Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 20, 2006 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Jake first returns home, Stanely embraces him in a big hug, clearly pinning Jake's arms down. However, from the reverse shot immediately after, Jake's arms are clearly free.

    • Goof: The answering machine should not have recorded a dial-tone after the call ended.

    • When the episode originally aired in the U.S., you were able to go to a page on the CBS website that had the first webisode of a second storyline detailing what was happening in places outside of Jericho. Sadly, this storyline seems to have been stopped because of an overall general dispute between writers and networks over whether they should be paid for the webisodes. It was replaced by the "Countdown" webisode series which focuses on Hawkins.

    • Nipick: When Jake is driving the bus back to town the bus is running low on fuel. The bus driver would have known where the field trip was going and would have planned the distance and how much gas would be needed. The bus was not running when Jake found it so unless it had a gas line leak there should be no reason that it would be running on empty.

    • Goofs: The procedure that Jake performs on the school bus for the little girl Stacey is called a tracheotomy. It is sometimes performed in an emergency situation where breathing is prevented by a blockage in the throat. Jake says he was trained to perform the procedure in military school. Whoever trained him did a poor job. In an emergency tracheotomy the incision should be vertical, Jake makes a horizontal incision. While the horizontal incision would work, it is much more dangerous in that if the incision is too long it could sever the carotid artery. A vertical incision is much safer. Another error with this scene is when the girl regains consciousness she gasps in air with her mouth, which makes a dangerous tracheotomy defunct, although you hear the sound of air rushing through the straws after the initial gasp.

    • Jake's grandfather's full name is: Eric Jacob Green, and was also a mayor; both pieces of info are listed on his tombstone.

    • At the beginning when the logo for the series is shown, the letters JERICHO PILOT can be heard in Morse code.

  • Quotes

    • Johnston: We had all hoped this was an accident, but the unfortunate truth is there was another explosion in Atlanta.

    • Heather: Okay... kids... Listen to me. If the bus stops again, we're going to need you to walk back to town and get help, okay?
      Lucas: I don't know where we are!
      Jake: Get to the stop sign. Turn left. Take a left.
      Lucas: Which way's left?
      Jake (dropping head and getting frustrated): Ahhh!
      Heather: Hold up your hands. Stick out your thumbs. The one that makes the L, that's your left.

    • Boy (amazed at Jake): How'd you learn how to do that?
      Jake: Military school
      Boy: Were you a soldier?
      Jake (laughing): No, a screw up.

    • Gail (sneaking money into Jake's pocket): Just stay one more day.
      Jake: I've got to get back to San Diego by tomorrow. Mom, one more thing.
      Gail: Hmm?
      Jake (hands her the money): You have clumsy hands.
      Gail: I love you.

    • Gail: I'm glad you're home.
      Jake: Yeah, we'll see.

    • Jake: I go away for a few years and the town goes to hell.

    • Gail: Oh God, look at you. You're a mess.
      Jake: I'm fine. Stop worrying about me.
      Gail: Yeah, good luck with that.

    • Johnston: Sheriff, Chief. Damage? Fire? Buildings?
      Sheriff: Nothing Mr. Mayor, the town's fine.
      Johnston: Let us hope you're right.

    • Mayor Johnston Green: Hey, Shep? You said earlier that you had heard that speech before. Ever ask yourself why I say it? 'Cause I happen to trust you people. 'Cause I love my town. Now, something happened in Denver, in Atlanta, and it could be that we wake up and find out that's where it stopped. But, until we know, are we going to use our imaginations to solve problems or to cause them? Now, we can get the power back on. We can find out how big this thing is. If we have to we can fight. We can fight anybody, we can fight all enemies. The only way that's going to happen is if we work together. Now, go on home. We'll meet tomorrow at the town hall. And folks, don't you break my heart again.

    • Stanley: Oh, I can't believe it. Jake Green. How you doing man? When did you get back to town?
      Jake: Just now. Is that Bonnie? (Bonnie waves at Jake, Jake signs to Bonnie) You grew up.
      Stanley: Well, wait a minute, where the hell have you been?
      Jake: You know, around.
      Stanley: Jake, no one's been around for five years.
      Jake: The Army. I've been in the Army.
      Stanley: Good for you.

    • Jake: What's your name?
      Heather: Heather.
      Jake: Jake.
      Heather: Nice to meet you, Jake.
      Jake: You, too.

    • Gail: Johnston!
      Mayor: What?
      Gail: Dale Turner's mother died tonight in another explosion, Atlanta...
      Mayor: Oh my God!

    • Robert: You might want to get some black spray paint, you know, cover that. (points at the word "Jericho" on the police car) Look, I know that you're telling people that it was an accident, and I hope it was, but if it was an attack, Sheriff, and there's chaos out there, you might not want the wrong people to know that Jericho is still here.
      Sheriff: With all due respect, Mr. Hawkins, this is no St. Louis. (walks away)

    • Robert: Excuse me, Sheriff, Robert Hawkins.
      Sheriff: Well it's good to meet you Mr. Hawkins but as you can see, we have got our hands full.
      Robert: Could you use an extra man?
      Sheriff: No civilians, mayor's orders.
      Robert: Well I use to be a cop, St. Louis.
      Sheriff: Do you know the roads around here?
      Robert: No, I just moved to town.
      Sheriff: Then I'm afraid you'll just slow us down, I'm sorry.

    • (A group of people gather around listening to an answering machine message.)
      Dale's Mother: Baby, what are you staring at out the window?
      Man: Get over here and look at this.
      Dale's Mother: What, what is that? Oh my god, Oh my god!
      (A sound of an explosion is heard and the message ends abruptly.)
      Gail: Oh, Dale, I am so sorry, I didn't know your mother was in Denver.
      Dale: She wasn't in Denver. She was in Atlanta.

    • Female Student: Miss Lisinski, are we going to have school tomorrow?
      Heather Lisinski: We'll figure it out honey.
      Female Student: I vote no.

    • (Johnston knocks on the door, Old Man Oliver answers the door cocking his shotgun)
      Johnston: Oh, Oliver, would you stop that.
      Old Man Oliver: Sorry, Johnston. Thought you were Aliens. Well, we're under attack, by Aliens. Don't you know that?
      Johnston: Yes, we do. That's why we're here. Do you have your Ham radio?
      Old Man Oliver: Yeah, for you....50 cents.

    • Deputy: Are we under attack?
      Johnston: Son, I don't want to hear that word again. Now look, this could have been a test. It could have been an accident. There's, uh, military bases near Denver. One explosion does not make an attack. If we stay calm, the town stays calm, okay.

    • Emily: Uh my-my fiancé he's in banking, so...
      Jake: Oh, that helps.
      Emily: Yeah, Roger really loves it here.
      Jake: Well, I'm happy for you, Emily.
      Emily: How about you, you got somebody?
      Jake (nervous laughter): No.
      Emily: I'm sorry, I shouldn't...
      Jake: No you're not, you love it
      Emily: Where have you been?
      Jake: The Navy. (Emily looks away) Oh why even bother?
      Emily: Seriously, where have you been?

    • Johnston: If you convince me that you are living a more productive life, then..
      Eric: That's right Jake.
      Jake: We were both born on third base, quit pretending you hit a triple.
      Jake: (to Johnston) And when are you going to realize I am 32 years old?
      Johnston: When you do.

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: September 21 2006, Network Ten
      Denmark: October 3 2007, SBS Net
      Estonia: May 9 2007
      Finland: August 22 2007
      Germany: June 4 2007
      Hungary: December 10 2006
      Mexico: September 25 2007
      Netherlands: May 19 2008
      Sweden: July 12 2007
      United Kingdom: January 12 2007, Hallmark
      Slovenia: September 24, 2008 on Kanal A

    • This, the 'pilot' episode is also alternately titled "Pilot: The First 17 Hours," or, simply, "The First 17 Hours."

    • In Australia, Jericho premiered on Network Ten just hours after each episode had aired in the US. This was a first for an Australian Network to premiere a program that had started broadcasting in the US.

    • Featured Music:
      "All These Things That I've Done" by The Killers (at the start of the episode)
      "Pieces" by Rascal Flatts
      "Who Says You Can't Go Home" by Bon Jovi
      "Better Days" by The Goo Goo Dolls
      "Run" by Snow Patrol (at the end of the episode)
      "Nach Deutschland" by John Powell

    • This episode was filmed on location in Fillmore, California, USA and Santa Clarita, California, USA.

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