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  • Examines the 'what if' of the opening stages of the end of the world.

    Has the potential to be a good series (I saw this back in July), but must address a number of issues for it to succeed;

    1) The problem of a constantly diminishing food and/or medical supply.

    2) The issues of whether or not a military/authoritarian takeover will occur. In other words, will there be a developing tension between private citizens and the 'government'.

    3) Does the Consitution of the United States of America still stand *IF* the federal government has ceased.

    4) The long term saftey of food and/or water supplies (ultimately the in town supplies will run out and they will have to grow their own and/or scavenge).

    5) Exploration; how far are they will to risk sending out search parties.

    6) Are they willing to defend their town against outside influences?

    7) Will resources be 'nationalized' in the name of public safety?

    8) What will they do if it is *the end*?

    In other words, there is a lot of ground that they can cover. Wheter or not they tackle any of these issues will make or break the show. At all costs, they have to avoid the encroachment of soap opera sensibilities. It has promise, I'll keep watching, but I want it to improve.

  • Not what I had hoped for -- but what is when you are dealing with nuclear holoucaust.

    Okay -- I admit I had high hopes for this show. The premise looked so good, the characters looked compelling that that kid seeing the blast is a lasting visual that is hard to shake, but the show's pilot let me down because of one major thing -- the science.

    I won't deal with characters -- it usually takes me one or two shows to really be able to say what I feel about them -- so I'm going to deal with some thing that is always a big issue with me -- plot holes. And I found many.

    1. The nuclear blast looked to be at ground level. Okay -- we assume Colorado and Atlanta. We know Jericho is in Kansas. 2. If you can see the blast, you can feel the effects. Enough said on that one.

    3. Where's the wind that supposedly follows a blast and the fire?

    4. A geiger counter to read the air -- okay -- I don't know enough about that to comment so I won't. It just looked a little ridiculous.

    5. One group of students on a field trip while the rest are at home? You would think they would be in school wouldn't you.

    Well, I could give you a few more but won't.

    I miss BONES for this last night. Will I next week -- NO!! Will I watch Jericho again -- probably but only if BONES is in repeats or the ball game is on.
  • Solid beginning to the series!!!

    The beginning episode to Jericho unfolded in a rather predictable manner but it\'s the characters that are shown that will make or break this show.

    The show will revolve, it seems, around the character of Jake and he is shown to be a heroic, though with flaws, character. The other characters in Jericho are given less air time but a few seem interesting to say the least.

    The one danger with a show like this is how to keep it believable and entertaining at the same time. Judging from this first episode, this reviewer believes they have the right mix as long as they avoid too many cliche driven scenarios.

    Good start!!!
  • So......Jericho premiered in the UK last night. This is what I thought.

    Overall, a fresh episode. It will help fill in the next few weeks before Lost returns. Once I looked up an Atlas to see where Atlanta was in relation to Denver, I was like \"This is going be good.\" But the age old question is \"for how long?\"

    Let\'s just take it bit by bit I say. The first 30mins were quite slow to get going. After that it was quite exciting actually.
  • Not as good as I expected and definitely could have been better, but this show definitely has potential.

    When I first heard news of a new show about a small Kansas town, dealing with the aftermath of a nuclear attack I was pretty intrigued and excited. It sounded very interesting and was at least mildly original amidst all the 'missing person conspiracy dramas' at the moment. When it finally arrived and I watched pilot however, I was a little disappointed.
    The story seemed a bit rushed and the little build up that there was, failed to create any tension. Too many characters were introduced for any of them to really make an impact, and the weight and severity of the situation in which we found them wasnt really driven home. It was hard to feel the sense of impending doom and foreboding that I knew I should be feeling. I feel that with perhaps a 2-hour pilot they could have created the tension and build up a little better and had more time to establish characters and relationships more firmly before throwing them into the action. Many of the scenes just seemed thrown together and at times it was a little hard to follow and didnt seem to flow very smoothly, and rather than wanting to find out what happened next, I was often trying to cement in my mind what had happened previously, as they didnt leave a big enough impression.
    Despite it's downfalls, the pilot did have some good points. The idea of having the prison bus crash and the convicts escape was pretty exciting, and the moment when Dale hears his mother's message and the town's people realise that Denver was not the only city to be hit was pretty chilling. Also, the fact that we witnessed the nuclear attacks from afar rather than in the centre of the action was a fresh change and portrayed a real sense of isolation from the world.
    Overall, this show definitely has potential, I just feel that the pilot could have been so much more. I have faith that it will pick up and some interesting ideas were hinted at in this pilot, but I just think that the oppurtunity for an explosive (pardon the pun) beginning to the series has been passed on.
  • What a start.

    The pilot of Jericho is just an outstanding start. They start the show out starting to know Skeet Ulrichs character out giving diffrent storys. I thought with the popular picture on the top of the screen with Woody played by Joseph Castanan would have a bigger role but the combination lasted less then a minute. But as it all turned out this show has things to come.
  • Pilot episode was interesting but highly predictable. I'm gonna stick for the second episode. The pilot doesn't really define the series.

    I really like the season premiere. I thought the storyline was pretty good. The characters were pretty interesting. But I thought it was a little predictable. I really loved the shots of people seeing the mushroom cloud. It was sad when the little boy saw it. This episode kinda have you thinking what would happen if this happened to you. I really would tune in for the second episode. The pilot got me all hyped up and the storyline is solid. But I was just wondering, what happened to that guy Jake hit? He just left him in the side of the road. The pilot seems like an opening to a great season.
  • Not great, but has potential

    After reading several reviews in different magazines about how Jericho wasnt very good and wasn't going anyway, I didn't expect much from this. But it wasn't terrible. The script does feel quite amateur-ish, and the characters aren't exactly the best, but this show has the potential to be great. It's like the 70s cult drama on the BBC Survivors, and it's certainly a worthy subject to make a show about, it just might not be the most exciting.
  • Is this The Day After as a series or something more? Based on the Pilot, only time will tell.

    I was expecting as little more from this pilot. It was interesting to meet the major players, but everything rolled out so slowly and predicably that there was no real drama.

    We knew that the black sheep (Jake), would win his fathers approval. We knew that the kids would be saved, the mayor would make a heat warming speech to unify the town, the sherriff would end up dead, criminals would be on the loose, and chaos would rule the land. Did I leave out any post apocalypse cliche.

    Whether this show can be a winner or not, will in my opinion depend on how well they handle these cliches, and how well they build some real drama.

    I mean this is end of the world stuff, let\'s not just go down the all ready well beaten paths.
  • Not what I expected, but definitely worth watching.

    Let me start out by saying that all the buzz surrounding this show isn't entirely deserved, not from what I have seen.

    Nevertheless, I am curious to see what happens next, or rather, what actually happened. We all saw the mushroom cloud, and we all know what that means. Or rather, we all think we know what that means.

    For a pilot episode this did not really manage to impress me, you'd think a hyped up television show would start promising, but it really seems the only thing that will keep people watching is what really happened that caused the mushroom cloud. You won't be watching this show for the brilliant character development, the wonderful dialogues, or the fabulous screenplay. Because really, all are hovering around the middle of the quality spectrum.

    But hey, who knows, maybe the show just needs some time to pick up the pace. And we can always hope the main characters we don't like die from radiation poisoning, no?

    What happened to the days where pilot episode were one hour, or one and a half?
  • If they had the power to print tomorrow's edition it would read: "Prodigal Son Saves Children In Bus Crash" not "World Under Attack?" and that is the beauty of this show.

    So, typical first episode of any show, you got to meet the important characters and set up the premise. I’m not sure how this show is going to go. It got a little over the top dramatic at times, but most of it was the honest reactions small town folk would have to big global events. They personalize it and are most impacted by the things that happened at home, not far away. They lost connections to the outside world (television, phones, cell phones etc) and then they lost power too. People panicked and they started to turn on each other. The speeches were a little corny. The animals are all acting weird. It is never good when birds fall out of the sky. The field trip bus crashed into a deer, a little girl almost lost her life, but thank goodness Jake knew how to do a thoracotomy. This was a little far fetched. Couldn’t he have just performed CPR or helped with a broken bone? Oh well, I guess this was more exciting. I wonder who was on the prison bus, and what their plans are? As usual fathers and sons have strained relationships. I going to watch the next episode, but I won’t be surprised if this doesn’t get picked up. It’s needs a little more creepiness, a little more realistic action. Otherwise a good show.
  • The Pilot of a new series is always make or break for a series. If the pilot is good then chances are you will continue watching the show.

    The Pilot of a new series is always make or break for a series. If the pilot is good then chances are you will continue watching the show.

    I just finished the Pilot of Jericho and I found it quite intrigued, that it made me continue watching it. There just was a nuclear bomb in a place near Jericho, and it might not have been the only one.

    Is America under attack? Or was this a mistake or something gone wrong? Those are the questions that most people of Jericho are asking.

    Character building have been quite good so far. The characters I am finding most intriguing so far are those of Jake Green and Robert Hawkins.
  • To soon to tell about the show but I liked the pilot.

    While the pilot was slow to get going, I found myself drawn into the sense of fear and isolation the towns people were experiencing in this episode. It will be interesting to watch how this plot develops over several more episodes. I like the scifi, end of the world theme of the show and I hope that the show will get better as the plot and the characters are developed more completely. The best moment of this first episode was when the phone tape was played, leaving no doubt that a bomb had gone off, and the boy said that it was a call from Atlanta. It is to early to tell if this show will be worth watching long term, but I will definitely tune in next week.
  • What would, and could happen if a nucleur bomb would go off in a small town.

    A small town (Jericho) , a guy returns (Skeet Ulrich) after 5 years with different stories for different people. He is asking his father for trust fund money which was bequeathed to him. His dad says no (his father is also the mayor) of Jericho. A bus with children, seemingly a reunion between good friends, a possible old girlfriend connection. Throw in a nucleur mushroom cloud, power down and a town starts to worry. No communication due to no power, bus full of school children not reported back, a town in panic. Throw that all in together with why the "prodigal son" came back and you have episode one of Jericho, the pilot. It is quite good and really makes you think.
  • Jake returns to Jericho after 5 years.

    Exciting pilot episode with lots happening. Jake tells different people differen stories about where he was during these years so we don't know what he actually did. However, somewhere along the line he learned how to do a tracheostomy and manages to save a young girl's life. WHen he drove into town with a schoolbus full of children, it seemed like, for the first time, his father was proud of him. Hopefully this will improve their relationship a bit.
    The sheriff seems to have found the wrong bus, not a schoolbus but a prison bus with murdered guards, presumably the killer is out there, somewhere, on the loose.

    Denver and Atlanta are hit, what about other cities... Next episode must be good.
  • A great opening to a soon to be a great show!!!!!

    When a small town called Jericho, Kansas wittnesses a nuclear bomb somewhere near Dallas, Texas. The whole town goes into chaos!!! Will something be done to correct this problem?

    In my opionion, this pilot episode was excellent!!!! Great series premire!!!!

    The acting was excellent and it made it seem like you were there too!!!! The lighting was great and very real like.

    This whole enitre episode kept me on my toes!!!! I really hope this show keeps going for a long time!!!!

    Overall: 8.5/10
  • Lots of potenital!

    Enjoyed the pilot episode a lot and am looking forward to seeing where they go with the series. For some reason I didn\'t enjoy Jake\'s look but I\'m curious about the history between him and his father, brother and grandfather. I thought the prison bus crash was a bit over the top and I can\'t quite understand why everyone would rush to stock up on gas but not mob the grocery store. Enjoyed the insights of the citizen cop...I\'m anxious to see his character develop. Overall, a very enjoyable pilot episode and I\'m looking forward to next week\'s show. Good job.
  • I can't see why anyone can dislike this show.

    If you are a fan of drama I can't see any doubts in this show it really caught early on in the sneek peaks. I wanted to see this show more than anything until i heard about The nine but it's still holds high after this good pilot. I look forward to the story progressing through.
  • This episode did its job!

    This episode did its job and did a very good job at that.

    Since this episode was the series premiere, it was suppose to hook its audience...therefore i'm pleased to comment that the writers did a very good job at that.

    I was actually a little apprehensive, because from the previews it appeared that the show would be based on a small town's reaction to a nuclear bombing.......that i believed was a storyline that would crash and burn.
    However, i can say that so far, i was proven wrong.
    From what i saw last night, it looks like the show will be a huge success. There was also a hint of now i'm curious as what is Jake's secret life.

    All in all, there is a great chance that the show will become a number one hit, due to the fact that it relates to our society today.
  • A small Kansas town must come together to survive while parts of America are blown off the map.

    My wife and I watched Jericho last night and we both had different reactions. After reading some other reviews, I've noticed 2 things other people have said. 1) It reminds them of Lost and 2) the science is flawed.

    Well... this show ain't Lost. I hope it doesn't turn out to be that. Lost sucks and if it becomes a CBS Lost for the middle aged, Midwestern viewer, then I will stop watching. This show actually keeps me thinking about the scenarios it presented. While, I don't know if a small Kansas town could see Denver being nuked, the story works within its own boundaries. Many people don't see this. For the show to be good, it must be true to itself first. I think they captured that well.

    The characters are believable. For once, we have the presentation of a level headed Midwestern American in a disaster (Gerald McRaney). Sure, the whole dad-son strained relationship is typical and that's why I gave this episode the rating it got. But, he played very level headed considering what's gone on around him. And I don't care what disaster may befall people, humanity will act like the town did at the gas station. The story left many questions unanswered. BUT, that's for future episodes!

    Which brings me to the science issue. Sure, we haven't seen the fallout or the wind effects or anything like that. But if people watched the previews for next week, look what's coming!

    However, 2 images in this episode still stick with me. 1) The child seeing the cloud from his roof and 2) the son constantly repeating his mother's last words before she was blown away in Atlanta.

    This show, as imperfect as it can be, it trying to be real. Give it a chance. I think it has potential and I want to stay tuned. Its better than Lost!
  • A small town in Kansas my be the last town in the US.

    This show seems to be a lot like Lost while combining the overall feel of the 80s TV movie The Day After. The Day After was what would happen if nuclear war broke out with Russia. In Jericho the main charachter comes back home to a small Kansas town to collect some money from his grandfather\'s will. But his father, the town mayor, refuses. So he packs up and leaves. Soon after he leaves in the distance you see a mushroom cloud explosion. All the TV and radio in the town die instantly.

    At first the town thinks it was just an accident. That is till a teen plays a recording from his parents in Atlanta at the moment the bomb hits. Now the town is with out power and lost in confusion.

    Meanwhile the main charachter has crashed his car and struggles to get home. He runs into a bus load of school kids who crashed. The mayor sends the sherriff out to look for the kids since they haven\'t returned yet.

    Sherrif finds a bus... but it is a prison bus. Now the show has it\'s own \"others\" like lost.

    Overall the show seems interesting. It is worth picking up and watching.
  • This episode was really a great way to introduce someone to Jericho. I mean the thrill is just awesome.

    So like is said all and all this is a great first episode. So the episode started with with Jake going to meet his parents. And after his dad refused to give money to him which his Grandfather gave he left. So he left and while he was on the heading out of Jericho he also sees the mushroom cloud in the sky, then all of a sudden BAM someone on the other side of the road hits him. On the other side the towns school bus is missing and Jake's father is trying to plan it out. And Gray is all over his but trying to make peoples confidence in Johnston go away. Then Jake saves the School bus. Dale's mother calls and her tragic death is recorded on tape. Serif sees a prison bus and he gets killed. At the end Emily finds something while going out of the city.
  • A very different world awaits the Kansas town of Jericho.

    I never realized there was a forum for this excellent show until I got hooked on another CBS show. Then I found out I could review the shows! Wow. In light that Jericho is coming back (thank be) next month I thought I would share my thoughts about this show.

    What grabbed my attention about this show was the mere fact that there could be such a catastophre that everything we take for granted could just disappear. The pilot did not over do things, made character introductions and started the weaving of a story that makes you sit with rapt attention awaiting the next episode. One of the best pilot's I've seen.
  • A great starting episode, but not as good as I expected.

    alright, please do excuse the crappy english. i was really looking forward to watching this. i missed the original airing of this ep and then my sister told me too late of course, that it was on, and hwo good it was, so i wanted to watch it. now, i was all mad at myself. but, not to worry, we found otu that there would be an encore airing. awesome. or so i thought. im not usually a fussy tv watcher. if i have a tv i can usally watch whatever is on. but with this, i think the lead up was so fantastic. it was one of the best episodes ive seen for a beginning of a show, but im not sure what it was, it just didnt do it for me. ha, listen to me, im sounding like mark from aus idol =P ah well, it was pretty good, only, im real freaked now coz of the escaped crims and all the shot people!!
  • This show is gonna be good it looks like.

    From watching the Pilot episode, it looks like this show have great potential. The music on this show is good. The actors do a good job. The effects are cool too, like when the explosion goes off. It also has good drama, like when the girl on the bus stopped breathing. This show looks like it is gonna be mostly fast paced, with a few slow parts here and there by just watching the Pilot episode. We will just have to wait and see for the entire season. It also shows what would happen if there was a nuclear explosion did happen. What the small town people might do. But this show is gonna be good I think.
  • Great show so far!

    Great show so far as I like what I see and that it reminds me of the 1983 disaster tv movie The Day After as that was also set in KS just like this movie. As this would be like no "ordinary day" on earth and that their lives would in the process change. Great show so far!
  • This show really got my attention in the series pilot of Jericho.

    I have to admit, to me this show was a huge surprise. From the first minute of the pilot it had got me hooked. It has a clever plot, good action and cliffhangers at the end of every episode. This episode was a really good beggining to a series which can go lots of places. And since watching this episode, I knew I had to see the next and the next and the next. Jericho to me was a huge hit and one of the best new shows this year. A very good start to an excellent new show. Can't wait till next week, the fall finale!!!
  • Looks to be a very interesting series.

    This show definately has my attention. It apparently will be a series that focuses on the survival of a small town by working together to protect themselves. Some of the apparent side plots look corny, but, what do you expect, the writers have to appease a wide range of viewers to make this show attractive enough to keep people waiting from week to week to get 40 minutes of story, (or multiple stories), per episode.

    I personally think this show will do well this first season. I am looking forward to a second season, but a third ..... not so sure if the interest will be there.
  • Just as I expected! Absouloutely brilliant!

    Wow! My first impressions of Jericho are unexplainable. I am sure to say just after watching this first episode that I will watch this show to the end and it will probably become one of my favourite shows along side Lost and Prison Break! I loved this episode! It got a little spooky with the prisoners on the loose but I loved everything else. I can see a lot happening with this show and the cast. I can definitely see some town heroes and many storylines opening up. I hope that the prisoners that escape are not one of the storylines because that would just be creepy. I want this show to focus on survival and dealing with each other and facing what has happened.
  • An excellent intro for a fascinating series. The prodigal son returns home just before a nuclear explosion destroys Denver.

    A fascinating and disturbing concept for a tv series and the writers do a fantastic job building this world and populating Jericho with it's townsfolk. Each episode deals with a different crisis facing the town and how the town must learn to stand together… or die.

    Skeet Ulrich is perfectly cast as Jake – the black sheep but shares the family traits: strength, courage, leadership and charisma. The Green family effectively run Jericho and though Jake left under a cloud, it's clear that his five years away have changed him into someone his family can be proud of. This show has something I love in a series: a close, loving (but never mushy) family. It's not easy to establish an intense complex family relationship in one episode, but the writers do a great job. I hope they build these relationships, I have a thing for brothers so I'd like to see Jake and Eric become close.

    I could easily go on about the fantastic casting of the others but that would take pages, suffice it to say this is an impressive line-up. Next we have the fascinating Robert Hawkins – he and Jake are destined to be allies, they'll make a very effective team. Knowing far too much about the explosions and having gotten his family out just in time, he also possesses a truly remarkable ability to think ahead and improvise, which Jake also does, and it's clear that had Hawkins not been there, things would have gone far worse than they did.

    Others worth mentioning: there's funny farmboy Stanley and his delightful deaf sister Bonnie; scary sharp-tongued IRS lady Mimi; Jake's cheating brother Eric; Jake and Eric's formidable mother Gail; the boy's tough father Johnston… there are many to choose from…

    The entire sequence with the explosion was excellent, very disturbing. Jake shows impressive ingenuity and calm, saving the little girl's life and returning the bus to town. When things go bad, you see the best and worst in people and Jericho handled the crisis better than most, though for a while there it was close. People looting, fighting for gas – if Jake hadn't returned at that moment, there would have been violence. Just returning the children to their parents is the calmer needed and people are then willing to be more reasonable. The one person who is easy to immediately dislike is Gray – he's running for mayor so he should be thinking of the wellbeing of the town, not his political career. Instead of trying to help calm people down, he's stirring them up against Johnston. He's going to be a problem. Dale's news is released: it wasn't just Denver, Atlanta's gone too. As if there weren't enough immediate problems, there's prison escapees and the sheriff and some of his deputies are dead, which the town doesn't know yet. Johnston does the only thing he can do – sends everyone home and arranges to meet tomorrow.

    The pilot quickly and strongly establishes the main characters before the explosion occurs. The casting is top-notch and there are a lot of familiar faces here. Then there's the fast pace and exciting action. The pilot really sets a standard which the rest of the series maintains.
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