Season 1 Episode 12

Return to Jericho

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 14, 2007 on CBS

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  • Excellent as far as recap episodes go.

    Packing 11 episodes worth of material into 45 minutes isnt an easy task but they managed to hit all the important plot points without dwelling too long on any one of them. Told something about all the major characters and highlights of each episode rather well.

    Its been 10 weeks since Jericho was on the air; seemed more like 10 months. Very glad to see it back, if only for flashbacks to bring new viewers up to date and give old viewers a much needed Jericho fix. The online content over the break was excellent since it focused mostly on my favorite character: Hawkins and his friend, the mystery woman, who will likely become a series regular. The Hawkins character appeals to people who like Tom Clancy or other spy novels.

    Really looking forward to see how the series evolves. Jericho has plots that appeal to men with action characters like Hawkins/Jake and various romantic angles that women like woven together to produce a thought provoking "what if" scenario. The series even teaches you a thing or two about surviving disasters - whether man made or natural.

    Episode 12 about the events in the days before Hawkins arrived should also be loaded with information as well as Episode 13 where we get to find out what Roger and his friends know about the outside world. Im sure they have some interesting stories to tell.

    Welcome back Jericho!
  • It was a re-cap episode. Time to catch up after a long break.

    It was a good review, everything was in sequence and they showed the important events. It touched on Ravenwood, Mayor Green getting sick, Jonah getting set up for Gracie's murder, Gray Anderson using Gracie's murder to get the Mayor's office away from Johnston. It actually went back to the Pilot episode when Jake first arrived reminding us that we still don't know much about his past. Hawkins is still a mystery and we were reminded of his "skill" and involvement with a group. Whether he's good or bad is still up in the air. They even reviewed the romances on the show..I'm sure some guys just went, meh...and moved on. I was honestly just happy to see Jericho back on the air and I can't wait until next week. :)
  • This episode fills in a lot of gaps leading to the circumstances before the attack. Primarily, we learn about Emily and her finance' Roger; Hawkins; and Jake. This episode really cinches together a lot of loose ends.

    This episode really means a lot to the story of Jericho. In this episode, the writers have gone back and filled in a lot of gaps that had been nagging me as a viewer, and after watching this episode, I know a lot more about the events leading up to episode 1.

    It's a good episode in a couple of ways. One is that it satisfies my curiosity about what is going down with a lot of characters, and two is that it fills in a lot of filler that would have seemed meaningless or out of place in one convenient package. Learning about Roger had been an ad hoc proposition before this episode, and further development would have seemed sloppy. This entire episode is a series of flashbacks, so all of this stuff fits together and doesn't stick out too badly.

    This was a good episode. I think it is the first real glimpse we get into what went down around the country. It took them half a season, but they finally got around to letting us in on what happened.

    I rated this episode really highly not because the acting was stellar or the directing was superior or even that the writing was awesome. The editing was done well, but for the most part this is a standard episode. What makes it mean more is the way that it ties the plot together in a way that could not be accomplished by telling the story chronologically. You have to have seen the previous episodes to develop the want to know more, and then this episode comes along to fill that need. It is a solid episode in many respects, but its location in the season displays a new level of storytelling. I really enjoyed this episode. If you are watching the series in order like me, you'll be pleased after this episode.
  • Love Me a Recap Show

    Little things that you probably didn't catch the first time watch it!
  • A "recap" episode!

    We come to see what has happened in the first
    Eleven shows as this is a "recap" episode of those
    Robert Hawkins, who is the center of unwanted attention as we can tell narrates the story and what has happened for viewers to catch up after the last episode(which was Nov 29th) aired before the break. About before, during, and after the bombings took place in the quiet town of Jericho.
  • A nice set of recaps.

    During the hiatus and in order to gain new new viewers we are treated to a wonderful set of recaps. It's a bit painful by the narrartor but still worth a look back to catch anything that might have been missed the first go around.

    These are needed when there is a long period of hiatus and nothing was missed all the way from the pilot episode all the way up to Gracie's death and who it was being pinned on. It showed how mayoral races are won and lost. A really good show considering the long hiatus we had to endure.
  • You may have just dropped acid and be having flashbacks...

    Like the summary says. Not sure if someone new coming into it at this point would have found it helpful or confusing. It's been about 2 1/2 months since we last saw anything new. Those of us who have been foaming at the mouth since the end of November of last year and watching 'countdown' clips in the interim (how many times do we have to watch the same retarded AT&T commercial at the beginning of each 'countdown' episode?) are in for a disappointment next week as it looks like we may have already seen the highlights online.

    Looking forward to Feb. 28th when things get back on track.
  • a recap episode. if you have forgotten anything or everythingthat happened this season, you will get back up to speed, but it's a snorefest since it is narrated by Hawkins, whom I hate. if you don't know who hawkins is, then please watch and enjoy.

    just a summary episode... if this was a rock band instead of a tv show, consider it a greatest hits album. if you have ADD this is everything you saw through the entire season. if you never saw the show, this is the cliffs notes of what you missed, with a few teasers at the end. all in all, an ok rehash.
  • No new information here.

    I suppose what you think of this episode will depend largely on how recently you've watched the series to this point. For myself, that means I've rated it poorly, since I had digitally recorded the episodes and recently re-watched them to catch up. If you've just come from watching the series recently, like I have, then there's absolutely NO new information here, with the exception of a handful of voice-over lines from Robert Hawkins, which add nothing to the series whatsoever.

    This is completely a clips episode. It's utterly boring, unless you've forgotten what came before, and should be skipped over by anybody who remembers even the basic plot of the series.