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Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 12, 2008 on CBS

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  • A rather fragmented, but promising season premiere. SPOILERS in the full review, if you haven't seen it yet don't continue!

    First of all...

    Thank you. Thank you fans for bringing back Jericho from the death. What you've done is truly expectional and amazing. I've to admit I never really expected the show to be back. All the attempts to bring back already cancelled shows have failed. Not Jericho.

    Again, thank you.

    Now, as for the episode. Unfortunately the budget has been lowered. Certain cast members are no longer part of the show. And, the plot is somewhat altered, I guess so the 7 episode long run can conclude and so the new viewers could join in the fun.

    The title refers to the plot itself, but it also refers to the state of the show. This is some kind of "new start" for the show so new viewers can join. Because yes, the show needs new viewers so it won't be cancelled again. That is probably why the tone of the show has been dramatically changed. The family drama is basically gone. The show's new main direction is uncovering the conspiracy. While the two main characters(Jake and Hawkins) are still vital to the plot, it feels that there are characters that are no longer needed. Stanley and Mimi's lovestory is no longer a plot element, it just feels like a filler. Same for Dale and his business: it's simply irrevelant.

    The aftermath of the fight between Jericho and New Bern while spectacular - it's really cut short. Major Edward Beck is an okay character. A somewhat weightless addition, but his main role in this one was to make Jake realize revenge isn't the way to go, and also to make Jake Jericho's sheriff. He seems to be an experienced and smart character. Quite possibly his character will get more vital to the plot as the show goes on. The episode ends with Jake being notified that the president is coming to visit Jericho.

    The episode has a dark tone and it definitely gets the job done of setting up season 2. But the quick style change may not please everyone. I do miss the slow pacing and the small apocalyptic town drama, but I've to admit this 24-esque direction is pretty good too.

    Could've been better though: the episode feels really fragmented(lots of storylines thrown on eachother, and some of the characters simply don't feel right) but seeing what situation the show is in, it was pretty damn exciting.
  • NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so glad that its back on it was off for way to long. A great episode for all Jericho fans I'm so glad that all of the the fans united to get it back on. But this episode was one of my favorites in the series I can't wait intill next week. It was so exciting to see it back on TV I loved every minute of it. I just hope that it gets enough viewers so it can be order for another season so please just watch it every week to get its ratings up. Nuts Nuts Nuts
  • A good episode that worked hard setting up where the season is going to be going.

    Gone are the days when Jericho was fighting for it survival, now things are on a much more macro level for survival. The war with New Burn is over, and while there are still grudges and hard feelings on both sides, peace and rebuilding is looking like something that could happen in the future, to the average citizen.

    Others know that there is a lot more work to be done. Robert Hawkins finds out more of what is going on, but not enough to actually be helpful. There is something up with Valente and the new goverment in Cheyenne. As the country is split in two, Cheyenne is gaining power, and Hawkins can't let that happen. Texas, the remaining state that is undecided needs to be swayed away from the Cheyenne goverment and towards the Columbus goverment, but how.

    ** NOTE: The reason that Texas is important is because with no stable monitary system, the US can't get oil from outside its borders, Texas has the reserve of oil. I've seen people wonder why it was important, so I just thought I would say why, as they explained in the episode. **

    Jericho also has to figure out how to deal with the military in their town, the reconstruction that is going on in the town, and the lingering issues with New Burn. Jake takes a position of authority, and that will become key later in the season.

    Much of this episode was simply setting up the storylines for Jake and Robert as they are still going to be facing the same issues that were previously facing Hawkins. It will be interesting to see what characters they have predominantly removed from the story, as some of the more common characters weren't shown in this episode, or had very brief appearances.

    The one knock on this episode is the fact that the special effects were obviously cut. Notably Hawkins with the tank and train scene, it was very poor looking CGI, and was very cheap looking. Fortunately this show doesn't demand a ton of special effects for the most part, so the lack of budget in that area should be an critical issue.

    ** NOTE: One final random fact is that when at the hospital one of the deputies was eating peanuts.
  • Good start back

    I really enjoyed this as the start to this next (and hopefully not last) block of episodes. It definitely is starting to take the show into a new direction where it appears there is going to be a lot of focus on much broader implications of the attack beyond just Jericho and I think that will be fun to follow through these episodes. At the same time, they also kept in very personal dealing with the anger of the people in Jericho and New Bern over the "war" between them and the things that happened during it.

    Overall, great starting episode and looks like it is setting up a very good season.
  • Thanks to the determination of many fans Jericho has returned to our screens. Of course this also meant that the episode had to be worthy of the fans' miraculous efforts. Fortunately it was.

    When I reviewed the season 1 finale I said that if they did do a second season it'd probably start after the battle between the two towns was over. I thought that they'd then explain what happened or maybe show a little of the battle in a flashback. And I was pretty much right, with the exception of how much they showed! The opening battle scene was fantastic, on par with most films and had a lot of great action. Hawkins driving the tank across the train lines was fantastic and when the train smashed into it the CGI was amazing. It was really top notch stuff which I was especially surprised with because I was under the assumption that a show brought back from the dead would have a severely cut budget; obviously I was wrong.

    While the opening scene covered most of the action for the episode the rest was more about the rebuilding of the town and country. I'm glad they're moving the story forward by changing the dynamic of the show. I'll miss the way it was in season 1, but doing this makes it seem like a season 2 really was a necessity as opposed to just more of the same. Of course the best part about Jericho is its characters, and within moments all the memories of them from season 1 came rushing back. They did a very good job of reintroducing everyone which was no mean feat considering it's been about nine months since the previous episode. For example I couldn't remember Jake and Emily had gotten back together, but it didn't matter because we always new they'd end up together. I was a bit surprised that Jake and Eric's mum was missing from the episode. After what happened at the end of season 1 it made sense, but for a while I was scratching my head, wondering if she had kicked it in the last episode too.

    It was a huge shame to see Johnston go last season and I was worried that the show wouldn't be the same without him. However, although he was missed, the show doesn't seem to have suffered for it. After all Jake is still the hero, and a total legend! His and Eric's revenge plan did seem a bit out of sorts for their characters, but under the circumstances it is believable and understandable. The fact that New Bern have gone unpunished was as frustrating for me as it was for the characters, which helped to empathise with them all. There was also no Dale or Skylar anywhere to be seen in this episode, which hopefully means that they're gone from the show. Neither were particularly interesting, unlike the new character Major Beck. He seems a genuinely good person and a good new character for the show.

    So it was a triumphant return for the series, wrapping up most of the loose ends from season 1 very well. It also showed the direction this short season will go and has opened up some intriguing stories involving both Jake and Hawkins. Great acting, characters, effects and story; Jericho is well and truly back!
  • Finally, Jericho is back!!!

    This was a totally awesome episode. I was so pleased that the show picked up where it left off. The skirmish between Jericho and New Bern was said to be the bloodiest seen by the members of the reconstruction team sent from Cheyenne. I was so pleased to have all of my favorite characters back and the episode was intense and dramatic. At first I didn't really like Mimi with Stanley, but their relationship is growing on me. The only thing I found that was a little strange is the new closeness between Jake and Emily, it seemed a bit to quick for me. I look forward to their relationship progressing though. CBS did a fine job re-introducing us to Jericho can't wait for next week.
  • Jericho returns!

    Enough people complained and Jericho is brought back. It's great because it is something of a low-rent (production-wise) show.

    We saw a recap of the previous year and we know that the fight between Jericho and New Bern is going to be put to rest as best as the new military commander deems. His name is Beck and is played by Esai Morales and i'll be darned where i've seen him before. Jake is taking charge of the local militia and is asked to be the sheriff. By shows end he accepts.

    There are other story lines regarding the one nuclear bomb still held by you know who.

    I think the most important part of this episode was establishing that there is a conflict between The Allied United States based in Cheyenne and the remnant state (east of the Mississippi) that is made up of the old government.

    Next week's should be revealing.
  • A perfect 10 all the way around!

    While I wish there had been a bit more on Jake and Eric's relationship, especially after their fight scene, I was definately drawn in about Hawkins, Chavez, and the new government. Not to mention that Chavez is very cute. Darcy was pretty cool too. I loved how she pointed the gun at Chavez and Hawkins just gave him that little smile. "Not really."

    I'm very curious about J&R. They are WAY too good to be true. I don't trust them at all and I'm so thankful that Mimi got Stanley out of the agreement. I'd hate to see what had happened if they had gotten it through.

    I simply cannot wait until next week!!

  • Like lazarus, Jericho rose from the CBS graveyard and came back with a bang.

    When we last saw Jake he was getting ready to face the forces of New Bern lead by the Villainous Carlton I mean Phil Constantino the sheriff/mayor of New Bern. With his dad dead Jake seeks revenge on him meanwhile the new American government based in Cheyenne sends Major Edward Beck to keep the peace and rebuild the two towns. Stanley and Mimi now engaged learn that Jennings & Rall the multinational corporation has taken place of the IRS and is letting him keep his farm for giving half of his crop to them until such time but seeing as it's now Mimi's farm as well she uses her IRS know how to resend the deal and get a job with J&R. Beck asks Jake to be the new town Sheriff and help him keep the peace as citizens of Jericho and New Bern are constantly being caught trying to sneak into each others town on murder sprees. At first Jake refuses but when he saves his brothers life (as Beck says he will kill anyone trying to sneak into New Bern or vice versa) he agrees. Hawkins meanwhile gets a visit from his friend Chavez who work together to expose Thomas Valente and the conspiracy in Texas the largest hold out state between Cheyenne and Baltimore (the remnants of the former presidential administration).
  • Glad to see Jericho back on TV...this was a great episode.

    As noted it was nice to be watching Jericho again...finally. I thought it was a great episode. It felt like it never missed a step. Watching it seemed like I had just the season finale just the other night. It caught the emotion of the battle with New Bern and projected it foward into a nice story. It touched base with all the characters, introduced some new ones and got us off and running on what I hope it great story arc. I liked the new army commander. I think Jake will find him to be a powerful ally. All in all in it was a great story, the writers did a great job of capturing the emtion of the moment from Mimi and Stanley happiness to Jakes anger. Looking foward to another great run!!
  • Review

    A very different feel to the series and I like the direction a lot of the stories are going and I for one hope the show does garner some more attention then it has been getting. Jake being with his girl from last year (going to have to learn the names again) is great. They have a terrific dynamic and need to be together I think. I thought Jake and his brother were acting a little outside the wall when they kept on wanting to go and kill Constintine of New Bern. I know life has been crazy for six months at this point, but Jake, to me, always seemed like the kind of guy that would keep his head on an even keel. HE seems to be focused on executing this man in this episode, dispite the new authorities showing up and putting an end to it. I dont know - I just felt it to be a little out of character thats all. I did like Jake going to stop his brother from doing the deed and that he is now the new sherrif of Jericho, that should make for an interesting change of power. Hawkins story really dragged in the beginning of the episode I thought but picked up at the end when him and the white guy started talking about the main points of the conspiracy and what the overall gameplan is. It seems this one town just kind of took over while everyone east of the Mississippi is still trying to act like the USA. Really loved Stanley and Mimi's storyline. I thought they were the best couple in season one and I think they still have it now in season two. They are perfect on screen together. I hope this isnt the Beginning of the End for Jericho, season two is off to a solid start I think.
  • Back from the ashes...

    It was really stunning. I was somehow little afraid that maybe they will ruin it, but they made it even better - at least the first episode was a real pearl.

    First those characters - so create to see them all again and the storyline written - a really cathcing and promising.

    First the brother's revenge and Constantine walking away without no troubles. And the way Jake had to save his brother...

    And then the whole thing with Hawkins - her wife putting herself into the danger to get into the information and getting followed. Even thought it looks like Hawkins in some part trusts him, I think that is mistake. Revealing that he has bomb makes him a target as I am sure that information gets out.
  • very good return

    Any doubts i had about Jericho's return were quickly dismissed as this episode was better than half of the episodes in season 1. Making the episode start almost as soon as season 1 finished was a great touch, it didnt give the need for a huge "previously on jericho" spot and lame flashbacks. What i hope happens in this season is carry on what this episode brought, meaning concentrate on the core characters and adding a few interesting new ones and let the story run from there. I think the character Major Beck is a great addition to the show, he grounds the show almost with his authoritarian presence (and he actually seems like a good guy with any mystery surrounding him)
    Hopefully Jericho will continue like this episode and maybe even get a third season.
  • Hawkins is concerned about Cheyenne coming to Jericho, understandly so. The crew is still looking for Sara, and she'll show up eventually. Hawkins is also being tracked by a mystery soldier..

    This show is special! After the work all the fans did to demand the show return, I can't wait for the next episode. I think that characters are so strong and the special effects are top notch. The battle between New Bern and Jericho is really cooling down. I do not trust the Cheyenne government and their motives for getting Jerico up and running.

    Overall, the acting was superb, and the story is developing well. This season is more subtle than last year's and the plot is more sophisticated. Skeet Ulrich turned in another great performance his acting is getter better as the show progresses. Two Thumbs up!
  • The war is over Lets see who wins the peace

    The army has forcibly stopped the battle of jericho and hawkins has stopped the train full of reinforcements .The army sits constantino down with jake.The hatred is clear .Jakes looks around the room to where his father died hours before and constantino tells the military lies about his attack on jericho.
    The major promises an investigation and release the two of them.
    Unfortunately it aint over.While on the main street jake stops a man with a gun from committing murder.He is a new berner out for revenge.Its seems the military has stopped many people from both sides from commiting revenge attacks.Anyone who does not surrender is shot.
    Stanley makes a deal with the reconstruction people to donate part of his crop in return for forgiving his tax debts.He is over the moon until mimi tells him he is being ripped off and asks him to marry her?
    Jake is still intent on revenge and summons the rangers to formulate a plan to take out constantino.Hawkins objects saying it would be smarter to wait a few months and then kill the former sheriff in his sleep.
    Jake is called before major beck and offered the post as jerichos sheriff.He later learns the rangers are going to new bern without him he rides out to stop them and gets thier just before major beck and his men.Jake tells an obvious lie to explain thier presence and the major tells jake he has just saved his brother life.He accepts the role of sheriff.And then hawkins meets an old friend...
    Great to have the show back.
    The blind fury at the start of the episode is brilliant and chilling as is the cold dispassionate way in which jake sits down with his fathers killer.
    It seems like life is returning to normal in jericho if they can let go of thier hate.

    Is it just me or is it screamingly obvious at this point that the nuclear attacks were a coup organised by valente and his cohorts?
  • The power of the fans was rewarded with this wonderful show returning with a solid episode!

    It was great writing, great direction and great acting that brought back this once dead series and I, for one am totally happy for it! But Jericho fans are like no other and CBS learned quickly not to mess with them! Things happen rather quickly in this episode. The war with New Bern is halted with the arrival of Beck who asks Jake to become Sherrif of Jericho. Jake is bent on revenge, however and turns down Beck. Finally he accepts. The Hawkins storyline continues with the revelation that he still has a bomb. Now is the time to worry that the cat will get out of the bag about it.

    Stanley thinks his IRS worries are over but he's in for a surprise. Thank God for CBS renewing this great show!
  • Excellent start to the renewed series!

    I had been patiently waiting for so many months when I heard the show was going to be renewed. When the time came I had my PVR ready to tape but I didnt' get around to it for 3 weeks. But it was worth the wait.

    Watching Jericho struggle to stay afloat for a whole season made for very interesting drama, as a 'what-if' scenario for the United States. Now that the government is sort of back on track, things are still up in the air for everyone.

    And now there is a lot of animosity between these two towns. When everything settles down I am sure that all the bad blood won't go away, which should make for some really good drama down the road.

    Robert and his 'friends' don't want the current government to take over the country since it's most likely they are behind the attacks. And we learn that they leveled 2 countries that they blamed for the attacks so that they couldn't prove that it wasn't them.

    Skeet's acting is superb. He did a great job of the grieving son. And he definitely makes a good choice for sheriff. He might not be that experienced but he had seen combat and had been instrumental in organizing the Rangers to help defend the town.

    I am really looking forward to getting to the other episodes on my PVR today!.
  • Great start to beginning of Season Two...!

    Reconstruction was a decent episode, it wasn't one of the best but it had to explain many things in a time period of one hour, a doable but hard task. For the most part, the beginning was decent (it didn't really explain much about the war and I felt empty in my stomach where I thought the "battle" would be). You could say that most Jericho fans got ripped off because of the "battle" in very little detail, but I think that the way they told the story was a good enough excuse for pretty much dismissing the cliff hanger. At the end of this episode, the adrenaline began pumping and it made me want to watch episode 2.
  • Concludes the New Bern war quickly but it doesn't waste any time, episode is executed it perfectly

    When a series is canceled like this, it's nothing short of tragedy. When fans brought it back, it was a miracle, but not a real miracle until the first episode airs that actually exceeds already very high expectations. I was a bit overwhelmed on how fast some of the events are moving, but the stakes are high and tensions are high, and the suspense is becoming even more intense than an episode of 24. However, what I found a little problematic is that Jake was acting a little too childish with getting revenge against Constantino. Luckily, the problem is out of play quickly. If these new episodes get better, and Jericho gets canceled again, then there is no god.
  • great episode

    the US army arrive at jericho and forces both new bern and jericho to stop fighting. those who are caught fighting are arrested. but the animosity between the the two towns doesn't stop, revenge attacks are constantly happening between the two towns. Hawkins find another former colleague disguised as an army soldier. This is a really cool episode, the writers continued the flow of the story. it's got the same feel and pacing. the arrival of the army adds a new element to the story. it's really exciting, i can't wait for the next episode. the writers really did a good job with this episode.