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  • Do producers ever research before they establish fake little towns?

    The thing about Jericho is for a true Kansas native it is appalling. It seems like an attempt by a writer or show producer to stereotype Kansas as a whole. I feel they never researched the state before they put this fake town out in \"no where\" America. It is like they think Kansas does not know when things are going on especially one of a national disaster event. The show may be good and it attracts an audience but why make people believe the people of Kansas are living in the backwoods. We don\'t and in all honesty if there was a national disaster that involved nuclear warfare, Kansas would be one of the very first to know. Click on the old computer and go visit. Kansas has a nuclear plant. Yes, backwoods rural Kansas has a thriving nuclear plant and with international airspace all around it. Wolf Creek. Yes, that is the name and believe it or not if there was an attack on the US, it would be one of the very first places hit because of what it is. Yeah, lets show people how a community would survive if an attack would happen but maybe next time research rural America and find out that what you think is so \"out there\" and in \"no where\" land actually has been kept track of for over three decades by homeland security. So while every one is out there enjoying this show please remember that if there really was a nuclear attack; it sure won\'t be Kansas that is the last to know. Jericho is a drama show all right but nothing more than an attempt to scare people with all these talks of nuclear weapons in the world. Many people in Kansas are used to what may happen in an event like they and are trained yearly as to what they are supposed to do. Please producers, do some research. It doesn\'t hurt you to get off a chair and go visit somewhere before you put false information out on the air. Kansas is not a backwoods when it comes to nuclear and its destruction. Again just research before you make up false towns for your fake shows.

    Jericho is one of the most well written shows of the season! It is riviting, compelling and a scary reality check for the world we live in today!!
    I am glued to my seat for the entire hour with anticipation.
    The actors are over the top and one of the finest cast I have seen since, The X-Files! This is the first show to catch my interest and keep me wanting more, in fact, since The X-Files!!
    CBS used to only be good for Sourvivor & Big Brother for my family. They have finally come up with The Best show on tv!
  • the jury is still out on this one

    Again, I like the premise behind it-but I need to somehow get past the impossibility of the show. Ok, so there is a nuclear holocaust on North America, and seemingly everyone is killed except the people in a small midwest town called Jericho. Seems like a great jumping off point-and I was strangely intrigued by the first 2 episodes and their fast-paced shooting style. Now, this is where I take a turn-all of the impossibilities: they still have electricity, can walk outside unencumbered because the nuke cloud was absorbed into the soil and, this is what irks me the most-most of the people in this small town seem totally unphased by the catastrophe they've been plunged into? Ok, they best come up with some pretty cool storylines soon or I'm tuning out.
  • Show needs better writers, with a better idea on how an agraian community would function in a disaster.

    This show needs to be more probable, it lacks concrete structure, a realsitc story line and realstic motives with the characters involved. The characters in Jericho do not have there priorties in order. For starters there a farming town right, why didn\\\'t they smoke and cure the meat on the first episode. They haven\\\'t secured a food and water supply, They are still using money. They all sit around at the bar and drink its ridiclous. The writers are not thinking like farmers nor any person with common sense.This show defintley has potential but it is not realistic. I hope the writers get some common sense and ingenuity. Thanks Allen
  • I LOVE this show. The story is good, actors and their characters are awesome and I just love the way this show makes you wonder what\'s going to happen next and leaves you with so many unanswered questions. I\'d hate to see it go after only one season.

    I LOVE this show. The story is good, actors and their characters are awesome and I just love the way this show makes you wonder what\'s going to happen next and leaves you with so many unanswered questions. What makes this series even more interesting is also the fact of whats going on in North Korea rigth now (coincidence?) and just makes you realize. Wow this could accually happen. Compared to other shows Jericho is very believable and so are it\'s characters.

    I truly find that people are not appreaciating this show as it should be. Yes it might be a little bit on the same base as past shows but then again aren\'t they all? Even there most of the shows that aren\'t repetitive are usually totally far fetched and the storyline is completly not possible. I would hate to see this wonderful show go after only one short season.
  • This the the BEST you have? Come on... This is crap

    Started watching the show from day one and have been impressed with how fast it went from something worthwhile to COMPLETE CRAP.
    Is this the best you have???? Where are your writers???? WHAT are your writers? kids?
    Since I have to write 100 words, I am forced to come up with different words for crap.
    So, crap, junk, silly, dumb, crap, crap crap. Your writers HAVE to do a better job, they have to do SOMETHING. This is like jerry crap springer but WORST.
    God, come ON people. You HAVE to do a better job. Your better then this CRAP.
    oh yeah crap
  • This show has so much potential to become one of the biggest hits of the decade.

    Finally a show that Aussies like myself can watch and keep up with the American audience. It is shown on Channel Ten in Australia just hours after is airs in the US. From the first few episodes there is a post-apocalyptic world created with the audience centred in the small town of Jericho. As a viewer you feel like a resident of the town as you don't understand the extent of what has happened until details leak in piece by piece. This makes the experience more realistic. However, realism is also a flaw in the show with many technical details skimmed over such as facts about radiation and "radiation rain". Still, to be too picky about this would probably detract from the quality story being told. Overall, definately something to tune in for on a weekly basis.
  • The plot grabs your attention and keeps it! Actors are VERY believable.

    I cannot remember when a new show has grabbed my attention and kept it as intently as this show has. I find my heart beating faster during the show and I think about the possibilbites of events that might occur in the next show. I also like that fact that there has been no blood or gore on the show! Keep the exciting plots coming. Sincerely hope this show makes it and stays around.
  • It's a simple concept: Many of the larger cities in the United States (and possibly elsewhere) have been nuked. The small town of Jericho, Kansas is cut off from the world and must fid a way to both cntinue everyday life and find out what happened.

    This show is okay, not great, okay. Any show that involves the destruction of most of America's cities is quite morbid, (obviously), and surely isn't for everybody. The characters are all a little bland, the same characters you would expect would be trapped inside of a town. It, however, suffers from a critical flaw: The subject matter is so completely and utterly different from the commercials that surround it that it takes a point or two away from the show. I know that the commercials can't be helped, but going from hearing that Los Angeles was nuked to a happy-happy commercial for Target that is full of singing and dancing is just jarring. It just is unsettlingly quick of a contrast. Can't be helped though. Check out Jericho if you want.
  • What a fantastic show! After 9-11 and the current threat from North Korea people should be afraid and this show tells just what could happen. Mind you we're still not sure what has happened but whatever it is, it's frightening!

    What a fantastic show. After 9-11 and the current threat from North Korea people should be afraid and this show tells just what could happen. Some more attention should be paid by the writers to clarifying things such as how people are coping with daily things such as bathing, eating, refrigerating medications, etc. That would make it more true to life. There is a tad too much that is hidden from the viewer, perhaps to tease but we really don't like to be held in the dark too long. All in all it's a wonderful show that I intend to watch each week or tape if I can't be home. Jericho is my #1 show so far this season.
  • I love this show...

    Jericho is one of the best new shows this fall. It keeps me on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what will happen next. There is so much to take in with the idea of nuclear attack and watching people deal with not knowing if their families in other parts of the country are still alive, not to mention how they are going to survive being cut off from the rest of the world. It is hard to wait a week between each episode.
  • Loving it!

    This is a terrific new show, with so many questions that have yet to be answered that I will definately be watching for the rest of the season. I just got done watching \"Walls of Jericho\" (I had to work Wednesday night - thank goodness for DVR!) and have so many questions that I want answered. Most of them center on the character of Robert Hawkins, the supposed cop from St. Louis. If anyone wants to comment on this character or has any thoughts on these things, please respond, because I would love to hear what you have to say. First of all, I\'m thinking that he wasn\'t just any cop and that he probably isn\'t from St. Louis. With the chem suit and the military guns in the storage shed and the thing that he brought out of the shed and cemented into his house, I\'m thinking he is possibly some kind of covert operative or something from high up in the government. Then, with his comments today to the man that died of radiation poisoning (\"I thought we said only friends and family. Why did you go back to Denver?\") and the response of the man (\"I couldn\'t let them die.\") gives an allusion to the fact that they knew that this was going to happen. Then the fact that there is a \"traitor\" in their midst and that the \"rally point\" is no longer secure. How many more are out there that knew? And where are they coming from? How come he has a power source for his computer and what kind of secure web site is he logging into? Also, why did the bombs hit places like Atlanta and Philly and San Diego, but not D.C. or New York City? I mean, Denver and San Diego I could almost see because of the military presence there. But, why Atlanta? I mean, I\'m no fan of CNN either, but does that mean we have to drop a nuclear bomb on them? Does all of Atlanta have to be punished for Ted Turner\'s sins???? What city did they hit in the northwest? Seattle? Portland? I don\'t know. And what did the little boy mean by coloring his picture of the US different colors for different states? I don\'t think he was coloring Karl Rove\'s wet dream? So many questions, so few answers. Oh, and what has Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich) been doing all these years? Did you notice tonight that he had on dog tags when he stepped out of the shower? Does that mean he was military? What did he do? I wonder.... Just means I\'ll be back next week looking for more clues and begging for answers. Wonderful show and wouldn\'t miss it for the world!
  • A small town survives a big terrorist attack. This is a story of how the town pulls together and copes.

    Well what can i say? Its not a Lost or a Prison break but there is something about it. This show has got some serious potential, whether it will live up to it is another question. I dont know if its because i\'m a fan of things like 24 and prison break that i need things to happen fast and be on the edge of my seat. Jericho just seems to slip into 4th gear and just nearly push the top gear. But I\'ve only seen the first two episodes so we will just wait and see. With a later episode called \"walls of jericho\" i\'m expecting seiges and attacks from looters. Mad Max 2 springs to mind but let just hope it don\'t go that far.
  • A little bit unrealistic, but still interesting as it continues to show us bits and pieces about what happened.

    This week things are strangely back to normal in the town except for the shortage of gasoline to run generators and an outsider that is found breaking into the pharmacy with radiation sickness. I am bothered by a few things now as the show is getting into swing:

    - How can a recently orphaned teenage girl throw a party in her house for all of her friends a few days after her parents died in the attack? Also, how is she able to get a generator setup and started by herself to run the electricity for her large house?

    - How is Hawkins able to communicate with anyone via his portable when they can't use cell phones, regular phones, the internet, get a TV signal and even long range radios don't work? Didn't anyone find that strange that he had access to send messages somehow? - How is everyone paying for food and other items with there no longer being banks and checks and credit cards being worthless? How much cash do those people carry on them in Jericho?

    - If a man is about to die from radiation sickness why would the Mayor\'s wife risk infection by giving him CPR so he can live for a few more hours? - Why are people driving around so much if gas is scarce? Doesn\'t anyone think it\'s probably a good idea to save the gas for the a possible escape to somewhere else?

    There are many other things that are very unrealistic about the show unfortunately that I think detract a great deal from what could be a very suspenseful and interesting new show. Finally, what is going on with Hawkins? He seemed so helpful at the beginning and now is acting very strange and unhelpful as we see little bits and pieces about what his role in all of this is.
  • I waited for this show all summer with high hopes. Not sure why, there was just something about the premise that appealed to me. I’ve given it three episodes and boy has it been disappointing. The first episode was so bad I actually got angry.

    It was so clichéd it was embarrassing (and I watched it alone).

    The storyline so far is poor with almost everything telegraphed and transparent. Most of the emergencies have been contrived. The conflicts between characters seem silly in the face of what seems to be happening around them. The only element of the entire three episodes so far that has been even a little interesting is the Hawkins character and his family. Obviously, he knew something before and he is being played vague enough that you can’t tell anything about him yet. Good guy? Bad guy? Something in between? That’s good, but how long can they go with just the one mystery? Lennie James deserves credit for the only real acting in the series so far. I love Gerald McRaney but this isn’t his best work and the rest of the cast could be background characters from the Andy Griffith Show.

    I’m not well versed on radiation hazards or nuclear war details, but I suspect they are playing fast and loose with the facts. The idea that rain will wash the radiation out of the air seems laughable, but what do I know?

    Anyway, I’m glad CBS has picked it up. Maybe it’ll get better and with the other nonsense on in this time period, at least I have something to watch until Lost comes on. Even if it’s only to watch and shake my head with disappointment.
  • Jericho along with Heroes are two of the best new shows of this season, and maybe even the past three. But since this about Jericho let me focus on that.

    Jericho along with Heroes are two of the best new shows of this season, and maybe even the past three. But since this about Jericho let me focus on that. I loved this show from the pilot, day one I was hooked. I have to give it up to them for make the show so gripping from the start. Its fast paced and just gives you enough each week that you wont be driven mad wondering whats going on. The characters are all for the most part very likable. Skeet Ulrich as “Jake” could give “Lost’s” Jack a run for his money in leadership and kindness. I also love Bonnie and her brother Stanley’s relationship and the whole feel of the show in general. What’s scary and truly captivating about this show is how this could happen to us. Sure to be a classic if given the chance!
  • Really makes you think.

    What if a dozen US cities were attacked with even low yield planted nuclear devices? Even though actual damage and deaths might be less than 1% of the country, the impact would be devastating.

    The US and world economy would go into a downward spiral. The US is the heart of the world economy and having it suspended even temporarily would have huge effects that would ripple across the globe. Companies would fail, people would lose jobs, financial systems would be impaired and the uncertaintly regarding the future would lead to paralysis, fear and social unrest. There would be a chain reaction worldwide. Judging from the next 2 episodes thing apparently get much much worse as there seems to be an escalation at the end of the first 7 days after the attack. Look at something like Katrina - a year later and large sections of the Gulf are still nowhere close to normal despite aid flowing in. The reactions of the residents of Jericho are worthy of study. You have the clueless teens who behave as if this is all just a temporary inconvenience and think since they dont have school - lets party! There are many who hang out at the local bar in a semi-catatonic state with eyes fixed on the big screen TV watching the same 3 images over and over while sipping on beer all day. There are probably many sealed up in their houses peaking out behind the curtains occasionally. There are some who know how serious things are and are attempting to maintain order. Then theres Hawkins who is obviously part of some larger group who has been preparing for this eventuality and they are focused on their survival - not anyone else. What happens when more news from the world flows in and people start to look at Hawkins more closely? What will he do?

    Right now they still have enough supplies to maintain themselves - what will happen when things worsen and basic necessities become scarce? The US has become an urban society dependent on things like power, indoor plumbing, grocery stores and other modern conveniences for our very survival. Very few people today can live off the land like they did 150 years ago.

    What would YOU do if such a scenario unfolded? How would you react? Would you just shut down and give up or would you fight to survive? Exactly how far would you go to survive?
  • After a nuclear disaster of unknown origin, residents of a small Kansas town must face the threat of anarchy, looming starvation, radiation and most of all shapeless fear in their quest to survive and build a future for their families and town.

    While solidly directed and well produced, Jericho suffers from hackneyed character archetypes and little if any scientific validation. First I will applaud Jericho for holding my interest for three episodes despite offering nothing really new or interesting in terms of network television character drama. It is well paced and doesn’t create unanswerable questions that string the viewer along episode after episode. They set up a premise, hold out elements of suspense then mete out new information in a deliberate and satisfying pace. In other words, this won’t be another X-Files.

    That said, in the first two episodes we endured a pointless hostage standoff with prison escapees. Sadly, the escapees are both killed cutting short a plot thread and moral dilemma that were both potentially more interesting than the resolution of the crisis. We find out about a love triangle between the Mayor’s son, the town doctor and the local bar owner – each impossibly beautiful, none terribly interesting. Worst of all we see the town facing the first tangible consequence of a nuclear exchange - fallout. Regrettably, the solution (duct tape and plastic wrap) is so unworkable and scientifically unsound that there SHOULD have been no episode three. All citizens of Jericho would be dead within hours. The fallout would have left the soil radioactive and consequently lethal for centuries. Not just for farming as the show insisted but for walking, breathing or being near.

    What saddens me is not that Jericho is a thoroughly bad show – it is not. It is the fact that despite so much potential, Jericho too often falls back on traditional nighttime drama to pad its episodes and refuses to explore its apocalyptic setting with any effort or honesty. Remember, it’s fiction. If you find an aspect of nuclear aftermath too horrendous to surmount, write a way around it. We didn’t have to face radioactive fallout. It might have been more interesting to leave the direction of the wind a constant source of suspense.

    In the end, there is too much in the way of inane character friction, irrelevant drama and scientific implausibility to take for 20+ episodes. While there is enough dramatic foundation to hope that Jericho will improve, in my opinion there are still too many holes in the premise to allow for a meaningful restoration of the
  • Worst-case scenario come true

    Jericho is the new drama on CBS that tells the tale of how the small town of Jericho, Kansas copes with the fact that they maybe the last populated place left in a post-nuclear war United States.

    The characters are real & the situations they face in that difficult time are what makes this series worth watching. If anyone is looking for something resembling some disaster-of-the-week movie, look elsewhere.

    I suggest you give Jericho a chance & see it for a serious look at what might happen in these uncertain times.
  • Excellent Apocalytic Drama

    Having seen only two episodes, I am mildly surprised by the effectiveness of this well presented drama. A relationships-based drama, focused around the family of the Mayor (Gerald McRaney) of a small town, Jericho, thus far the acting and writing is top notch. Tense story lines have been the mark of Jericho thus far. Reminiscent of 24, Jericho is setting up well, and I look forward to the unwinding of the story of a few thousand people struggling to survive and overcome the aftermath of a multiple strike atomic holocaust coast to coast in America's metropolitan centers, leaving Jericho an island of life and hope. Of particular note is the acting of Allison Scott, the acting of Skeet Ulrich, and the understated but grounding performances of both McRaney and as his wife and the matriarch, the always fine Pamela Reed. It will be interesting to see if this strong start can be sustained, or if the storyline will wear thin. The executive production team is youthful but in combination has significant experience in film and in relationship-based TV that bodes well. In order for Jericho to survive, and it should, the tension needs to be maintained for the central family, for Jericho's attempts to survive, for the people of Jericho to maintain their humanity and their optimism, and for the outside world to impinge in a way that makes the struggle for the better parts of our human condition endure. Mighty big tasks, but my hope is that this intelligent, sensitive, and provocative program survives too.
  • nuclear disaster and the people of jericho are the only survivors !! good story .. or i may say excellent story

    i think people should be patient in their rating for this show because it is drama show and its idea is very new and very fresh . . i think this show will go better and better in the next episodes . . for people who complain that it contains much passion and it deals with relation very much come on guys it is DRAMA !! it should be like that . . u should not wait for action or adventure in such a show .. some guy said in his review i (should be watching battlestar galactica instead of jericho) .. that's wrong because this is drama show and battlestar is Sci-Fi u cant compare between them .. i'm not crazy of this show i watch many other shows (best shows i guess) but i only want the people to be patient .. this is my first review :D dont be hard on me
  • This show has an interesting idea, and alright cast.

    Sadly though I find it lacking at times, not only in dialogue and acting, but from keeping my attention. I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping that it will pick up. If it doesn't in the next three or so episodes i don't see myself as a continual watcher.

    Also I had forgotten how annoying I can find Skeet Ulrich, I don't know if anyone else has the same annoyance i harbor for him, but something about the continual eye squinting really gets under my skin.

    However as I mentioned, the idea is great and I am curious as to how it unfolds, but my curiosity alone will not keep me from watching week after week. In all honesty I just don't find myself connecting with the show and actually caring all to much what happens.
  • This show is really bad...the acting is poor, the writing is poor, the script sucks, generally speaking this show is terrible. Except for one thing...and that is the idea of the show is awesome.

    How horribly be granted the right and priviledge to direct, produce or even write a show that will be shown internationally and with an idea which is similar to that of'Battlefield Earth' (Do not see this movie) and Independence Day (again do not see this movie)holds incredible responsibility. You are given a chance to really produce a show that has substance and to tell a story that is so unique that it might even make you rich.

    But no, someone is given a budget, which they clearly blew on the good looking actors (that is all they are...good looking, because in reality everyone is hot)and are given an idea which is just great and what do they do... they develop a series that resembles two cows mating in the middle of a sewage treatment plant.

    WHY?? This show has so much potential. Very disappointed.

    For example...let me set the scene. One confirmed nuclear bomb has been detonated in Denver. The fallout is heading to Jericho. It begins to rain driving the radiation to the ground. People are forced to take cover by living in basements or sealing their homes with plastic. They are not allowed to confront the trauma of knowing that potentially millions of their countrymen are dead, and that they may die, or they might be under attack. They aren\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t allowed to manage the shock of what has just occured.

    One of the young boys takes shelter with the young indiffent girls. They last out the rain. When all her friends turn up. Because that is what I will do when I survive a rain storm of nuclear fallout, hang out and visit with my mates.
    They enter her house, and begin questioning why that boy is with one of their expressions.What the....??? Surely a human beings priorities in that situation would be beyond who you survived a rain storm of nuclear fallout with. But rather: thank god you are all alive and well. Because if I have to take cover from a rain storm of nuclear fallout I probably won\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t worry about who it is with. Bad writing. People this is not reality. This is not real. The world is horrible and not simple.
  • Small town sees mushroom cloud on far horizon. Mayhem ensues.

    When I first heard about Jericho, I wanted to avoid it like the plague--nuclear attack? Another serial based on an event, blah blah blah. But from the first episode, I\\\'ve been really impressed by the strong character development, and the eerie bits of information about this freaky nuclear attack. With the echoes of 9/11 terrorism fear that has become part of our national anthem, this type of show really hits a nerve today. And I just love how completely unprepared the little town is and how America just lives in this happy go lucky bubble. But that isn\\\'t even the point. It\\\'s about how terrifying events make or break characters. And watching these subtle characters grow will be a please I look forward to watching more of in the upcoming months.

    And a special shout out to the actor who plays the mayor. He was amazing on Deadwood and equally so on this show! And who knew Skeet would be such a great actor? I thought he was teen magazine material only--not any more!
  • DRAMA!!!

    Every episode I watch keeps me yearning for more. This show focuses on the reality of what if and what you can possibly do if in any event tragedy struck us. I love the drama in this show. Great cast and the chemistry really shows. I look forward to watching many more episodes.

    Thanks CBS....
  • The town of Jericho after the radioactive rain.

    I thought this episode was fairly well done. I was a little confused about some of the relationships between the characters. It was a little to convienet that they heard the on the play back of the black box that \\\"blondies\\\" fiancee was alive, also when the grocery store ladies son found all that food on the train. What exactly stopped that train? I am curious about that black gentlemans rather secretive ways, I thought he was a good guy but we shall see! I will be watching next week and hopefully learn some of their names. :)Also Mr Mayor recouvered pretty quickly from his flu, knocked some sense into that miner guy! And that town barbaque I don\\\'t believe I\\\'d have much of an appatite with all that has happened. Hope the writers make it a little more realistic next week.
  • Interesting story.

    A little town called Jericho caught in the middle of some kind of nuclear attack. No power, or communication, so they don’t have any idea what is going on outside there little town. Looks like some kind of major attack all of the US. Great cast, Skeet Ulrich, Gerald McRainey, Ashley Scott, and Pamela Reed. Good acting. Reminds me a little of the movie Red Dawn. There is a lot of mystery going on here. Nobody knows where Jake has been for the past few years. And there is a guy named Hawkins who claims he is a cop, but he seems to know more about what is going on than anybody, and he is keeping crucial information from the other. The story is kind of slow, but I think it is going places.
  • Either I've missed something or the show is getting their facts wrong.

    OK, I've seen 3 episodes. Not sure what the point of the show is, but if it is trying to show with how people deal with survival after nuclear attacks, it certainly fails. I hope I missed something in Episode 2, but I could swear the whole episode was about getting ready for the rain from Denver which would arrive about 2 hours after the explosion - but didn't the mayor say that people had spent the whole night in the church praying? Now, the rain has passed and everything is ok?? They're touching trains, etc. with their bare hands; they're not concerned with weather patterns from other cities that were hit. Some who did get radiation poisoning look pretty good considering.

    The show just doesn't compare with Threads or The Day After. I'll keep watching it a while but it's stretching my disbelief.
  • Bold storyline, great casts, excellent musics, scripts need improvement.

    Sure it can be unrealistic at times, but what show isn't? Jericho has an excellent group of casts, a bold storyline and great editors. The background of each character was built up sufficiently before the attack happened while keeping some mysteries. There are so many angles and directions this show could go. Another aspect which Jericho has been superior is the soundtrack. Songs have been chosen well to suit the emotion of the scenes, and made them much more memorable. Episode 2 was slightly disappointing though. For one, they probably shouldn't have killed the escaped convicts so early. Also, it wasn't so believable to have Skeet run all over the town and then missed the rain by a hair. The writers need to work on better scripts rather than sticking to unrealistic suspense.

    Anyway, let's hope this show wouldn't get axed. I sure hope not!!
  • it is hard to ignore the first few minutes of the show. the radio and television soundbites about the president and the so-called "war on terror".

    i am not entirely convinced that this show isnt just a well made piece of alarmist pro-war propoganda. i am really hoping that it is just a topical work of drama. with all the concern about the middle east and "homeland defense" it would be easy to see this show as right wing spin. it would be easy to see this show as a calculated attempt to influence that segment of america that doesnt concern itself with the minutae of polotics or the news, but really enjoys prime time drama. i will say this. its an enjoyable show with some amazingly talented actors working on it... setting aside my concerns as to the possible hidden motives of supposed propogandists. i want to see what happens next. i am pretty sure i can guess what will happen, but at the very least the show is interesting enough to keep watching.