Season 1 Episode 12

Return to Jericho

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 14, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

Robert Hawkins narrates the show.
The show starts off with 'Pilot' footage. Jake Green returns home to Jericho from "somewhere" after five years away.
There is a re-cap of events. The bomb is dropped.
Jake helps the kids out in a school bus and meets Heather.
Dale finds out that his mother in Atlanta died after the bombs were dropped and the town realizes that it is bigger problem then just an incident in Denver.
Robert Hawkins introduces himself to the Sheriff.
Emily drives out to meet her husband at the airport. She doesn't know about the bomb and finds the street littered with dead birds.
Robert Hawkins and Jake Green realize that the rain from Denver is going to bring Fallout to the city of Jericho.
The town of Jericho has to get indoors to avoid the fallout.
Jake uses the salt mine as a fallout shelter because the other shelters are full. Jake makes a dangerous move to seal the mine by using dynamite to seal the mine. They hope the whole mine doesn't cave in and it doesn't.
Stanley didn't get inside in time and was rained on and they are afraid he may have radiation poison.
Robert puts on his hazmat suit and loads a rented truck with a barrel.
Gray questions Johnston Green about his leadership, which becomes a running theme in the show.
Dale finds a food supply from a derailed train and offers it up to Gracie Leigh and her store.
Mayor Green is sick and has the flu.
Jack, Gray and others decide that they will go out in the four major directions to get information. North, South, East and West.
There is a Chinese Broadcast that is intercepted by Bailey's bar showing potential cities that were attacked.
There is a romantic moment when Heather kisses Jake before he goes out in his direction to go looking for survivors.
Mimi catches Eric and Mary Bailey stealing a moment together.
Robert Hawkins is being tough on his daughter, Allison about the situation that they are in after the attack. Hawkins warns his wife, Darcy that he may not be around long so he's going to have to toughen Allison up.
Jake is driving on the road doing his patrol and he runs into an abandoned airplane.
Robert is pinning the cities that were hit on a map with push pins.
A while after the city loses power the power begins to come back to the city. There is a generic message from Homeland Security. Mimi notes that: First they restore power, then communication and then transportation.
Jake finds a man from Denver. He has radiation poisoning and he went back to Denver to try to save other people other then his family. Hawkins gets Jake out of the room and then interrogates the man for going back to Denver. The man warns Hawkins of a traitor and tells him that he knows who the traitor is.
Jake, Emily, Eric and a group from Jericho find refugees from Denver that didn't make it and died because of the explosion and fallout.
Hawkins sends a message about the traitor to his "people".
The recap of events continues. There are fires in Jericho after a power surge. There is a fire at the library.
Eric has been having an affair with Mary Bailey and he plans on leaving his wife, April. April had divorce papers drawn up without Eric knowing about it. They both planned on leaving each other without each other knowing it. Eric finds the divorce papers when he returns to their house after the fire. April wants to reconsider the divorce after the bombs have dropped but she doesn't know that Eric and Mary have gotten closer.
Mitchell was arrested and put in jail he works with Jonah who has his own compound outside the city.
Jake's father is ok with the person the Jake has become since he came back to Jericho. Jake has a history of being a troublemaker.
Hawkins was getting a message when an EMP went off and took all the power away, yet again.
Johnston was getting weaker from the flu. Mimi makes a deal with Stanley and says she wants to stay at the farm with Stanley in exchange for some benefits from the IRS.
Gray comes back from Denver with some information. New York is safe but D.C. is gone.
Emily asks Jonah, her father for some favors because Mayor Johnston Greene is sick.
Mayor Green goes into shock and he's not breathing. They are able to revive him with CPR. Eric and Jake have 12 hours to get some medicine from Rogue River to save their father.
Jake and Eric make it to Rogue River and they run into Ravenwood. Ravenwood is the name of a group of mercenaries. Jake and Eric run into a Ravenwood soldier and Dr. Kenchy. A crew from Ravenwood come back and converge on the hospital. Eric and Jake manage to get out with Dr. Kenchy with the necessary medicine to help their father out.
While the Mayor is laying down sick, April tells him that he is going to be a grandfather.
Dr. Kenchy, Eric and Jake arrive later and apply the medicine.
Gray Anderson decides to investigate for security reasons and asks new people questions. Hawkins is one of the new people that he questions. Gray visits Hawkins' house with Bill and they search his house. Robert Hawkins and his daughter, Allison plant an FBI badge for Bill to find so they will back off of them.
An airdrop with supplies from China are dropped using Russian airplanes.
Mimi finds a generator that was one of the items dropped during the airdrop. Jonah picks the generator up. Mayor Green wants to negotiate for the generator but Jonah's daughter, Emily makes a run at getting the generator herself. Emily jumps in the truck that is carrying the generator and drives away. Jonah is unable to shoot his own daughter.
Ravenwood visits Stanley's farm and fuels up their vehicles. Stanley let's Jake know about the visit. Jake and Hawkins lead some towns people to blow the bridge. It's a main bridge that leads out of the city and connects them with the outside world.
Jake and Ravenwood are at a stand still when Eric arrives from behind with Jonah and some men to surround Ravenwood. Ravenwood leaves.
Gracie made a deal with Jonah and Mitchell for food and Jonah were taking advantage of Gracie. Mayor Green comes over to ask Gracie for help and witnesses a shakedown by Jonah. Gracie breaks her deal with Jonah and makes a new deal with the Mayor.
Mitchell gets greedy and questions Jonah's leadership. Mitchell sets Jonah up and stabs Gracie.
Gray takes advantage of Gracie's death and wants to find Jonah Prowse to make an example of him.
There is an election and Gray becomes the new Mayor of Jericho.
Dale finds out that Mitchell killed Gracie and not Jonah. Gray still wants to punish Jonah even though they know that he didn't kill Gracie. Jake calls Gray's bluff to shoot Jonah. Gray stops before he makes himself a murderer.
Gracie's dead and she leaves the store for Dale.
April tells Eric that she wants to reconcile but then Eric tells her that he is with Mary now and that he can't be with her anymore.
Emily was supposed to be married by now and she is sharing a toast with Dr. Kenchy in Mary Bailey's bar.
Stanley shares Thanksgiving with Mimi as they get closer.
Eric is dancing with Mary at Bailey's bar.
Jake and Emily share a close moment together dancing in Bailey's bar. They are dancing and getting close to having an intimate moment when they are called outside.
There is a group of survivors that are approaching the city. Roger is one of them.
Dale makes a visit to Mitchell and carries out his own "justice" by shooting him.
Hawkins and his secrets are unraveling. His daughter Allison figures out that he is a spy. Robert decides that he needs to teach his daughter how to shoot and opens up to her about why he took his family and fled. He doesn't tell her everything but she knows he is a spy.
Hawkins is on his laptop communicating with his group, and because he lied about being compromised they track him down. They send him photos of himself with his family outside to prove to him that he is being watched.
***various clips on future episodes are strung together in a montage for 2 minutes***

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