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  • So much left untold, so much potential shown and yet to BE shown.

    Usually I like shows that died before their time, they burned bright only to fade away quickly - preserved for all time at their peak and their demise. This show however, deserved MUCH more and was over far too soon. We can only imagine what would have happened if Season Two had run for more than seven episodes or if Season Three had been made, but I know that our imaginations wouldn't even have been close to what could have been and should have become. It'll never happen, and that's one heck of a shame but for now I'm more than glad I saw this show. I bought Season One and will double dip for the Complete Box Set even though I downloaded 'em all. Dammit, I loved this show that much - I feel it invested in its fans and I'm invested in it in return. This series hits all the right buttons!
  • Such an awesome show!I really miss it, and want it it to M*A*S*H,West Wing,and many others... We are cancelling way too many good shows these days. I wish this show would return! Thanks for a great one.

    Thought provoking awesome deep and wonderful! I can compare this to reading the Stand for the first time, and reveling in the thought provoking nature that Stephen King had created....this is Just As Good If Not Better!!!!! I think that it would have been the next "Classic" of TV. Like Dallas was of the 80s or M*A*S*H or the others that have rocked TV. Why can't we get quality like this again. We have gone the way of the dodo with thought provoking series,a nd I am sad to see it. Gotta love this one! Bring It Back! I think that you should at least hit CBS's website and watch this one through their online player!!! Please support the effort to bring this show back!!!! We want it to have a season 3! Help fight for the Jericho gang...check out how you can on CBS's message boards for Jericho...

    THanks for an awesome show!
  • One of the most interesting and addictive shows ever.

    I still cant understand why this show couldnt stay on the air. It is amazing! Non-stop intrigue. You really have no clue what is going to happen next, and everything on such a large scale! Its not just about a small town in Kansas, its about the fate of the country! There is so much happening that it is never boring, and it is all relevant to the story, no pointless wondering. In the first season I was amazed enough with how they managed to keep off ppl like Jonah Prowse, Newbern, and Ravenwood. But in season two they were fighting a government that came to power by destroying 23 major American cities! How do you stand up to ppl like that? Well, a few ppl from Kansas hold their own.
  • its confusing and boring.

    Jerico is one of the most boring programmes in the world for the exact reason that it only occansionally has action their always bickering ang the anarchy polt is so full of bull. Their are so many places you can miss interpret it and i hate the Fake FBI ploy if they cause the disaster don't drag it on with thsi person gets shot and that person gets shot and i hate everything about this programme. In my opinion this programme is redidculous my family might love it but its like marmite. you either lover it or you hate it.
    People of the world ignore it and switch over to something good like CHUCK on virgin1 and get proper action not flop action
  • One of those shows that just stands out above the rest.

    Jericho is a great tv show. The show just pulls you in and doesn't let go until the end and even then you want more. It does well of follwoing the serialized drama format set forth by 24, which could be one of its faults because viewers are to friggin lazy now a days to watch a show where they have to keep track and would instead watch csi spin-off number 16.

    The cast and writers make this show really great because they all love it just as much as the fans. Each actor plays their character well. I'm not saying their amazing actors or anything, just that they do well at playing the character they've been given and aside from a few slow episodes, the writers do a great job of keeping things moving through out both seasons.

    Overall Jericho is one fo the best new shows to hit the air waves in a long time. It's too bad cbs cancelled it again, but at least they gave it a chance.(unless you buy the conspiracy theories) Hopefully a new deal will be made that will bring this show back from the dead yet again.
  • This story may have seemed "far fetched" but think again folks!

    This story though seemingly far fetched was riveting ; spellbinding and could have possibly been a look into the future...Where else could you find such a story of power hunger and complete domination today? Yes as the world becomes more open than ever before thanks to computers and cameras that track our every move.Why would it be hard to believe that such an event could happen? World domination and control...after all money is power and power is the ultimate goal. The question remains "who would dare to take that final step?" It is frightening but never more possible than today...wake up people..Jericho is at hand!
  • Incredible Show

    What a shame - CBS couldnt get ratings for an incredible show because of its Bad Slots. I think the programer should be canceled and not the show. Its is a well done show and deserves the respect to be continued...This is the only series I have watched since NYPB Blue was on.CBS is a dying network but at least while "Jericho" was on you had many loyal viewers, but alas you have put another nail in your coffin to go with CBS news and 60 Minutes. I guess I'll have to watch the reruns on ANOTHER Network - Thanks for nothin.
  • A great and intelligent tv-show!

    Jericho is a great and intelligent tv-show which it makes you stay in front of tv for many minutes without blinking.
    Great actors, great characters which deserve all the appreciations. The story is also very well builted. I started to watch this show almost one year ago and from then and now i was so anxious, i waited so much to see more and more of what's coming next and that's because every episode it's a strenghtghening piece. It's too pity to stop the show right now. Would be great to continue to a SEASON 3 and even more.
    So, bring it back !!!
  • Jericho is the best!! Please bring it back! What will we do without our fix of Jake and Hawkins and the whole town of Jericho? What else will we watch with our apple pie ala mode and coffee? It's our after dinner treat! Please bring it back!

    I love this show - bring it back!! Everyone I know watches it once and keeps on watching. It is one of the best shows in years. The actors are superb - all of them! They really know how to bring you into the story and keep you pinned there. I missed the original airing and then got hooked when someone talked me into watching the first episode. That was all it took. The only disappointment was seeing some of the main characters from season one have to go. We loved the mom and dad and the relationship dynamics with their sons. But all the actors are so talented that they were still able to carry the second season superbly, even with some of the changes. I would love to highlight some of the best performances of each actor, but there are so many. These people are awesome - every one of them. In a new season we'd love to see more of Gail Greene and we really want to see more of Beck!! More of Jericho, PLEASE!
  • Jericho - One of many shows that stands out as being captivating and interesting enough to keep my attention that some exec decides to drop. That is why I will watch cable instead of network TV. Quit dropping awesome shows before they run the course.

    CBS Exec's. Do your homework before you create these shows. I applaud you for having the creativity to come up with something so brilliant as Jericho but have the Testosterone to stick to a show. I know I'm just one voice but if there is anything I dislike about Network TV is the fickleness of TV execs over Neilsen ratings. I'm telling you now you are way off the mark in canceling Jericho based on viewer ratings. You were wrong to cancel the show the first time. You were wrong to cancel this show the second time. The writers were wrong to have gone on strike and screw up the viewing season. Ending Jericho in the last episode like you did was not an ending to a series. Not even a good ending to a Season. Don't leave us hanging like that or you will continue to loose MARKET SHARE of viewers like me.


    John Hulsey
  • Jericho is suspenseful but still offers the viewers resolution once in a while as apposed to shows like 24, or prison break season 3; the characters are well developed and well portrayed. Second only to "lost" as far a TV goes.

    I was reluctant to write a review but now that the show has gone dormant again I thought I'd write one(if nothing else to express my love for this show)

    If you're like me you graduated from college in a engineering level math and physics curriculum…something that required hard work and study. You don't have much use for soap operas because your are in a meaningful, committed relationship and you don't need to live vicariously through trashy women and rebellious men…Reality TV is like having to watch your worst high school dramas as dirty laundry be aired out on the TV. Frankly I have enough reality in my life with 4 children. My free time situation can be likened to hitting your 30's when you realize you can no longer eat anything you want without gaining waste sizes…when I eat I for enjoyment, it better be good! So when I use my precious time for entertainment I want quality QUALITY! This Series (Although a little slow getting its wheels started in season 1 was one of 4 shows I will indulge at all (lost, prison break, and heroes (which is quickly becoming forgettable with all of it's plot holes and teenie bopper crapola) Let me say that the character development has been fantastic, the family values (even Erics marital issues in season 1) were good, and the twists and turns have been enjoyable. Shows like 24, and prison break often times put the protagonists in a no win situation for the whole season never giving the viewers much of a victory. Jericho in contrast allows for some short and long term victories...I like it when good things happen to good people from time to time! Jake and Hawkins stories were some of the best characterizations on TV second only to Lost in my assessment. I loved the Green family politics, the mother and fathers legacy to Eric and Jake. I loved the economics of a post nuclear disaster sinerio…the fact that gasoline, drugs and water became trading commodities more valuable then gold. Guys like Dale that go from being a high school chump, to being a real world business man with all the power of a Donald trump. The panic you feel when communication systems stop working. No power, no TV, no nothing…simply awesome! The Government conspiracy theory, the fictional way that corporations secretly own the flags of the world (Wal-Mart, Exxon, Glaxso ect) and the debt of a nation being extinguished with the rise of a new Allied states of America. So much of this great series has been lost because of what had to be wrapped into season 2 (7 shows, not even a 2 hour series finale…BOOO!) So this work of art is cancelled because people would rather watch….what now? Kid nation, or another CSI spin off. I personally am heartbroken. Even if Jericho is salvaged by another media, the story has already been prematurely pushed farther then it should…oh well it was fun while it lasted…Thank God for "lost"

    CBS is not to blame, our nation is a buch of mindless animals that would rather watch softcore porn and dog fighting then Provocative, intelligent television. NUTS to the viewers at large!
  • Jericho has been the best show out of all I have seen in the past 10-12 years, I have no clue why CBS with all its not-at-all-famous shows running for years was so concerned about Jericho twice in two seasons.

    Jericho had or rather I would say HAS it all character development, story, thrill, adventure, action everything for which you see 10 different shows. Frome Jake Green to Robert Hawkins to Beck it looked as if they were made for Jericho. It was different and brilliant every forum and every TV Show statistical website on earth would second this opinion but that of CBS. 40,000 pounds of peanuts it took to save Jericho first time where did they come from? What did it convey to CBS. I hope they bring it back I really really miss JERICHO. PLEASE BRING IT BACK CBS PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE
  • best series I have seen for a long time.. BRING IT BACK!!

    The Jericho series is by far one of the best TV series I have yet to, watch, it kept me in suspense through every episode, and I felt I was able to grow with the characters. Every week, I waited for Jericho to come on, and was never left disappointed, until CBS decided to pull the plug despite the numbers. I will do whatever it takes to help bring Jericho back. If you like this show, help us support it by going to Jericho's homepage and help vote and try to get this awesome show back on the air. Join the Jericho Rangers today!
  • This is the most innovative, fantastic show that I have EVER watched! They need to bring it back!!!

    I've recently watched the second season of this show and it is the most fabulous show that I have ever seen!!! I don't know what's wrong with CBS, but I definitely saw more writing potential for this series. If there were enough avid fans of the show to bring it back for a second season, why not keep it hanging around for more? This is my all time favorite show and it is a complete shame that it's now an ended series. I'm absolutely shocked and appalled that it's not coming back. Thumbs down to CBS for taking an innovative, fantastic show off of the air!!!
  • Hello of all Loyal Jericho fans....CBS you SUCK....dropping Jericho after the out cry between season 1 and 2, I guess you still have not learned. You day you listen to you viewers, when you really listen to your sponcers....

    Hello of all Loyal Jericho fans....CBS you SUCK....dropping Jericho after the out cry between season 1 and 2, I guess you still have not learned. You day you listen to you viewers, when you really listen to your sponcers....Well for me, you are once again down two one or two shows that I will watch, and the rest of the TRASH, well, lets try this, NO Jericho No Watch CBS. Like the other networks, you will air trash, sitcoms with no substance, or other programs with little or no intelligence, catering to the deep pockets of advertiser, and the 'weak minded' people. Enough said.

    Lets Boycott CBS and all it Advertisers..............
  • One of my faovrite shows of all time.

    "Jerico" is my second favorite show on tv. I love it so much. Its like Lost to me. CBS final got a really good series. I was so glad when CBS brought it back after the fans sent in all those peanuts in protest. Now, its cancled again. Some other network should pick it up to save it again. How can they cancel such an amazing show? People love it so much and their going to cancel it? I love this show so much and I cant wait until the DVDs come out and I can watch it whenever I want.
  • The best show of 07-08

    One of the best TV show of all times.... CANCELED?.?.? DUMB!
    I guess to make room for another stupid reality show...great that's all we need...NOT! I really had hoped for more seasons, and I think the last show ended a little short of what we all waited for, it is almost a cliff hanger... Shame on you guys, I think they didn't get enough PEANUTS the first time around, but I also think they will never get the real point, a great show, sorry to see it go! So what will be the replacement? Give us more, not less... Please bring it Back!
  • Wowz to cancel the most innovative show the DDD network that chose to do this is retarded, and shall remain nameless. Its funny how easy corporations like this are willing to cancel shows based on false ratings vs false ratings of another networks

    That being said this show was an innovative look into what could happen after a D Day scenario happens to Americans(which would of course change the world)
    OF course instead of having thinkers the networks would rather have mass armies of of sheep that will eat whatever they can mass produce for the least amount of expenses. IF none accurate ratings is more important then creating a great/original show that people can hardly wait for the next episode of then well you doomed yourself with your own ignorance. Its sad when great shows are canceled based on what some other corporation that could easily be corrupt feeds them.
  • Jericho loved downunder

    Unfortunately the Australian TV channels have not picked up this show for season 2 due to the fact that they are aware that it will currently be getting a season 3 and that season 2 was shortened (thus messing with their scheduling). However I can assure you that this show has a robust following down here in Australia and the demand for the episodes I have had to download from America to watch has been high.

    It is infact one of the few shows from America about America that doesn't actively tick us the heck off. We find it to be a moving drama of the story of humanity trying to retain it's humanity in the face of adversity.

    I hope that this show is infact re-renewed for a 3rd season though knowing American broadcasting I doubt that it will be. (Heck they killed Firefly!!!!)
  • How can you take this show off. Some people are taping the show so they can see it. We never miss it . my husband and I are faithful viewers of this show. What the heck is the matter with CBS. Got another stupid show or reality show to replace it?

    I are faithful viewers of this show. What the heck is the matter with CBS. Got another stupid show or reality show to replace it? You get to see a good show and it was getting better then you take it off BOOOOOOOOOOOO to YOU and shame on you. How many million people does it take to rate a show. You need to let them show this program. This gives the viewer something to think about and to visalize. It reminds me of the time they took off star trek way way too soon. how can you bring a show back and only show 4 or 5 episodes and expect it to be over. Give people a chance to welcome it back . You'll go ahead and put something mindless like a reality show or comedy show where no one has to think. IDIOTs
  • Too unrealistic? Yet the underlying story keeps me going. The end or not, I am happy we had a show like this.

    I have started to watch the show after I heard of the protest of the fans trying to bring it back after the cancelation. The premise of the show is great, and the conspiracy lay down by the writer is very interesting. So I totally understand why the fans want to bring it back for a 2nd season, and now possiblly a 3rd season.

    With that said, I was very aware of some review from this site saying the show is not making scientific sense. The very fact that how can we be living a normal life so fast after the bombing may not be convincing. Where did we get the crops and the meat is a huge question. And I truly thinks that they have moved on too fast and not able to show how difficult life would be after a messive neuclear exposion to all living organism. The fact that there was no foriegn intervention was also very hard to believe. If UN would step in, the aid process would be much different.

    I am sure I can raise a few more questionable points at the aftermath of the nuke attack, however, that's not the point of the show. The point was about government conspiricy. There are many parts I loved about the portrait of the unclear relationship between big company and the government and how politic can be controlled by a few powerful figures. The show also exposed many fundatmental things above our current way of living: Is demacracy the best system that we must concurr with... even at the time of crisis (or can it even function the way it suppose to at such time?)? Is the current US government as corrupted as the Chayenne one? Can we blame Jericho and New Barn citizen for fighting against the Chayenne government? If not, then we can easily draw a parallel between those citizen and the people in Iraq now trying to figure out what the US government wants. And after all, is the government acting on the best interest of the people or are the citizen simiply tools?

    I think the writer of the show really do try to draw some parallels from our time with the premise of the show. That part of the show is the part I admire and the part that worth watching between the line. I think this alone, makes the show worth watching; and I honestly say that I have enjoyed the show very much and don't want it to end.

    But the question is: should this show continue? Lets assume it does and we will see a scripted show about a new civil war... this will be interesting but would it answer more question about the current setup of the show? My personal opinion is it would only answer very little, and let me explain. I think the mass majority of the fans want answers, regarding the ending of the bad people who did this to the country, they want a glorious end to this self-inflicted war. In another word, viewers want the bad guys to be killed. The conspiricy is already explained very bluntly in the show, therefore, the civil war would only expand into a whole new story rather than answering any remaing lose ends. With that said, I think I rather let my imagination do the remainer of the show than see 20 more hours of a new war to kill the old villian. And I guess that's the limitation of the show. But if it ever comes back, I hope it proves me wrong.

    To conclude, I hope to see another show like this. As for now, rest in peace, Jericho.
  • Have you ever wondered how would life look like after a nuclear assault on a national scale? This show tries to answer just that!

    It starts quite idyllic. A son returns home to Jericho to ask for a favour and old family wounds open. During his stay we look at the people living their lives. It's a normal day in Jericho... until it stops being normal.

    The day Jake returns coincides with a nuclear attack on the national scale. In one fell swoop, several American cities are no more. Now the small town has to deal with a sudden lack of modern luxuries. What would you do if one day electricity, gas, water and the law were destroyed? This series tries to answer these questions.

    But this philosophical question isn't the only plot we find among these episodes. Over the run of the first season we learn what caused these attacks and see what made the townspeople into who they are now. Life goes on even in the face of tragedy, some things get complicated, others only get bloodier. This is a story of survival and of finding order in chaos.

    As the series progresses, it turns to a more military story. We see the horrors of war. What people are capable of when turning their backs on compassion and doing what they are ordered. The second season takes this one step further and places Jericho under military rule. Slowly, the corruptness at a government's core eats into the town and its people are once have hard decisions to make. The focus is not on just staying alive but on fighting for freedom and what's right when faced with a foe far greater than one can handle. We see ideals in people's hearts and why they're so admirable.

    It's sad that this show ended just after one and a half season. It dealt with difficult issues like morality when there are no rules to be afraid of. An apocalyptic scenario isn't anything new and I'm probably not the only person who ever thought what they would do in such a situation. The series plays on that modern fear we have of terrorists destroying civilization, the one thing we are used to all our lives. However unlike most shows, this one doesn't centre on the events leading to the attack but on the consequences on common folk. At the same time, we learn of how it all happened before the first season ends.
  • My favourite show at the moment. I'm hooked!

    I have just started watching the show and have bought the first season box set. i was hooked by the first episode. the plot is so exciting and the twist are brilliant. The whole show has just amazed me! I have not watch the whole series yet but recommend it to anyone and everyone as Jericho is TV at it's best. Lost fans will love it! It is such a good TV drama. The actors in it are believable in their parts and the entire series is such an achievement. I can't wait to watch the next episode and I can't wait for the second season to come to England so i can watch it!
  • This is the best show ive watched in 2007!!!

    After watching season 1 and heard that the show was cancelled I was so upset. Then to hear that they were only going to make 7 episodes of season 2 was very happy but wish for more..:( To anyome who doesnt or did'nt enjoy the show, clearly doesnt enjoy the possibilities of what we may face in the future and who cant comprehend the human nature element. The acting is excellent and the storyline is so compelling that one cannot leave your seat for a second. Compared to many of the shows that are being played right now Jericho is the winner for me..:)
  • One of the best shows of all time.

    I just watched the whole 2 seasons over about 4-5 days time on the internet. I will probably also buy it when it becomes available on dvd. I also went to the outback purposefully because I heard about a hundred or so of their commercials over the last 4 days. Find out a way to finish this series if I thought it was possible I would say we should boycott any cbs television because of their inability to be loyal to us the watcher. To all of my fellow Jericho fans I hope that you have enjoyed you time in this world as much as I have. Viva The US of A.
  • Jericho Must Stay! THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN!

    Jericho is one of the best shows I've seen in a long time. In a time when reality shows are taking over television and no creative thought was seeing the light of day, Jericho came out of the darkness and into the light. Jericho shows the, what if scenario that make you think and can cause change. Jericho may be ahead of its time but it might also be the right time. Good plot, good characters, good writing. Jericho also did something else it showed that the fans can make a difference and the old conventional ratings systems must be reexamine and redone. Help save Jericho for a 3rd season. P.S. CBS SUCKS. The Revolution Has Begun!
  • Cult classic

    Tension, drama, action, suspence.. its got it all! Probably the best scenario ever broadcasted on television. Government conspiracy to overthrow a nation in seek of personal gain and power. Only they did not predict the strength of a community such as jericho, which stuck together through the bombings, backstabbings, coups from neighbouring towns and the military oprresion which tried to bring them to their knees. Honour, love, respect, patriotism and family are all embrased within jericho. An original script which keeps you nailed to the screen, aching to know what is going to happen next. How cbs can cancel such a show is beyond belief.hopefully they reconsider and despite our disgust now we are thankfull for introducing us to this show! So know deal with it, we want more!
  • One of the best shows EVER!!!!

    Jericho was a show about a town that was trying to get their lives back to normal after the country had a nuclear attack. This show was very well written and it had me sitting on the edge of my seat,you dont see many shows like this today. CBS sucks for taking off one of the last good shows on t.v. I was a faithful viewer from the begining til the end and I really hope that SciFi decides to pick it up for a third season. Im really going to miss this well written and very well casted series. BRING IT BACK!!!!
  • RIP JERICHO .....Amazing WRITING .. which most shows completely lack... CBS should burn for cancelling it.............................

    great take on the finer points of individual life changes after a would be Nuclear attack... instead of the traditional hollywood " wild Bandits / mutated freak " take on it

    Each Character is clearly and meticulously developed along with the overall plot behind each one. Emotionally Gripping and I hate CBS ... it was the only good show on the Crappy, cliche-laden Network

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  • Post-Apocalyptic USA

    Jericho is and always will be a great show...cancelled well before it had a chance to develop into something even bigger. Revived from the dead once and shot into an awful timeslot that had predicted it's second death almost immediately. Jericho had some great acting, brilliant storylines and an uplifting moral message overall. Find this gem on dvd and see what you were missing. You will wish you watched it on CBS the first time around and then sent "Nuts" to the network to revive it for another season.
    Then you will wish it had lived on from there in a decent timeslot instead of which some half-reality/all-crap gameshow currently resides.
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