Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 12, 2008 on CBS

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  • Excellent start to the renewed series!

    I had been patiently waiting for so many months when I heard the show was going to be renewed. When the time came I had my PVR ready to tape but I didnt' get around to it for 3 weeks. But it was worth the wait.

    Watching Jericho struggle to stay afloat for a whole season made for very interesting drama, as a 'what-if' scenario for the United States. Now that the government is sort of back on track, things are still up in the air for everyone.

    And now there is a lot of animosity between these two towns. When everything settles down I am sure that all the bad blood won't go away, which should make for some really good drama down the road.

    Robert and his 'friends' don't want the current government to take over the country since it's most likely they are behind the attacks. And we learn that they leveled 2 countries that they blamed for the attacks so that they couldn't prove that it wasn't them.

    Skeet's acting is superb. He did a great job of the grieving son. And he definitely makes a good choice for sheriff. He might not be that experienced but he had seen combat and had been instrumental in organizing the Rangers to help defend the town.

    I am really looking forward to getting to the other episodes on my PVR today!.
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