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  • A Train Wreck. How many times will writers keep rehashing the same essential storyline with new characters?

    I don't see how this show could be considered original. The first episode is cheap drama at its greatest. "Well, I know what will make people excited! et's make someone die, and let's make someone else almost die. That'll keep them watching." There's no way to surprise a viewer with what happens. All of the TV/radio commercials and internet ads show a big huge mushroom cloud. As a result, the first 20 minutes or so of the show just drags. After the bomb goes off, you might think that the dragging would stop and the action would start. You would be wrong. There are no more surprises after the bomb goes off than there were before, so if you get to the bomb going off and think the show's interesting, then by all means, continue. If you get to the bomb going off and just can't take any more, and hope that it gets interesting soon, turn off your television, Go for a walk, and then punch yourself for ever having hope in this obviously bad show.

    It really is true. Stupid people deserve stupid television. Unfortunately, these people end up breeding anyways so that their children can create and watch more bad television.
  • An awesome new show on the U.S. getting attacked.

    I watched the first two episodes and I loved this new show. It's an awesome drama and my favorite new show on TV. The actors are awesome and the script seems well written. I can't wait for the third episode to air- it's gonna be awesome. I rate this show a 9.8 out of 10.
  • Another brilliant drama stroyline!

    Before I started watching Jericho, my favourite drama shows were Lost and Prison Break because I liked those types of themes. I likes themes which is one long story rather than a different stroyline each week. Jericho is also one of those brilliant shows which you can't just start watching half way through the season. I love Jericho because of the whole idea and I like the acting to. I think that everything in general could improve but I am still so happy with it at the moment. I hope that this excellent show lasts for 3 to 5 seasons!
  • An awsome show. Story about a small town called Jericho, which is untouched by outside sources. This show has great potential.

    The town of Jericho. Surrounded by other towns which have been bombed. The town is hit by a wave of radiation and people start going into panic mode. Jake Green, a town resident, who has come back from who knows where for who knows what. Son of the mayor of Jericho.
    When the radiation hits, the townspeople must evacuate to the confines of four walls. A closed of area, to avoid radiation poisening. Cities which have been bombed include Denver, Atlanta, Chicago and many more. Who knows how far the radiation has spread, but the big question is:
    Will the town of Jericho remain untouched?
  • Jericho - Deals with how people would react in a nuclear bomb situation Clichéd at times but delivers in the end.

    I sat down to watch the pilot only knowing a few things - It was a show about a small town a very far away from the major cities which witnessed a nuclear bomb drop on the city on the other side of the mountains.

    Usually I'm a spoiler freak but due to Channel Ten here in Australia decided to play it after America which intreged me more.

    This show given time I think will deliever the goods - just expect the usual cliques but hey what TV show doesn't have the usual Cliché ?
  • Episode 2 lives up to the first. At least the wolfs in sheeps clothing were killed

    The next best thing since csi. It has kept me on the edge of my beanbag wanting more. The most memorable part from episode one is when dale turner plays the tape of the phone call from his mother that sounds out her death. You have to really feel for him as you put things in persepective if that happened to you what you would feel like. Jericho for me is the show that explains WHAT IF? And fiven the events of today this show came along at the right time. Long live Jericho and may it go LOOOONG into the future.
  • A bomb is seen far off from the town of Jericho,KS. Now the town of Jericho must defeat all circumstances and struggle to survive.

    May be Spoilers:

    Getting better every week. This week the ending was fabulous and still many questions go unsolved. Who is Robert Hawkins??? Is any other towns still survived??? What will happen next??? I can\'t wait till next week either, we got Jericho at 8 and Lost at 9. But at the end of the 2nd episode, Hawkins is placing the tacs on all the cities bombed. I can\'t believe their\'s that many cities bombed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But the question is will they find someplace to go ? Or will they all die, fast-paced and exciting, this show is a must watch for all ages.
  • It has that 80s feel of The Day After (the last decent nuclear holocaust offering)...and I loved it! That and Skeet Ulrich and of course I'm hooked!

    I knew nothing of the show before I stumbled across it last week, so I was doubly amazed that I was immediately hooked.
    So much is packed into this first episode that I was amazed when I realized it was only a standard ep long. The basic premise is that, the prodigal son (Ulrich) of the mayor of the small Kansas town of Jericho has returned home to collect his inheritance for reasons that were never explained, and upon receiving a less than warm welcome from his self-important father decides to cut his losses and return from whence he came.
    On the way out of town he sees a mushroom cloud in the distance and while trying to digest that is involved in a head on collision with another car whose driver is also mesmerized by the sight.
    And this is where the fun starts as the people of the town come to terms with their new reality.
    There's all the usual herrings of all different colours in the guise of a busload of prisoners on the loose, grief, valour, cowardice and intrigue.
    This pilot is a terrific platform for what promises to be an interesting new series - provided the executives keep their collective noses out of the mix and leave the writers and crew to get on with it.
  • The show is sweet .

    The show is sweet. I give it a 10 + I belive that we should start to think and plan for events just like this. It is a eye opener show. I hope this show does not get cancelled . The channel that airs the show seems to cancell shows as soon as they start to get interisting. so I guess we will see. There was a short episode on the web sight i was looking for and was unable to find it that I liked as well 10 + show hopefully it will have plenty of time on the air.
  • Small town isolated from the rest of America after mushroom clouds appear in the distance.

    This is one of the best shows on tv and I really hope that it lasts. I love the subject matter even though it is some what on the gloomy side but that is what makes it great. Skeet Ulrich makes this show great. Normally shows like this don't make it is past the first season I hope that this is not the case for this show and it becomes a hit or least enough to last.
  • I'd been interested to see this since it first started advertising, and it doesn't disappoint. I'm very anxious to see where this goes.

    Very Day After meets War of the Worlds. I really enjoyed the opener and hope this goes where I think it's taking us. Characters were good, acting was good, stroyline was original and engaging. I would also call this series timely, as we watch the world in turmoil. Plenty to be revealed and explained, I foresee lots of twists and turns. I was expecting to be underwhelmed as I really was captured by the promos, I was delightfully captivated by the whole show and look forward to the road ahead, wherever it takes us. Very original, very engaging, very timely. Kudos
  • Watching personal relationships in a crisis, as performed by these top quality actors, makes this show one not to be missed.

    I was attracted to try Jericho by the producers, writers and actors. Skeet Ulrich, Pamela Reed, Gerald McRaney and to make it a sure sell for me, Lennie James. I was not disappointed. The way I judge a show ultimately is after watching the show do I care about the characters, do I care what happens next. The hour zoomed by so fast I couldn’t believe it was over. The quality of the acting came through in the amount that we were shown of the relationships of characters without words. How many viewers felt a whoosh of emotion when seeing the faces of the children and adults on the bus when the little girl stopped breathing. I will be watching this live and set it up on the DVR just so I can re-watch it like I did the pilot. There are some that would pick on the science or maybe the mountains in Kansas, but isn’t our first job as audience members be that we suspend our disbelief. Don’t let worrying about such things get in your way of letting yourself get to know this set of characters facing a most pivotal moment.
  • Who thought depressing theme could hold you in it's grasp for this long.It's the fall of the American Empire and the struggle for the everyday "Joe" and his family to stay alive while the omminous clouds of death and destruction appear over the

    I was nervous when I was reading this synopsis I thought how will this keep me going a whole hour.I am very surprised how much this show detailed within the hour of very impressive editing and a quick pace of setting up characters.The stars of "Jericho" bring the show to life and quickly get us the viewer caring for these people. Pamela Reed and Gerald McRaney are the best they have ever been.It is a downer of a premise but that is what is so good about it I mean who would of thought this premise would make for great television. I was blown away by the last scene of the actress getting out of her car to the haunting music and a highway littered with the corpses of crows and the scene of the young teen rewinding his mother's answering machine forboding message.I am reminded of the great film from the 80's "Testament" and from what I see this will be a great and thought provoking form of escapisim for me on Wed. nights this fall.I have not been this hooked on a series since "Twin Peaks". I can tell from just a first glimpse this series has alot of twists and turns comming up that will keep us going without any lapse into the absurd of finding a trap door in the middle of a cornfield or some series of numbers scribed on a wall somewhere but this will offer a harrowing and emotional ride into the decline of what we take for granted and that is our way of life.
  • Guy comes back to town after 5 years of being gone. We see different characters in their daily lives. Then the mushroom cloud. Everything goes to pot. The town riots. Hero rescues girl and children. Mayor gives inspirational speech. Order is restored.

    The idea is intriguing and full of possibilities. Unfortunately, I came away from the pilot disappointed, irritated and offended. I can\\\'t believe that there is supposed to be this school bus hitting a deer which results in the teacher breaking her leg and then for hours simply lying in the front seat waiting to be rescued. And, lo and behold, here is the hero coming to the rescue. Are you kidding me? She was incapable of calling for help on the radio or driving the bus or finding a first aid kit for the injured kid? Ridiculous. Strangely enough, he also has a leg injury, but is able to persevere through the pain. I can’t watch a show that does not respect its female characters. Then the hero performs an emergency tracheotomy which results in the girl gasping for air? Duh, her airway is blocked. If she can gasp, she can breathe normally. So stupid. The tracheotomy bit is such a gimmick. This is the third one I’ve seen in a year. Speaking of gimmicks, the prison bus transporting prisoners crashes which allows the prisoners to escape. I wonder where THAT is going. And watching the mayor's wife being constantly supportive and giving significantly supportive looks full of understanding was annoying. Also, how come such a small town with so few roads had giant generator-driven lights for their road repair work? Do small towns generally have these to work on their tiny roads at night? I doubt it. I can’t recommend a show that treats its viewers like idiots, doesn’t treat its characters with respect and expects the watcher to accept silliness for the sake of moving a storyline along.
  • the town of Jericho is shatted when residents of the small town see a mushroom clould on the far horizon, and must learn to cope with each other if they are possibly alone in the world.

    Despite some flaws in this fisrt ep, bear with it because it has the potential to turn into somthing interesting. Although the acting is a bit off it looks like this could turn into something worth watching, even though you couldn't really see the characters in the basically all dark first episode. It opens with some good story lines like where are the prisoners on the prison bus and how is the town going to cope if they are all alone in the world, without power and probably a limited amount of food. Just keep watching people if your not convinced and have a little faith.
  • Great show. About a nuclear bomb which explodes all over America(FOR NOW).

    I can say that this show will be the new hit series for CBS. I don't think that they have a bad show and they've prove it again. The cast is great. The first episode was very touching and full with surprises. You didn't forgot the first one and there is another. It keeps you on the screen. From the new premiere series this fall this is the best. No doubt. I hope this show will not being ended like others which are great but we will see. I expect the next episode which i think will be more thrilling. C'mno Jericho. And CBS keep it that way.
  • Good subject, great idea, bad acting, unagreeable directing.

    This is an excellent idea for a show. It has been visited before with cheesy 70s and 80s movies, but this is a theme that I would like to see redone in a contemporary high budget film. This show is the movie \"Signs\" meets the movie \"War of the Worlds(2005).\" The show so far has been shot with confusing angles and unusual plot jumps. All of the seens are filmed very close up almost like a really boring version of \"The Borne Identity.\" When the kid says "I don't know where we are," I too do not know where they are. North? South? Where is the prisoners bus? How far from town? The school bus doesn't have much gas but I don't know how much farther they have to travel.
    The acting I find very unconvincing and no actor seems to have an individual character theme in mind. I noticed about 10 overly obvious cliches from other nuclear bomb movies in just this first episode.
    Also, the store owner, Beth Grant. I hate her guts! She plays the same roll in every movie I see her in. Hopefully her character in this show will be different. You might remember her as the religious rightwing nut teacher from Donnie Darko. Also as the \"list\" manager for the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant. I don\'t know anything about her personality but I guess her acting is good enough for me to hate her characters.
    So I am going to continue watching the show because I enjoy the idea and the plot. I might make a lot of snooty faces while watching, but the show keeps me interested.
  • The first show was good. now, let's just see what the others bring....

    I wasn't sure if i was going to be a viewer of this show , but i have to say it was not bad. I did not excpect to see Gerald McCraney in it though, which was good . I think it is a good thing to mix old and new actors into a series. I am not exactly sure how they are going to continue the storyline throughout more seasons but i hope they make the right decision to keep everybody's intrest. I love the mystery in the show , noboy knows really whats going on yet. later .
  • Not really a Fave but worth the look-C

    This is a pretty cool premise show with interesting undertones from the first episode. Kind of typically we meet the hero of the story directly at the beginning. I have seen pretty much all of Skeet's stuff 8) and enjoyed it mainly that get the bomb cold in a ice cream truck movie, he did with Cuba Gooding Jr. The show also has "Hurst" from Deadwood and instead of being Satan incarnate he is playing the town mayor which fits him just as well(being a fine actor and all).
    I'm not 100% sure but i would have to say that is one of the Mannings as in Eli and Payton's brother playing Skeet's brother too, he is a terrible brown nose but hopefully changes as the show goes on.
    Terror in the heartland done but Nukes and what happens to the survivors. What caused the nukes to be dropped?? I need answers! You probably will too.
  • I admit, I was afraid to watch this show...but darn it, I'm hooked.

    I admit, I was afraid to watch this show. The last thing I needed was another continuing drama on my "must see" schedule, especially one with such an ultra-dark theme. But, darn it, I got hooked on the story and on the characters before I realized it. I'll definitely watch next week unless the overall topic of nuclear war proves too distressing to my nerves (falling too closely into the "it could really happen tomorrow" category). Down the road, this could get extremely good or extremely bad, but the opening episode certainly proved worthwhile.
  • At first blush, this looks like it might turn in a serialization of THE DAY AFTER.

    I was expecting as little more from this show. I understand that this show will be about the survivors from Jericho, however, I was wishing for a more dynamic show.

    The plot rolled out so slowly and was so predictable, that it almost appeared as if the writers took all of the "atomic disaster" shows, threw the bits and pieces into a hat, slowed everything down and reassembled the pieces.

    I am hoping, that now that we have been introduced to the major players, we will see a little less cliche and a little more action.

    I am sure for example that the criminals from the bus will show up to terrorize the town, and I'd be willing to bet that Jake will be the hero and save the town from the evil criminals. I hope I'm wrong because I feel the show could have great potential.
  • A nucluar attack goes off somewhere over the mountain horizon, but in perfect view for the inhabitants of \'Jericho\' to see the lovely Mushroom cloud bloom. (Warning contains dead birds)

    What actually happens in this show? I sat, I saw, I waited, and waited, and nothing happened. Was excited about watching this after reading the synopsis of the pilot episode, but it actually delievered nothing. The terrorist attack was a Mushroom cloud on the horizon, ok that\'s a pretty big statement to make, that there\'s been a potential Nucular attack on US Soil, but after that nothing happens.
    A collection of small town characters ensamble together, with the main character set out as he saves a school bus of children by himself. Maybes if they had fed me more \'meat\' I would have appreciated the build up of characters a little better, but nothing in the Pilot projected the story along futher then \'US has been attacked and these are the people we\'ll watch as the cope with the attack and fallout\'. There was no explanation as to WHY or WHO. Maybes I\'ve went into this show with the wrong mentality, I was expecting a more gripping style of format and show rather then an actual \'serious\' drama evolving around characters and their emotions.
  • This show is great, brings a movie twist to television, and has a great young cast and excellent tv veteran cast starting with Gerald M. It started off great, we shall see if it continues, 1st episode great.

    Great new show, Great young cast, Excellent plot line, and a show lead by Greald M. and a underated actor in Skeet U. This show has the potential to be one of the breakout hits of the year, as long as they keep us hooked every week, Just like most shows on today, their keeping us tuned in evey week.
  • Good character growth, again a nice hit coming CBS way, they just need to keep with it and not let it go.

    Absolutely fantastic can\'t describe this show, now CBS needs to grab this show by the horns and promote it till they can\'t anymore. Like Lost many may think this show can\'t possibly last long, a town with a nuclear disaster. Lost is about survivors on an island and look where that went and is going. Don\'t let this slip away have a huge hit here.
  • Finally, a new show with real potential. This story has been waiting and waiting for someone to address it for a long time. Let's just hope that the quality does justice to the subject.

    Stephen King's book "The Stand" first made it into the public mainstream when it was made into a multipart telivision movie. King's book was inspired by a little known book titled "Earth Abides" by George R. Stewart- Copyright 1949. This television show, "Jericho," Stephen King's "The Stand," and the one that started it all, "Earth Abides," address an important subject, well, a clear and present danger that the U.S. and the world have been eager to ignore for a long time. But, maybe now in this unique world political situation we may be able to have a glimpse of a truly possible if not probable future. After watching the first episode I am optimistic, not for the condition of the world, but for the important information that has great potential to come from this project. Finally, we have something to help us tune in instead of all the other crap that requires us to tune out.
  • Predictable storylines, bland characters, and just where has Jake been for the last five years? Don't really care, actually!

    Typical "human nature experiment" show; very predictable storylines such as the prodigal son coming home; father/son struggles; the hinted-at 'I just met a girl in the face of disaster and we will fall in love if only I could get over the old girlfriend' storyline; the secondary threat of convicts running loose; townspeople turning against eachother; and one could actually guess the dialogue 'cause really, we've all seen this one before in the several post-nuclear war movies of the '80's and know what is coming next. Jericho already comes off as a 'formula' show and I actually rolled my eyes in a few places (the Mayor's 'don't break my heart' speach - a Gerald McRaney standard, Jake and Heather introducing themselves AFTER he saved them, etc.) Not going to bother with this 'new' show.
  • Good story..A plot that can go somewhere but a flat on character should get cleaner and more intense

    This show is a kind of cross between Testament and the Day After.The 2 movies I mentioned had to deal with KNOWN enemies, and the consquences of Nuclear war. This show tries to develop the human side of the tragedy, both emotionally and spritually. It could have been a flood,fire,earthquake that happened but the story would have been the same. This show picks up where Jason Robards left off in the Day After, by offering an orange to the squatter that was sitting in his once standing house. The writers can go on forever with this kind of plot because the town can survive on it\\\'s own and their really is no end game in this plot.I heard most people complain about the effects and reality of the nuclear explosion. This is one thing that we have never witnessed on our soil and hopefully will not ever! So we cannot really gauge the reality of this event and capture it truly on the screen. Plus Denver CO is about 700 miles away from KC so that would put Jericho about 200-300 miles away from the blast, if you saw the sign with the milage in the beginning. At a Radius of 30.4 miles with a 25 Megaton Bomb
    Residences are moderately damaged. Commercial buildings have sustained minimal damage. Twenty-five percent of the population between the 30 and 60 mile rings are injured, mainly by flying glass and debris. Many others have been injured from thermal radiation -- the heat generated by the blast. The remaining seventy-five percent are unhurt. If the terrorist devices were homegrown then it would come nowhere near this magnitude. But enough over analyzing this will be a good long as they give it a chance to develop.
  • the premier was awsome.

    i had heard all the hype about this show. when i found out it would be on cbs i was worried. they have had huge success with the csi family and survivor, but they have let a few good shows go to the wayside. i watched it last night and it is now one of my favorite shows. i hope it gets a good following. it had to compete against bones last night. i just hope cbs doesn't cancel it after only a few episodes.
  • Jericho is so far a decent show.

    Due to the fact that i have so far only seen the first episode, i am unable to form a complete opinion about this show. However, i must comment about the fact that it seems interesting.

    After watching it's premiere, i was intrigued as to what Jake's secret could be. Aside from that, the whole 'Nuclear Bomb' thing is making me wonder how i (along with my country-Guyana) would react to such an attack. Therefore, i'm even more intrigued as to how the characters of this new show will be protrayed.
    For instance, will the wedge between Jake and his father grow or will they overcome their issues in the face of disaster?

    As for the romantic side of the show, who will Jake be more interested in; The school teacher on the bus or the engaged girl who seemed to be an old flame?

    However, i must admit i'm a little worried as to how long the writers will be able to sustain the storyline of a Nuclear Bomb attack and the struggle to return to normality of a small town. Will that be all the show is based upon?
  • A grim view of the near future

    Watching this show puts into perspective what our near future could and probably will be. With the current crisis in Iran & North Korea, \"Jericho\" I think portrays how small town America could be affected. While some people out there are nieve on how this subject matter is relevant to the current political & social view towards America, then maybe those same people should watch this show and hopefully it might put a spark of thought into their heads as to what might just really happen here. This show has some really good well known actors and I sincerely hope that this show lasts for a while. And for the fellow supporters & believers of my opinion & view about this subject matter, keep watching CNN & other news about these current events. In closing, be smart & well armed for the day may come when we Americans (all races & creeds) will have to defend our homes on our own soil. Thanks for reading. ---Mckennah (Asheville, North Carolina)