Season 2 Episode 8

Patriots and Tyrants (Alternative Ending)

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 2008 on CBS

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  • What a great episode! Someone pleeeeeeease renew the show!!!

    The last Jericho episode was titled Patriots and Tyrants. It was filmed with two separate endings. The original episode ended with a cliff hanger to be resolved in the third season and the second ending, closed as many loose ends as possible so that the amazing Jericho fans with their constant fight and refusal to let the show die won't be left in a lurch. Towards the end of the second season, as the crew already knew the series was not going to be renewed for it's third season they released the second ending which, as I said, made an attempt to tie up loose ends. The episode was aired on March 25, 2008. The episode was great and, disappointing. Why disappointing? Because while watching it I knew that chances are that there would be no more Jericho and that the episode I was watching was the last Jericho episode I would see and that all that would be left of the great show was the constant debates in the forums on what should be done, what could have been done and wild speculations as to what will happen to the show. Much to my excitement, about a week ago the original ending was released on the internet. I'm quite sure the studio released it , or that it was released with their consent as a final attempt to draw more fans and, most important, other networks, to the show.

    At first I thought that there was a mistake and that I was watching the previously released episode but then (spoilers ahead) when they get into the van and go to the airport it all changes. Hawkins gets out of the van and blows up the radar tower while Jake heads out to the plane. Then Hawkins sacrifices himself so that Jake can get away. He's then captured and taken to prison while Jake heads back to Texas. Where he plans together with Chavez to rescue Hawkins. What a great episode! I love Jericho.
  • Patriots & Tyrants with the aired ending : 10 /10 , with the alternate ending: 9/10

    A good ending, definitely more adreliane pumping than the "everything is okay, everything's over" variation, but it definitely does decrease the epicness factor. Besides, it's not too suprising either;Hawkins getting captured and Valente being there is just really something you would except after watching 2 seasons of the show.

    But still, it's exciting enough to make you want more. In fact, this ending beats season 1's cliffhanger ending by a mile, though, I would say that the show had better cliffhangers in regular episodes. Overall, it's almost certain now that the show won't come back, so I'm happy that the "conclusive" ending was aired; but I'm also happy we got to see the "what if.." version.
  • Unbelievable they're canceling such a great show. I believe they should have aired this episode instead of the original one. BRING BACK JERICHOOOOO!!!!!

    For 90% this episode is just like it's sister episode, which was aired as the series finale. But right at the end of the ep they made a few changes. I don't think that these changes are very critical for an eventuality of a season three, but it's slightly better then the original one.
    I like the way the producers kept open a mission for Jake and Chavez to save their friend. But if there is going to be a season 3, the main story would still have to be the 2nd Civil War. And the fight of Jericho against the ASA, because its surrounded, with Maj. Beck as their leader.