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Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 20, 2006 on CBS

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  • Absoletly fantastic! The best Pilot episode for a show ever! I have seen it probably more than 15 times and it's still awesome!

    When I watched this for the first time, I kinda skimmed over it and didn't really pay much attention to it. But, as the episodes went along and just got better and better, I got more and more addicted to Jericho. Then, after the season was over, I went back to the Pilot. I loved it! It was fantastic! It is fantastic! Every time I watch it I am in awe of the acting, writing, and just everything!

    Absolutely fantastic and this episode is definately an attention grabber!
  • Surprising and entertaining.

    We tried this show just for the sake of trying it. We'd heard that it was supposed to be good. And it was! We were extremely, and pleasantly, surprised.
    I especially liked Stacy and the bus. That was very creative and definitely not what I expected based on Jake's father's reaction to him earlier in the episode.
    (PS - I really liked Jake's car, too!)
  • This is one of the best pilot episodes i have ever seen. Opening up the storyline without making too many problems.

    This has got to be one of the best pilot episodes ever made. They do a really good job of introducing the characters. They make you want to know about the past of many of the characters but they dont do the "lost" thing where they never tell you anything. They also don't do the "brothers and sisters" thing where they make too much drama in the pilot. Its a very balanced episode that sets up the story very well. It makes the next episode a must see. The cast of Jericho is perfect. I am a Kansan from a town not much bigger than Jericho is, and i can tell you that it is very realistic. All in all...if you watch this episode, you will want to watch the rest of the series.
  • One of the best pilots I've ever seen.

    I'd heard good things, so I decided to give the series a try when I saw that the entire first season was available on the network's website. After watching the pilot episode, I'm already hooked. The premise sounded like it could make for a compelling and suspenseful series, and that's exactly what we get in episode one. This is speculative fiction at its dramatic best.

    Many pilots suffer from clunky introductions of the premise and characters, or they try too hard to hook viewers. In Jericho's case, the writers let the story speak for itself, and the characters are given appropriate and un-self-conscious introductions. In addition, the plot twists and turns to keep the audience guessing, even when we have no idea what to expect from the series yet.

    The emotionally gripping plot and the sympathy and interest in the plight of the characters (who I have only known for 44 minutes) will undoubtedly keep me watching this series. If this is one of the lower-rated episodes in the series, I can't wait to see what happens next.
  • All the clichés of disaster movies, nicely compiled into one TV show

    It\'s strange how so many TV shows do something that contradicts their own structure: they have the time and opportunity to develop stories slowly, to introduce characters one at a time and lay out a convincing narrative, which is not that easy in a movie. 45 Minutes a week should give the writers a lot more creative space than 90-120 minutes at all. But no, instead they do the opposite and cram everything they can think of in one episode at a time, so that there are hundreds of shows with the same contrived plot lines, stereotypical characters and annoying clichés.

    Just look at the pilot of \"Jericho\" that manages to include everything we have seen before in any disaster/apocalypse movie, delivers it with tons of false sentimentalities, presented by fake characters that don\'t follow their heart and soul, but the script. The episode picks up every known idea it can find. The lonely returner who has been away from his hometown, for mysterious reasons (to be explained in future episodes, useful for surprise revelations and character development), who of course is a \"screw-up\", because then he can prove he is indeed not (which we already knew, because, hey, he\'s the hero). The blatant exposition of the townsfolk: - the rigorous mayor and his opponent (what a stretch!), full of dramatic speeches

    - the various forms of assistant sheriffs (the scared one)

    - the brother of the returnee (full of anger, to be released in future episodes, useful for scenes with tears)

    - the lonely kid who is called \"loser\" by an annoying couple (because he\'s one of the heroes)

    - the fragile store owner (who seems just as crazy as she was in \"Speed\")

    - the deaf girl (she\'s deaf)

    - the ex-girlfriend who now is engaged (with Roger who naturally dies before we meet him, possible surprise revelation in episode 12 where comes back after travelling on foot across the whole country just to find his fiancee kissing her ex-highschool-boyfriend)

    - the black wise guy who is wise because he is black in a city of white people and is therefore able to say lines that nobody really understands but determines everyone to look at him with the greatest respect - he\'s so intelligent that it is scary, and he knows it!

    - the teacher who, like all teachers, is young and attractive (love triangle for the hero is possible)

    - the IRS woman who is much to exquisite to be in such a loser town (social conflicts arise, but will be solved because We Are The People)

    - the crazy guy who believes in aliens (possible revelation scene as he tells everyone something important, proving that he is in fact not that crazy)

    As if that bunch of people wouldn\'t be enough, there\'s a high amount of situations we\'ve know from the inside out and which don\'t become more exciting because they all happen in a row: a car crash, a bus crash, dead animals (the birds are not scary but simply ridiculous), the nuking of a country, the riots (caused by dozens of people who have no mind of their own and need a strong character to tell them things so that they can nod, turn around and go home satisfied), scared mothers, angry fathers, blackouts, last-minute-rescues (it is so fortunate that all near-deaths can be saved by a knife and a pen, we\'re so lucky that no one ever gets their heads smashed or a metal bar through their stomachs, even more fortunate that no one ever kills someone when cutting their throat) and, of course, because there isn\'t happening enough and we haven\'t got a villain yet, there is a bus of prisoners who have escaped, killers of course.

    Standard songs that are used in every second TV show, cheap effects and the usual group of \"Hey, I know him/her from somewhere\"-actors including Skeet Ulrich who once was considered a soon-to-be-star, even though no one remembers what his breakthrough movie was (it wasn\'t \"Chill Factor\").

    But I laughed a lot and enjoyed myself, there were some very small, very minor moments that worked and I can\'t wait to see that husband return, long-bearded, maybe missing a leg. So yes, sure I\'ll watch it again.
  • Jericho Episode one.

    The frist episode is my favorite out of the series because every story has a start and this is Jerichos start the pilot is done very well as you meant all of the differnt caraters that you come to now over the season of Jericho the problem with the episode is that it is a little slow as with most episdoes are a little slow and the story has became better and better but how the town acts after the bombs and is trying to figure out what happend is very good as well that is all i have to say THE END.
  • good enough

    It's just like any other normal day in the Kansas town of Jericho, that's until the residents of the town sees a mushroom cloud rising over Denver, Colorado. TV and radio signals that are taken for granted disappear just before the blast. This is a very interesting take on a genre that was last exploited during the 60s at the very height of the cold war. But this genre is made fresh again after 911, when terrorists threaten the security of the world and this cold war theme feels new again as the threat of a nuclear war haunts the very minds of freedom loving citizens all over the world.
  • It starts off with an old soul returning, and then the explosion. Everytihng blakcs out and the old soul rescues a school bus full of childrens and we discover that a prison bus with convicts escaped.

    TO tell you the truth, anyone that can see the mushroom cloud of a Nuclear Explosion is in trouble, if you really we\\\'re not to be effective, you would no see NOR hear a thing, and if they could see a cloud, all electronics are automatically clocked out by the radioactive signals, unless all electronics we\\\'re in Lead cases, nothing would survive, The town would have to be immediently isolated to make sure that no one effected anyone AND how could prisoners handcuffed to there seats beable to take control of a bus and kill the ARMED officers?

    This show has a good storyline but it\\\'s very farfetched.

    It was a good pilot, but this show really does need some sence of reality.
  • What a steaming pile! All emotion and no substance.

    I realize this was only the pilot but wow - what a terrible show. The plot itself was interesting but the actual writing was awful. The music also sucked. It was that same type of emo mess played in shows like Smallville when they want to pull at your heartstrings - but it comes across as whiny and just plain annoying. The music was also way overused and really damaged the suspense and dramitic quality of several scenes. The writing was very amaturish - you could tell the writer wanted the ep to be deep and powerful, but it wasn't. At times it seemed almost like a Fox News Channel story - all emotion and no substance. Jericho plays like a cheap, poorly written soap opera with an apocolypic twist. Unless way better writers have been hired for the other eps, I have little hope for Jericho. All in all Jericho is an insult to viewers who know what good shows (like Buffy, Farscape, Deadwood, Firefly, The Wire) really are. If you want to see what a real quality show with an apocolyptic twist looks like, check out HBO's excellent series Carnivale instead.
  • Wow… what a start to the series.

    I have decided to rent the dvd out. And wow… did I love this episode a lot. Interesting character they bought in. Jake has a secret… and I want to find out what it is. And who is Hawkins. Very interesting. Great use of sign language… hope they show more of Bonnie. Caring brother too.

    The bus scene with Jake and Heather was great, in an emergency Heather was still able to keep calm, which I can be like her (I'm a preschool teacher here in New Zealand). How Jake didn't panic under another situation with the Stacy in the bus, that was really well done.

    I love Jake relationship with his mother, love how they get along, and Jake seem to still have a love interest in Emily, I do hope he will be Heather instead. But we see.

    Great first episode, nice introducing new characters, can't wait to watch more of this season, and I hope I will get to see second season…

    I can't believe this show has ended… so far I have watched 6 episode, and I love them… well… another series for me to buy and savour every moment of it.
  • I want to see this show so badly!

    I really want to see this show really badly, I saw the previews for this episode and it looks so awesome, I have to buy the whole series it just looks so awesome. This show makes me want to know more, like what is up with the nuclear explosion, is everyone dead, what about the people in the bar and stuff why aren't they dead. This show makes me want more and that is always great in any show! I just want to see this show so much! This really could be one of my favorite shows of all time, I have to see it to believe it I guess.
  • What a good idea for a show.

    I've been living without cable for almost 3 years now, so all my television comes from the web. I stumbled upon this show and decided to check it out. From jump street I was hooked. I've watched 5 episodes today alone! This is a great idea for a show and it asks all kinds of questions along the way. Where was Jake? Who is Mr. Hawkins really? What is really going on?? It's so exciting and scary at the same time thinking that this could really be a possibility of happening. I love seeing Skeet Ulrich in something interesting. I only remember him from like 3 movies. I look forward to watching all of these episodes, I'm just sorry I'm only watching it now and it's cancelled. boo.
  • Ka-boom!

    Jake Green returns to his home town Jericho to visit his grandpa. Didn't actually get it why. Well, anyway, it's all fun and games until they spot a mushroom cloud in the atmosphere. The small Kansas town left completely clueless and seemingly separated from the outer world, now have to come to terms of their new environment.

    A new fall season show, that sparked my attention only 3 months after its first premiere. Actually with a help from a friend. Now I'm intrigued and want to watch more. It's amazing how can a TV series catch your attention like this. It's magic! And I love it!

    This episode; Jericho pilot, reminded me of the pilot of LOST. It was so moving and dramatic. I completely felt for both of these situations. Who in fact are quite similar. Except the fact that now the people are in a not-so-quiet Kansas town, witnessing a nuclear fallout instead of being trapped in an odd island. But for both scenarios, people have to come to terms with their new, seemingly impossible, reality that generates extreme threats of its own. The drama is really touching, no matter what the small details are. Island, fallout, what's the difference.

    I was amazed by the acting quality of this show. It was really moving and actually felt really real(what a great choice of words). But of course you cannot make a show without few minor cliches. Like, of course Jake, who managed to find the bus of kids of course KNEW CPR, so he could help them. Or of course the town has at least one person that knows everything, like Mr. Hawkins for that matter. Completely destructing the town's clueless folks image. The show looks promising, let's hope they keep it going as good as it entered the field.
  • I really enjoyed the pilot to Jericho.

    I think they started this series off just right and I hope they can keep it up. They did a good job of introdcing us to the people of Jericho. They also did not give to much away in the first eposide and they are alos not trying to do to much. I really enjoy the show and I hope it is on for a long time because they are going a little out on a limb with the perimise of the show which I think is great its not another cop or doctor show and it is a really refrehing change. Good work
  • This episode turned out pretty much how I expected it to...

    With all the advertising I'd seen for the premire of Jericho, the first episode pretty much turned out how I'd expected it to; and it was relatively good on top of that. It'll be interesting to find out exactly what kept Jake Green away from the family & town for five years, and what'd happened between him and his father to cause such a rift between the two. I also think it'll be interesting to see how things turn out between Jake & Emily Sullivan -Jake's former fiancee-, and between Jake & Heather -the teacher on the schoolbus. There seemed to be some chemistry between the two, in my opinion...

    If I had to guess about what'd kept Jake away from the family, I'd have to say he spent some time in jail... but I could be wrong. Jake made it known to the kids that he'd been in military school for a time, but he didn't say when ... so it's certainly possible that he was in jail...

    I do hope that the show stays on long enough to get a better feel for the main cast, though; it sometimes feels like a series I like gets cancelled just as I was getting a feel for the characters... and I hope that it doesn't happen here...
  • Review

    After reading about the cancellation that was overturned I really had no choice but to try this show out and I think the first epsiode was exactly what a pilot needs to be - makes me want to watch the second episode. Once you get into a show, it can have several bad episodes in a row and youll still watch because you have invested so much time in it. The pilot episode always tends to be one of the best because it needs to keep you coming abck in week 2. It needs to be a good episode. The story started off well, I like how they didnt make the explosion the thing that happened at the end, instead deciding to make it happen right in the beginning and then taking the episode over from there. Jake is a good charatcer, I could see him holding up the show on his own. The pilot kind of stands for itself - it sets up stories but for the most part everything in this episode was solved. The myster prisoner that escaped from the bus should prove to be interesting, and the black man seems to know more then he leds on. But that could just be me. SOlid pilot, I will be watching the next episode right now.
  • Follows the same theme as Lost and 4400.

    First of all I like to say that this episode shows a lot of promise and could possibly be a start of a good show. This show seems in my opinion, follow the recent trend of shows where everything is not what it seems. Where a lot of secrets and mystery becomes the dominant factor and questions that the viewer might ask will not be answered until much later on or not at all and if it will be answered it will only create more questions. Many would recognize hit shows like Lost and 4400 and even Desperate Housewives and many more. I like some of these shows but a factor the irks me is this whole secrecy thing sometimes going to far and to many unanswered questions can make a show like this annoying. I also hate it when the show is set up so that you're forced to watch every single episode in order and missing one and one episode in between will make watching it to complex because in almost every episode a vital clue is given that doesn't make sense unless it is compared with the other clues you´ve previously seen. You have to watch them all to know what on earth is going on since such little info is provided. This show will probably have a strong core audience but the rest of the target group is likely to boy cot it. Unless this core group gets big enough, this show might not last long.
  • With such a plot the pilot could have meed even better

    An interesting plot, very catchy. I would have exploited the nuclear bomb ideea a little bit more but it's okay.
    It hasa great cast, i'm sure it will be an succes so i will continue watching it. Basicly the prodigal son returns exactly the same day when a nuclear war begins. The entire United States is bombarded with nuclear bombs, erasing it off the map. A small town remains untouched, Jericho. The townspeople will have to survive without electricity and avoid radiation. Probably in the next episodes we will understand how much the world as we know it has changed.
  • IN 7 days the walls of Jericho will fall At First it started as you typical pilot but with a town during a disaster (which I still dont know whats going on) and alot of chacters to remember

    My First review of the season and this seems like an okay show though its no \"Lost\" it does have enough originality to keep a float. I hate chacters who have a mystery air about them the main chacter Jake has a past he lies about and of course a \"i wish she were my Girlfriend\" who want him back now that he has returned and looks like he will forever. He saves a bunch of kids on a bus not that appealing its been done and in the first episode they have established relationships much to quicky that they may be to perdictable (how many of you want a bet that the schoolteacher will be in a love triangle). So is it a nuclear War are is that just one theroy? hopefully theres a bit more to it then that.... a few people get mad at the gas sation and some mayor makes a speech how they will all see the sunrise (blah blah) and a exconvict is loose after his bus crashes? I would assume this stranger will pretend to be one of them. I will still defently whacth next week. TIB

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  • Not Original But Promicing

    Not a bad introduction to what i hope will turn into a compelling drama for CBS. This episode really held my attention and exceeded my expectations but i thought the writing wasn't anything original, it's been done before and like someone else said 'i hope it doesn't turn into another LOST' in the way like last season was dragged out and could be told in 8 episodes instead of twenty odd.

    Character development needs to come to the forefront in the next couple of episodes so we can feel more comfortable with the characters and the situations they are put in.

    Over all a very promicing pilot with only the originality of the story letting it down.

    8.5 out of 10
  • Here, the most hyped series of the upcoming Fall season, actually delivered. It was entertaining, the premise is highly interesting, and the characters aren\'t too much of hokey, small town carbon copies. Let\'s just hope it doesn\'t become \"Lost

    This was my most highly anticipated Fall premiere, and it actually performed well as CBS\'s flagship fall show. The characters are well written, (although a twinge of overacting is in the nuclear air) the plot is very compelling, and most importantly, it has heart. A lot of shows tend to abandon that concept (Lost), so let\'s hope \"Jericho\" doesn\'t fall into the same pitfalls that our favorite ABC castaways did last season.

    Starting with Skeet Ulrich. Sorry folks, but he\'s just not the best character here. He still has that lack of emotion he puts into characters that AREN\'T sociopaths (\"Scream\"). He\'s still trying his damndest to be Depp, and it\'s failing miserably. I\'ll put him on the clock to develop himself after 4-5 episodes, but after that, he\'s out of the box. Develop you moody son of a b****!!

    My main gripe with the show is its whole concept of \"the people of Jericho are going to change forever in the wake of extreme duress and tragedy.\" You can see some of the storylines already develop:

    *The budding romance between Jake and Heather
    *The mysterious lone black guy who is obviously a former convict will probably reform himself after spending time and helping the town through the trauma.
    *The shrewd, D.C. power-IRS woman who comes to Jericho to audit the poor farmers regrets and looks at her whole life in retrospect
    *The loser Dale who sweeps up the shop and is looked down by the prissy local girls will all of a sudden become a town hero and a man. (as seen by his helping of the shopwoman.)
    *The power-hungry candidate using the politics of the situation to try and undermine the mayor and possibly split the town.

    I\'m hoping I\'m wrong in some of these, or at least the writing staff can wield them into something intersting rather than seeing what we\'ve already seen on ABC\'s dull Island of survivors.

    All in all, it was a fun show to watch. Very gripping, inticing, and full of heart. Tone down the hokey speeches every 5 minutes, give Skeet Ulrich some smelling salts, don\'t push this convict thing too far, and we\'ve got ourselves the first bonafide hit of the Fall season. Let\'s just hope the viewing audience agrees.

    Final score: 7 out of 10.
  • The pilot really didn't come up to my expectations.

    When I first saw this show advertised, I really didn't feel any interest in it. But on the day it premiered, I decided to watch it with nothing else on. I'm kind glad I did, because I know this show will get better than this slightly above average Pilot.

    It really didn't excite me like some other shows I'm into, but it's the best show in it's time slot. It follows a small town in Kansas and how they react when America is getting bombed. It's not the most original idea, but they execute it fairly well.

    My only problem is that the show really isn't that realistic in some senses. Like on the bus, for example. Those kids would be screaming and not the calm kids shown. Also, when are there mountains in Kansas? It didn't really affect the show that much, but it still annoyed me. The characters and plot are good, and I can't wait to see how they drag this out into a whole season!
  • Welcome to Jericho.

    Jericho opens with a very calm first 20 minutes.
    We witness a small family affair in this small town called Jericho.

    However, things soonly turn bad, as a mushroom cloud shows up on the sky...

    the adventure of the citizens of Jericho starts right here.

    Jericho's mainly about survival and cooperating. At least it seems like that for now.

    How people are managed to survive without any incoming supply, television, radio, anything. And how are they capable of cooperating, do things together to help each other.

    Unfortunately, this episode couldn't really establish the post apocalyptic feeling; instead, we got a bunch of cliches: the cheesy monologue of the mayor at the end, the overused tracheotomy scene, and the girl who's totally deaf and blind.

    However.The show has a very original idea and a gripping storyline; those little cliches won't distract you for long.
  • Disapointing in one word. No blast like I hoped. But I won't give up yet.

    Disapointing in one word. Thought this was going to be a blast, but even the nuclear explosion didn,t make any noise. The fact that most people in this small community knew what happened is still a mysterie to me. There was no news on the tv or radio, because they were cut of immediatly from the outside world. The fact that the local police couldn,t find the missing schoolbus? What do they have, like two roads!! I wasn,t glued to my seat this episode. Hopefully the next one will give me something more than just it already over. The one good thing about this show maybe is Pamela Reed, a fine actress. And Skeet could keep this thing going on.
  • A nuke with a silencer

    One big problem I have with this story—where’s a noise? It was a nuke explosion that could easily be seen in the distance. You mean to tell me nobody heard it? The earth didn’t rock? No unexplainable ashes whizzing by? No seemingly change in the weather? Or sudden darkness? Or wind? Or all those other neat effects that put the viewer in the surrealness of a nuclear explosion? I mean the filmmakers could have had a field day with CGI. Instead we get this really tame nuclear explosion and the cheap effects used were a measly taperecorder, a not-too-scary cloud in the distance, and a dead animal lying in the road. Well, if the animals died of radiation, why didn’t the kids in the school bus perish as well?

    Only the last scene registered a blip on the radar with the dead birds lying around. Which begs the question, why do you have a major character walking around in a radioactive area?

    The acting and directing was good, the dialog not too witty, but natural, storytelling elements, such as the emergency tracheotomy, poor, over-the-top.

    So far the pilot rings hollow. People seem artificially panicked because the filmmakers went through no trouble to set up a realistic nuke scenerio.
  • This episode is superb in terms of what would happen if a nuclear attack happened in the US!

    Amazing episode i cant stop watching it! I watch it over and over again its that good. Its extremely accurate, showing what would/could happen in the case of a nuclear attack on the US. fights over gas, power going out. Compared to other people who made nuclear attack movies and shows, their work pales in comparison to this show/episode alone. amazing CGI work for the mushroom cloud (five times in appearence. Very catchy theme song, dramatic music that fits the show EXACTLY. The way the music is placed is amazing and it fits whats happening that very minute. The title is incredible with the morse code beeps. cool show and i keep watching this episode almost every day!
  • An exciting premier!!

    I'm going to admit, I originally started watching this show solely to see Skeet Ulrich. (He is absolutely fine) However, I'm hooked already. Although the concept of nuclear war isn't new, the way they've laid out this show is an interesting take on it. I love the way they focus on a small close knit community in a small rural area. It's obvious those are going to be the people that survive a situation of the magnitude of a nuclear strike, therefor we have a loosely real situation. I really enjoyed the pilot, I thought it was well paced, well written, and definately gave us some adventure and excitement. Looking forward to next week. Well Done!!!
  • Jake Green comes back to Jericho. After a not so great run in with his father he leaves town again. On his way out of town, he sees a Mushroom cloud rising in the sky over Denver. The people of Jericho must now work together to survive.

    I really enjoyed this episode. What an original piece of work.
    I was not expecting Dale’s parents to be in Atlanta. I am not sure how I feel about Grey yet. He seems to be an instigator of many things. And he doesn’t seem to want what’s best for Jericho just what’s best for the mayoral race. I am very interested in this Hawkins character. He seems to know way too much about everything. And he’s right there for everything. Jake is an interesting character, and I am curious as to why he needs his grandfathers money, and where has he been. Plus how did he know how where to cut the little girls neck.
    Well I am very enthusiastic about the premise of this show. Two thumbs up from me!
  • I liked every minute of it. It was a perfect introduction there wasn't to much but it also wasn't to short. I thought it was a little graffic with the girl on the school bus.

    I thought the first episode was the best introduction I have seen in along time. I can't wait to see the second episode. It had a good begining showing all the people that watched the bombing. Then the one guys got in a car accident and he found the school bus. I couldn't watch that school bus scene where he cut the little girls throat open. I just couldn't watch that part. But the rest of the show was really good. I think this is the perfect kind of show to show at this time because of the war in Iraq and the big scare these days of other countrys bombing us. I am just really curious who bombed them. I also thought it was smart to show that Atlanta got bombed. That showed it wasn't a test or a drill. I hope this show stays as good as the first episode. If it does it will get some emmys.
  • A great intro to what I believe (and hope) will be a great new show.

    Jericho has a lot of creepy elements and great characters from what we have seen from the pilot. What it was Jake was doing while he was in the army will be an intriguing topic, and I liked the bus storyline. The phone recording was a great way to introduce the Atlanta bombing, as the scene where the kid was sitting there listening to it was pretty creepy. The score was also very good, and the imagery is, of course, truly awesome, the mushroom cloud sending shivers down my spine every time you see it. I like the music through radio thing, and the end was a nice lead-in too. This looks to be the next Lost to me. We can only hope, right?
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