Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 12, 2008 on CBS

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    A very different feel to the series and I like the direction a lot of the stories are going and I for one hope the show does garner some more attention then it has been getting. Jake being with his girl from last year (going to have to learn the names again) is great. They have a terrific dynamic and need to be together I think. I thought Jake and his brother were acting a little outside the wall when they kept on wanting to go and kill Constintine of New Bern. I know life has been crazy for six months at this point, but Jake, to me, always seemed like the kind of guy that would keep his head on an even keel. HE seems to be focused on executing this man in this episode, dispite the new authorities showing up and putting an end to it. I dont know - I just felt it to be a little out of character thats all. I did like Jake going to stop his brother from doing the deed and that he is now the new sherrif of Jericho, that should make for an interesting change of power. Hawkins story really dragged in the beginning of the episode I thought but picked up at the end when him and the white guy started talking about the main points of the conspiracy and what the overall gameplan is. It seems this one town just kind of took over while everyone east of the Mississippi is still trying to act like the USA. Really loved Stanley and Mimi's storyline. I thought they were the best couple in season one and I think they still have it now in season two. They are perfect on screen together. I hope this isnt the Beginning of the End for Jericho, season two is off to a solid start I think.