Season 1 Episode 10

Red Flag

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2006 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: The parachute used for carrying the generator is too small for the generator's weight. With that parachute the generator would have fallen down with high speed and become unusable.

    • Goof: When Eric is told that April is pregnant, the grandfather clock in the background shows the time 09:02. In episode 6 an EMP fries all electronics at 09:02 therefore all electric clocks would show this time. However, the grandfather clock is a wind-up, and would not be affected by the EMP.

    • Jake identified the aircraft as MiG-19s and Antonovs. He was correct in saying that they were '70s-era Russian aircraft. However, the fighters were of a pure-delta planform, unlike actual MiG-19s. Those fighters are most likely (considering the time when Jericho was made) to have been J-10s. At that time the only plane in the Chinese Air Force that had both delta wing and air refueling capacity were J-10s (to escort transport planes). All the MiG-19/J-6 (Chinese) were not in PLAAF inventory (as of 2006), and it also had a very short range. The transport aircraft were more likely the Chinese version of C-130 Hercules (which are called Y-8). Considering the plotline and Jake's comment, it is more likely he meant the Chinese version of Il-76, which are Ilushin not Antonovs.

    • Nitpick: Jericho is supposedly located near I-70. Surely there would have been other planes heard or seen before the airdrop, seeing as pilots regularly follow Interstate highways as navigational aids. This would be even more likely with only limited air traffic control still functioning.

    • Robert Hawkins believes that the writing on the packages are in the language of Mandarin. He does not recognize the writing on some of the food packaging.

    • There were 12 parcels which were dropped by the aircraft. 1-5 contained processed food, 6 and 8 contained medical and mechanical equipment, 10-12 contained grain and personal items. 7 and 9 were missing at first but when found, one contained food supplies and the other, a generator.

    • The Morse code message heard over the title is:

  • Quotes

    • Eric: A bad marriage doesn't get better because you add a kid.
      Johnston: No, no it doesn't but you're gonna have to stop thinking about yourself first. You give up that right when you bring a child into this world.

    • (Jake starts to unwrap a crate)
      Stanley: Whoa. You think that's safe?
      Jake: You wanna do it?
      Stanley: Okay, I'll shut up.

    • Gray: We got no power, no phones, no gas. May not be the third world, but we're getting there.

    • Gail: This is nothing like what we went through.
      Johnston: I seem to recall when my mother thought your name was 'the other woman'. And I ignored her, just the way Eric's ignoring us. Now, if this is so different, I'm not seeing it.

    • Johnston: You sit this one out, Gray. I'll have Jonah to worry about. I don't need somebody shooting me in the back.

    • Stanley: Y'know, I don't have turkey, but I do have tequila.

    • Eric: Think we ought to hang on to these parachutes? They're pretty trashed.
      Jake: Why not? We can make some of those pants you used to wear in high school.

    • Stanley: Doctor said no concussion, so...
      Mimi: That thick skull of yours finally came in handy.

    • Stanley: He's trying hard. They all are.
      Jake: Trying? This isn't a drill. If he can't hit a turkey with a shotgun what happens when his target shoots back?

    • Emily: Do you guys still have that football game before dinner?
      Gail: Of course, there are still some things the apocalypse can't change. How's your throwing arm?
      Emily: Still better than Jake's.

    • Stanley: You think it's a bomb?
      Jake: Why would someone put a parachute on a bomb?
      Stanley: Good point.

    • Gail: It's all from China.
      Emily: Are we being invaded?
      Johnston: I doubt it. If they wanted to invade they'd send troops.
      Emily: So this is charity?
      Gail: We're getting aid from China. Why isn't our own government helping us, the United Nations or the Red Cross?

    • Gray: That stuff wasn't half bad and I'm still alive.
      Johnston: The only thing that proved is that you're clinically stupid.
      Gray: When are you going to hand out that food, Johnston?
      Johnston: We are not having that debate here.
      Gray: What, should we have it in your office again? Maybe this time I sucker punch you.
      Johnston: Listen, if you're still breathing this time tomorrow maybe we'll distribute this stuff, in the mean time do the town a favor and forget you want my job for one second.

    • Eric: Thanks, but I don't want to put you guys in an awkward position.
      Gail: You could have thought of that before you moved in with your mistress and left your wife with us.
      Eric: I'd better get back to Main Street.
      Johnston: Thanks, son. Yeah, now it feels like the holidays.

    • Jake: We need that generator, without it we're stuck in the 1800's, and the longer we wait the longer Jonah has to hide it or to trade it off. Look, it's now or not at all.

    • Johnston: Open the gate or we're coming through.
      Jonah: Those supplies dropped for everyone not for just you. You don't get to decide for the rest of us.
      Johnston: I'm looking out for the whole town, what about you?
      Jonah: Who the hell do you think saved Jericho from those mercenaries? I'm hanging on to the genny. We'll call it even.
      Johnston: This doesn't end well for either of us, Jonah.

    • Emily: God, when we were in High School you would've been right there with me.
      Jake: We're not kids anymore.
      Emily: Why don't you just say "good job"?
      Jake: What…, No.
      Emily: I know that's what you were thinking.

    • Eric: What are you talking about?
      Johnston: April's pregnant, I just found out myself.
      Eric: And I got to hear this from you?
      Johnston: Well, I shouldn't be the one telling you. I'll probably be in the doghouse till next Thanksgiving but I thought you ought to know.

    • Mitchell: No, they didn't outplay us, she outplayed you.
      Jonah: Are you mad that I didn't let you take the shot, that I didn't let you kill my daughter?
      Mitchell: You're getting soft, Jonah, and your mistakes are costing us.
      Jonah: Saving Emily was not a mistake.
      Mitchell: What about letting Mayor Green kick you out of town? I mean come on, you were taking orders from Gracie Leigh this morning.
      Jonah: Hey, all you need to remember is, I'm the guy that keeps saving your ass. You think you can do a better job than me? You going to make your move? I didn't think so.

    • Johnston: Let me get this straight. We're talking about Vietnam era planes flying through Kansas airspace doing a Chinese drop and they're using U.S. Air Force equipment to do it.
      Robert: Sounds about right.
      Eric: In what world does that make sense?
      Jake: Ours.

    • Jake: We'll we're just holding on to these traditions like nothing happened out there.
      Gail: We're holding on to these traditions because of what happened out there?

    • Bill: How do we know this thing isn't some kind of a bomb?
      Robert: Well, Gray's still alive so let's risk it, huh?

    • Stanley: I have made what some critics consider to be the world's finest TANG margaritas.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: Red Flag
      A red flag is an internationally known symbol for "blood of angry workers."

      Alternate meaning: The Chinese flag is red which is more likely the reason for the title as the parcels were seemingly dropped by the Chinese.

    • Stanley has Tang and mixes it with tequila. Tang is an orange-colored, sugared, fruit-flavored, uncarbonated soft drink from America, manufactured by General Foods Corporation in 1957 and first marketed (in powdered form) in 1959.

    • Mimi: It is like Filene's Basement out here.
      Filene's Basement of Boston -- first opened in 1908 -- is the country's oldest and most renowned off-price store. There is usually a large gathering at the store with people sometimes going through items like a yard sale during major discount days at the store.