Season 1 Episode 12

Return to Jericho

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 14, 2007 on CBS

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  • Excellent as far as recap episodes go.

    Packing 11 episodes worth of material into 45 minutes isnt an easy task but they managed to hit all the important plot points without dwelling too long on any one of them. Told something about all the major characters and highlights of each episode rather well.

    Its been 10 weeks since Jericho was on the air; seemed more like 10 months. Very glad to see it back, if only for flashbacks to bring new viewers up to date and give old viewers a much needed Jericho fix. The online content over the break was excellent since it focused mostly on my favorite character: Hawkins and his friend, the mystery woman, who will likely become a series regular. The Hawkins character appeals to people who like Tom Clancy or other spy novels.

    Really looking forward to see how the series evolves. Jericho has plots that appeal to men with action characters like Hawkins/Jake and various romantic angles that women like woven together to produce a thought provoking "what if" scenario. The series even teaches you a thing or two about surviving disasters - whether man made or natural.

    Episode 12 about the events in the days before Hawkins arrived should also be loaded with information as well as Episode 13 where we get to find out what Roger and his friends know about the outside world. Im sure they have some interesting stories to tell.

    Welcome back Jericho!