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  • started badly...getting better and better!!!!

    this is one of the few shows that actually started a dissapointment,but then grew as each new show followed to the point now where jericho is actually a must see for me now.most shows start out strong then go down hill from there.. jericho did the complete opposite!!!the characters are not what you call immediate favs,you gotta watch them enough to let them grow on you(im now like totally in love with the farm guy with the deaf only thing that holds this show back now,is the lack of the strong female lead.ashley scott is terrible for lead female but thats the only bad thing...overall the shows are compelling enough to over look some of the obvious flaws,whitch are appearing less and less...:)
  • One of the few new shows that I actually really enjoy and make a point of seeing each week.

    This is a new show that I am thoroughly enjoying. It is growing and fleshing out each week. The characters are developing as each episode unfolds. The characters are all for the most part flawed, some hero's some not. There are hidden agenda's, secrets and lots of underlying tension. There has been much talk about it being unrealistic, but it is not so unrealistic. In a limited tactical nuclear strike with dirty bombs, and conventional bombs used it is not too far from what could have been the truth in the past and who knows how close it is today. I do have some knowledge, granted it is somewhat dated, as I was in the military, worked on a tactical nuclear base and believe me it is not that far fetched. Do some real research, not propaganga, and you will find that nuclear war is survivable, even near ground zero if you are well enough protected and stay indoors for a certain amount of time and then haul butt when you do leave. Yes emp will affect many things, but it has a limited range, and older vehicles, and I do mean older.. I believe, but not sure that most pre -1975 should be ok.. there are a lot of factors.. and beyond everything, the reactions of the people, the unfolding events are all possible, looting, paranoia, the lost class of people who are used to living on nothing, on the edge have a better hope of suriving than someone that has never had to scrounge, never had to struggle, never had to sleep outdoors etc.. there is a lot of truth and the emotions, real.. It is a television show that could not have aired in the 70's or 80's because it was all too close to the truth and people were already scared senseless about it.. It is a good tv show, it has an interesting premise and the characters are getting stronger week by week. Hopefully the writers will continue and not fall into the tired trap of the same old same old drama... I am loving the show more as time goes on. I think the reason that people are so divided is this, this is not a comedy or an action show. There are comedic moments, there are dramatic moments, this is a people show.. it is about the interactions between the characters, the love, the pain, the hate, the fear, the jealousy, the day to day feelings that we have about people. People are put into a pressure cooker situation and the show evolves on how they react. I actually think that this show is beyond most of today's audeinces. I think as a late 70's or 80's show it would have been appreciated more, before the days of huge special effects, reality tv that is not reality, and such. I love it, I hope it stays on the air a long time. It is growing, evolving, building. The characters are developing more dimensions, filling out, as they should. You can not start a show and have everything filled in and ready to go. There are characters you are not sure if you want to love them or hate them. The show blurs the lines between good and bad, it shows that good people do bad things, bad people do good things, people make choices, and have to live with those choices.

  • I loved this ep. Was sooo good! Especially the whole Jonah thing (who by the way i used to have a thing for in one of the other shows he was in. I think it might have been a soapie or something amongst other things)

    About the whole Grey coming back into town. He is NOT a good person. Not in the slightest!! I dont like him at all. He is a walking time bomb and something happened to him out there to change him.
    I loved the whole Emily visiting her dad thing,i think that could be a good thing for both of them. No matter what her dad did in the past,she really needs him now the world is falling apart. I loved the way that Dale stuck up for that girl and she took him home to her house,and i am really starting to dislike Gracie. Did everyone see the stuff she had in the back room? I think she is getting greedy... Finally Mimi shows some feelings. I think it is great,and i loved the fact that they didnt have her and stanley jumping into each others arms. It just wasnt the right time. Oh Robert... I really feel for him.... Its hard enough knowing that he obviously has had a huge job to do over the last years he was away without coming home and finding his wife has a bf. And also it was sad the little girl losing all her friends,and the fact that Robert had to find out about the bf (Doug) from her. Poor Jakes dad... OMG,i was so on the edge of my seat while they were resucitating him!! I really hope nothing happens to him. It was so gorgeous the way that him and Jakes mum were talking in the beginning,and she was telling him off. Its the sort of relationship everyone wants to have when they are their age lol I was really happy that we got away from the Mary/Eric/April thing this week. It has just been in it too much and quite frankly without a decision being made,it was boring me to tears... Oh ok,im giving in... Mentioning the kiss!!! Can someone give me a HEll Yeah!!! Now that is what i wanted to see happen. Wes,i loved the look on his face too,it was sort of an OMG,how cool thing,and and the biggest shock ever at the same time! Good on her. I would have done the same thing Just adorable.... lol Now lets see them take it to the next level! lol (yeah im a smut Let me write the scene!!! LMAO!!) Ok,so now i cant wait for next week.Bring it on sooner rather than later!!
  • Keeps up the tradition of Lost and Prison Break: A great, thrilling first season.

    This show is my new best friend. It is written in the best tradition of mystery or action dramas like Lost and Prison Break, because it offers a continous thrilling drama which just lets you wonders what happens next. Therefore it might rumble through season 1, but could have serious trouble if a a second season is picked up. after a while a never ending story just becomes boring - always has.

    Anyway, so far i can not wait for the next episode to come. i will keep on celebrating to watch this show and hope the thrill will never end although i know it eventually will. let us just hope it will take some time!
  • A good, human show...

    Tough this show gets bashed around for beeing not too realistic, I actually enjoy it for the human touch rhat is put in the show. We can see the tough choices everyone has to make, I also like to see how the people's backgrounds comes back to haunt them even after a nuclear apocalypse.

    Even tough the message is often americanized, It's a nice change to see a post-apocalyptic show showing values of honesty, teamwork and family. Even trough I doubt that things would work half as good in real life as they do in jericho it's a nice way to keep beleiving that people can overcome everything...

    I will keep watching the show, since they always leave you hanging for next week.
  • a decent show with a lot of potential

    nuclear holocaust? uuUUuuUUuu this is nice, and dont tell me you never dreamed of seeing the Fallout game on show?! Well, this show is the closest one and has a lot of potencial HAS LONG it doesnt get lost in the small usual love stories of people, we have to look at the big picture! its a NUCLEAR war and we wanna see THAT eXactly! i dont care if jake gets the blonde or the brunnet and so on, war death and a lot of suprises thats the formula!!!!
  • A nuclear holocaust the whole family can enjoy.

    Jericho doesn't seem to know what it wants to be. Sometimes it wants to be "The Day After." Other times it wants to be "Lost." The rest of the time, it wants to be "7th Heaven." Let's review the setting: terrorists set off nuclear weapons in major metropolitan areas across the United States. Jericho, a stereotypical small Kansas town is completely cut off from the rest of the world (or whatever is left of it). The natural progression from this angle would be some kind of high stakes, high tension drama in the vein of "24." Instead, Jericho approaches it from a traditional family-hour drama viewpoint with only occasional grit relunctantly thrown in. This is slightly baffling to me. Consider the opposite: would a series featuring the growing pains and life lessons of a Midwestern suburban family be best told using real-time high-stakes action? Of course not. It just doesn't make sense.

    Jericho should focus on trying to be Jericho. It should allow itself to be a good action/suspense show and drop all the family drama silliness. Either that, or move it to the Hallmark Channel where it belongs. I'm sure the lead-in ratings when teamed with "Walker, Texas Rangers" would be literally tens of people.
  • LOVE IT!!!!

    I really love the show. The acting, for the most part, is good. I do find some low points in it though. I think that Skeet Ulrich's character, Jake makes the entire show. I like how the viewer finds out more about his past in each show. I do, however, wish it would move along a little bit faster. The only question I have for the writers is about the food. Isn't it a known fact that radiation would have caused all the crops to be contaminted and unedible, and also how is that the people had to go below ground during the storm, but the horses owned by the Green's survived? The show is really good and I have not yet missed an episode, but I do wish they would fine tune somethings within it. Having said that, I think it surpasses today's TV. It is very engrossing and I am eager to see what Hawkins role is in everything and what Jake has been doing for the past 5 years.
  • I love the show and want to marry Skeet!!!!!!!!!Is he single?

    I love the show. Every week I look forward to the next episode. It can\'t happen fast enough. All the actors are superb and it just keeps you guessing the whole time. You never know what is around the corner and I can\'t even imagine what else is going to happen. Please don\'t ever stop production of this show. Skeet Ulrich is not so bad to look at either. I never get tired of looking at him. I\'ve never ever been into Sci-Fi stuff and I saw the previews for the show months ago & was very intriqued and have been loving it since. Keep up the good work.
  • You watch Jericho for the same reason you'd slow down to gawk at a car wreck -- you know it's an atrocity yet you cannot look away.

    This show has been a trainwreck since the pilot. And, like a good train wreck, you cannot look away. I watch Jericho religiously because nowhere else on broadcast TV can you find such a satisfying combination of bad writing, bad acting, bad direction, all coupled with piss-poor pacing and a total dearth of realism and believability. Some famous philosopher once said "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" -- this rings as true as the Liberty Bell for Jericho. From hammy, nightclass-style acting to textbook high-school drama story arcs, Jericho has it all. And did I mention the fear-mongering, nuclear terrorism premise? Instead of zooming out to see how a nation is dealing with several dozen cities swathed in atomic hellfire, Jericho chooses instead to focus on how its namesake smalltown is handling (gasp!) a fire at the library, and (swoon!) the theft of the mayor's horses by area scofflaws. One last thing I might add is that Jericho contains the most unrealistic, hateable character in the history of primetime telvision: Gracie. As of episode 7, Gracie, a frail, grandmotherly Midwestern woman with a limited vocabulary and a horrific accent, is practicing her smalltown brand of price-gouging at her general store. She has also taken in an orphaned child for the purposes of slave labor, and has refused the town's largest farm bags of fertilizer needed to save the only corn crop that might feed Jericho. On lesser programs, she would quickly be overwhelmed by pitch-fork heaving townsfolk, her store inventory transferred to the mob or at least the collective good. But not in Jericho. Last time I checked, good old Gracie was trading a bag of cat food for someone's antique crystal vase. In many ways that is a metaphor for this show. While its ingredients -- mostly tripe, and some filler -- may resemble those of cat food, the producers have somehow managed to trade them for a peach of a show, watchable -- nay, unmissable -- because of the very self-atrocity lesser shows would be said to "suffer from."
  • The show is more like a soap opera with boring characters and there\'s really nothing going on in the small town of Jericho. I started watching this show because the plot seemed interesting, but I was very disappointed.

    The show is more like a soap opera with boring characters and there\'s really nothing going on in the small town of Jericho.
    I started watching this show because the plot seemed interesting, but I was very disappointed. The 45 minutes is filled with fuzzy dull small stories and you don\'t get the feeling that atomic bombs really have viped most of the country off the map. Only bright spot is the story about the mysterious guy who moved to town right before the explosions. He clearly have something to hide, good or bad but we have virtually no information on him yet, even after 7 episodes.
  • Considering the amount of awful stuff on the air, this is refreshing

    While I haven't seen the original series of Jericho, I can honestly say that the remake is very interesting and can captivate the audience quite well, though there are some clear faults with the show.

    While the mystery of a lot of the characters is well thought out, such as Jake's mysterious disappearance, cheating husbands and possible suspects all living in Jericho, the show tends to develop minor characters far too much such as the shopkeep and the kids, and the mysteries can also get far too confusing, especially for the average TV viewer.

    However, the show is entertaining and one I will definitely continue watching.
  • I would say overall that this show has brought out my thoughts about the cold war and growing up in the 80s. The best thing is it revolves around the current events of terrorism and national security.

    Since the show started I have been glued to the TV on weds and have checked the website at least once a day to get info about cast and crew. This show by far has already met my expectations of what I thought it was going to be. I am a little confused by the lack of outside contact. In my line of work I have learned that even the smallest towns have means of communicating with big government. Things do seem strange as many of the pre-plans for federal response have not been represented, however I do understand that this is just ramping up as a series. I am sure as we continue on we will see what the federal government has to say. I think the cast is blending well together, it was a bit rough from the start but they seem to be meshing on a level that will lead to future story lines. Overall I am giving this show 2 thumbs up. However the writers do need to get on board with some realistic aspects of post nuclear survival. I feel that in time as the character building get to a level where we understand each one and how they interact, the writers will expand on the bigger issue of FEMA operations and Federal response.
  • why I both dislike and like the show at the same time.

    Although Jericho does have a somewhat original plot, it's not like anyone has never thought about it....what would happen in the event of a nuclear attack on the United States? The cliffhangers are what's keeping this show together. See the rest of my review here:<a href="">Jericho - a show like any other, but still addictive.</a>
  • DUCK AND COVER! For the 21st Century Least Factually accurate show ive seen in a long time rofl

    This show had the potential to be a great show and stand out from the sea of reality tv & cop/lawyer shows the U.S. chucks out every year but unfortunately the creator did zero research into the topic what-so-ever.

    Jericho teaches us that Radiation fallout from the nearest city which is just visible on the horizion from Jericho (so i'd guess 20-40 miles away) is just a bad rain cloud that as long as you get out of the rain, tape up ur windows & doors and not touch anything wet after the rain then you will be ok ROFL ROFL ROFL.

    Also don't worry about food because apparently if the crops have matured enough then they will be immune to the effects of radiation HAHAHAHA

    OMFG no wonder there are so many stupid americans when their tv shows wont even take the time to google Radiation Fallout.
  • Jericho is a town in the USA possibly one of last one. All the fun begins after the USA was nuked by an unknown enemy, and now all the people from Jericho are trying to live a normal live without knowing what is going on out side there town.

    This is great show because every episode is something different then the last one. One of the big defects’ of this show in that all the people are talking too much. But we should admire this people because with very limited resources they are doing the best they can. There are three bigger questions:

    -Who nuked them? -Who is Robert Hawkins and is he one of the good of bad guys? -Who is really Jake Green?

    They joust got back the electricity an IM pulse destroy all of there’s electro stuff. The IM was caused by an another nuclear explosion, but no one knows who lanced that nuke.
    Every episode is becoming more interesting and exciting.
  • You have gotten this far you must be the slight bit interested...READ ON

    This show has caught me like Lost did when I first discovered it, granted with Lost it was half way through the first season. luckily for me not only did I get in on the ground floor but on demand loves to replay the last four episodes.

    This is definatly the show you want to give a chance. Every time I sit down to watch an episode not 5 minutes pass before those little hairs on the back of my hair stand up!

    I love the way they are "keeping it first person" and only telling you what a character in the show knows. A show that hands you the entire premise is not that watchable in my book!

    This is a show you should check out, and if you missed an episode, on demand stays mostly current!
  • Can I get some more boredom please?

    I was excited to watch this show when I saw the preview. It's a great plot and a great set up for a top notch show. What went wrong? How can a show with such a cool plot still be so bad? The characters suck. The characters are just plain boring. The mini stories inside the main plot are boring. I could care less about some guy paying his back taxes or if a girl is throwing a party or if they need gas but can't figure out how to move it. There is one interesting character and that is the mysterious black man ( can't remeber his name)but he can't hold the whole show together. I'm getting bored just thinking of the show.
  • Such a SLOW show with so much potential!

    This episode was really in my humble opinion a filler one. I have watched all episodes and it is turning into a dialog filled drama with cheesy action scenes (fire, explosions etc) The end of the last show (ICBM\'s flying in the air) kept my attention. The first part of the show was great! But, the next part was a complete DISCONNECT from the ICBM\'s. The subplots are just not interesting! What we want is more interplay between the townsfolk, the fed. govt., and who we are at war with. Let\'s do some better writing here!
  • So, why do I watch this?

    Jericho is a show with unlimited potential. It is like no other series ever presented. Yes, there have been movies such as The Day After but never a series. There are so many story lines which could be developed here but the whole show seems to resolve around one character, Skeet Ulrich. Yes, Skeet is a very sexy good looking actor bud do we need to see him in every single scene? I doesn't seem to matter what the subject of the scene is. On the street, in the hospital, in the mayor's office, in the sheriff's office he is there, in every scene. There are many more subplots which could be developed but the entire show revolves around him, much to my consternation, sometimes to the point of aggravation. Even when a scene has nothing to do with him they mannage to flash a picture of him like he is some type of God, all knowing, all telling. Unfortunately, although I do like this show I can't rate it high on the scale and doubt it will last through season one. What a pitty. Such a potpourrie of stories but then we go right back to Skeet. I say this show will not be back next year.
  • This show is about a small town that witnesses a nuclear war and is all by itself in surviving the aftermath.

    This show could use some serious guidance. It has the potential, but not the action needed to satisfy the American viewer. It has plenty of small town drama, but not enough small town action. It could be very interesting seeing how Jericho manages to unify its surrounding using force or diplomacy. Making it essentially the new capital of Western Kansas. It has the benefit of being a psychological thriller that ponders the survival and mentality of a rural population that is virtually cut off from the World, it would be very different if it took place in remains of NYC. Yet, it gets bogged down in useless drama and petty histories. We need more info on secret Government agent living in town and on Jake. Also, we should soon find out who nuked us.

    It needs better writing and a better plot. The backdrop is amazing, just the forground needs to be more interesting.
  • Just what we need! Another end of the world Series...

    It starts with an interesting premise. Though I gotta admit that people in this show are very lucky... they seem to be coping very well with the fact that the US has been anhialated... They have running water and electricity... and satelite TV... I mean hey, who wouldn't want to be in a nuclear holocaust! It seems all to comfortable. People are actually still paying for thing! And whaou! there is alchohol! I mean I am impress! HOw long will these conditions last?

    HOw much fuel is there anyway? People are still driving around in cars! THis show is confuseing! I mean for god sake... and what is up with jake!? Where the hell has he been for the last 5 years?

    I am confused by the senario!
  • I love this show and cant wait to see next weeks, it is a very plausable senario, just hope not in my life time.

    Great show, I have been following all episodes so far and the only thing I know is that I don't like hawkins he seem too guilty so far, I have thought since the beginning that he is behind all of this, and it would be a shame that we are doing this to are selfs. I really hope this isn't true, but it will be interesting to find out who is behind all of these bomings. but that is what keep us in suspence from week to week. some people has said the show isn't very good, but is show us how people can still find good in themselfs after such a big catastrophy.
  • I've been watching this show verry faithfully now. I really like this show. It has made me think about what would we do if bombs where to go off. How would we survive.

    The show is really good. The characters in this show are really doing an excellent job at realism. All are worried people have know each other for years and when disaster hits some are helpful and others are cruel and how easily they can turn on each outher. This is a verry good show I like the way it is being done.
  • Take a Norman Rockwell town and throw it in the middle of a nuclear crisis! What would you do in this situation? Families should watch this together...great for discussing current world issues and what to do in times of crisis.

    From the first episode this show had my attention. The threat of nuclear threat is on a lot of Americans minds right now, what with North Korea's testing and the war in the Iraq, unrest in the middle east. This show puts a small town communtiy in a position of showing how and what we might have to deal with it in our own land. It makes you question what your reaction would be....will you be one that steps up and helps, will you panic and hide...Will you be part of the problem or part of the solution. It is a must see. The prodigal son returns to be the biggest asset to the community, the golden boy son is actually a cad. The mayor is inspiring while fighting his own health issues. The need for the teen-agers to continue with their clicks...
    Will they survive and how will it change their lives, loves and attitudes? This a great show about the struggle of ordinary people to survive extraordinary and timely issues.
  • When will they really DO something?!?

    Well, I have to admit I was completely thrilled by the Preview of this series. It sounded like a really interesting new show with a dark atmosphere and a lot going on.

    How wrong I have been. Lets face it. This series and its producers are just not imaginative and most of all brave enough to show what would be going on after a nuclear strike.

    From what I am seeing in my crystal orb, this series will not survive season 1, because people are starting to avoid it alltogether, so they might as well do some drastic changes concerning pace and storywriting. Maybe they should take it off air for a couple of weeks and do some reshoots, because at the moment, this is just a dull show about a dull town. Its like Atomic O.C. without the atomic threat...

    PLEASE try to make this worthwhile, because it really could be good entertainment with a psychological twist and even educational inputs. At the moment its getting more boring from episode to episode and I ask myself all the time: Will I watch another episode at all?!?!

    And please: Change that stupid synthesizer rock action music, because its embarrasing...
  • Perfect example of a new, fresh, and exciting show idea executed poorly.

    This is frustrating to me. Honestly, this was one of my most anticipated new shows this season. I was a little concerned that this show ended up on CBS since they haven't had the best track record for good, respectable dramas. My concerns were validated after watching the first few episodes. This show has fallen victom to poor acting, over-dramatized and unnatural scenes, and a "Lost-like" side-mystery that just does not work. There's about as much character chemistry as you'd expect to see from a High School film class project. The dialogue and episode stories are just not interesting enough. Mix these elements with very cheesy, unfitting music and you have Jericho.
  • So Jericho is this show about what happens to a small town when a bomb goes off in a bigger towns in America. There is drama in the town with all the characters cut off from most of the world do to not method of communication.

    Okay, I\\\'ve watched and I\\\'m not rivited. I intrigued more about where they can possibly go. It reminds me of The movied the Governator did. It was a show about cloning. I don\\\'t remember the name, the 6th something I think. Anyway, it was too plausible. It could happen. We can be lulled into cloning by saying oh we need to get a chip underneath the skin of our dog and then gee why loose your favorite pet. Just clone him. And it doesn\\\'t take long to get to cloning people. It was too plausible, kinda scary. So is this show. Kinda real plausible and also kinda scary. The only thing I really like is the mystery surrounding the former police officer from St. Louis I think he said. That\\\'s intriguing. And where they will go from here.
  • This show is captivating, exciting, and well-written. The premise is unique and has depth. It's a mix between The Stand and Lost. Amazing.

    This show is captivating, exciting, and well-written. The premise is unique and has depth. It's a mix between The Stand and Lost. A small town is left to fend for itself in the wake of multiple nuclear explosions throughout the United States (and perhaps the world). Their ability to work together and stay a community shows the great character depth. There are mysteries unfolding in the town and each episode reveals just enough to keep you interested and holds back enough to make you wait on pins and needles for the following week's episode. This show is amazing and I can't wait to watch it week after week.
  • A decent show, something different, it's one show I think is a show for our times. This is something that probably won't last long, but I definately like this show.

    I like this show, it's one of the few new shows I look forward to. It's not the greatest show in the world, but it's decent. The acting is good in it, it's believable, and it's different from your typical dramas out there. I do like this show to the point it better than Lost, because this one will seem to answer questions soon. The writting and acting are relatively good, not the greatest I've seen. The special effects are pretty good. I do believe that the time slot is helping it, cause if it was on another night or time, I don't think it would survive, once it gets off the ground I believe it will be a strong show for CBS, just not sure how long it will last though.
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