Season 1 Episode 10

Red Flag

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2006 on CBS

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  • Although the show seems to have settled into a pattern, at least it is not as painful as some of the earlier shows

    The big question in this episode is obviously who dropped the supplies? In reality, I don't see it as being anyone other than the US federal government. Nither China, nor Russia would send planes all that way just to help the US. Sorry. If Jericho, then other communities too, unless (cue ominous music) Hawkins is involved. Bu then why the mixup of foreign planes, foreign food and rfid tags? In any event, 12 parachutes (let's double, treble or 10x these numbers) would not be enough to feed a population of 5000 for very long. I actually find this as a clumsy attempt at introducing 'Lost' type mystery to the show. And if people were not concerned about eating food that had been sitting in a rail car during a radioactive fallout (remeber that episode?), why should they be concerned about poison. Aerosol dissemnination of a nerve agent would be far more effective at killing people.

    Nevertheless, it was nice to see people fighting and squabbling over the food, which is something that would happen in real life. Good. Still, more nastiness should be happening, and I don't mean a single knife in Gracie's back (I liked her, but this seemed real). Having that occur at the end of the episode was nice. When are the medical conditions that inevitably inflict a lrge proportion of the elderly going start being felt? Diabetes, hypertension, etc? The meds will run out if they haven't already. Winter should be just around the corner.

    Could be a lot worse, and could also be a lot better, but worth tuning in.