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  • 10 years later, still binge watching!

    I get the urge every so often to re-watch this masterful I do! The plot, the great chemistry amongst the cast, the great music, the Jericho set, it all comes together so well. You cant help getting sucked into the story. Its a shame this series, and the love its fans have for it, were so easily discarded. Would love to see it come back!
  • Wow it's perfect

    It's perfect hooked the whole time. Some amazing plot twists, great characters, perfect storyline and and some post apocalyptic mayhem. I've seen more than once and hooked every time even though I new what was coming next. My favourite tv program yet. Everyone must watch
  • Awesome series! Bring it back!!!

    I love it. It's a dystopian series that the whole family can watch and not worry about graphic sex scenes or gruesome shoot outs. I'm not saying g there isn't romance and violence but it's on sleep that is acceptable for all ages. It's honestly the most realistic plausible possibility of what our future could really be here in the USA and probably why it got cancelled. The new government in 2008 probably put a stop to it because they didn't want the American people seeing that we do need our right to bear arms in the event our government turns on us! It's a great series that should be brought back! These idiots who keep canceling good shows need to be fired!
  • Post Apocolypse Done Right

    I stumbled onto this show on Netflix and couldn't stop watching it. It is so much better than the recent post apocolyptic shows such as The 100 or Revolution. Jericho has heart. It has people with morals and ideals. There is violence and danger to be sure, and some characters do things that they wind up regretting, but the ones we are following in the show never resort to being almost animals like they do on those other shows. There is humor without resorting to goofiness, nor is the show's humor and over-all feel too grim or brutal. This is a show you can watch with the whole family and hopefully talk with your kids about. It brings history to life in a way that people who don't like documentaries will watch it and still be taught the same things that we can learn from studying the American Revolution and the Civil War.
  • Great Show

    Some idiot canned it
  • yet another cliffhanger cancel

    this is the show that started me not wanting to watch new series anymore its a waste of time and pisses me off to watch a show get into it just for them to cancel it and not only cancel but just leave you dangling on a flipping cliffhanger at least give it a ending bs!!

    I watched Jericho when it first came out and was disappointed that it was over. I have now watched it again on Netflix and still cannot understand why they cancelled it! BRING JERICHO BACK!!
  • one of best dramas on TV

    Excellent show. I understand it was cancelled in 2008. I hope Netflix or another network restarts the series.
  • One of the absolutely best shows out there

    It was awsome for the first season, but how could they not see the cancellation coming and make up such a lame huge cliffhanger. This show has it all, and With the Comics its a must see for everyone.

    All the best shows get canceled!!!! Yet Kardishian's shit show is on like their 15th damn season! BRING BACK JERICHO!
  • Wonderful show!!

    This is one of my all time favorites. Its a beautiful combination of character development, plot and action without pandering to excessive violence and gore. You'll fall in love with the characters and their stories! This is a must watch! Bring Jericho back!! NUTS!!!
  • WHY?!

    If this show was on today, it would be very popular. The timing was all wrong IMO.

  • What annoys me...

    What annoys me is all the people that can not believed this show was cancelled. If you were all watching this on CBS when it aired and not on Netflix in reruns perhaps the show would have gone a longer length.
  • The only thing that annoys me...

    I love Jericho and I miss it dearly. But I do have one complaint. It's not even directed at the show, either, but more the different sites that have profiles for the show; namely, Wikipedia and IMDB. They both state that Jake is the youngest son of the Green family, while the bio's on stated that Jake was the oldest and Eric was his younger brother. I would think the network that produced the show would know, right? And the whole time I watched, I viewed Jake as the oldest, considering he's Johnston Jacob Green and normally the first born son is named after the father. I don't know, I just thought I'd voice that, and see what anyone else thinks about it.

    Other than that, BRING JERICHO BACK!
  • Jericho is an amazing ride

    There has never been a show that has effected me on a variety levels as Jericho, I could relate to so many characters, they were absolutely realistically portrayed and the show balanced the characterizations with the plot like no other. The musical score and editing was superb and some of the musical choices really added to the level of immersion.

    Perhaps streaming the series (watching the eps back to back ) has a different immersion level than watching on a weekly basis and I would recommend watching it that way. The show takes a few episodes to build up steam and explore characters but when it starts rolling it is an intense ride. It shines most when it takes its time and gives attention to detail. I would love to see this show come back with the main cast set five years in the future.
  • Authentic disaster TV

    Set to a small town just after nuclear bombs wipe out most of the big cities of the US, the show is a show about survival, human comradeship and how easily lives can change.

    What makes Jericho so good is how authentic it is. You can basically feel the panic of the population of Jericho about their situation, you can see them make irrational choices and, when they end up at war with another city, you see the confusion and the shock that this is actually happening to them. They really do seem like ordinary people thrown into extreme situations (with the exception of Hawkins, who might be a bit unrealistic character-wise). You have people who've never fired a gun in their life standing guard and mentally preparing themselves to kill people if they are attacked. It seems real, it seems believable. You can relate. That is the strength of this show, in addition to a good plot. I just finished season 1 and am very sad the second season only has 8 episodes. Also, some plot lines just end. But it makes sense in this situation. Suddenly, a character dies in the middle of their plot line. That's what happens in circumstances such as this. That strengthens the show aswell, and makes it even worse to see beloved characters go.

    The dynamic between the two Green brothers is almost worth the show alone, but I watch it for all the characters. They all have strenghts and flaws, they do stupid things that make you want to yell at them and they don't always think ahead. Just like everyone else.

    You should watch this show! It is one of the best shows I have ever come across.
  • One of the best TV Dramas that I've ever watched!

    I am not that avid of a TV Drama fan however I started watching Jericho on Netflix and am totally hooked! I think it is one of the best shows that I have ever watched. The story-line and performances are all brilliant. I found out recently they continued Season 3 as a comic book. It is sad that the show got cancelled.
  • Bring jericho back

    One of the best shows I have ever watched! How could they cancel this? Watched all the shows on Netflix. Don't know how I missed it on tv. This is something that should be continued. Start it a few years later if necessary! Focus on the relationships, romance and personal drama as well as the intrigue. There are so many building blocks to use to restart this show. Netflix should produce this themselves and promote the old shows. Very good television. I couldn't stop watching! I'm in on the petition. Someone send it to Netflix!
  • Bring it back

    This is the best show ever and i dont haw anyone would stop it. its so good i spend hours on end in my basement telling myself just one more episode but i keep watching bring it back!!!!!!I placed this on my profile and the Jericho profile. Sign, like and/or share it please. Lets see where this goes.

    I have started a petition. This isn't for politics, nor religion. Oddly enough I am starting my first petition for the dramatic television show of Jericho. For those of you who don't know, Jericho is basically a television show about what life could/would be if there was a complete nuclear wipe out of our country and how citizens of a small town have come to cope. Sign this petition if you want to see the show back on the air, but don't just sign it for the fact that it is just a show. Sign it because like books "Anthem" by Ayn Rand and/or "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury, it makes you THINK. If you have not seen the show watch the first two episodes, and if you like the show, or if you've already seen the show and like it add yourself to this petition. If you wish to be added "Like" this posting or add your name to a comment and be sure to share this post. Let's keep this going!

    1. Edward Flores

    2. Mandy Tillery

    3. Danielle Butcher Bancroft

    4. Stephen Hargis

    5. Isbely Farris

    6. Kristopher Farris

    7. Daniel Stephenson

    8. Denise Morgan Partin

    9. Tonya Fasgold

    10. Loki Ravary

    11. Elijah Price

    12. Trish Cook

    13. Jennifer Geisler-Melanson

    14. Debbie Stacy

    15. Annie Strawn Clay

    16. Liz Decker

    17. Anne Schwartz

    18. Carolyn Ellsworth Vandaele

    19. Milan Jakimov

    20. Sam Mills-Cotten

    21. Michaela Lynne Matthews Justin Guilds

  • Bring it back!!!!

    We are really into this show!! Please bring it back!
  • Bring it back PLEASE!

    It is one of the best shows i've ever seen nice trama and story
  • You Need To Bring It Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    first we found out about the walking dead and started watching it about 2 months ago and when we finished it i wanted something new to watch so i found jerico and when i finished i was so angry because it was so awesome i watched about 6 episodes a night.
  • Bring it back to

    Such a good show, no reason to stop it..
  • Cancelled in a very bad time

    I had to be cancelled right with war was going to happened
  • Bring it back

    this show is awesome. I had never heard of it before. My brother told me to check it out. I found it on Netflix and watched the first season until 4:00AM. Where was I when it first ran? This is really the best series I've ever watched.
  • One of the greatest tv shows ever!

    I was wandering around Netflix a few days ago and Jericho caught my attention... it took just one episode for me to get addicted! I can't have enough of it even though I already know it got cut off. It would be awesome if they could bring it back.
  • NeverF

    Jericho is so good showe and l think that they finish this showe early pls cam beck FAN FOREVER
  • #1 FAN

    Jericho is the best show ever made government shouldn't be mad about there making a movie about world war 5 then I think Jericho should be back on! I am Jericho's # 1 fan!
  • Best show watch so far

    I started to watch Jericho 2 weeks ago and I loved the show that every night I watched about 3 episodes and when I finished the last episode I was absolutely mad. Jericho is one of the best shows I watched and I would love if they keeped the episodes coming and have the same characters come back!
  • The Best SHow Ever!!!

    Started watching it on Netflix over Thanksgiving break, loved it!!!! Now I have my entire grade hooked on it!!! I really hope they start it back again!! I love it soooo much!!
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