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  • OK

    Ok, a nuclear bomb exploded, but it seems like theres not enough panick . . . . . . . I think this show needs to be showing alittle more panicking then they've so far, I mean, WOW . . . . . These people are barely stunned that the United States of America was bombed. I like the show alot, but it's time to start showing alot more panicking, maybe even setting another nuclear bomb would help. Beside the panicking part, the show is alright. I would never compare this show to LOST, though. LOST is way better then this. None the less, the stories are good. I'm only going to give it a couple more episodes to start showing more panicking . . . . because that's what this show needs.
  • It's time to give up, you will never know more.

    I used to watch this show, but the main storyline is so slow... I finally got to wonder why I was watching it...
    we've seen that so many times... Remember Invasion? it was exactly the same, good idea at the beginning but then it gets SO boring...
    I am making a prediction: in the 3rd season (if there is one), you will still not know what happened exactly the day of the attack, who the black guy really is and why on earth you're still watching this show.

    Look twice at it: the only thing it does is feeding you with some american-family-values crap!
    I believe the attack (if it is one) is just a plays with our fears, it makes us realize what Armageddon could be. That's right! its just here to make us good christians !! In other words, its just manipulation and propaganda.

    To summarize, please people, wake up! this show is a fake.
  • If you like LOST and/or if you like to think, this is a show for YOU.

    The early buzz on “Jericho” (see Entertainment Weekly’s September reviews for a sampling) was that it was a contrived story, that its lead actor did not have the chops, and that it was an early candidate for cancellation. All those assessments were wrong.

    Instead, what we have in Jericho is a show that takes the essential formula for LOST and turns it on its ear by having the “cast-aways” stranded right in the middle of the Good ol’ USA.

    Like LOST, every member of the cast has a secret, which we, the viewers learn bit by bit. Unlike LOST, however, the good citizens of Jericho are not strangers and they all know each other very well…or at least they \"think\" they do…and therein lies a lot of the show’s drama.

    The problem with the early reviews was that this is not a tidy show like CSI where in one hour we know all we really need to know about the main characters and everything gets wrapped up in 42 minutes. Instead, again like LOST, this is a show that requires an investment, but one which has paid off handsomely in the first 11 episodes with smart plot twists, unexpected turns and a feeling of reality that LOST never sought in the first place. The mostly unknown but interesting cast, by the way, adds a LOT. There really is not a clunker in the bunch.

    The show returns on 2/21. Decidedly not for American Idol or Survivor fans, it is really worth watching…especially if you are the type of viewer who likes to think.
  • Jericho is one of the best (non reality) tv shows I have seen in a while it's got everything from a great cast to sitting on the edge of your seat storylines.I really do hope Jericho does well, we wanna see MORE!!!

    what an amazing show!!!
    great cast great storylines great EVERYTHING, I love it to bits. can't wait for the dvd to be released I'll be watching it every day, I hope to see some extra footage too like the episode commentarys added to the mix. I expecially love the jake, emily and heather love triangle, now with Roger back who knows what will happen!!! allthough I don't like to over analyze tv shows but the produces should think through what they plan to show, cos the viewers aren't stupid. what about the day to day things like how is everyone copeing hello a bomb has just gone off people and everyone's seems ok with that....
    all in all a great idea for something different on out screens hope it does really well so we can get some more seasons out of it.
  • This is a summary of the 1st half of the season. All of the episodes seem to reveal a small piece of info about the nucs. However there is no proof that the mushroom cloud seen by the towns folk was from a nuclear explosion. It seems to be an experiment

    I have an idea. there are alot of things on this show that don\\\'t add up if you take everything at face value. However if you look at it like I do, things make much more sense. I think that Jerico is the town and is also a big experiment run by the goverment to see exactly how real people would react in a nuclear disastor. There is no proof that the mushroom cloud was actually from a nuc. Also the \\\"FBI\\\" agent is in on it to monitor the town and also to make people believe that an attack has occured. The reason there is no radition is there was no bomb. Jerico is a carfully choosen and run giant experiment. Every time things seem to be getting bad beyond toleration, ie lack of food water and energy, supplies seem to pop up. The train with the food supplies. The air drop of the food, medical and the generator. Just enough information seems to be made available for the town people to come to there own conclusions.
  • I have watched faithfully each week so far and am thoroughly enjoying the show.

    It is probably my 5th favorite right now behind Bones, Standoff, The Unit and Lost.

    The premise of the show is fascinating and thrilling. Very unique. I was excited from the moment I saw the first preview - and so far I haven't been let down. Is it realistic? No probably not. Is is predictable? Yeah, pretty much. But it's a TV show. What TV show is 100% realistic? Viewers are meant to let go of reality and absorb themselves in the fictional world for an hour once per week. It has great character development (who is good and who is bad?). It has mystery. Romance. Action. For those who watch and then hack it to death on the boards - I say stop worrying so much about whether things would really happen that way and enjoy the weekly ride. It's been fun for me so far...
  • When I first heard of this show I thought "hey that sounds kinda cool, maybe I should watch it" I had missed the first three episodes but since I have been watching the show I haven't missed one. I really enjoy this show.

    This show has so much that keeps it interesting, with a large cast so that you never get bored of seeing the same face. Even though the soap opera stuff can be annoying it is fun to watch and anticipate what will happen between Stanley and Mimi, and the foursome Roger, Emily, Jake and Heather, and finally Dale and Skylar
    Hawkins provide much discussion as to what his motives really are.
    The tension between the ex-major Johnston and Grey was well done.
    Now with the conclusion of the the fall season I can't wait to see how the many loose ends are shown.

    This is a great show!
  • One ordinary day across the United States, catastrophe suddenly strikes, leaving many lives shattered and routines disrupted in the aftermath. The citizens of one small town struggle to survive while trying to come to terms with their new existence.

    Television and the like, inevitably goes through cycles, and we've been here before, albeit in the short format of a telemovie or miniseries. The attempt to take on the theme of nuclear catastrophe, developed over a long term series, is a somewhat honorable but difficult goal, given the subject matter. But so far, "Jericho" has largely been up to the task.

    Lke its predecessors from over 20 years ago, e.g., "The Day After", "Testament", and "Threads", "Jericho" introduces a core group of characters and showcases their relationships as they go about their day to day lives. A mayor runs for election in a somewhat acrimonius race, his prodigal son returns home briefly and leaves once more, another son carries out an affair unbeknownst to his doctor wife, a young farmer and his deaf sister struggle through an IRS audit carried out by a dismissive big city auditor, a teen male loner has difficulty coming to grips with his lower class status in town, as he cultivates friendships with the town's wealthy teen girl and the crotchety owner of the town's super market, and a newly arrived family slowly tries to settle into small town life after leaving the big city.

    Then catastrophe strikes and the townspeople must muster all their resources, knowledge, and experience, to maintain a semblance of civility while wondering how long they can go on without power, food, medical supplies, and other necessities. Adding to their frustration is a lack of communication to the outside and the myriad of troubles that erupt from shady characters both from the outside and within their midst.

    Woven through the various stories is the presence of the mysterious newcomer and his family to town, where he is discovered to possess a stash of high tech equipment with access to "the outside" and has schooled his reluctant family in supporting a cover of where they originated. He has so far not revealed his true identity to either the town or the viewing audience at this juncture, and no one really knows how much he really knows about what might have really happened and what part he played in it. But his interactions have been intriguing and more about him will surely come as the show progresses.

    At this point, the show is starting off slow, but with alot of possibilities for who was (or is) behind the attacks. There is much overt mis-direction built into the plots, but just as much that is predicable, although this doesn't necessarily take away from the enjoyment of the story arcs and speculations regarding what is going on.

    As this is a freshman show that is still developing its long-term plotlines, it is difficult to fairly rate it on the little information known to date. However from what has aired so far, it could use a lot less "soap-opera-ish" moments that substitute for character development and the writers need to try to build up character motivations. I would have given the show a 9 or higher if I didn't suspect the heavy hand of CBS dipping down into how each episode must play out - usually in the form of a somewhat formulaic cliche way of always including some "positive" or "hopeful" development in every episode. I expect that this is to keep the show from being overly depressing, sans the use of any comic relief that is often inserted into intense dramas to break up a disquieting scene. Perhaps a smoother transition to such "happy endings" to arcs might help make it less obvious that this is being done by some big wig design

    The one standout character though is actor Lennie James as "Hawkins", and the rest of the cast who play his family support his scenes quite well. They seem to be the most believable as a family, given the difficult position that their characters are in regarding the plot and who is behind it or knows about it.

    All in all, the show has kept my interest and could serve to be a timely and informative piece of fiction during these times when terrorism and heightened security fill the headlines.
  • Bombs have hit the US and we get to see how one small town copes with what has happened

    I really enjoy this show. The way the characters interact and the story unfolds keeps me waiting for the next episode. The only thing that I don't like is that there is no real rationing of supplies, the amount of times you see heaps of candles all over the place makes you think the town must have had a candle factory.

    I can't wait for it to return in the new year.
  • Really can't wait for the return of Jericho. Great Show with a different story line than any other. I think this show will be a great success. I encourage anyone to watch it and say otherwise.

    I was really upset when I went to watch Jericho this past week and realized it was not on. I thought maybe my kids had messed with my remote so it didn\\\'t get recorded. I was really saddened by the fact I did not realize the show was going to take a \\\"breather\\\". However I will be watching for it to come back on. I think that if anyone will sit down and watch the entire show they will be really impressed. It has a great story line and a great cast. The show really makes you think of what some people have went through over the years that has to deal with their homelands being bombed. I think the show is GREAT! But, anyone interested in a show that is different from CSI (which I love all of them) and different from any other show that I have watched on TV. It will get you on the edge of your seat. You don\\\'t know whether to cry or laugh from watching the show since it aired it has taken me through the emotions that is for sure. I think this show will be a HUGE hit once it has a normal season.
  • A good show to make you ask \"what if?\"

    When I first saw the plot summary for this show, I chalked it up as another mass media play on the common fears our society has lived in for the past 5 years. While that verdict is still up in the air, I did start watching the show at episode 3 by suggestion, and watched the first 2 episodes online to catch myself up. I was suprised that it quickly joined my meager weekly list of \"must see\" shows. While the soap opera contents of the program could go away, the other aspects of life after the unthinkable do tend to make one think of what they would do in that situation. Would I be sitting around in a bar after life as I know it has come to an end? Doubt that very seriously. I could see myself as one of the horsemen, starved for information about the rest of the world and going out in search of it. At any rate, the realm of the unknown keeps this show interesting, and makes one want to see what\'s going to happen next week, whether Hawkins unveils the mystery behind his sudden move to town, or what Jake has been doing for the last few years. Top that off with the beautiful Ashley Scott, and the show is easy to become addicted to. Considering all the reality shows and other tripe saturating network TV nowadays, Jericho is definitely a show worth watching.
  • I enjoyed this finale episode just like I’ve enjoyed this whole first season of Jericho. Tho I was disappointed with the whole Emily and Jake thing.

    I enjoyed this finale episode just like I’ve enjoyed this whole first season of Jericho. Tho I was disappointed with the whole Emily and Jake thing. Yes, they have a past, once upon a time they were in love but they’ve grown since then – they’ve grown up and grown apart. From the very first show there was the lingering issue of “will they get back together…” I personally was hoping they wouldn’t. Why? Because it’s so very cliché. We’ve seen it done in a hundred other shows. I wanted them to find again their closeness again yes, but I wanted that to be more along the lines of them knowing they had each other to talk to and depend on as they rebuilt their lives. Why does it have to be romantic? I like Heather. She’s a little bit of a “Little Miss Know it All” but she’s trying. She sees Jake for whom he is now and likes it. With Emily and Jake, the past is always going to be hanging over their heads. BUT, now with Roger showing up at the end I think Emily is going to be busy for a while. As far as Roger, he looks shell shocked as do the rest of the survivors from the plane. I can’t wait till next season to find out what they went through, what they’ve seen. Will this be enough to change Roger? To make him want and respect the simple life that Emily wants but he didn’t? I don’t know but it will be interesting to find out.

    Johnston – he lost the election. We knew this was inevitable that Gray was going to get his chance. The interesting thing to watch now will be Gray and Jake’s interactions. Jake has lost a lot of his “power” with his Dad losing the election and I don’t see him following Gray’s orders. Jake didn’t agree with a lot of his father’s decisions but he did what he felt he needed to do without completely defying his father. What’s going to happen now? Jake was the one that was training some of the town’s people in patrolling and protecting the town. Now what? Gray doesn’t seem to want help or team work, he only wants to control situations and have people follow his orders. And Hawkin’s? Who is he actually working for? The last message they sent to him was a warning. What are they going to do? Will he finally come clean to Jake? Will we learn more of what Jake did while he was gone?

    Dale shot Mitchell. Will he die? What will Gray do when he finds out? Dale did what Gray himself wanted to do to Jonan. Will he charge Dale?

    I’m very much enjoying the show so far, yet I”m still left feeling like I want more. I love that we’re seeing what is happening to “small town America.” I just want to see what is going on else where also. Maybe when the people that Hawkin’s works for comes to town we’ll start gaining a bit more knowledge of what is happening outside of Jericho’s borders.
  • Jericho is a new drama series on CBS about life after a nuclear attack on The United States. One city Jericho must adapt in this new world if it will survive.

    Jericho is a great new series that will have you watch the show every week. The show takes place in 2009. In the city of Jericho, Kansas. The city is located near Denver and citiizens of the city see the nuclear bomb that destroyed Denver. The Citizens of Jericho must now adapt to the new world. Jake the "hero" of the show he came back from his past life to Jericho to be in the middle of the bomb attacks, he must now help the city survive. The City is in turmoil aswell as merceneries try to invade and take the city, the city takes the stand and wins. It also has to go through an election during this time. Jericho does very well combing the drama and the action scenes and does well for it's first season. The show is a must watch and if you are into dramatic movies and like suspense you will enjoy Jericho.
  • Good show but not that good,\'Nuke USA\" yeah that bomb was not that big really if you really going to nuke the usa it better a big Nuke.We can\'t surive a small diry bomb.

    Where\'s MAD MAX when you need him?
    Yeah,that kind of end of the world stuff is really better.There to many stories of course so will have to keep-up with the rest of the plot stoy arcs in this type of show.
    But more action is needed to keep my interest I don\'t mine post nuke attack tv show as long the some decent action on the show and that what we need here.The cast is great and all,but still it seem slow soap opera like.Other show have this type of pacing,and when I watch I fall asleep.
  • Jericho is a good,nailbiting show!!

    Jericho is a show following the lives of people in a Kansas town after being struck with nuclear bombs.Every week they find themselves trying to survive without any communication from the outside world. This kind of show makes you feel that you are actually there in Jericho. It is full of suspenseful action and hard-hitting adventure you've come and known from CBS. With all the good reviews it has been picked up for a full season. It is sure to become a favorite from the Central Brodcast Association (CBS). It leaves you with a cliff hanger at the end of every episode. Jericho is a phenomenal show!
  • I like this show; it keeps me hanging every week!

    I feel this show is good but the acting is not perfect. I will continue to find out what happens but I hope it doesn\\\'t get cancelled like Invasion. I like the plot because it is something that could very well happen to us in this day and age. Not that it would happen like the show intends but it may even be worse. It is quite realistic.
  • Jericho is wrapped around a Brisk Plot, but the lackluster acting and clueless direction is mowing it down

    Jericho in a word is different, the story is quite fresh and the possibility of becoming the next big thing is also present. Jericho is a small town in Kansas, after the US almost gets destroyed by Nuke attacks, the citizens of Jericho must survive on what's left. our central character is Jake Green, who apparently ran away from Jericho due to some conflicts in his past and disappeared for 5 years, due to the nuclear blast and some unfriendly circumstance, he ends up regrouping with his family and basically surviving the Apocalypse that has erupted upon them (just trying to sound fancy, folks) yes indeed a fresh plot for a change, but sadly, more often than not, you will feel that the show isn't being used to it's fullest, first and foremost, the acting in Jericho is laughably bad, each person seems to suffer Bell's Palsy, whenever they talk, their expression lacks depth, emotion or any other thing you'd expect when you watch some Professional Actors going by their business. the direction also feels quite clueless at times, sure the plot is interesting enough but how long before these people actually run out of resources? and the show started looking like Implausible writing gone wrong. add to that,many characters just give the feeling that they are there just for the sake for it, Dale Turner for example, his acting is pathetic, coupled with his weedy build, i fail to see how he can actually contribute to the show, aside from taking space in the screen. Jake green is the only character the show puts most emphasis which is while understandable doesn't justify why interesting characters like Robert Hawkins and Gray Anderson are being ditched. to cut the long story short, Jericho has a compelling plot and a story which could *POSSIBLY* make it the next big thing, however for that to happen, the directors should ditch the love triangle crap they are trying to make and truly focus on the suspense and Sci-Fi portion of the program. all in all, Jericho is a great show, clueless, but great, if you can mind the bad acting and some other flaws, it's surely worth a watch. 7/10
  • I love the show, its shows a small town that doesn´t know what is happening and shows also their doubts, fears that are innerent to every human.

    I love the show, its shows a small town that doesn´t know what is happening and shows also their doubts, fears that are innerent to every human.
    The secrets that everyone tries to hide, the lack of everything that we normally have.
    Jericho is some sort of tv show "cult" that someones love and others hate.
  • Worst show ever

    Worst show ever

    I gave this show a chance watch all 10 episodes. Seams to me that George and Dick wrote script themselves. Just to summaries in sixty six words: stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.
    What a waste of time.
  • Great idea for a show

    Jericho is a show that tells the story of a small American town after America gets hit by a nuclear attack. They need to defeat several basic results of the attack and try to get their lives back on track. The main character is the rebel son of the major, who has been gone for 5 years and returns right before the bombings. Nobody knows where he went and he\'d angried a lot of people in Jericho before he left. All the regular characters have their secrets and are al played by very good actors/actresses. I also like the story about Dale and Skylar. Hope they can keep the show interesting. If it keeps going like this I\'m going to stay watching!
  • i use to watch this show and now dont

    this show was pretty cool then i saw like 6 of them and i said this is going to be like lost of something. someone find something and there is meeting someone deads they get scare and so on. now i said to my self why i am watching this and then i stop watch it and find a different show to watch.
  • Jericho, a show about a town that survives neuclear bombs.

    I really like this show, it is an intertaining show to watch. It\'s lots of fun, seeing how people react to a disaster, and it plays on peoples fears of war reaching the united states. The first few episodes were the best so far. In my poinion how the towns people delt with the immediate problems of the neuclear fall out and such were much more interesting to see. At this point in the show it is turning more tward a \"who can you trust\" theme and has the feel of an episode of LOST. But other than that I have no problems with this show at all. It is a great \"What if?\" sort of show!
  • about a post-nuclear attack town in kansas.

    I thought this show would be great when I saw the preview. I looked forward to the premiere date and when it came, I loved the first episode. then the second was good, then the third one was ok.... You see where I'm going? the reason I loved this show was the heartpounding suspensefull moment(like saving the little girl in the first episode). But suspense gets old when it's the same pattern and the same person doing the saving. Why won't the writers delve deeper into the nuclear attack and how it happened and who did it? I think last week may have been my last episode of this show....
  • With regard to character development, Jericho is a huge disappointment. So much could be done in that area to further draw in the audience. To bad the writers are too lazy to think something up about the characters\' past.

    It’s time to get real about this show. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy watching the show, but mainly because I’m an end-of-the-world story lover. I mean, those kinds of stories fascinate me and scare me at the same time. But I think I’m in the minority when it comes to THAT reason for liking a show. Now for the part where we get real. Who are these people? I mean, we know their names and a teensy weensy bit about their past and that’s it. I know that much about any given kid who takes my order at McDonalds. Every time one of the characters is asked what they used to do or some question that might give us some insight as to who they are, we get some cryptic “Neo-of-Matrix” style answer. You know what I mean if you’ve seen any Matrix movie. Neo: Where do I find this thing. Oracle: You will know. Neo: How will I know? Oracle: Trust your heart. Neo: What day is it? Oracle: The answer is within you. Silliness. This is contrived suspense and I think I know where it’s coming from. Actually there are two possibilities. 1) The writers haven’t actually developed the characters yet and even THEY don’t know the answer to the questions, or 2) the producers are attempting to keep people watching by deliberately withholding information. That last one is generally a no-no when it comes to story telling. If the character knows the answer to the question and they don’t have an obvious good reason for not answering it, then the writers need to let the listeners/watchers/readers off the hook and have the character answer the question. To do otherwise is hackish at best. In the last episode (Episode 8: Rogue River), Jake finally reveals something of his past at gunpoint. He drove a truck in Iraq. Ok, this was a secret to be kept from an entire town? C’mon! And if he was lying even about that why keep the information from the audience? It’s not obvious. At this point to me, Jake is just an idiot. The writers have given me no reason to understand why he’s not telling his family about “where he has been.” Maybe the writers/producers think that is clever, but it’s not. Keep holding out and people will stop watching. I mean, look at Lost. Now that is a show that let’s you know about the characters and who they are, complete with flashbacks of their pre-disaster lives. I have to say that with regard to character development, Jericho is a huge disappointment. So much could be done in that area to further draw in the audience. To bad the writers are too lazy to think something up.
  • I love this show!!!!

    Jericho has turned out to be a great drama, with a little bit of everything. Love, tragedy, drama, what lies ahead, secrets, I mean what is left. I find the show very interesting with today's terror threats, I mean could this really be us one day? What would you do? What would your community do? Would you all be able to pull together and live and share and take care of each other or would it be every man for himself? It is a real question to ask yourself. I live in a small rurual community and I believe most everyone would help and pull for each other. I mean you are going to have a bad apple in every bunch but the real heroes emerge and the people will follow. I can't wait from week to week to see what happens, I can't stand it if I miss an episode. I will wait until 2 am in the morning just to watch it online. I am 35 years old and I have never loved a show as much as I do this one. It just gets better and better in my opinion. A PERFECT 10!
  • I love this show - it is snapshot of society!

    Forget the possible war / terror attacks. Look at how certain individuals and groups would conduct themselves in this situation. Some still have moral and ethical dilemmas others don't, law versus lawlessness This show has hit the mark in today's fragile political world.

    The Countdown episodes are a nice tie in to the show as well. They add just enough background to keep you coming back for more.
  • Great suspense. Watch it every Wednesday!

    Great idea for a new show. Has drama, action and some romance. Skeet Ulrich is the main character. My viwe is that this show, if it doesn\'t watch out will become more of a soap than an action-drama show.
    And of course when there is a blonde and a brunette in the story pretty much going after Skeets character. Its gonna be good.
    There are many questions being asked about this show which gets people involved. Questions like \'Who did this\' \'Why did this happen\' \'Were there more bombs dropped on other cities?\' This show is one big mystery.
    We will just have to wait and see.
  • Easily on of the most disappointing shows on television right now.

    This show fails in every possible aspect; dreadful and embarrassing. Set-up with a great premise, a nuclear holocaust, the series falls way short to create any feeling of real disaster. Week after week, the audience can watch a mediocre soap opera, while you would expect a grim and dark drama, in which everybody is forced to fight for the mere survival. Jericho lacks any sense of realism, but offers a lot of overdone melodrama. If they wouldn't mention the nuclear bombs in their retrospect every time, you could easily think you are watching a fireman drama or an O.C. clone, depending on their story of the week. The writers came up with a lot of badly written stock characters and (of course) one mysterious hero with a unknown past. This is one ridiculous show, but its apparent success is even more mystifying to me.
  • I think Jericho is masterfully written to have mystery, action, and humor during the time of "the end of the world." It really made me start thinking about how actual people would react to such a thing in life. I can't wait for the next season

    Jericho really makes me think of what would the world be like and are we actually ready for a disaster. I know that it could happen, hopefully not in mine nor my children's lifetime. I am glad to see that writers take into account how the actors feel about thier characters and were they should lead in the story. I love the mystery behind some of the characters. There is no history really given about the characters, you just barely a hint of who they are and I love that about the show. I like watching extra "hints" from the internet site on CBS.
  • Jericho is a excellent show and every episode that I see makes me want to see the next one more.

    Now that I have seen the first six episodes of Jericho it is fast becoming one of my favourite new shows.
    The story line is interesting without getting to massively complicated to the point where you don\'t know what is going on but still I can foresee lots of twists and changes till we even have a vague idea of what happened.
    So if you have not seen it before it\'s definitely worth checking out as I can see it becoming a classic show as long as they keep up the standard of episodes.
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