Season 1 Episode 10

Red Flag

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2006 on CBS

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  • It was all fun and games until they killed Gracie!

    Those mean Ravenwood guys have left Jericho. Which seems awfully stupid knowing that a mercenary group wouldn't give up like that. But let's just celebrate that we won't return on THAT lame drama. Let's welcome something more fun, shall we?

    Thanksgiving! They're suffering the American Apocalypse but still they find time to get into all that tediousness of holidays. Talking about drama. Jake and the rest of 'em spot supplies parachuting down the sky. How convenient. Knowing that the whole world hates America. The folks later learn the insides of the crates. Supplies, food, drinking water and even a generator. With fliers inside saying "China Loves You". Like wake up! China is suffering starvation, they hate America and oh yeah, they would send a buttload of food and supplies when they're all suffocating in the aftermath of their stupidity. Not that the folk of quiet towns hold any of the blame. But still, politics.

    The people suspected the water poisoned. Now that sounds more fun. But knowing China's problems, I'm not sure they would spend this much of food just to in-your-face the USA. I didn't even consider that the food would be bad. Because they can't afford to be cheap, there's no way they would keep their hands off of it. Eventually they would consume it and then what, die? No, that wouldn't be fun. So therefore, the food isn't poisoned. And how cute, Mimi found chocolate cookies. Made me want some too.

    That lame Jonah-gang stole the generator and messed Stanley up. Stanley's so cute, it wasn't fair. Speaking of fair, Emily stole the "GENNY"(hah) back from her father, Jonah, making a cute scene. Now that was hot. Some dumb chick stealthing her way inside a high-security warehouse, knocking down a guard and then almost getting killed. You go girlfriend!

    They made the whole street lighted up. With beautiful music playing, made a great scene. Then as Gracie walked into her store, and she got stabbed - filled me with utter anger to those god damn hillbilly "GANG GUYS". I just hope she'll make it. She's such a cute character!
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