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  • Damn, pardon my frehnch but Jericho is by far one of the best shows ever produced, so why did CBS cancel it? That's just... Unexplainable...

    When I first started watching Jericho I thought it would be just another in the row of "end of the world-shows" but it didn't take long, actually only half the first episode, for me to alter that opinion.

    I would describe this show as a high quality, apocalyptic show with genuine characters and a well working plot. The intrigues feels somewhat real and expected under those dire circumstances and how a small town in the middle of nowhere in Kansas is able to actually coop with the hugh pile of problems that the events creates.

    This is absolutely a must see, and perhaps a must buy, if it is released on DVD.

    I certaintly hope that some other company than the rotten CBS will take over the production of this splendid show, so all of us dedicated fans can continue to enjoy the small town of Jericho.

    (by the way, it was said that the last episode were to be without cliffhangers. It certaintly was not)
  • Something is really screwy with the rating system.

    Great show really look forward to it every week.

    Got to be some kind of screwy mix up with these ratings. I don't know who is participating in the Nielsen ratings but they must not be normal people because everyone I know watches Jericho.

    Come on CBS sometimes you just have to keep a show because it good. Be loyal to your viewers.

    Build it and they will come....

    Enough with all the reality shows.... give us some entertainment not Celebrities that can't be in a circus or sing or dance. Jericho Rocks.. One of the best shows on TV. Good plot, interesting characters.
  • Why cancel a good show - who cares about ratings.

    I just finished watching Jericho season on on DVD last week. I had no idea what to expect from this show, but wow I got hocked preety fast. I was looking forward to season 2, on DVD but some high power guru wan't to cancel it and cut season 2 short to seven episodes, because the ratings are now high enough. This shows makes us think What if something like this really did happen? How would we get along? I'm sure the reality of it would be worst then what you see on TV. Bring on season 3!! and never mind ratings. It is a show that tells a good story. Please re-think your decision!!!!!
  • Absolutely engrossing plot and believable characters. Great show. Please, please let's band up and not allow this show to go the way of arrested development.

    Absolutely engrossing plot and believable characters. Great show. Please, please let's band up and not allow this show to go the way of arrested development. I can't believe I used the word fabulous in my classification but the show is awesome. Nuclear fallout is a very real possibility. I just loved the show. Only thing I would improve is the realism (Kansas doesn't have mountains). Besides that just an amazing show. It even had the gusto to kill two favorite characters. You don't see too many shows take that chance. Lost tries but it is so discombobulated it can tire. I am honestly one of those non tv watchers that calls to make sure the DVR is set...
  • One of the few quality shows on TV.

    One of the few quality shows on TV. The only critisism is that they went too far with killing off good characters, (the Mayor and Bonnie) but this tactic was probably used to raise the ratings and keep the show on the air. Unfortunately that failed. *sigh* I gues I won't be tuning into CBS agian...ever. This was a show that made you think. Made you look at the world hard and deep. Made you reflect your part in that world. What a shame it is gone. CBS truly is a whore to the ratings and will never know what is good quality tv.
  • Jerico, a relief from the typical

    I can't believe you are cancelling such a good program. Brings back memories of Star Trek. I realize that it costs more to produce this type of program as compared to some reality show that you only have to pay the "winner" for. You must realize though that many of us either don't watch these
    shows, and if it wasn't for the late night talk shows and the morning news programs that have nothing to report so they bring back the losers of the reality shows to fill time and make the public think it is important. It is not the quality of the programming it is the cost to produce. I for one feel that you are making a big mistake by cancelling Jerico. Hopefully someone with more foresight and brains will pick it up. I guarantee that I will watch it if they do, regardless of what CBS puts up against it. You have lost a loyal viewer.
  • I just love this show!!

    I just started watching Jericho last month. I had no idea it was even out there at the time and now I have found out it started in Sept. of 2006. I have missed so much. I look forward to seeing it every week and on Fridays on the Scifi network. When season 2 ends I hope they can rerun the first season so I can see all of it. If I can find it on DVD I'll buy that to. I live in a small farm town similar to Jericho and it sort of makes you think. What if something like this really did happen? How would we get along? I'm sure the reality of it would be more harsh then what you see on TV. Bring on season 3!! Please!!!!!
  • I love this show I'm so glad they brought it back.

    This show is wise beyond it's years. I have been watching it since season one. I can't believe they had cancelled it, but since they had to turn up the spice it's ten times better this season. If you don't watch this show try it out you might just love it. I literally have bee sitting on the edge of my seat the last few episode's. I hope it doesn't get cancelled at the end of this season which is only gonna be seven episode's long. Like I said because it is such a short season it has had just great episode's every week. I can't believe they killed Bonnie what a shock I loved her she was a great character.
  • Cheap, tacky and boring.

    I had originally watched the first few episodes of Jericho, back when it had started, and really enjoyed the show. Half way through season 1 though, the show just started going downhill, and I stopped watching. The relationships were forced, it ripped off scenes from other BETTER shows, the dialogue was laughable, and the only character that I found interesting was written off half way through.
    I really liked the concept, and it did seem like this show could work at the beginning, but then it began to become apparent that the writers were heading in a completely different direction, and the show began to turn into some "battle of the towns" crap.
    After missing half the season, I tuned in to the last few minutes of the season 1 finale, and things had only got worse. After hearing of the shows renewal, I decided to check out the first few episodes of season 2 and see if there were improvements. Unsuprisingly, no. The show had gotten worse again. It became a cheap and tacky, and seemed to think it was a clever, smart show. It really isn't.

    Then the shows death character (forgot her name), goes parading around with a gun, thinking she can shoot down an army on her own. Pleaseeeeee. As if thats believable.
    It's a horrible, cheesey Lost wannabe, and I'm glad if wont be coming back for an even worse season 3. Hopefully CBS will replace this trash with something better.

    If you're considering watching this show, it really isn't as good, or anywhere near as the few dedicated fans make out.

    Nuts wont save it this time.
  • Once again the great story line continues with fantastic writing and moving acting.

    Last nights episode once again showed the quality of this program, with excellent writing and superb acting. The characters have matured to feel as they are one of our family, with all the trials and tribulations of the day to day challenges we must all face to survive.
    It will be a shame if CBS decides to once again cancel this fine program. This is the first program that i have ever spent so much time in following behind the scene activity. With the development of todays new media delivery systems, CBS needs to find a way to adaquately measure the real audience of the fine program.
  • I know that the show is being canciled again and it is pissing me off! I love this show it is great. It is deep and has a great plot. CBS needs to not worry about the ratings of Jericho because i just have this feeling that there is alot of ppl who watch.

    I love this show should not be canciled it is a awesome show. The character are perfect. They help each other out in a time of need. I think season 2 was even better than season one. I am really wanting them to bring it back. I think they should finish the show with a full season if they are goin to cancil it. there should be like 20 episodes before they cancil it. I am very disappointed in CBS. I think that jericho is the best show on CBS. that and big brother. I really hope Jericho will be back.
  • An atomic holocaust caused by an extremist group decimates 24 American cities with the plot centered around the survival of a lone Kansas town in the wake of the nuclear aftermath.

    All I would like to know is if CBS is renewing for a third season. The show is a classic, the interaction of the characters is dynamic; the movement of the plot is fluid with many twists and turns. As Season 2 ends (presumeably next week), I am sure many of us wonder if we will see a Season 3. Will the series renew? If it does, will it stay on CBS or move to another channel? The tension that arises in each episode keeps the viewer spellbound and addicted to watch subsequent episodes; there are very few series on television that have that type of intoxicating effect on the viewer. One wonders whether or not the "Cheyenne Government" will be exposed as the sinister entity that it is...will the "Allied States" eventually reunite with the "Eastern Bloc" and "Texas" to become the United States of America again.
  • Jericho is the best show on TV. Ever. Need I say more?

    Jericho is a phenominal show that captures the day to day life of every man and woman in America - but with a twist. The people that live in the town of Jericho are living after a virtual holocaust. 23 American cities - BOOM - gone, just like that. And they're left in the ruins, trying to survive, keeping alive by living the only way they know how to. In general, the show Jericho is awesome. It brings every great element of any TV show ever produced together, just without the constant sex or reality-type dribble. Jericho is a truly amazing TV show that deserves many more seasons.

    Each episode is engaging, exciting, and thrilling. There is no end to the compliments that can be given to this wonderfully underestimated show.
  • A cult classic already!

    Action, drama, romance, mystery, something for everyone! If CBS is stupid enough to let it go, the network that taks it gets my viewership! It had been about 10 years since I watched CBS, then came Jericho and I became a CBS viewer again. If Jericho leaves, it will be at least another 10 years before I watch CBS again.

    Jericho is certainly a story that is realistic in its premise and shows what could easily happen in reality. It should be a reality check and at the same time, should invoke the love we have for our nation and to never forget how good we have it.
  • Jericho has something for everyone. Action, drama, romance, family, mystery, with moments of humor thrown in. This show is great !! Its a never ending action movie made for TV.. I love it!! CBS has a real winner !!!

    If I had to sum up my feelings about CBS's show Jericho, it would have to be, that it is one of the only well rounded shows on TV today. You dont see shows on TV these days like this. The characters in this show have such a great sense of honor and loyality to their families, town and country. Its a serious show that takes you down many different action packed roads. They get you all tense and anticipating , then slip in a scene that makes you laugh or cry. The setting is a small town in Kansas,with small town people and families, learning to cope after nuclear bombs explode in the U.S. There is action, drama, emotion, romance, fighting, loving, humor and a overwhelming sense of honor, loyalty and American pride brimming in each episode of this show. I think Jericho is a breath of fresh air, after all the reality shows that have been popping up all over TV. Most of them are reeking of dishonesty, cheating, lying, anything to win. CBS you win the top prize for this show !!!
  • "Very insightful"

    Despite its rough beginnings, Jericho has become one of my favorite shows. A series that shows viewers what life could be like after a nuclear attack. A realistic interpretation of human behavior, once a government structure collapses. That although there will no doubt be a great deal of chaos, there is also hope. People in general are more likely to, I hope come together. I was glad to see that the show was returning, and hope that it sticks around for some time to come. This show has great potential, and with little more character development has the prospective to go for several more years.
  • Jericho is a post apocalyptic story of an isolated town in Kansas named Jecicho and it's struggles through the hardships of a world foever changed by nuclear annhilation.

    This is a superb show that I have followed From Day 1. The characters in Jericho are very believable and the story is very unique and intriquing. The whole premise behind it is entirelly plausible in a world like today. This creates environment that is ripe for new unique expiriences within theiir world that makes this show entertaining and more interesting than 99% of the cookie cutter dramas on TV today. As it stands in Jericho a war is on for the Liberty that we were all promised while there is a war on to continue this fine shows existence on the airwaves
  • A serie of nuclear attacks on 25 major cities in US force the world greatest nation on his knee. Anarchy spreads out while slowly the truth is uncovered, it's all an internal conspiracy.

    If your question is: "How would US look like if the "Fallout"" videogame franchise came to reality? This show pretty much answers the question, and it does it remarkably well. The show is very catchy and leave you screaming for more; the only negative remark that I could make is that starting by season 2 it looses a bit of its "Post-Apocalyptic Scenario" a-la-Fallout and perhaps it should have sticked to that, nonetheless the second season so far does show a very good spy/conspiracy plot unveiling one piece at a time, for sure I am going to watch it until the end, it's worth.
  • The story starts just before many terrorist attacks hit several American cities. From there it's a crazy ride of problems for the town of Jericho including nuclear fallout, escaped prisoners, food scarcity and many more.

    This show has got to be one of the best shows out on the television today. It talks about current issues such as terrorism and conspiracies as well as showing that people are trying to survive in the harshest of conditions. The show builds strong bonds between characters from the start, making the viewer feel sorry if anything happens to any character. The plot twists are very creative and exciting. When watching this show, I wish there wasn't a week break between the episodes because I just want to watch the next ones straight away. This show should definitely be renewed for another series if not more.
  • An truly amazing show that leaves you on the edge of your couch wanting more. Its about a post-nuclear disaster and how people would go on and who would take advantage of it. A true human politically charged drama.

    What can I say about the show that hasnt been said yet. Its just GREAT. Thanks to all of you who rescued it from oblivion and to the network for making more episodes. I really hope it gets picked up for another season or a complete second season so we get to see more of Jake an Co. unvieling the misteries around what happened in the Jericho realm. The acting on the show is superb along with the editing, sound, effects ,etc. making it really enjoyable to watch and theorize about it. Keep watching Jericho, Im not in the US but im a fan of the show as many others around the world. The raitings system is not perfect specially nowdays that information passes so easily and from so many sources. I know a lot of people in our generation just records it or watches or downloads it online. So I do hope the network at least has some brains and thinks about it before saying goodbye to a great show, just because nielsen says raitings are this or that. Cheers.
  • If i had to pick one show to watch for the rest of my life, this would be it.

    Jericho, Jericho, Jericho, you freaking rock!!! Absolutely the best show on today! Trust me, I'm not crazy... Maybe a little bit. I watch LOST and HOUSE, plus other top shows, and don't get me wrong those shows deserve all the attention they get. But Jericho, you don't get the attention you deserve. Yes it was cancelled, yes it was brought back, please don't take this show away. Just watch an episode, buy one show off itunes, show some support, you won't be sorry. This show has great writers, a fantastic plot, and the most lovable characters. You, can't help but fall for this show.
  • PERFECT! The best show since X-Files!

    In the world of modern television we have very few options of what to watch. We have gameshows which are repetitions of the same thing over and over (Deal or No Deal), unimaginitive reality shows, and comedy shows. But through the fog breaks JERICHO. The only show I've watched since Season 1 of LOST that makes me actually anticipate when the next episode will air. With multiple interesting plotlines, realistic and engaging characters, plenty of action, lots of suspense, and even a little romance this show has a little bit for everyone. And I would suggest that if you haven't seen it, you go watch it from episode one. It's the best thing on TV in a long time.
  • This is my favorite show. We don't even turn the TV on except for Jericho and lost. I really don't like any reality show.. JERICHO MUST live and Live on.. we need to know more.

    This by far one of the best thrillers on TV.. I just love this show and was part of the nuts campaign to bring it back.. so keep watching.. Jake and Hawkins must live on to save the country..
    So if you haven't watched it Watch it and if you have keep watching. We have to stop the reality shows. I don't even turn on my TV except for this show and Lost. I just can not believe the thrilling story line and how it keeps getting better every week. It is quite a conversation piece the next day. JERICHO RULES
  • After a very long wait Jericho has returned absolutely for the beater, the plot has become so tens that it keeps me rooted to the edge of my chair. There are no special effects or camera work it is pure brilliant script and superb acting.

    After a very long wait Jericho has returned absolutely for the beater, the plot has become so tens that it keeps me rooted to the edge of my chair. There are no special effects or camera work it is pure brilliant script and superb acting. I hope that all Jericho fans will unite and give this show the brilliant rating that it deserves. To the writers of Jericho keep up the excellent work and I hope this show will run for many seasons to come. Can't wait for the next episode the initial story seemed to have started slow but in actual fact it was setting all the new plots in play and cranking up the suspense that will keep you nailed to your chair, people enjoy this show for it is a rare gem in an ever expanding world of lame story lines.
  • Great television!

    The writers on this show have really opened some interesting plot lines. Each sub plot can go any number of ways. The acting is also great. If there is a season three, the writers, I'm sure will develope the characters further. Right now they are limited to only a seven show second season. Even so they have presented us with some great story lines. Which way will Major Beck go? Is he in control of his own destiny? Will Jake and Heather hook-up? Can Jake and Hawkins uncover the truth behind the attacks? All these questions will be answered if there is a season three. Who knows what can happen then!
  • Great Show!!!

    This is a fantastic show! I can't believe that CBS would even think of canceling this. Jericho is one of the best shows on TV at this time and is definitely my favorite on the tube. The show is fast paced, exciting and thought provoking. The writers really make you care about the characters and I look forward to seeing what happens next. The most bizarre thing is the realistic nature of the circumstances surrounding the plot-line, Beware! this could be our reality some day. Thanks for the opportunity to give my opinion on this GREAT SHOW. Keep it going. NUTS!

  • Love,Love this show!

    I started watching this show after my dad told me to and now I absolutely cannot get enough of this small town's major crisis. This is a show that makes you wonder what you would do in these people's situations. We all hope we will be the person like Jake or Emily, but think maybe we would be more like Emily's dad. After last season, I was devastated that it got cancelled, but then it came back and now it is better than ever. The first episode of the second season was a little crowded and rushed, but the next two have been phenomenal. I can only hope that it gets a third season.
  • This show is great, i hope it doesn't get cancelled!!

    I started to watch this show with a little cepticism, because several shows that interested me lately were cancelled without the story being closed, and this is the worst that can happen to a show.

    Although the cepticism i overcame the fear of premature cancelling because i was enabled to resist the premise of this show.

    This show ends up being good entertainment and also a complex political critic.

    The show could have fallen in the situation were they could stay entire seasons telling easy stories only about the city of Jericho, but instead of that they made it bigger then the city the show is named after and made it about the all of the USA and the world.

    I always loved pos-apocaliptical stories and this show filled up my expectations completely.

    It's difficult for me to rank this shows against other because in my opinion it has no competition in this genre.

    I cannot understand how lots of good shows don't survive their 1st/2nd season while there are lots of awful shows that run endlessly for years.

    I hope that at least if the cancel the show they give it a dignified ending.

    Sorry for my english but i'm Portuguese :).
  • Happiness

    I am so glad they brought this show back from the forbidden cancellation. It was and still is a magnificant show. The plot is always thickening and its alwasy worth watching. Also i am glad that they made the time at 10 so now more and more people will get to watch it. I've watched it since the first episode and it really is a truly amazing show. The only argument I have with the show is that I think it could have been a movie for all the stuff thats happening. I always wish it went for more than an hour so I could see what happens next. I guess thats why I always end up watching it next week. marvelous.

    This show has quickly become a favorite of mine. It seems todays t.v. has just turned into one reality show after another. It is nice to see a solid new non-reality show come along that does not have CSI or LAW in the title. I bought the first season on DVD and quickly got hooked. The idea behind the show is excellant. I was worried that the show might lose its edge after the dust settled from season one. I could not have been more wrong. Two governments! East vs. West! A new flag! New American history books! Bring on more Jericho! I can only hope that the show is picked up for another season or two. I know ratings are not as high as CBS expected. I must admit I am part of that problem. I DVR the show and watch it at a later time. They really need to update the ratings system to include all of the new technologies.
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