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  • A town tying to surive in a dramatically changed world.

    I really love good tv and Jericho fits the bill. Survial just to live in a crazy changed world. The characters are really well done. Hawkins is the good guy who has played a bad ass. You have to watch Jericho a few times in case you missed something very good. You have to take the time to watch it and realize it is one of the better shows on tv right now if you want something different from American Idol or mindless tv ( reality shows ). This is not fr the faint of heart there is violence but would you try to protect your home from a rouge town? I would.
  • A town tying to surive in a dramatically changed world.

    I really love good tv and Jericho fits the bill. Survial just to live in a crazy changed world. The characters are really well done. Hawkins is the good guy who has played a bad ass. You have to watch Jericho a few times in case you missed something very good. You have to take the time to watch it and realize it is one of the better shows on tv right now if you want something different from American Idol or mindless tv ( reality shows ). This is not fr the faint of heart there is violence but would you try to protect your home from a rouge town? I would.
  • "World Best"

    I love Jericho it really speaks to be in how this world may become, it is a great show and i also like the acting and eveyrthing, the bombs the music the feeling and the love you get out of this show. There is Jake, and i don't really think Heather is dead and it's sad and eyes popping and eveyrthing else, reallly a work of art and fabolously the best. Skeet Ulrich is one of the reasons i watch this show, it's the biomb, literaly. I hope it doesn not get canceled becuase if it does i'm sueing CBS, jk, but i really lie it i hope ot see it next year with at least another two seasons.
  • Wouldn't miss an episode if I don't have too. If I do, I watch on the internet.

    Wasn't to long ago that we were looking in the sky for the bombs and praying each night that we would see tomorrow. The bomb shelters maybe gone, but the radiation signs are still visible in locations where bomb shelters used to be. When I was in school, we practiced drills for nuclear bombs and the fall out. I was reared north of Oak Ridge, TN. I remember the danger.
  • A series of nuclear bombs go off all over the United States. One town has not been hit..... Jericho.

    This show is like no other. In my opinion, it's the most underrated show on tv today, especially here on I would have thought there would be many more fans who love the show. I believe it has a very original concept, brilliant young actors, and the potential to smack everything else out of the way.
  • Jericho, Kansas is an ordinary town in a not-so-ordinary world. Nuclear attacks on multiple major cities have torn the fabric of America apart. Jericho stands as a beacon of hope in a world that has gone crazy.

    Jericho is one of the most under rated shows on television today. The concept, the acting, the storyline are all first rate. To be fair to anyone reading this, I don't think this show is a ten, more like a 9.5, but it deserves to have a 9.0 at the very least. In the very first episode, the show creates a world that is hidden at the back of most Americans minds. A world in which terrorists have landed a cripling blow on the USA. What results is a 21st century version of the wild west. Raising the question, how do we survive without the technology that we have today? As the show progresses it gets steadily better, with the developement of characters and several well thought out and suspenseful story lines. While some people might have found the show a bit slow to start off with, I would say that the pay off is that much better because of it. I am looking forward to the season finale, and I hope that the show returns next year for another season.
  • Jericho has captivated me from the very 1st episode.

    This show has recently become one of my favorites.I remember being highly skeptical of this show when the previews and promotions first started airing. But I very clearly remember watching the pilot episode and being completely sucked in right from the first moment. This is a rare kind of TV show-one that grabs hold of you and simply doesn't let go. Jericho has captivated me from the very 1st episode.Can't wait for next week to see what happens! Just Love it!
  • Jericho has captivated me from the very 1st episode, and has proven to be a quality show week in and week out.

    Jericho is a show about how a small town must come together after a series of nuclear attacks have hit the US.

    As the show has progressed throughout it's 1st season, many very interesting storylines have developed. Jake, the main character, comes back to his home town to see his family. His relationship with his father who is the mayor of the town, is a very strained one. Jake was a rebel when he was young running around with a bad crowd. During his time away, he led a very mysterious life.

    Once the bombs went off, Jake stays with his family to help the town survive. Eric, his brother, is married but is in love with another woman.

    Hawkins a very late arrival to the town of Jericho, is surrounded with intrigue and mystery. He claimed to be an FBI agent, but he acts very suspicious. The town comes together, to make sure they have the essentials to survive. Food, Heat, Electricity among other things are scarce, and need to travel to other locations and bargain, trade, and sometimes steal.

    Crime is also a major concern for the town, and must maintain order and a working government to combat the problem.

    Outsiders also come to Jericho, to take what they can, and the town must defend itself from these people.

    We have comed to learn that the attacks might not have come from a foreign enemy, but from a group of fanatics in the US, which Hawkins knows all to well.

    Jericho provides plot twists coming from all angles, and the character's development has been excuted perfectly. It has brought to us a show with a very unique premise, which i've not seen before, and am looking forward to the further development of this exciting series.
  • Awesome, totally awesome.

    I really like this show because it's talking about something that could happen. And even though I don't live in the USA it could still affect me. I like drama shows so this one surely is one of my favorite. I can't wait to see what happens next to our dear "heroes". Hopefully, spring is coming and some of their problems will be better now. I wonder how everything is going in other states. I like the effects and all that stuff, really good. I also like the mysteries that are going on with it. Awesome. I love it. Keep it going.
  • Nothing so special, but nice story!

    I wanted this to be a good show as the premise seems good for a television vehicle. And the main plot is good; the problems faced in the aftermath of some kind of nuclear explosions is a good plot line. However, the subplots of intrigue, conspiracy and apathy ruin this show for me.

    Of the minor subplots, the reaction of the towns teenagers is unfathomable. They want to have parties where they are willing to pay $20 for a bag of chips at the local store amidst hoarding and panic. The kids continue to act as if nothing has happened and continue their bullying to the town nerd, save for the one rich girl he seeks attention from.

    The second unbelievable subplot is the town bar. I have never seen a bar so packed after thermonuclear detonation and seemingly as long as the drinks keep coming, the apocalypse is of little concern to the bar patrons. I just think the teens and the barflies might have a different reaction in face of the potential end of the world.

    In the final analysis, I will watch this show, but if I miss an episode or two, I will not care. The real great show this season, (full of promise and a potential vehicle for the great Science fiction writers of the world much the same as the original Star Trek did)is Eureka on the Sci-Fi channel.
  • Jericho is very ambitious yet worthy of making a small town big.

    Jericho gives a very interesting, amusing and convincing interpretation of how life would be after a major national disaster strikes. What other perfect place could there be which could represent intimate drama than this small town wherein everybody knows each other? The manner of discovering mysteries in this show leaves the audience with endless questions but, at the same time, satisfied with each episode’s dramatic and action-packed events. The added mystery regarding the identity of our hero, Jake, who was characterized as a prodigal son in the story, definitely intrigues the viewers. The same goes for all the other mysterious characters in the show. The show also points out the limits of human emotion. There are several actions taken by some characters that we wouldn’t expect them to do or even be capable of doing. This makes Jericho a very unpredictable show, which is basically its strength in keeping the viewers tuned in.
  • no show can match this on cbs shame on the american people who don't watch this show !

    Jericho is a story of something that could really happen here in america nuclear bombs go off in many cities leaving this small town in the dark and not knowing whats going on trying to survive with limited power and food and i like the show and find it scary because it has alot of real things that could appen in the show and maybe thats why the ratings have fallen cause it is a little scary watching it but the story is amazine very good idea for a show and never boring the second best drama on tv right behind the black donnellys and i would love to see it come back for antoher season cause i am hooked on it and im sure that if you wathced it that you would easily be hooked too
  • Somewhat a mix of Lost and Stephen King's The Stand, this is a good series. Nothing earth shattering, but good none the less.

    Following the footsteps of Lost, and borrowing a page from many post-apocalyptic stories (The Stand is the first one that comes to my mind), we can see this is a money oriented production.

    This is both a good and a bad thing. A good thing, cause you can expect some decisions that should please the overall public. And a bad thing, since the moment the ratings drop, there is a very good chance it will simply canceled, maybe even without a rushed ending.

    I expect this series to have a good first two seasons, then going downhill from there. Of course, not only I can be wrong, I really expected I am. But if what we have seen on the TV during the past few years it any indication ... well, you get the picture.

    The mainline of the series is the town of Jericho, trying to survive an America shattered by the explosion of several small nuclear devices on major towns by terrorists. You will get the usual "long lost love" and "brand new passions" twists, as well as a dosage of government plots, and we can see that right after the first 2 episodes.

    If you have the time, you might enjoy it. Otherwise, don't cancel any appointments you have. You can always catch the rerun.
  • Life after the Apocalypse...

    I love the premise of this show. When I saw previews, I thought, "This would make a good movie of the week." Sci Fi channel always airs those guilty pleasure apocalyptic movies. However, this show stands out because it deals with the fallout, not immediately afterwards, but literally with the rebuilding of society. For that, I respect the genius of it. And it can go on for many issues to tackle. Will mankind, given a fresh slate, turn to baser human instincts or try to maintain "civil" life. Will greed overtake? Will men come to war over territory? Over the more precious commodity of food? Water? These issues/themes will make for interesting episodes.
    However, having said this, the show has some issues. The acting is subpar. Seriously, it is. I don't blame the actors so much as the dialogue given to them. It's just...bad. Maybe in other projects they'd be better. Here, though, relationships are forced. Chemistry is simply non-existent. I don't believe the romantic connections on the show nor the friendships. I'll continue to watch, because that's what I do and the premise is just so unique, but I really wish they would step it up. This is about a show dealing with rebuilding life not an tv action film trying to play up dramatics.
  • 'Jericho' is a slice of the Sci-Fi genre of what happens after a world changing nuclear event. This event is viewed from the perspective of a small town. Mix in the mystery of the who/why/how of this life altering event and you have a can't miss show.

    'Jericho' has intriguing story lines at family, town, regional, national and international levels. There are power struggles within the town after normal social controls are destroyed along with cities. News from 'outside' of the town paints a similar picture of upheaval. Washington DC no longer exists and new power centers are developing to take control. Mysteries and their later revelations are part of the excellent writing of 'Jericho'. The two key characters are the wayward son who returns home after an unexplained absence and the new neighbor who arrives shortly before the nuclear events. Are they good, evil or somewhere between the two. You do not need to be a Sci-Fi fan to enjoy this show - it really is about people and society after a nuclear event. The excellent casting and writing is what carries this concept.
    Take a look.
  • not a tv show i have ever seen before.

    this show keeps me on the edge of my seat, it makes me bite my nails the whole time i watch it. I didn't think i would like the show but i said hey, i'll give it a try, second episode in i was hooked. give it a shot. its most deff worth it. Not like any other show out there. I kinda thought it would be on the same track as invasion, totally blows it out of the water.
  • Terrorist bomb multiple us cities

    This show takes place in Jericho Kansas after terrorists nuke multiple U.S. Cities. It starts out with the president about to make a speech about terrorism when the screen goes blank and outside they see a mushroom cloud. The show has some romance and a lot of mystery like where has Jake been for the past few years and who exactly is this guy Hawkins and what did he know about the attacks? One thing that I like about the show is that we don't find out any information untill they do. This is one of the best new show of the year!!
  • who though of this? well who ever did i woukd say its a 10 on my favorit tv list. this show has it all drama, actione and is the best on tv yet. with trying to survive and yet tring to keep everyone calm it is the best show ever!!! Watch it!

    jerocho is the best show on tv yet this year. with action and adventure and drama and much more. tring to survive a bomming of the US and with every contry practicly whiped out they need to learn to comunicate and note fight but in every city there has to be jerks and this show has plenty of them when every one is freeked. Murders did some say murders? thats right there are a cuple murders in the show and i can not believe this show it has everything a show needs. kids and adults will love this show so watch it.
  • It's definitely an underappreciated TV show that has a great potential. Already in the beginning, I knew it would turn into a great show even if the pilot wasn't the best episode I've seen. But! It just gets better by each episode.

    It's definitely one of those TV show that make you ask yourself questions, a TV show that's so mysterious that you wonder what might lie below the surface or what might be revealed next. Jericho was maybe not promising in its pilot episode but it has just gotten better by each episode since then. Now in its 15th episode, it's in the top. It is maybe a typical American show- the thing with terrorism, nuclear weapons, and things like that- but other than that, it's a real good TV show. Skeet Ulrich lifts the entire show to higher skies than it would have reached without him. A promising TV show that might be a classic.
  • a bit similar with 'The Invasion'. Small town, stuck in middle, leadership crisis, disaster. ('The Invasion got Alien, Jericho had Mushroom cloud)

    Nuclear terrorist attacks leave America in a state of disaster. Cut off from the world outside, a small Kansas town deals with the after effect. After big mushroom cloud appear in Denver, the story begin. Jericho is one of the best new TV shows this season, hopefuly..

    (there's some chemistry between Jake and Mr.Hawkins, somethin like dark-secret from the past)

    Related to the series: Nuclear Attack / Kansas / Nuclear Holocaust Aftermath / Small Town / Nuclear Fallout / MushroomCloud / Disaster / Shelter / Bunker / Radiation / Merchenaries / The Invasion / California / FBI / Terrorist / Past / Secret /
  • Awesome show love it

    What if you lived in a small town and suddenly the entire town is cut off from the rest of the world? When a nuclear cloud is spotted, the town of Jericho, Kansas is led to believe the worst as happened and that they may the only people alive. Complete chaos ensues and puts the entire town in danger, not from the threat of the possible nuclear explosion, but from each other. Awesome show, watch it all the time! AUSTRALIA popular show, the show shows what could potentially happen and the cast is great. I rate it 10 out of 10!
  • This show looks like the best show ever!

    This show looks like the best show ever! I was so mad because when I first saw this show on the air I was just so amazed and I really wanted to see more of it but unfortunately it totally conflicted with another show I was watching and I had been watching that show for a much longer time so I decided to watch that one instead of this one, I still am amazed by how cool this show looks! I really cant wait to see the season on the shelves of Wal-Mart because I will definitely buy it right away! I really like this show because it just pulls you in and I just want to see it so bad, I feel like if I start watching this show I will never stop though!
  • This is a Great Show, but what happened to all the episodes without any breaks? I thought that is what the big break from november to February was for but obviously not...

    They promised us that they would have episodes week after week and that is what that huge break was for, but obviously that was a lie, because I just finished watching tonights episode and it says that the next new one wont be until 2 weeks from tonight. Now i know that isnt long, just one week without jericho, but i hate the fact that they siad they wouldnt do this and now they are. Jericho is the one show i look foward to most, becuase i knew it was going to be on every week, but now i know that it is not and that dissapoints me. Other than that, Jericho is absouletly awesome and is definatley worth watching!!!
  • Jericho Rocks!

    This show is so suspenseful and keeps you wanting more. It's always have you suspecting things and it turns out that it nothing of what you expected. This show is awesome, and I look foward to seeing more. I love the cast on this show, and every episode I suspect something that seems sort of obvious to me, and then here the whole show takes a turn. This show has been great since the very start.
  • I like this program, sometime scary if you think that this could or would happen. Interesting plot, holds my interest, considering some of the crap thats on television.

    Good actors, nice to see some of the oldies on a new series, I'll keep watching. Kind of series that makes you wonder what kind of world we live in, if this happened, would we turn on each other, or could we survive. Makes you want to plan ahead and build a bomb shelter just like in the sixties when we thought that it was the end of the world when President Kennedy faced off with Cuba. Still very entertaining, good hour of television, better than watching silly sitcoms with canned laughter. I can't think of anything else to say, except the I like this program.
  • This shows alot of what could happen if America was attacked by bombs. And the best thing is, it's not a documentary. But it's filled with fictional characters and settings. Almost like a reanactment that, hopefully, wont happen.

    I love this show. Not only does it show the influence and possibilities of what could happen if America was attacked, but it has interesting characters backgrounds. It has great moral stature anout bonding togeather through the worst of times. About having compassion and loyalty. About doing the right thing. It keeps you on edge with unexpected twists and revealed secrets. Not to mention Jakes past or Hawkins Job. Those characters cast on the most mystery in this show. But, it also has a taste of romance it it to, for those die-hard romantics. It also informs you about the Government and how they stand against something like this. How people would survive through this, and how they wouldn't. I completly and with out question recommend this Show.
  • The show is seen in the eyes of the people of jericho following the nuclear explosion across the United States.

    Just watched the first six episodes of Jericho and looks ok but not great. The kind of show that can get better if handled the right way, that is proper storyline and acting. IMHO i think its similar to lost in that the crew are isolated from the outside world with no clues about whats going on. Its ok and no matter how good the writing is I think its the kind of show that will remain worth watching for at most 3 seasons.
  • Jericho is about a small town in Kansas that survives a nuclear blast by terrorists. They must come to the new realization of that the town has changed along with the U.S. and the world. They must adapt to the new surroundings and reality to survive.

    Jericho is a great show because it constructs a possible and real situation of what could happen if the U.S. was really under attack by terrorists through a series of nuclear blasts throughout the United States. The show is centered on Jake, who is played by Skeet Ulrich. He has a mysterious past because of his sudden moving from Jericho after high school. He is the unofficial leader because he is willing and able to do anything to protect and preserve the town of Jericho.
    The town of Jericho has to adapt to their new surroundings in order to survive because the outside world of Jericho is unknown and unfamiliar with the new developments of unfolding events and adversity of different problems such as having enough food, water, power and even mercenaries. Overall, it is a noteworthy show.
  • I score this high because it makes you think. What would the U.S. do in a crisis? I see the town working togther, but you also see that there is enemy's in the mist of it all. I want to now what Jake did, he is my favorite character.

    People main rate this low, maybe because it scares them I like it because it is about survival, working as a team , and results of what would happen if you don't work as a team. This could happen in the future just like the other things that might happen. I watch this show try to think about what would I do if that happen? Or should they do this instead of that. I love this show and I am very glad that the writer wrote it. I hope there are more good shows like it.
  • Basically a soap opera about life in a small town. Frankly, I think the nukes were just a tacky way to grab viewers attention.

    Jericho is basically a soap opera about life in a small town. Nothing new there. The only thing different (and frankly, I think it was just a tacky way to grab viewers attention) is this small town survived a terrorist nuclear attack on US soil.. and gee... what a coincidence: one of the terrorists just moved into town.
    Okay, so I am being cynical but let's face it: this show's premise sounds like it was dreamed up by a network exec who is desperate for ANYTHING that sounds different and edgy (even if it just the same old tired plot devices set in a frightening new world).
    Now, just because this all sounds terribly negative, this doesn't mean that I am not enjoying the show. The writing is good and I am enjoying the character development; I just think that it started out in the most spectacularly tacky fear-mongering fashion imaginable, trying to capitalize on America's latest fears!
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