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  • This is a Great Show, but what happened to all the episodes without any breaks? I thought that is what the big break from november to February was for but obviously not...

    They promised us that they would have episodes week after week and that is what that huge break was for, but obviously that was a lie, because I just finished watching tonights episode and it says that the next new one wont be until 2 weeks from tonight. Now i know that isnt long, just one week without jericho, but i hate the fact that they siad they wouldnt do this and now they are. Jericho is the one show i look foward to most, becuase i knew it was going to be on every week, but now i know that it is not and that dissapoints me. Other than that, Jericho is absouletly awesome and is definatley worth watching!!!
  • Jericho Rocks!

    This show is so suspenseful and keeps you wanting more. It's always have you suspecting things and it turns out that it nothing of what you expected. This show is awesome, and I look foward to seeing more. I love the cast on this show, and every episode I suspect something that seems sort of obvious to me, and then here the whole show takes a turn. This show has been great since the very start.
  • I like this program, sometime scary if you think that this could or would happen. Interesting plot, holds my interest, considering some of the crap thats on television.

    Good actors, nice to see some of the oldies on a new series, I'll keep watching. Kind of series that makes you wonder what kind of world we live in, if this happened, would we turn on each other, or could we survive. Makes you want to plan ahead and build a bomb shelter just like in the sixties when we thought that it was the end of the world when President Kennedy faced off with Cuba. Still very entertaining, good hour of television, better than watching silly sitcoms with canned laughter. I can't think of anything else to say, except the I like this program.
  • This shows alot of what could happen if America was attacked by bombs. And the best thing is, it's not a documentary. But it's filled with fictional characters and settings. Almost like a reanactment that, hopefully, wont happen.

    I love this show. Not only does it show the influence and possibilities of what could happen if America was attacked, but it has interesting characters backgrounds. It has great moral stature anout bonding togeather through the worst of times. About having compassion and loyalty. About doing the right thing. It keeps you on edge with unexpected twists and revealed secrets. Not to mention Jakes past or Hawkins Job. Those characters cast on the most mystery in this show. But, it also has a taste of romance it it to, for those die-hard romantics. It also informs you about the Government and how they stand against something like this. How people would survive through this, and how they wouldn't. I completly and with out question recommend this Show.
  • The show is seen in the eyes of the people of jericho following the nuclear explosion across the United States.

    Just watched the first six episodes of Jericho and looks ok but not great. The kind of show that can get better if handled the right way, that is proper storyline and acting. IMHO i think its similar to lost in that the crew are isolated from the outside world with no clues about whats going on. Its ok and no matter how good the writing is I think its the kind of show that will remain worth watching for at most 3 seasons.
  • Jericho is about a small town in Kansas that survives a nuclear blast by terrorists. They must come to the new realization of that the town has changed along with the U.S. and the world. They must adapt to the new surroundings and reality to survive.

    Jericho is a great show because it constructs a possible and real situation of what could happen if the U.S. was really under attack by terrorists through a series of nuclear blasts throughout the United States. The show is centered on Jake, who is played by Skeet Ulrich. He has a mysterious past because of his sudden moving from Jericho after high school. He is the unofficial leader because he is willing and able to do anything to protect and preserve the town of Jericho.
    The town of Jericho has to adapt to their new surroundings in order to survive because the outside world of Jericho is unknown and unfamiliar with the new developments of unfolding events and adversity of different problems such as having enough food, water, power and even mercenaries. Overall, it is a noteworthy show.
  • I score this high because it makes you think. What would the U.S. do in a crisis? I see the town working togther, but you also see that there is enemy's in the mist of it all. I want to now what Jake did, he is my favorite character.

    People main rate this low, maybe because it scares them I like it because it is about survival, working as a team , and results of what would happen if you don't work as a team. This could happen in the future just like the other things that might happen. I watch this show try to think about what would I do if that happen? Or should they do this instead of that. I love this show and I am very glad that the writer wrote it. I hope there are more good shows like it.
  • Basically a soap opera about life in a small town. Frankly, I think the nukes were just a tacky way to grab viewers attention.

    Jericho is basically a soap opera about life in a small town. Nothing new there. The only thing different (and frankly, I think it was just a tacky way to grab viewers attention) is this small town survived a terrorist nuclear attack on US soil.. and gee... what a coincidence: one of the terrorists just moved into town.
    Okay, so I am being cynical but let's face it: this show's premise sounds like it was dreamed up by a network exec who is desperate for ANYTHING that sounds different and edgy (even if it just the same old tired plot devices set in a frightening new world).
    Now, just because this all sounds terribly negative, this doesn't mean that I am not enjoying the show. The writing is good and I am enjoying the character development; I just think that it started out in the most spectacularly tacky fear-mongering fashion imaginable, trying to capitalize on America's latest fears!
  • A show that deserves a second season!!!

    A great episode to add more layers to the story. Turns out Hawkins was involved with the group but did not set off his nuke cause he went to save his family.

    I wonder WHEN that nuke will go off??? We have not seen the last of the New Bern guys or the market Blackjack.

    Dale saying to Skyler, they are rich. That kid is changing.

    Where is Bonnie??? We last saw her driving off with the bad boy Shawn.

    So much going on this series, CBS has not had a hit serial since the days of Dallas and Knots Landing. CBS this is your new hit serial, only if you give it time to grow!!!
  • very real!

    So I was flipping through the channels and I stumble upon this movie " nobody's baby" it was a really good movie but I couldn’t finish it because I had to go to work
    But I looked it up on the net it stared this really hot guy skeet Ulrich I looked him up to, turns out he stars in Jericho, so I decided to start watching it, its a hell of a good show I might say this about every show I watch, the sentence is starting to lose its credibility :P. but no seriously, this one is really good it left me in a ruminating state Not a lot of shows can do that, this one touches a very sensitive cord because it concerns all humans, so I'm gonna add this show to my favorite TV shows.
  • "Jericho" Summary A drama about what happens when a nuclear mushroom cloud suddenly appears on the horizon

    A drama about what happens when a nuclear mushroom cloud suddenly appears on the horizon, plunging the residents of a small, peaceful Kansas town into chaos, leaving them completely isolated and wondering if they're the only Americans left alive. Fear of the unknown propels Jericho into social, psychological and physical mayhem when all communication and power is shut down. The town starts to come apart at the seams as terror, anger and confusion bring out the very worst in some residents. But in this time of crisis, as sensible people become paranoid, personal agendas take over and well-kept secrets threaten to be revealed, some people will find an inner strength they never knew they had and the most unlikely heroes will emerge. Hopefully season 2 will come?
  • Small town turmoils, dynamics, politics and secrets all mixed-up in a world gone nuclear.

    Ok.. at first I was like.. mmmmmm.. Jericho.. mushroom cloud.. well, I gave it a chance and.. I was pretty well rewarded with a "I'm hooked BIG TIME" on this show.

    The writings, the plots, everything, is just gripping and as we get the know the characters better and better, the interaction between them, almost makes us feel like we know these folks.

    Add to that the suspense of the uncertainty in their world, well it makes for great TV in a "what if" situation which, could actually happen, scaringly enough....
  • Jericho; original, new, semi-interesting. Those have been my thoughts of this show.

    When I first saw Jericho, the pilot episode, I thought "wow, why didn't anyone think of this before?" And decided that I'd make myself watch some more episodes of this show. I did, I watched the next few. It grew more on me than I had expected it to.

    Even though, this show gave me the same feeling as "Lost" did, I really think that it's original, I don't think this has ever been done before, at least not for a Tv-series. I really like it how they've made it, a little town in kansas - a local group of, what to call them, bandits - that once wreaked havoc on the town, and became abandoned. It's just, it feels so unoriginal, but with the theme of a nuclear war on America, knowing that more than 50% of the USA was blown up.. Really changes everything. This is most likely, why I've been following the show ever after.

    I don't think I ever took notice of any of the cast in this show, before I saw them in a few episodes of Jericho, I believe that quite a few of them shows some promise. But there are some better than others.

    I'm looking quite forward to the next couple of episodes, and I'm really anticipating a second season - I mean, I really have no idea how they will continue this show. Unless they keep going on "survival".
  • Greatest show around, you will really like it.

    I started to watch this show at the very begining, although show isnt shown in my country I can watch it via internet. So best part in this show is very strong idea under in the scenario. Also characters are built very well. Some of them are kind a cliche like Jake - prodical son, some are really fresh, like Rosie, or Atkins. So far Ive seen all episodes and personally I was most impressed about las episode before mid-season break. It gave people very much quetion without answers. No when Ive seen the trailer of new season, I just cant wait to start watching it. Also many friends of mine have said that show has strong idea but weak actors. I totally disagree with them, because in this kind of show its hard to tell who is good actor and whos isnt.
    I would give this show 9/10
  • jericho is gripping and at times a very mysterious show

    JERICHO. What a fantastic programme this is there is only one thing that goes against it, and that is the fact that it is not on mainstream tv in the uk, so it is not seen by a larger audience. The nuclear disaster plot is nothing new to tv, but set against the background of a small town does give it a new twist. Jericho is slightly similar to the now defunct and brilliant Invasion. (sad day when that was cancelled.) in the fact that in my opinion there are 2 strong characters in jake and the mysterious and dark Robert Hawkins, who after watching episode 6 9:02 has now got me totally confused, do not know wether good or bad now. At this stage these 2 are at the crux of he whole series. Jake with his murky background, he has knowledge of all manner of things, I think more than a spell in prison will give you, (one theory) as for Hawkins it is obvious that there is more to him than meets the eye, but anyone who wishes to hazard even a remote guess is more than welcome. The fact that the family have to memorise stories, all the cloak and dagger going ons in the basement make him even more darker. This is not to detract from the other characters, but there storys are not as strong except for perhaps eric,and his relationship with the lady bar owner. The recurring theme that no one knows what has happened beyond the town, and what may be coming is another thing that keeps you watching, much like the aforementioned invasion, I seriously hope that Jericho will not be a one season wonder the potential is there so I hope they build on what has happened up to now
  • Jericho

    Jericho is about the lives of people who live in a little town in westren part of Kanas named Jericho. Then one day a nuclear bomb goes off.
    After it goes off the town has to figure out what to do and how to do it nowon nows what is going on and also the can't talk to anyone outside the town becaue nothing works Jericho is a good tv show i liked it when the town pulled together as one as for any good thing their are some bad thing their are some downsizes to Jericho it is slow and it is relly a sad show. that is all i have to say about Jericho The End.
  • Why should I watch Jericho? I found 6 reasons...

    Why should I watch Jericho?
    1) Show looks real. Every little detail and the whole atmosphere.
    2) You have many questions, but you still don't know the answers.
    3) It has own style. You can't compare this show with anyone else. I have many great words for script writers.
    4) Many different and real charachters, you'll find your favourite.
    5) The actors are great. (I even can't add something more here). 6) This show could help you to survive.

    It's always very intresting to watch people in dramatic situations like this. So, I hope you'll find an hour to watch this show and you enjoy it.
  • A very original (and good) new show about the aftermath of a small town in Kansas, after a terrorist attack that destroys most of the U.S.

    As he returns to the town of Jericho, Jake Green reunites with his friends, his brother, and his father (The mayor of the small town). He returns to get the money that wall left for him in his grandfather's will. Soon after, terrorist attacks on the U.S. causes a bomb to blow up not far from Jericho. Now the people of this small Kansas town, must survive their neighboring towns, the local gang, and themselves. As Jake and several others go out to look for food, weapons and other survivors, the mysteries only begin to unravel. What are the mysterious supplies being sent?, what is the team of mercenaries doing?, is there an F.B.I. agent spying on them?, but more importantly: what will they do now that most of the country is gone?
  • i think this show is great i cant wait to see it again i like cast and the way they play their roles i hope its as good as the first 11 shows i like the special effects that they have in the show

    my review of the show is it has a great cast that is good the they act out their in the show i hope its as good as the show is i watched so many times that i like it i hope it gets good reviews from people that watch the show i like the one guy that plays jake he is a great actor and i hope he stays on the show i hope the show does good for the rest of the year and so on jericho is one of my favorite shows and i hope that they do a dvd with the first ll shows
  • One word "SUPERB" cant wait to see next epesode.

    "Jericho" is by far, the best new show of 2006. I watched all episode's on the computer I was extremely impressed with it. The acting, storyline, and the whole premise of the show is fantastic! I cant even wait to see the next show.I'm touched by the Jericho virus.In this time it is even a little bit realistic,and a little bit scary! I would definitely recommend this show to everyone.If you're looking for a good time watching TV, then this is the show you should be watching. I definitely enjoyed it very much, and I think you will enjoy it too.
    This is top entertainment,no waist of time.
  • What happens in a small town after the world goes BOOM!

    Who hasn't thought about what they would do if there was a nuclear attack. While there are many people who live in major metro areas, there are plenty of Americans who do not live in the urban centers and this is about their lives after the United States falls under a nuclear attack.

    Throughout this show, the characters are believable and their reactions are sensible. While it sometimes falls under the category of "unbelievable," it still captures the small town mentality.

    The story moves alone quickly with many themes and mysteries that tie in from episode to episode while having some resolution at the end of every episode.
  • Jericho. Think Nuclear Explosion. Mystery...

    Jericho is a great show. It has a lot of negatives though, it is inconsistant, and it can be extremely unrealistic. But if you ignore these things, then the storylines, especially the escaped prisoners one, are pretty good and Jericho is quite an enjoyable show to watch.

    It is very interesting watching the plot unfolding, and gradually finding out the secrets, though sometimes too slowly for my liking. It is also interactive as you can become more involved on the web. Some characters I don't like, but some are pretty likeable.

    Give Jericho a chance, you might just find you like it!
  • America is attacked by nuclear bombs and the residents of Jericho deals with the aftermath of the attacks.

    I think that this show is good. I think that the cast is amazing and they do a wonderful job portayring their characters. I really like the overall idea for the show but i think that some of the storylines are a little boring. I think that Jericho needs a little more excitment to it and better storylines and it would be better then it started. This show make you wonder what would happen if this happened? how would we handle ourselfs if somelike like that happened to us? The only question i have about the show is what is Hawkins up to?
  • Action packed, Mysterious, Anticipated

    A truly dramatic and clever story. The action is intense and the characters gorgeously flawed. I am enthralled by the relationships and triangles, as well as the mysterious behaviors some of the characters portray. The writers have done an admirable job at keeping us on the edge of our seats wondering what's going to happen the following week. I was fully anticipating this show, I could barely hold back my anticipation for that first episode, and that anticipation has not waned since. This show has all of the elements of a long running nighttime drama. I am looking forward to seeing the story unfold!!!
  • I truly feel that this is the best show to come to tv in years. I would rush home from work every week just so I would not miss one second of it. I talk about this show to all my friends and family. All I wanted for xmas this year was Jericho on DVD.

    I love how the writer has put this show together insted of everyone going nuts and this being another blood bath kind of show I see the people of Jericho sticking up for each other. I enjoy the way each week they face another problem and how as a town they find a way to help each other handle the problem This is good old have faith show and I don't only watch it I really enjoy it. Because of the cable I have I can see the show 3 times because of the times zones, and I always find something that I missed the first time around. When the frist season comes out on DVD I will be the first one to stand in line. All I can really say to the writer and cast is Thank you.
  • Jericho is the show that is out of sight during it's first year. It has all of the ingrediants for a long run. I can't wait for the opening show of this season. 01/21/2007

    Jericho offers it's viewers excitement, mystery, romance, and the fight between good and evil. What more can a viewer ask for.

    In the beginning we see that the major cities aroung the nation has been hit with nuclear bombs. But many of the smaller towns that are on the outskirts of the small town have been spared. At least that's what it's beginning to look like. When Jericho first began no one knew who was hit and if there were any other towns besides the small town of Jericho that survived. But, as the season has progressed we are getting little glimpses of the nation outside of Jericho. And, it appears there are survivors spread out all over the place. But known seem to have spared as well as Jericho.

    And then you have the mystery aspect. Who is who in this show. We still aren't sure who the bad guys are and who the good guys are. Geez, I'm on the edge of my seat!!!

    And of course there is the kid's who had grown up and fallen in Love only to be split after graduation. Is there still sparks there. Should they try to pick up the pieces and start over. What about the town mayor's son who happens to be part of the sherrif's department having an affair with the bartender from the only bar still opened for hundreds of miles around. But, what's that, he broke it off with his wife to be with his true love only to find out that his wife is pregnant. Wow, what is going to happen there.

    Like I sais, excitement, mystery, romance. But what about the fight between good and evil. Ok, get this...There are some really bad men that are from Jericho but have been blackballed from the townsfolk due to there terror tactics. But the leaders daughter who happens to be the ex girlfriend of the Mayor's youngest son and she has disowned her father because of his notorious criminal ways. But, when he tries to better himself and get away from that kind of life in order to win his daughters love back the rest of the gang doesn't like it and tries to go after him by framing him for a crime. How's that for ya? Kinda neat huh?

    this is one of the best shows ever! i can hardly wait til it comes back on.skeet ulrich is the bomb!! this is one of those shows that you can totally get into;like,you put yourself in jericho with the want to warn them,scold them,and actually hate one of the cast members.(im not sayin which one...figure it out.) im going thru 'jericho'AND skeet ulrich withdrawels so please ...hurry back,'jericho'.
  • tedious "Lost" (rip off) with nukes

    ok... Jericho must be the most stupid series of the year. at least is fun to see people surviving radioactivity so well, looks very easy to survive, so learn, if your neighbor city is nuked by an atomic bomb, just be calm, find a cave, wait a few hours, ant then... well... then you're free to go and have fun :D
  • A highly recommended show, unique dramatic story line, good characters, romantic love triangle and sexy lead for the chicks, guns and action for the boys.

    With most of these American Drama's I get into them by being recommended them by a friend and I'll go and download them (Jericho is not on the screens in the UK yet). I was pleasantly surprised by this recommendation; I've watched 10 episodes so far and am really enjoying the story line.

    It's dramatic, with a few hidden secrets that are yet to be revealed (but not as many of Lost which is refreshing) which keep you watching. At times it is a bit slow paced, normally the last 1/4 of each episode but each episode has a dramatic take to it which keeps you watching and intrigued to see how the Characters will handle the situation.

    There is a love triangle story line going on as well, which I'm enjoying, it appeals to my romantic side.

    Highly recommended.
  • Why on hiatus so long?

    I saw the previews that where shown before the show was aired. I thought man that show looks so cool! I eagerly watched each episode of this show, talking about it with friends and speculating on the motivations of the characters and wondering which direction it will go.

    But now several weeks into the shows hiatus, with still a lengthy stretch until the shows return I find I have become quite indiffent to the whole matter. If the plan was to build the momentum of the show, in my case it has failed drastically. I am left to wonder, when Jericho does finally return. Will I even care.
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