Season 1 Episode 10

Red Flag

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2006 on CBS

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  • Jericho gets the help it needs

    Jericho gets the help it needs making Gray look dumb and Johnston the smarter one. I was disappointed in Eric for dumping his wife in favor of the other woman since a baby is involved and all. The show is finding ways to find normalcy among the unthinkable nuclear war, not an easy task by no means. Ravenwood moved on to the next town to plunder their goods. Jericho is left know it is exposed. It doesn't look good for Gracie at this point. The sugary sappy soap opera them managed to rear its ugly head again for a few. Over all it was a good show.
  • The first planes in months appear over Jericho, dropping supply pallets near the city. The mayor doesn't know if they can trust them, though, and everyone is scrambling for a piece. Eric and April try to figure out where they stand, too.

    This was a pretty good episode, although the Eric/Mary/April triangle doesn't interest me all that much. In this episode they focused on the supplies and the reality of the situation they are in.

    I liked how the supply drop was mysterious, and I liked the way that they still have little idea what is really going on. I do find it odd that more people don't wonder aloud more often, but that's really nitpicking. The supplies move the plot along, as the scramble for them puts people at odds with one another. Jonah and his crew make a play for some of the dropped supplies, and the tension was a good addition.

    Oh, and there was absolutely no Dale or Skylar in this episode! Woo hoo! There is a sub plot with Hawkins' family. He's been a pretty bad father, so he deserves the ire of his kids, but they're kinda beating a dead horse at this point with everyone telling him that he's been a pretty bad father. For some reason, he tries in this episode to make good for his family, and I like the resolution, but it left me thinking that they were easily impressed. It's debatable, but I don't think that I'd overlook years of neglect and absenteeism for such a little gesture. I hope they play it right, because if this one thing made them an atomic family I'll be calling them on it.

    This was a solid episode.

    Be sure to watch until right before the credits roll. I won't spoil it.
  • Interesting stuff!

    I was facinated with the air drops of supplies. I have to agree with a prior writer that the supplies had to be dropped by the Americans. Currently we are the only ones that really have the technology to make the flights a reality. The dynamic of the growing factionalization with in the town is great. It will be interesting to see how the mayoral election plays out and if the people are willing to follow the winner in any case. I am a little upset about the split season. I do not understand why CBS does not have the ability to show a complete season.
  • The town gets what looks like humanitarian aid...but it looks like it is from China!!

    This was a pretty good episode. I thought that it was interesting that they got supply drops with Chinese food in them. The plot seemed to get really interesting when they were discussing the implications of everything. Basically, they saw Russian planes dropping humanitarian aid with Chinese food inside it, using United States military parachutes! That is a very complex plot and very confusing to try and understand. This made me very anxious to see the season finale. I cannot wait to see where they go with this.

    I thought that it was kinda cool that they got a generator. It means that they can have some electricity...which is a good thing. Gracie was killed...well, it was in the end, but still. Someone killed her and I believe the directer and everyone wants you to think that it was Mitchell. I don\'t know who it was, but she is dead and that will be a large part of the season finale. I cannot wait to see it.
  • Jericho finally gets some outside contact that isn\'t from nearby towns.

    It\'s about time for this show to face a bit of something about the actual attacks. it was an above average episode, coming t just the ight time for some I may imagine. Personally, I had almost given up on the whole thing. Now if the show will stay more on this path, and give us a few answers. it feels like every week this show just spins it's wheels. And even when the show goes somewhere, it just gives more questions. Is China really helping, wh yare they helping? Anyway, still a decent episode, kept me on the hook anyway.
  • Very nice. This episode was thrilling.

    This episode was very nice. First of all there were Military Airplanes flying overhead and they dropped a lot of AID. But still I have a lot of questions unanswered. My first one is why were fighter jets going in front of the drop out big planes and why did they use American parachute if they were Chinese aid!
    And the other thing i really wana say is Eric is so stupid leaving April. I mean she is a better person for him than the other girl... And a kid can bring a lot of happiness and love. He is so stupid!
    Then the other thing is that Hawkins chat buddy said that he knows who is the bad guys??? That's interesting.. Gray is also so selfish wanting power rather than unity of everyone.
    And last but not the least is the fact that I don't believe that the masked person who killed Gracie was Jonah. Jonah might be bad, but he doesn't wana kill anyone...
    I am sure Mitchell is the one who killed Gracie.
  • Jericho receives aid from the air.

    Very interesting storyline with lots of things happening.
    The aid from the air was a great way for JOhnston to show what a good mayor he is. A good show in the run up to the elections. Gray won't have liked it. I thought Eric made a courageous decision. His comments were very true too, a marriage isn't saved by having a kid. So he decides in favour of Mary and leaves April.
    Emily taking the situation into her own hands is not good for Jonah. He still maintains the leadership but I'm willing to be Gracie's attacker is one of his men, probably Mitch.
    I do not like the writers putting Emily and Jake together all the time. Heather didn't even feature in this episode, neither did Dale. I think that's a pity.
  • Exciting, and unpredicable...

    i've seen every episode of Jericho so far, i think that it's the best new show on tv, and the episodes just keep getting better. i love how unpredible this series is and because it's new, we don't really know the characters that well. i like this episode how Jericho is trying to move on by having Thanksgiving, and even though here in Canada we had our Thanksgiving October 10th i think, so at first i had to think ,"why are they having thanksgiving?"i hope thaT Jericho continues to do as well as it's doing so far, i know i'll always be a fan.later.
  • woohoo for jericho! romance and death and all that jazz...

    ok, this was a really good episode, but my first little qualm is with heather\'s sudden dissapearance. where did she and her subsequent love story with jake go? im really not looking forward to where all his and emily\'s scenes together are leading- jake/heather all the way!

    and while we\'re on the topic of love, stanley and mimi! eee! oh god, this review im sounding like such a teeny bopper or whatever, but oh my god that was great. ive been waiting for them to get together for like the last 5 episodes; by far the best plotline on the show ;). and the stanley was really cute with his tang and tequila. heh.

    in other news, gracie is probably dead. boohoo, not. i never liked her. she wasnt exactly the nicest person in jericho, and she got on my nerves, so good riddance. and im glad that we\'re finally establishing robert as the nice guy he is. i was really suspicious of him, but over the past few eps he is really becoming an interesting person to watch.

    bring on the next ep; i really want to see it, but i also dont coz its the last! when will it be back?! gaaah!
  • Getting better!

    The show is getting better as it has become the sleeper hit of the year. As supplies are dropped down from China as the team is glad. But still they are very cautious about the supplies as they maybe not a good sign. Jonah comes in from the cold and that they think that he will be more trouble than ever!
  • great episode

    Supplies are dropped from the air by cargo planes. It appears that the supplies that were dropped came from China. Jonah and his gang return to jericho to acquire supplies they believe belongs to them. Jake and the townsfolk have a debate of what to do with the supplies that were dropped from the air. The mayor clashes with his deputy over the distribution of the supplies. The mayor and his sheriffs figure out a plan to acquire a generator which was stolen by jonah. this episode dramatizes the effects of desperation to ordinary people. this episode is well done.
  • Who doesn't love free Chinese food!

    Since 90% of the items in my home were made in China, I already know that China Is My Friend! This was a GREAT episode of the finest show on all television! The plot ran tight like a feature film (better than most actually) and the acting continues to be top knotch. Emily stealing the truck and "jenny" back from her dad was classic...Jake's reaction was interesting too...this pushed Emily right to the forefront of the situation and showed theres more to come from this gal...Stanley & Mimi have supercouple written all over them and their long awaited kiss was even better than Jake and Heathers a few eps back! I thought that when Hawkins told his daughter "This is what Daddy did at work today" right at the end, it erased all doubt...hes GOT to be a good guy. Bad guys don't get lines like that. Well done!The only complaint I have is that the coming attractions are too fast and I don't know whats coming next. Oh, and splitting the season is a DUMBASS idea...typical network executive CRAP! Jericho is #1!!!!!!
  • China sends parachutes down many items causing lots of conflict.

    This week wasnt the best of Jericho but, it was still pretty good. It was exciting, informative and had a really good cliffhanger at the ending. And I know I've aid this plenty of times before but, will they ever show what is going on in the outside world? I bet they will eventually, and also Ive heard that there's going to be a flashback episode. Im not really sure if this is true or not but, Im very interested in seeing one. So this weeks episode had alot of revealing parts in it espiacally with China. And since China has been in it alot (news broadcast on tv, parachutes etc) China will probaly play a big role in this series from now on. So this weeks episode was petty good but next week looks like its gonna be great.
  • It was all fun and games until they killed Gracie!

    Those mean Ravenwood guys have left Jericho. Which seems awfully stupid knowing that a mercenary group wouldn't give up like that. But let's just celebrate that we won't return on THAT lame drama. Let's welcome something more fun, shall we?

    Thanksgiving! They're suffering the American Apocalypse but still they find time to get into all that tediousness of holidays. Talking about drama. Jake and the rest of 'em spot supplies parachuting down the sky. How convenient. Knowing that the whole world hates America. The folks later learn the insides of the crates. Supplies, food, drinking water and even a generator. With fliers inside saying "China Loves You". Like wake up! China is suffering starvation, they hate America and oh yeah, they would send a buttload of food and supplies when they're all suffocating in the aftermath of their stupidity. Not that the folk of quiet towns hold any of the blame. But still, politics.

    The people suspected the water poisoned. Now that sounds more fun. But knowing China's problems, I'm not sure they would spend this much of food just to in-your-face the USA. I didn't even consider that the food would be bad. Because they can't afford to be cheap, there's no way they would keep their hands off of it. Eventually they would consume it and then what, die? No, that wouldn't be fun. So therefore, the food isn't poisoned. And how cute, Mimi found chocolate cookies. Made me want some too.

    That lame Jonah-gang stole the generator and messed Stanley up. Stanley's so cute, it wasn't fair. Speaking of fair, Emily stole the "GENNY"(hah) back from her father, Jonah, making a cute scene. Now that was hot. Some dumb chick stealthing her way inside a high-security warehouse, knocking down a guard and then almost getting killed. You go girlfriend!

    They made the whole street lighted up. With beautiful music playing, made a great scene. Then as Gracie walked into her store, and she got stabbed - filled me with utter anger to those god damn hillbilly "GANG GUYS". I just hope she'll make it. She's such a cute character!
  • I was so happy to see...

    Well it was another episode of the town coming together at the end to have a little get together they like to have. But I dont really mind anymore.

    What I really liked was the end when shop lady got stabbed, Lets hope she dies! Ever since she went on her greed trip i\'ve been hating her more and more. Even if she doesnt die lets hope she stops trying to get rich. Just cause she owns the store doesn\'t mean she should get everything to sell it. Hell I could open my own shop in the driveway and beat her prices.

    Anyway in short I hope she dies!
  • It's interesting to notice the time gaps that take place between each episode on this show.

    It's interesting to notice the time gaps that take place between each episode on this show. Unlike other serialized dramas such as Lost or Heroes, where it seems vital to see every passing second (sometimes we even seen the same span of time many times from every possible persepctive). A few weeks ago, we saw an episode that centered around the harvest and Halloween. This time up, it's Thanksgiving. There seems to have been a bit of a time-jump in the internal storyline, not that the show is consistent at acknowledging this. I got the feeling it'd only been a day or two since Eric his wife for the mistress, the way everyone is acting. But yet, the last three episodes before this one took place over a course of about three to five days, with one of the first being Halloween. So, I guess we've skipped about three weeks there, which is fine, if everyone acted like it all the time. It's espeically disconcerting in that we see Skeet out training the army he talked about last week and you'd think after three weeks of training they'd be better than they are. Either that or Skeet is a lousy drill sargeant. Wait, now that I think about it, the second option makes a good bit more sense.

    I'll have to give Jericho credit--they're really keeping the central mystery of who attacked and why clouded in secrecy. This week, the waters get muddied further when Russian planes from the Cold War drop off supplies that have Chinese writing on them. Add to it that the parachutes have American Air Force transponders in them and, well, I honestly have no idea who attacked or why. It's intereting to see the conflict between parnoia and pragmatism that takes place here. The Skeet group is all about wondering if the supplies are possibly the second wave on an attack and poisoned while others in town are ready to start cooking and enjoy the feast. Add to it that the planes drop a generator and you've suddenly got an interesting dilemma--do we take the mana from heaven at face value?

    And this is actually dealt with fairly well. You can see both sides of the arguement. I can see how after weeks of seeing a dwindling food supply, suddenly having luxuries like chocolate would make people go a bit crazy. But in the wake of the nuclear bombs going off and the satellite broadcast we saw early on, how you might not trust the giver or wonder what the catch might be. It's interesting to see that the show doesn't necessarily say that Skeet and company are all right and the other side is all wrong. There is a genuine, interesting conflict here and one that I don't really think has been resolved just yet. And one that will only continue to deepen as we head toward the election. Honestly, I'm not sure an election is what they need right now, but it could keep things interesting, esp. if Johnston loses to his handling of the food distribution.

    It's also interesting how quickly alliances change. Last week, Jonah bailed out the town and this week he's back to villain status. When an alliance with Gracie is thwarted by Johnson, Jonah steals the generator. The town finds out and sends out a group to get it back, all equipped with guns and having most of us hope for a huge gun battle. Of course, we blew the budget on gun battles last week, so instead Emily breaks in, steals the generator back and gives it back to the town. I had no idea Emily could go stealth ninja like that. It makes me wonder just what is in her past. It's interesting the parallels between Jonah and Johnston. Both are the leaders of their respective groups, but each is losing face by trying to do the right thing. Johnston with the food, resources and not blowing up the bridge and Jonah with not allowing his goons to shoot his daughter. I have a feeling if these two could ever form some kind of alliance, there could be some real power brokering going on in the town.

    Meanwhile, Eric finds out that April is pregnant but chooses Mary over his pregnant wife anyway. He admits maybe he never loved April. Mom is treating him like the red-headed step-child of the family. The Hawkins family drama continues with the "you were never here" hystronics reaching epic levels. Wait, didn't the daughter kind of cut him some slack a few weeks ago with the whole her learning to shoot the Vanilla Ice CDs? Teenagers.

    And Stanley and Mimi finally kiss, in an ever escalating battle of cliched sexual tension moments. Oh, I have seen Stanley with his shirt off and he's blushing. At least this is out in the open and we're not dancing around it anymore like a bad episode of Who's The Boss.

    And Gracie gets stabbed. I'm going to go out a limb and say it's Jonah's second in command, trying to frame Jonah and take over. And I guess that was the big death, though I'm not sure that being stabbed in the side is necessarily that instantly fatal. But with the lower grade medical care, I can see how it would be particularily nasty way to go.
  • haha, gracie got what was coming to her

    gracie got killed. bags of food got dumped with some connection to chinese as well as the usa. some ploy perhaps they are debating. april is still pissed of with eric - whatever. she brought this upon herself. now that there is a baby in the picture her priorities change. well too bad, you had him, you lost him, move on! as for emily and jake, thats sad, i would hate to see them together, that would be the worst part of this show and i wont watch it when they're on screen. she is so selfish and i just REALLY REALLY dont like her AT ALL. she's moved on pretty quick from rodger i must say. as for stanley he finally got some love. i was so happy when he kissed her. i was waiting for it to happen and just a second before i said how great it would be and then it happened!! yaya :) okay, so maybe im a bit of a couples freak when it comes to tv but its just so fun to mix and match them.
  • Review

    Something I realized in this episode when Gracie was stabbed - where did our heartstruck little guy go that always used to help Gracie out. He went back to some girls house like weeks ago but we havent seen him in like three or four episode. =/

    The episode was one of the most pivotal of the season, with the ending that left me speechless as the first real "cliffhanger" of the show is revealed. Gracie is stabbed by without a doubt one of Jonahs men.

    I thought that the epiosde was good overall, I just thought it followed the best episode of the season and didnt really expand on much of anything. I wasnt happy that Heather didnt show up in this episode, if your gonna have people on the show in relationships with other people you have to build on them. She kissed Jake and I havent really seen her since. She is the main reason behind me taking points away from this episode.

    Kudos to the writers for not having Eric go back on his word and switch back to his wife, I liked that writing. I thought it would have made the writing in the episode before this one not as good. Overall, the episode was good the show is just losing track of keeping track of everything I want to have kept track of....right?
  • The show is finding a good balance of serial drama and nuclear disaster.

    It is possible to have a failed marriage(Eric/April), a love triangle tease(Jake/Emily/Heather) and a conflict for Mayor (Gray/Johnston) along with disaster issues. It looks like our friends in Jericho received some aid but in the weirdest way. Some Russian Jets and Bombers with Chinese supplies. That\'s just weird. The rest of the country must be a mess if they are using Russian planes to air drop Chinese supplies, but the good news is that the outside world does know that there are survivors out there. Ravenwood has moved on to another town but the problem the town has is with Jonah and his little group of rebels. They are starting to become harder to deal with but they are still not a threat the way Ravenwood is. I\'m happy to say that one of my least favorite characters was killed, Gracie Leigh. :-) The result of her death is sure to bring serious issues on what kind of justice the town of Jericho will deal out. Will it be Wild West justice? We\'ll find out.
  • Although the show seems to have settled into a pattern, at least it is not as painful as some of the earlier shows

    The big question in this episode is obviously who dropped the supplies? In reality, I don't see it as being anyone other than the US federal government. Nither China, nor Russia would send planes all that way just to help the US. Sorry. If Jericho, then other communities too, unless (cue ominous music) Hawkins is involved. Bu then why the mixup of foreign planes, foreign food and rfid tags? In any event, 12 parachutes (let's double, treble or 10x these numbers) would not be enough to feed a population of 5000 for very long. I actually find this as a clumsy attempt at introducing 'Lost' type mystery to the show. And if people were not concerned about eating food that had been sitting in a rail car during a radioactive fallout (remeber that episode?), why should they be concerned about poison. Aerosol dissemnination of a nerve agent would be far more effective at killing people.

    Nevertheless, it was nice to see people fighting and squabbling over the food, which is something that would happen in real life. Good. Still, more nastiness should be happening, and I don't mean a single knife in Gracie's back (I liked her, but this seemed real). Having that occur at the end of the episode was nice. When are the medical conditions that inevitably inflict a lrge proportion of the elderly going start being felt? Diabetes, hypertension, etc? The meds will run out if they haven't already. Winter should be just around the corner.

    Could be a lot worse, and could also be a lot better, but worth tuning in.

  • Someone stabs Gracie...

    This episode increased the mystery surrounding these attacks once again. What's with those plains and the packages on the parachutes? It's all so confusing...
    I especially loved the scenes with Stanley and Mimi! It was so clear they were gonna hook up and I think their relationship is really great. They were total strangers and set out to be enemies pretty much when she came to Jericho. But they're so cute together and he takes such good care of her. And they're also fun!
    There was also some romance between Emily and Jake, you could see it. That story ain't over, I sense it! And well, April really should have told Eric about the baby sooner. I understand the reasons why she thought she couldn't, but it still wasn't the proper decision. It must hurt finding it out this late... and I was surprised Johnston had forgotten all about the news. I know he was seriously sick when April told him, but I never thought that he might not remember...
    In the end of the episode someone stabs Gracie and it's awful. This is gonna stir up this town even more...
  • Another great episode!

    Wow! I don't know what to say. Jerico is on a role and according to next weeks ads it gets ever better! I suppose that it is expected in the lead up to the half season finaly but it is great. There is finally that involvmenet of the outside world that we have been waiting for since episode 1. I was wanting Gracie to die because she is such a horibbly annoying character but that look on her face when she was stabbed scared the hell out of me. I also loved how Emily was driving the truck! Want has happened to Dale and Skylar, they haven't been in the last few episodes?! Skylar is actually really nice but Dale is way too shy.
  • Another strong episode with a great mix of action and character development.

    If Jericho keeps up with episodes like this one it will see a second season. The episode kicks off with what appears to be Russian Korean-Vietnam era vintage MiG-19 Russian jets escorting a pair Russian Antonov AN-12 cargo planes parachuting food, medicine, fuel and a huge generator into Jericho using American parachutes. Is this international aid finally arriving? Residents of Jericho suspect something more ominous like invasion and the food might be poisioned. But 2 resident eat the food (crackers/chocolate bars) and they did not get sick - so its probably real international aid supplies. Mayor Green and Gray Anderson prepare to square off for next weeks election for town mayor.

    Jonah and his men show up to grab the generator for themselves from Stanley Richmonds farm after beating him up. Tomboy Emily sneaks into her father Jonahs compound and clubs a guy with a pair of bolt cutters to save the day and retrieve the generator; to the suprise of just about everyone including Jake and Mayor Green who arrived moments earlier to take back the generator. And with the help of Jack-of-all-Trades Robert Hawkins brightens Thanksgiving day ends with a little light show to give the residents of Jericho a ray of hope.

    The episode closes with a cliffhanger involving Gracie, the grocery store owner, who goes back inside her store only to be murdered by a figure in shadow who is about the same height as she is - my guess? Its Mitchell who was bitter about Gracie breaking the agreement with Jonah, Mitchell and their gang of thugs. Good mix of action, additional mysteries and character development. They have toned down the soap opera-like relationship subplots to an acceptable level over the last 3 episodes - they are good for character development but too much makes the episodes dull.