Season 1 Episode 10

Red Flag

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2006 on CBS

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  • Another strong episode with a great mix of action and character development.

    If Jericho keeps up with episodes like this one it will see a second season. The episode kicks off with what appears to be Russian Korean-Vietnam era vintage MiG-19 Russian jets escorting a pair Russian Antonov AN-12 cargo planes parachuting food, medicine, fuel and a huge generator into Jericho using American parachutes. Is this international aid finally arriving? Residents of Jericho suspect something more ominous like invasion and the food might be poisioned. But 2 resident eat the food (crackers/chocolate bars) and they did not get sick - so its probably real international aid supplies. Mayor Green and Gray Anderson prepare to square off for next weeks election for town mayor.

    Jonah and his men show up to grab the generator for themselves from Stanley Richmonds farm after beating him up. Tomboy Emily sneaks into her father Jonahs compound and clubs a guy with a pair of bolt cutters to save the day and retrieve the generator; to the suprise of just about everyone including Jake and Mayor Green who arrived moments earlier to take back the generator. And with the help of Jack-of-all-Trades Robert Hawkins brightens Thanksgiving day ends with a little light show to give the residents of Jericho a ray of hope.

    The episode closes with a cliffhanger involving Gracie, the grocery store owner, who goes back inside her store only to be murdered by a figure in shadow who is about the same height as she is - my guess? Its Mitchell who was bitter about Gracie breaking the agreement with Jonah, Mitchell and their gang of thugs. Good mix of action, additional mysteries and character development. They have toned down the soap opera-like relationship subplots to an acceptable level over the last 3 episodes - they are good for character development but too much makes the episodes dull.