Season 1 Episode 10

Red Flag

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2006 on CBS

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    Something I realized in this episode when Gracie was stabbed - where did our heartstruck little guy go that always used to help Gracie out. He went back to some girls house like weeks ago but we havent seen him in like three or four episode. =/

    The episode was one of the most pivotal of the season, with the ending that left me speechless as the first real "cliffhanger" of the show is revealed. Gracie is stabbed by without a doubt one of Jonahs men.

    I thought that the epiosde was good overall, I just thought it followed the best episode of the season and didnt really expand on much of anything. I wasnt happy that Heather didnt show up in this episode, if your gonna have people on the show in relationships with other people you have to build on them. She kissed Jake and I havent really seen her since. She is the main reason behind me taking points away from this episode.

    Kudos to the writers for not having Eric go back on his word and switch back to his wife, I liked that writing. I thought it would have made the writing in the episode before this one not as good. Overall, the episode was good the show is just losing track of keeping track of everything I want to have kept track of....right?
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