do You Need The Writers To Do To Pick Up This Show? Season Two Comes To A Conclusion, One Of The Best Seven Episode Sets Ever...

    I'll be honest, it wasn't a picture perfect finale by a long shot. When the final credits roll of a supposed 'series finale' you don't expect to have any questions left. Obviously, there were a lot of questions left about the show as a whole, but the writers pulled out all the stops to bring us the best seven episodes of television that they could. With a budget not much better then a daycare drama, how could you have asked for more out of this season. I was a "nut-turned" fan and I wish there had been many more like me who turned in to watch it after that campaign.

    Anyways - to the episode itself. It started out pretty slow, but picked up as it got closer and closer to the end. Jake and Hawkins storyline was obviously the one we wanted to watch, as they had the most riding on the line. Then going to see Gray Anderson was a detour that I didn't think was needed, but when Gray walks into Jericho for the first time I thought that was a beautiful scene. Jake and Hawkins then steal the bomb (you know Jake wasn't staying in the car) and drive into a Texas-protected embassy with it. Winner! Didn't see that one coming from a mile away. They now have their ticket to Texas and two figher planes save it when Cheyanne planes want to take it out of the skies. I thought that was a great scene and to do that under such a low budget? Even better. They get to Texas, expose the conspricacy, and Hawkins and Jake together (the two great masterminds of the show) deliver the closing lines about making history. Perfect final scene.

    All the scenes at Jericho were good enough, they were just filling in some of the gaps for Hawkins and Jake. The one I really wanted to see with another moment with Mimi / Stanley and we got it. Thats the only relationship drama on the show I was interested in at all and the writers gave them a great final scene. I thought the scene with Stanley and the group burying Bonnie was also really well done. Beck has a change of heart and sides with everyone else. Overall, not the best flowing perfect finale, but it got the job done in the long run. Terrific final line, one that I will remember for a very long time to come.

    Long Live Jericho!