Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 12, 2008 on CBS

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  • The war is over Lets see who wins the peace

    The army has forcibly stopped the battle of jericho and hawkins has stopped the train full of reinforcements .The army sits constantino down with jake.The hatred is clear .Jakes looks around the room to where his father died hours before and constantino tells the military lies about his attack on jericho.
    The major promises an investigation and release the two of them.
    Unfortunately it aint over.While on the main street jake stops a man with a gun from committing murder.He is a new berner out for revenge.Its seems the military has stopped many people from both sides from commiting revenge attacks.Anyone who does not surrender is shot.
    Stanley makes a deal with the reconstruction people to donate part of his crop in return for forgiving his tax debts.He is over the moon until mimi tells him he is being ripped off and asks him to marry her?
    Jake is still intent on revenge and summons the rangers to formulate a plan to take out constantino.Hawkins objects saying it would be smarter to wait a few months and then kill the former sheriff in his sleep.
    Jake is called before major beck and offered the post as jerichos sheriff.He later learns the rangers are going to new bern without him he rides out to stop them and gets thier just before major beck and his men.Jake tells an obvious lie to explain thier presence and the major tells jake he has just saved his brother life.He accepts the role of sheriff.And then hawkins meets an old friend...
    Great to have the show back.
    The blind fury at the start of the episode is brilliant and chilling as is the cold dispassionate way in which jake sits down with his fathers killer.
    It seems like life is returning to normal in jericho if they can let go of thier hate.

    Is it just me or is it screamingly obvious at this point that the nuclear attacks were a coup organised by valente and his cohorts?