Season 2 Episode 7

Patriots and Tyrants

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 2008 on CBS

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  • The sister is allowed to be buried, but what happens next? The army no longer follows the corrupt government, and now what? The bomb is delivered to Texas, and a war is about to start? The End. The show is canceled.

    Shows ending without really finishing is why many people don't want to watch new series, but wait until a series is into its 3rd or 4th season. Jericho, we are told, is ended. But you really can't tell from the episode that things have ended. It may not have ended with a to-be-continued cliffhanger, but there was much left unfinished, and ends with "ok, now what?" and "well, that was a waste of time getting involved in watching another show that didn't end". At least they (sort of) ended(?) it… maybe?... CBS, if you read reviews, please keep in mind that each TV series that is prematurely ended means the audience is less likely to start watching a new one, and less likely to believe that a new ongoing style is ACTUALLY going to ever get to an ending. CBS may not have been involved with the shows Surface, Invasion, Head Cases, or others that didn't even bother to 'slightly' wrap up the series, but we the audience still get pissed off at TV networks in general for cliffhanger endings. CBS could have put together a 2 hour Jericho series finale that COMPLETELY completed the story instead of a nice end-of-episode-wait-until-next-week ending that leaves us with a whole lot of questions. The show may have "ended" but it wasn't brought to a conclusion.