Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 12, 2008 on CBS

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  • A rather fragmented, but promising season premiere. SPOILERS in the full review, if you haven't seen it yet don't continue!

    First of all...

    Thank you. Thank you fans for bringing back Jericho from the death. What you've done is truly expectional and amazing. I've to admit I never really expected the show to be back. All the attempts to bring back already cancelled shows have failed. Not Jericho.

    Again, thank you.

    Now, as for the episode. Unfortunately the budget has been lowered. Certain cast members are no longer part of the show. And, the plot is somewhat altered, I guess so the 7 episode long run can conclude and so the new viewers could join in the fun.

    The title refers to the plot itself, but it also refers to the state of the show. This is some kind of "new start" for the show so new viewers can join. Because yes, the show needs new viewers so it won't be cancelled again. That is probably why the tone of the show has been dramatically changed. The family drama is basically gone. The show's new main direction is uncovering the conspiracy. While the two main characters(Jake and Hawkins) are still vital to the plot, it feels that there are characters that are no longer needed. Stanley and Mimi's lovestory is no longer a plot element, it just feels like a filler. Same for Dale and his business: it's simply irrevelant.

    The aftermath of the fight between Jericho and New Bern while spectacular - it's really cut short. Major Edward Beck is an okay character. A somewhat weightless addition, but his main role in this one was to make Jake realize revenge isn't the way to go, and also to make Jake Jericho's sheriff. He seems to be an experienced and smart character. Quite possibly his character will get more vital to the plot as the show goes on. The episode ends with Jake being notified that the president is coming to visit Jericho.

    The episode has a dark tone and it definitely gets the job done of setting up season 2. But the quick style change may not please everyone. I do miss the slow pacing and the small apocalyptic town drama, but I've to admit this 24-esque direction is pretty good too.

    Could've been better though: the episode feels really fragmented(lots of storylines thrown on eachother, and some of the characters simply don't feel right) but seeing what situation the show is in, it was pretty damn exciting.