Season 2 Episode 7

Patriots and Tyrants

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 2008 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The Jennings & Rall Headquarters exterior shown four minutes into the episode is actually the John Hancock Building in Boston, MA. The old John Hancock building can be seen in the background.

    • The Morse Code heard over the title is:

    • The morse code for the final 3 episodes links together to form the sentence: Tho it is dark, Know your flag is still there

  • Quotes

    • Hawkins: (prepping to retrieve the bomb) I'm asking for your help but I can't afford for you to go off book out there and I don't have any room for debate, so if you've got any questions, now's the time.
      Jake: Yeah, I've got a question. How do we find the bomb?
      Hawkins: No idea. Anything else?

    • Heather: He said this government is corrupt and illegitimate. That it lied about who attacked us to seize power.
      Beck: You're naive.
      Heather: And you're a coward.
      Beck: Excuse me?
      Heather: You know there's something wrong with this country, and you refuse to open your eyes and see it.

    • Hawkins: How many paramedics carry a 9mm?

    • Constantino: Strange meeting. I figured you and I ever got this close again it'd be at the end of a gun.
      Eric: A few weeks ago I was on my way to New Bern to put a bullet in your head.

    • Eric: You were right.
      Stanley: Right about what?
      Eric: Constantino. There's something he lost that I don't ever wanna give up. I mean, we're right, Cheyenne's wrong, but the minute we start shooting American soldiers, all that changes.

    • Hawkins: What happens in the next few hours could determine the course of things for years to come. Y'know, maybe our history for the next hundred years. That is the responsibility we got here. And if that comes at a terrible cost, then so be it, because that's the only way things get better and the way people stay free. That's why I do what I do.

    • Soldier: ID, sir?
      Gray: Excuse me?
      Soldier: Who are you, sir?
      Gray: I'm Gray Anderson. (looks around at the devastation on Main St.) I'm mayor of this town.

    • Hawkins: Damn it, Jake! I am not debating this.
      Jake: I'm not debating, either. I'm ignoring you.

    • Col. Thompson: (after saving Jake) Son, I don't know what you're carrying, but whatever it is better be good. 'Cause I think I just declared war on Cheyenne.

    • Jake: I think we started a war today. Let me guess, not your first?
      Hawkins: Jake, this war was coming with or without us. I just hope we did enough to make it a fair fight.

    • Hawkins: So how does it feel?
      Jake: What?
      Hawkins: Making history.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The term "Patriots and Tyrants" is found in a quote by Thomas Jefferson which says "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants".