Season 1 Episode 12

Return to Jericho

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 14, 2007 on CBS



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    • Robert: Everybody has secrets, some more horrible then others. I'm finding it harder and harder to keep my secrets while trying to rebuild a life with my family. (clips show Robert explaining to his daughter that he is a "spy") We don't control anything, we can pretend we do but chaos is always just around the corner and suddenly our fate is anyone's guess.

    • Robert: Life as we knew it ended 3 months ago. Now, for better or worse, we all got a chance to start again.

    • Robert: It didn't take long before Jericho became a target. People on the outside wanted what we had.
      (clips show Ravenwood arriving at Stanley's farm taking gas)

    • Robert: Just when Jericho was running on empty….the outside world came crashing in again. This time an airdrop.
      (clips show the Chinese airdrop using Russian planes)

    • Robert: While the Mayor was recovering, Gray Anderson decided to investigate what he considered to be "security concerns". He wanted to know about the new people in town. He wanted to know about me.

    • Robert: Two weeks after the blast, people began to realize that the world as they knew it didn't exist anymore. Nothing could be taken for granted. Something as simple as a cold could kill you.

    • Robert: I haven't been much of a family man, not much of a father to Sam or Allison, not much of a husband to Darcy, but I knew Jericho would be safe. I hoped it would let us start over.

    • Robert: The bombs were only the beginning; it's what came after that we really had to worry about.

    • Robert Hawkins: My name is Robert Hawkins. The day before the blast I brought my family to Jericho. The timing was not a coincidence. There's only so much I can say about what happened that day. What I can tell you is how Jericho is surviving that chaos.

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