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  • This show is Awesome!

    I just started watching this show a couple of days ago and i caught up on the first season by watching it on and i was instantly hooked. I'm excited about the new season and am eager to see the affect of the attacks on the nation as a whole. I love how it kind of re-enacts and alludes toAmerican history but with their own little spins of a post-apocalyptic spin on it Jericho starts off like Jamestown where in both cases the citizens were suffering from cold and hunger and turned to a person who managed to lead them not only with words but with actions (John Smith/Jake Green) and ultimately saves the town. Then it turns into a kind of Civil War scenario where two neighboring towns begin to fight and both see the other at fault, pitting friend against friend. Now that the fighting is over, they are going through a kind of reconstruction period which is exactly what happened after the Civil War and the town leader (though already elected out of office) former mayor Green has been killed. Now it seems an even greater Civil War lies on the horizon but with an east vs west thing going on (go east coast!) I'm eager to see where Jericho's place will be in this war. Stay Tuned.
  • Excellent show. The study of a post-nuclear scenario is something we all need to get comfortable with. 50,000 nuclear missles aren't going to sit in the ground forever. If anything is inevitable, its mankind's stupidity.

    The cleverness of the spook working for a military defense contractor is done well. Skeet as the main character is also done well. The scenario, while seeming to be over the top, as far as the "military industrial blah-blah" blowing up the US to take over the government is stretching it a bit. But it's ok. We all know China and Russia are going to nuke the US one day, so let's forget the cause for now. The plot works and the point of said plot is the aftermath, not the reason for the attack... mostly. I like this show because it puts a kinder face on a post-apoc scenario. You don't see any radioactive clouds in the distance and you don't see them not being able to drink the water(we all share the water table). But no biggie. They are trying and it's a great start. This is a show worth watching. Ignoring the details, it puts you in the frame of mind of how relationships are disappeared unlike anything our generation has been used to. You wake up one morning, and you have no family, no friends, just a few country folks that don't know what the hell is going on. That's what grabs me most.

    Besides the above, the shows fans are staunch allies and are the only fans that I know of that brought a series back by flooding the headquarters with craploads of nuts. That's purpose driven persistence, and something to be admired. And I suppose, after a few more episodes, you can count me among them. Semper Fidelis.
  • In the last week I managed to watch the first season of Jericho. I had been wanting to watch it for a couple of months now, and I am glad that I finally caught it.

    In the last week I managed to watch the first season of Jericho. I had been wanting to watch it for a couple of months now, and I am glad that I finally caught it.

    Jericho has a really good story. The United States are under the biggest terrorist attack in the history of the World. From there on we see how it effected the people of Jericho.

    We also have two characters, Jake and Hawkins, who both have recently came to Jericho. Jake made his return after 5yrs and Hawkins just got to Jericho a couple of days before the explosions. The way their stories are built is just great, and how they finally interact and get on the same page is even greater.

    I am glad that the people managed to bring Jericho back, and hopefully it will be more then for just 7 episodes.
  • rehfds

    ok so this sounds like a really great show. I just watched a TV guide special on it and it looks amazing so I'm going to start watching it. I think the idea is really cool and i love the way that all of the die hard fans fought to keep it on the air. I hope more viewers will come in to watch the new episodes and keep the show on the air. anyways i am going to go to a website and watch some jericho episodes to get caught up with everyone else. Hope to see Jericho for season 3!
  • What a cool idea, but I feel like I've seen it before...

    Hmmm... don't it feel like Lost? My theory: They wanted to be like Lost, but not quite as impossible and mysterious. I just discovered this show a few weeks ago (I must've been living in a cave) and have only seen about 10 episodes, but I am SO HOOKED. It's an original idea, but not too ridiculous. All the characters have dimension and seem real. And you've got an apocalyptic storyline, the story of a man struggling to let his past go, a love triangle (well... actually a quadrangle), politics, family dynamics, ethics, and a town coming together in the face of danger. They aren't missing any possible storylines. What more could I ask for?
  • Jericho is about a town that under goes challhges everyday and the town still is a town but everything that goes wrong drives the town apart even more then it was before to short food supply,weapons, and also the necular bomb.

    Jericho is going to return Feb.12.08 I can't wait till it comes back. Esicaplly what will happen now since Jake came back early from his trip to the other side and hadn't seen his family for a few days. Can't wait intil the show starts. Hopefully with a bang. Jericho can be very adictive when you know what the hell is happening in the show. Don't miss a second or you will get lost because somethings so to fast to see just what happened in the sence. If you are just starting to wacth hopefully one of your family members can cacth you up or even remeber what happened, because there was a lot of chaos. With Jake, Jake's brother wife dieing while having the baby,him dating someone else named Mary, and much more. Better get talkn.
  • Mildly disappointing return of a great show, Jericho.

    Despite its grim theme, Jericho has been one of my favorite shows since it first aired in 2006. I even participated in the "Nuts for Jericho" movement to bring back the show after CBS announced its cancellation (if you remember correctly, "Nuts" was the now famous response that Skeet Ulrich's character Jake Green replied to Constantino's repeated request at the end of episode 22 to surrender for the good of the town and all its people). After receiving many tons of peanuts delivered to CBS executives, they finally relented and agreed to seven new episodes for a mid-season return, with the promise of more episodes if the fan-base increased.

    I have read more than a few reviews and blogs in the past, commenting on the show's poor writing quality. Personally, I wasn't expecting this show to be a high brow drama like 24, necessarily full of fast action, or mystery & suspense as in the case of Lost. The show deals with the chaos and uncertainty that would follow a nuclear attack on our country (the United States), and highlights what would be very real problems and difficulties during this harsh time of survival. As a whole, I think the entire cast did a stellar job of coming together to portray the trials of Jericho right up to the last episode of season one. I realize all shows have their ups and downs (slow dialog or plot progression), but I feel the writers effectively penned a good show based on its main theme.

    (Warning: spoilers alert!)

    Jericho is scheduled to return on Feburary 12, 2008 at 10pm on CBS in the United States. I was fortunate enough to be able to view the first 3 episodes of season two of Jericho several weeks ago. I have to say I am mildly disappointed by the direction the show has suddenly taken. The battle with New Bern and all the chaos and difficulties in the aftermath of the (nuclear) attacks were resolved too quickly for my taste in the first episode of season two. If anyone remembers watching Alias when it was airing, there was a buildup and momentum towards the take down of SD6, and the transition of the show's characters to the 'legitimate' CIA. Here, Jericho was just starting the battle of its life with New Bern, and suddenly - BOOM! - not only was the battle over, but all the daily problems that came after the attacks were gone just as suddenly. (I was really hoping for something more spectacular with the speeding train heading towards Jericho, but it just did not materialize) I realize this (change & new direction) would have happened at some point and I would have welcomed it, I just prefer more buildup and momentum to resolution and transistion I guess.

    The writers may have done this for several reasons. I have a feeling that the hesitancy of CBS to renew the show caused the writers to feel like they should move in a direction to quickly resolve the entire story (given the fact that the story might have to be resolved in only 7 more episodes). Also, there may or may not be new writers at the helm - in any event, I think they did a poor job in the transition between seasons, and made a poor decision to try and quickly head towards the series resolution. This new direction about finding the traitors, the missing bomb(s) and deciding which is the rightful government, makes the show seem less like a Jericho, and more like an Alias.
  • Jericho Season 2

    Jericho's first season left us all wanting more. Nuts, became the cry not only of Jake, but of us fans.
    Now it's back and better than ever! The second season starts off very strong. the new government flies in to save the day but not before around 60 Jericho residents have been killed. Filled with feelings of revenge.
    Hawkins understands that the new government is searching for Sara, and soon has a visit from an old friend.
    The town of Jericho is also visited by the new president. The town must deal with how they feel about the new government, their flag, and notions.
    Finally Ravenwood arrives, and that is never fun.
  • I only have one compliant about the upcoming season. The conception of the American Flag with the strips being side ways. I mean as a Veteran I sort of find that appauling to those that have defended and died for our county! Doesn't everyone else?

    Myself, I personally think the concept of the show isn't that far off of a possible reality basis. I'am sure that EVERYONE recalls the outcome of 9/11/01!! Additionally, where we as a county stand today is due because of it. If there are any true Americans left; please, let your voice be heard, or am I just an old fool who has nothing better to due with his time? As for myself I am half native American and proud of IT! If anyone can inform me as to why they would desicrate our flag please let me know the reason @\bri61w in my quest book. Thank you.
  • Doesn't it feels like "Lost".

    Seems like "Lost" but not on an island. Hay though it may give a feel of Lost but it is all well equipped with all the required spice. The resemblance I am saying because of the missing link with other world. Dropping of food and fear of others. Here the "OTHERS" is quoted as "THEY". More over the cast have others known as the mercenaries to stay away from. The cast is all related to each other. They are all in a same place. Sooner each and everybody in that city i.e. Jericho will be introduced and will have their own background. Anyway enjoy! It is still is a very good season.
  • Wasn't great.

    After a nuclear disaster caused by several terrorist attacks destroys most of America, residents of a small Kansas town must come to terms with a new and very different reality. This show has many devoted fans but it failed to impress me.
    Ok I was expecting much more from this series I thought it would be a decent show but in the end I think it is boring and slow. It was too slow in my opinion I didn't like the characters, but it was something different, very creative but it never pleased me. It should have stayed canceled in my opinion.
  • After viewing the first three episodes of the upcoming second season of Jericho I can only warn you to get ready for a tense post-apocalyptic ride.

    When I originally heard the news that Jericho was being canceled, after only one season, my reaction was cynical. CBS (and at times FOX) doesn't seem to know when they have a sleeper hit in their hands and no strategy to awaken viewers to this gem of a show. So, predictably, the suits decide to cut their losses. They must be nuts!

    Thankfully, fan outrage has turned the tides for this little show that could. Now the fans will at least be treated to one more season. We can only hope the suits spend more time trying to find a way to increase viewers than dumbly staring at ratings numbers.

    The first episode of the second season picks up right where the previous left off. The battle of new bern is in full swing until the Army comes to put an end to the party. However, this is not the US Army but the AS Army. The new government (the ASA for short) is putting things right and bringing people hope but we know, "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark". The first episode,"Reconstruction", deals mainly with the aftermath of the Battle of New Bern. Jake and his brother want revenge for the death of their father. Constantino doesn't get his just desserts so the Green brothers feel it is up to them. Unfortunately, they are up against the Army this time not just armed civilians. Jericho, once safely in the hands of the AS Army, it is not long before the bureaucracy sets up shop in the form of a Halliburton-like corporation. Soon they are in the midst of duplicitous dealing with Jericho's favorite hayseed, Stanley. Who is in turn saved by Mimi's proficiency with finance, herself having been an IRS auditor. This is a nice romantic subplot that paces the show well. It allows a pause before other more dramatic scenes thus lending them a bit more tension right where it's needed.

    In the second episode more is revealed about the ASA and it's intentions to not only rewrite American history but it's constitution. We are also treated to the return of Ravenwood as the private army of the Halliburton wanna be company. The third episode deals with a new threat that Jericho may soon face. That of a rampant epidemic which the ASA claims is not a threat. The people of Jericho know better than to leave their well being in the hands of others so the main characters do their best to get the town vaccinated. Ravenwood doesn't want anyone using medicine not issued by their parent company thus confiscate the supply gathered by Dale. The Green brothers and friends must then find a more clandestine means of ensuring their town is safe.

    Throughout all three of the episodes the conspiracy regarding the nuclear attacks is the central plot. In each episode we find out a little more about the scope of the conspiracy and those involved. Both Jake and Hawkins try to enlist the aid of certain newcomers to Jericho with mixed, sometimes deadly, results. If my review reads a bit stilted it is because I don't wish to spoil it for the fans. They worked so hard to get CBS to bring this show back. The least I can do is not give it all away.

    I am glad Jericho is back and the entire cast and crew are not wasting their reprieve. If the first three episodes are any indication of how this season will be then I am looking forward to Wednesdays for the next few months. If you have yet to sample this series then get the first season on DVD. If you are a fan; welcome back to Jericho.
  • Ahead of it's time

    I thought Jericho would be a really stupid series until I watched it. Then I was hooked. Actually, with the world in such turmoil, this series may hit home more than people want to realize or admit. It is definitely a eye opener that gets you thinking "what if". The characters in this series do an awesome job and the writing is excellent. This series needs to be renewed long before some other shows or some of the reality shows that are out now. I only wish that the voice of the people were take more into consideration when it came to keeping a series. Obviously with the whole "peanut" incident CBS should know people want Jericho to stick around for a long time to come.
  • Jericho, a story of the future...

    Jericho, is like a story of what could happen, to America. With the on going trouble in Iraq, and the struggles of North Korea. Jericho may have not done good in the beginning but now that they've revealed that the second season will be airing people are hooked. Its pretty funny when you think about it I mean, they sent nuts to CBS, lol. Anywho I like Jericho because of its creativity of a story. I feel that the show should go on, because this is like a preview of what could happen, in a matter of years. Jericho's setting, events, characters are all amazing. Their what makes this show successful in many peoples eyes. Although it was canceled unexpectingly Jericho fans fought for the rights to create a New Season. CBS has said that if this season gets good ratings the show will infact continue. thats amazing. Jericho may not have done good in the first season, but i believe it will this time around. I give Jericho 9.6
  • A nuke goes off...and that's how the show begins, but not where it ends.

    This show is probably one of my favorite shows of all time. It pretty much sums up everything that I like about television. It has shows us the improbable, shows us the best and the worst of humanity. There are unlikely heroes, unlikely villains, and a host of fun characters.

    I have always enjoyed small towns in real life, and I think that this show captures the essence of a small town very well.

    The dialog in this show is really what makes it fantastic; from the humorous, to the courageous, to the taunts and the pressure. I would recommend this show for any person who simply enjoys a fun ride while setting reality for just a little bit.
  • Stick with it and the series is rewarding!

    I only discovered Jericho recently. I wanted to watch something post-apocalyptic. The first episode caught my attention, but I have to say that about the first half of the series is so contrived. The dialogue is weak and the acting sub-par. There is so much filler it seems and the story moves slowly and painfully. I stuck with it, however, and it appears the community agrees...the show picks up towards the end! We get to find out much more about Robert Hawkins, and the acting takes a turn for the better. The last few episodes were so done it makes me wonder if someone else took control. The cliff-hanger finale leaves me screaming for the second season to come, and to come soon!
  • Cool show, love it.

    Speachless just cant be more of a dramatic show.Around America some nuclear bombs go boom and not many survived the explosions caused by terrorists.A small Kansas town wasnt near the explosion but did so damage like no power source, supplie reduced and fuel loss.not forget the acid rain after the explosion. the towns people are worried and a other town are shorted on food supplies so they started an attack on the Kansa town.the story is mysteries and dramatic.In the show there are lots of charactor that play the main parts of the show.I hope the second season will be more interesting and more war :P
  • Huge Fan of this show!!!!

    This show was a massive suprise to me. After the first episode I was just confused but not long after I was hooked.

    The character development is great, its been one of the few shows where I found I was intrigued to find out where they were going next.

    Also unlike other shows that tried to incorperate mystery into its premise, I found that even the episodes which mainly focused on the townsfolk and there personal issues were just as entertaining than the arc episodes.

    Practically every actor/ress in this show has been spot on in my opinion. you know how normally there is someone that really winds you up. I figued straight away that was going to be Grey for me but even he found a place.

    Basically I could go on a long time about the things i love about this show and I was gutted when I heard about its cancellation. To then hear that it was given another shot I was thrilled to bits and I really hope that it does well and gets exended.

    This show doesn't have to end once the initial story is over. Its about these people lives and how they have changed after this nationwide incident. They have a lot more stories to tell.

    Long Live Jericho!
  • this show is not far from the future at all.

    jericho is also one of the most informative shows on television today. if man (our so-called government) only knew how much we abuse our planet, they would stop alot of experiments thats being conducted today. i used to often think about the return of our LORD and still do, and wonder what he would do this time to end all the pain and suffering that we put upon each other. scientist are supposed to be making things better, but in reality, they are rushing our deaths everyday. we are all living on borrowed time .it's just a matter of time when we all will know who, what ,when ,how and where, and why. so many of us are in the darkness constantly. whether it's wanting to know or not. no one wants to give or compromise anymore. everything is about how much money and power. if they only knew that they aren't taking it with them.
  • I am so anxious for the next season to begin...this is such a great show compared to the junk (Kid Nation, Biggest Loser, etc) on now. I watch very few programs (mostly tivo/dvr those) this is the only show worth watching wishes to Jericho!

    This is a thought provoking program...they have brought a lot to the table and certainly have earned their second season. I am very disappointed in the networks and some of the ridiculous reality shows they have put on. Seems like they prefer to use those because it is cheaper for them and they are dumming the audience down.

    Jericho is well developed and the characters/actors were well paired with their roles. It was (and I hope will continue to be) a program that encouraged dialog within my office and online - way to go Jericho!

    My very best wishes on continued success in the next season. You have everything needed to make this a long running program, I hope CBS wises up and realizes the potential they have in you.
  • Great show that really makes you think.

    I'm really surprised that this show wasn't successful. It seemed like the right time for a show like this, long enough after September 11th, but with those memories recent enough to provoke thought of how much worse it could have been, as well as what we still secretly fear.

    This is a great tale of human nature, and of a town pulling together after such tragic events. It really makes the viewer think about what he or she would do in the same situation.

    I am looking forward to the second season (even if it is just 7 episodes), and I hope that enough people tune in to bring the show back for more.

    This is definitely a show that deserves a chance from everyone.
  • this is a great show and should be continued.

    this is a great show and should be continued. this show has some much potential to continue. not only the story line is very well thought of each person has there own story and the way they become connected is very humane. it is very unfortunate that a show with this much information of people and their reaction during a crisis is being pulled from tv. with so many great reviews from readers a show like this must continue to run. having only 7 more episodes will not do justice to the show and will leave the viewers for wanting more.
  • This is a great show. I am totally sucked in and can't pull back.

    I watched this show back to back from the video store and i can't stop watching it . I did not know it was not airing! I love this show i never watch tv shows. i hope it comes back on soon the imbetience is killing me. I finally find a t.v show i like and it stops with one season, Great! I think the show is a hit , it's wonderful, and everything i like. The show stopped at it's climax , i think. bring it back already. Well Til the show comes back on just to let you know you got a FAN.
  • WOW!!!

    WOW ! ! Thats what i thought / said after the first few episodes. Firstly, i loved it because of the mystrey involed of who really is Mr.Hawkins ? ! ? Who droped the bombs ? Where realy was Jake for the 5 years he was away ? There is also lots of action constantly going on weather it is nueclear rain, people appearing from bombed places or just people dieing. Season 1 has been on tele for a while now so If you are somebody who hasn't watched it yet, trust me start watching A S A P ! !
  • When characters miss obvious things, its hard to suspend disbelief.

    I lost interest in this show during the episode where there was a fire at the library.

    Eric was trapped in a room with a child while the fire raged outside the door.

    He blatantly ignored the very large window through which sunlight was streaming into the room, and instead waited there (to die I guess) until the firefighters came and rescued them.

    There was no explanation why the window wasn't a viable option, no reason why it couldn't be broken. It was as if, for this character, the window didn't exist. But the viewer can clearly see the sunlight coming from it.

    At this point, I found it impossible to suspend my belief in this show. If a show doesn't have enough budget to break a window and replace it, or have the presence of mind to shoot a "trapped" scene in a room without an obvious means of escape, then I, for one, am not going to waste my time by watching it. After this episode, I just felt angry toward the character Eric, and though I tried watching a couple more episodes afterward, my mind kept jumping back to this glaring flub.

    It may have gotten better. But I wouldn't be the one to know. I refuse to be. They lost me at the library.
  • WOW!!!!!

    I never looked at any of the ratings of this show (unlike other shows I watch) to see how good the next was............I normally do this when a series sometimes has an off episode (meaning just so-so). During Jericho I never checked because i didnt have to...........not only did every episode keep me on the edge of my seat so did every 1-5 minutes of the show. I sure will have a hard time waiting if the wait to bring it back in Janurary. Please do everything you can to recruit for this show so it will last more than 2 seasons.
  • Very relevant and thought-provoking...

    I just watched the whole series for the first time this week, and have to say it's one of the best shows I've ever seen. I'm an avid Lostie and Trekkie, and I must say, my interest in this show ranks right up there with those. Superb acting and characters, especially Hawkins and the Greens, and the story in amazing. It's something that's so relevant, because we really wonder if and when something like this will happen. Seeing the news about New Orleans after Katrina gave us a glimpse of human nature after a disaster. Something of this magnitude would be magnified tremendously. The story is so real and possible that it's a bit scary. Yet that realness and possibility is part of what makes it so intriguing. When will something of this magnitude happen, and what would it really be like? How would we respond? What would it take to survive? Seeing such things played out in the lives of these characters really draws a person into the show.
  • Excellent keeper of a show! Our family's favorite watch and internet site! Keep this baby breathing, guys!

    Love this show as we've loved no other...! It's about time TV was used as an informative site. It's about time this taboo subject of nuclear holocaust, and those who survive it, was tackled. Blow FEMA and HomeLand Security; Jericho touches on more subject matter and prep fore-thought than t hose two agencies put together. We look forward to each new episode each week; including the re-runs. And when pre-empted by off season football, go to our computers and watch. Football? Who the heck needs football in summer?

    Blow summer football; gimme Jericho any day and keep it coming, for cryin' out loud!
  • What if... Jericho

    Jericho was one of my favorite series for 2006. The cast picked for the series was well suited (especially the Green Family and Robert Hawkins), the plot was well written and the scenery well designed, but the real reason why I, and I'm sure many others enjoyed this show so much is in truth because it preys on our basic fears.

    In the nuclear age we live in, when democracy is constantly threatened by tyrants with nuclear capabilities, a show like Jericho fits right in. The mere thought of "what if…" was enough to keep my captivated for the entire season. I'm hoping season two will be able to match or better the first season, though I think it might prove to be a difficult task to keep the audience captivated and to keep the plot new and interesting without turning the show into a soap opera that lasts one season too long. I also hope they will not regret letting Gerarld McRaney leave the show, as his presence in the first season added a lot to the show and to the understanding of the main character played by Skeet Ulrich.
  • Every great word in the english language isn't enough to describe just how brilliant this series is!

    I spend alot of time watching different t.v shows, and out of the hundreds ive watched in the past couple of years, jericho has got to be the best! I missed it when it was on t.v but this week i brought the dvd and i think its the best $50 ive ever spent! From the first episode i was hooked and they only kept getting better and the last 2 episodes are probably the best and most intense ive ever seen! How could anyone cancel such a perfect show, with all the crap on t.v lately and they cancel Jericho, i don't know how anyone in there right mind can do that! Have they ever watched it! Please please if you havent seen this series buy it right now on dvd and to those in charge at the studio for god's sakes hurry up and put the next 7 episodes on before i have serious withdraws!
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