Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 20, 2006 on CBS

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  • Not as good as I expected and definitely could have been better, but this show definitely has potential.

    When I first heard news of a new show about a small Kansas town, dealing with the aftermath of a nuclear attack I was pretty intrigued and excited. It sounded very interesting and was at least mildly original amidst all the 'missing person conspiracy dramas' at the moment. When it finally arrived and I watched pilot however, I was a little disappointed.
    The story seemed a bit rushed and the little build up that there was, failed to create any tension. Too many characters were introduced for any of them to really make an impact, and the weight and severity of the situation in which we found them wasnt really driven home. It was hard to feel the sense of impending doom and foreboding that I knew I should be feeling. I feel that with perhaps a 2-hour pilot they could have created the tension and build up a little better and had more time to establish characters and relationships more firmly before throwing them into the action. Many of the scenes just seemed thrown together and at times it was a little hard to follow and didnt seem to flow very smoothly, and rather than wanting to find out what happened next, I was often trying to cement in my mind what had happened previously, as they didnt leave a big enough impression.
    Despite it's downfalls, the pilot did have some good points. The idea of having the prison bus crash and the convicts escape was pretty exciting, and the moment when Dale hears his mother's message and the town's people realise that Denver was not the only city to be hit was pretty chilling. Also, the fact that we witnessed the nuclear attacks from afar rather than in the centre of the action was a fresh change and portrayed a real sense of isolation from the world.
    Overall, this show definitely has potential, I just feel that the pilot could have been so much more. I have faith that it will pick up and some interesting ideas were hinted at in this pilot, but I just think that the oppurtunity for an explosive (pardon the pun) beginning to the series has been passed on.
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