Season 1 Episode 10

Red Flag

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

It's Thanksgiving in Jericho.

Jake, Stanley and another Jericho resident are out on a turkey shoot. They are turning it into a tactical training mission. The guy shoots at the turkey and misses. Jake is a little discouraged with the outcome because outside threats still exist.

Robert Hawkins is talking to Darcy and tells her that he turned down an opportunity to go on a turkey shoot. Samuel tells Robert that he's glad he'll be there for Thanksgiving and Robert tells him he was on business trips because Thanksgiving wasn't a big holiday where he worked.

There is a can drive in the city and Emily is invited by Gail to come over for Thanksgiving dinner. Gray Anderson is setting up a voting station because they are going to have an election in a week. Emily and Gail see Gray beginning his set up and Gail warns that Johnston is not as worried about the election as he should be.

Jake and Stanley are talking about whether Ravenwood will come back, when a turkey gobbles its way over by them. Jake and Stanley look skyward because they can hear some jets. Robert can hear the planes flying overhead as well and identifies some of them as bombers and warns his family to get into the basement. There are parachutes in the sky with boxes floating down. Jake and Stanley wonder what is being dropped.

Jake and Stanley drive up to a parachute and Stanley asks if it was a bomb and Jake says, "Why would they put a parachute on a bomb?" Jake opens up the container and contents are all from China. There is a container in the city and Mayor Johnston is checking it out. Gail wonders why they are getting help from China and not the UN or the Red Cross. Jimmy has a count of 12 parachutes.

Eric is with Mary at her bar. Mary is running out of supplies but Mary and Eric are finally together and happy. Jimmy comes into the bar and tells Eric about the parachutes from China with supplies attached. Eric goes outside to help.

Jake and Robert are talking about whether or not they can understand Chinese. Jake suspects Robert can read it. Robert can't read it. Jake knows that the jets were from Russia and that they were made in the '70's. Jake seems to know a lot about the planes and says that he's grandfather is the reason why he knows about them. Jake isn't sure that the food is safe. Robert, Jake, Gail and Johnston are still debating if the food is safe but people are already outside fighting over the food and grabbing what they want. Johnston and Eric try to restore order and when that fails, Bill shots his gun in the air and scares everyone to a stop. Gray and Johnston are debating about the situation in front of everyone and trying to decide if the food and supplies are safe for everyone. Gray declares that the food looks like help and then he takes a bite of food, reluctantly.

Mimi is happy because she found a parachute dropped container with some food and they have chocolate, she gets Stanley out of his truck and runs with him to show him what she's found.

Gray says that he believes the food is ok after eating it. Johnston and Gray continue to debate on what they should do with the food. Johnston, Eric and Jake notice a "Do Not Fight" Flyer with a Chinese Flag that came along with the supplies and food. There are medical supplies, food and other things sectioned off in numbered boxes. The boxes that Stanley has are the boxes that are unaccounted for.

Jonah and Gracie are arguing because Jonah is just taking things from her store. Gracie has a side deal with Jonah. Jonah provides items for her store and she gives him a cut. Jonah tells Gracie that if it was up to his gang she would have her neck snapped by now and as Jonah is walking out he runs into Mayor Johnston Green.

Johnston is upset to see Jonah but tells Gracie that they have a lot of food outside and that she will have to stop doing business with Jonah if she wants to distribute it. Gracie tells Jonah that she will not deal with him anymore and that she'll take the food that was sent from China. Johnston accepts as long as Gracie lowers her prices as well.

Mimi and Stanley find the Box of supplies and Stanley is suspicious of how safe it is. The box is not just food but it's a generator. Mimi wants to keep everything for them but Stanley isn't really sure if they should keep it.

Eric tells Gail that he's not going to spend Thanksgiving with the family but that he will be with Mary. Gail is still upset about what happened with Eric and April. After Eric leaves Gail tells Johnston that April is pregnant but that Eric does not know. Johnston says that Gail is mad at Eric over something he doesn't even know about.

Stanley gets jumped in his farm as a group of Jonah's guys come over with a truck and try to take the generator away.

Johnston is trying to distribute the food evenly but Gray is complaining about how the food is being distributed. Gray continues to try and undermine Johnston in public. Mimi comes into town to get Jake to show him the generator and food that was dropped in Stanley's farm.

Jake and Mimi show up and the generator is gone but they find Stanley roughed up and on the ground. Jonah's men came by, beat Stanley up and took the generator.

Johnston and Gray are arguing over the Jonah situation. Eric wants to talk and be diplomatic but Gray is against talking; he wants to shut Jonah down. Jake is more on Gray's side. Mayor Johnston Green decides that he will talk to Jonah first before taking action. He's going to pay Jonah a visit and asks Gray to sit this one out.

Allison and Samuel want Robert to be at home for Thanksgiving but it looks like Robert is going on the mission with the Green's after Jonah and the generator.

Stanley is really beat up but he tells Mimi that he wants to go after Jonah. Mimi tells Stanley not to go and to think of Bonnie.

Jake runs into Emily as he is going to meet Jonah. Emily warns Jake that pushing her father will only make him push back.

At Jonah's compound Jake and Robert are checking the place out looking for the pallets and they spot it. The supplies are still at the compound including the generator. Someone makes their way into the compound sneaking under the fence. Mayor Green walks up to the gate and asks Jonah for the generator. Jonah says that private property steal means something to him and that he will trade the generator for a cut of the food supplies. Mayor Green warns Jonah and then someone gets in a truck and rams the gate open. Jonah warns his men not to shoot. The person in the truck is Emily; she's the one that snuck into the compound and knocked a man out so she could get to the truck. Jake sees her and is shocked.

Jake is upset with Emily and how she snuck into the compound and risked getting shot by him or by Jonah's group. Emily wants to know why Jake isn't more impressed with what she did.

Mayor Green wants to talk to Eric about what is going on with him. Mayor Green immediately tells Eric that April is pregnant. He just found out and he told Eric and said he ought to know. Mayor Green tells Eric that he might want to try harder about being with April. Eric tells his father that he loves Mary and that he doesn't think he ever did love April.

Mimi is helping to patch Stanley up and she is applying the iodine to the wounds on Stanley's face. Mimi and Stanley proceed to flirt with each other, Stanley then asks Mimi about what he does on Thanksgiving. Stanley tells Mimi that he eats turkey, watches football and falls asleep.

Jonah is being questioned by Mitchell. Mitchell tells Jonah that he's getting soft and that his mistakes are costing them. Mitchell thinks he can do a better job then him and then Jonah challenges him right back but Mitchell backs down.

Jake discovers a microchip and he's going to go to Robert Hawkins to see what it is. Robert knows that the parachutes are from the U.S. air force and that the microchip was sent to track the drop off.

Stanley makes margaritas with Tang for him and Mimi. Mimi mentioned having margaritas for Thanksgiving with her family. Stanley wanted to do something special for Mimi's first Thanksgiving in Jericho. Stanley pauses but then gives Mimi a passionate kiss.

Jake doesn't understand why Gail is trying to hold on to all the traditions of Thanksgiving at the house. Eric shows up and says he's not staying but that he wants to talk to April. Jake, Gail and Johnston all leave the room so April and Eric can talk. Eric asks April when was she planning on telling him about the baby and April says that she would tell him when she knew the baby wouldn't affect the decision. Eric says that he will help take care of the baby but that he still wants to be with Mary.

Robert says that Gray is still alive after eating the food from that drop, so it's ok to risk using the generator. Robert asks Bill to wait on turning the generator on until he makes it home.

Jake tells Johnston that he knew a little about Eric and Mary. Johnston is disappointed about the situation. Emily shows up to the Green's house and flirts with Jake a little.

Robert comes home and apologizes for being gone all day. Robert gets his family and asks them to come outside so he can show them something. Bill then pulls the lever on the generator and the lights come on. Robert tells Samuel that this is what Daddy did at work today.

The camera pans around Jericho and then we see Eric outside kissing Mary. Then the camera pans to Gracie's market. Gracie is outside watching people walk outside and then she goes inside her store and is grabbed and stabbed by a masked person.

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