Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 20, 2006 on CBS

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  • Ka-boom!

    Jake Green returns to his home town Jericho to visit his grandpa. Didn't actually get it why. Well, anyway, it's all fun and games until they spot a mushroom cloud in the atmosphere. The small Kansas town left completely clueless and seemingly separated from the outer world, now have to come to terms of their new environment.

    A new fall season show, that sparked my attention only 3 months after its first premiere. Actually with a help from a friend. Now I'm intrigued and want to watch more. It's amazing how can a TV series catch your attention like this. It's magic! And I love it!

    This episode; Jericho pilot, reminded me of the pilot of LOST. It was so moving and dramatic. I completely felt for both of these situations. Who in fact are quite similar. Except the fact that now the people are in a not-so-quiet Kansas town, witnessing a nuclear fallout instead of being trapped in an odd island. But for both scenarios, people have to come to terms with their new, seemingly impossible, reality that generates extreme threats of its own. The drama is really touching, no matter what the small details are. Island, fallout, what's the difference.

    I was amazed by the acting quality of this show. It was really moving and actually felt really real(what a great choice of words). But of course you cannot make a show without few minor cliches. Like, of course Jake, who managed to find the bus of kids of course KNEW CPR, so he could help them. Or of course the town has at least one person that knows everything, like Mr. Hawkins for that matter. Completely destructing the town's clueless folks image. The show looks promising, let's hope they keep it going as good as it entered the field.