Season 1 Episode 10

Red Flag

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2006 on CBS

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  • haha, gracie got what was coming to her

    gracie got killed. bags of food got dumped with some connection to chinese as well as the usa. some ploy perhaps they are debating. april is still pissed of with eric - whatever. she brought this upon herself. now that there is a baby in the picture her priorities change. well too bad, you had him, you lost him, move on! as for emily and jake, thats sad, i would hate to see them together, that would be the worst part of this show and i wont watch it when they're on screen. she is so selfish and i just REALLY REALLY dont like her AT ALL. she's moved on pretty quick from rodger i must say. as for stanley he finally got some love. i was so happy when he kissed her. i was waiting for it to happen and just a second before i said how great it would be and then it happened!! yaya :) okay, so maybe im a bit of a couples freak when it comes to tv but its just so fun to mix and match them.
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