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  • Character's were okay.

    The show was pretty good for the first four or five episodes. When you finally find out that it was a terror attack everything got stupid. There is no terrorist organization on Earth that could pull off that kind of attack. I did not waist my time on any more of the government propaganda TV show to get us to support more bills that take our freedoms away like the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act (USA Patriot Act) and the Hate Bill. Don't buy into this garbage. You liked Jericho? Just remeber that it will come true if we nuke Iran, an option that has not been removed from the table. China and Russia can do that! Al CIAida... ...NO!
  • As usual the storey gets our attention till the end. Keeps us guessing whether our heroes are safe as each episode is shown. A gripping storey line. Keep it up.

    One of the best shows on Television. Even as it is shown at 12.30 a.m. every Thursday in Malaysia, I stay awake to watch it. Haven't missed any episode so far. The storey line and characters are well written. Like to see how the heroes solve every problem even against heavy odds. There are elements of sadness, happiness, romance, death, family togetherness, funny, madness and every other thing to keep us glued to the T.V. Please don't get it axed. We need to know the ending and what happens to the characters. Keep it up and you got a winner. Rds: Malaysia.
  • TV stations suck with not bringing things back right away

    I know that this show is supposed to return to our schedule, but also that it won't be until like january or so. Which really sucks considering the uproar when CBS was going to cancel it. I have heard that delaying bringing back an almost cancelled show does work well. By the time it does come back I dont know how many people will still be excited for it. I will be, but that's b/c so many of these new shows were not that interesting to me. I enjoyed all the episodes of season 1 and can't wait for season 2, as long as nothing else changes.
  • A provacitive, scary and revealing adventure into the world of nuclear terrorisim.

    This show brings so much to the table, its hard to describe it all in the time I have to type this. First off, any critic of the show that isnt stuck with intrigue to the story this show tells, is ignorent to just how possible nuclear terrorisim is. Truely, being control the most difficult aspect of nuclear weapons, a scenario where this country is attacked with nuclear weapons is not a matter of if, but when. Not olny is this the one show that realistically portrays what it would mean to YOU and I (not some super law enforcement agent that somehow can save the country by whispering loudly) yet it does it in a way that is both believable and quite frankly, addicting. Every person I have introduced to this show has become fanatically addicted to it. I wont bother you longer with this review- All Id ask you to do is consider something a little more thought provoking than a contest of happy go lucky young people that sing to earn a contract to make mediocre albums.

    American pop culture is so nauseating that what happend in the series of Jericho will probobly happen soon enough. Either it will be an internal attack, or by one of the hundreads of millions of people that despise us and our superficial culture, remains to be seen.
  • Great, Just great!!

    One of the best series i've ever watched.

    Is not the classic american series like 24 where irak or some other middle-east country is the bad guy and the americans are just poor martyrs, ist a grat series lots of intrigue.

    great watching a series where the bad guy is the same one everyone claims inosent. the goverment!

    excelent story, too bad cbs is not wise enough to realize what an incredible series it is!... shuting down jericho??

    N.U.T.S as the fans clearly said to the company.

    Sadly cbs is only letting us fans give closure to jericho by bringing only 7 more episodes and just to conclude the story, but fans have made clear jericho is a hell of a series and i hope they change their mind soon!


    Keep up the good work!
  • One of my favorite shows of all time.

    Amazing show, can't believe it got cancelled. Luckily it was brought back thanks to people who KNOW this is an awesome show. Right now im at work so i can't write an essay of how good i know this show is. So i'll just tell any newcommers that you should buy some type of Breathing aid device before watching this because this show is BREATHTAKING!. I hope to god this show doesnt get cancelled again because it'll be such a loss for humanity! All these reality **** "anything for profit" shows going on these days, Jericho is a blessing.

    Sorry about my grammar, im from Sweden.
  • Bring it back!

    Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! THE END
  • For once we had an intelligent relative to our world program that kept your interest.

    I am bored with T.V. and the new lineup mostly. Not the same quality at all as Jericho. When do the ratings people listen to the public? You have a hit on your hands. Certainly the writers are smart enough to figure out what could happen next. We have seen it done in 24, do you really want to give up on the next biggest hit? Try again writers. We want it back. Jericho is an intelligent thought provoking realistic idea that people can get their minds into. Chuck the stupid ones like bionic woman and go for the Gold. This one is a hit and proved itself. Bring it back.
  • An amazing show, instead of watching one of the millions of cop or doctor dramas (which are little more than soap operas) why not watch something that is actually creative?

    This show takes the unique storytelling available in the apocalyptic genre and takes it to the next level.

    Every episode is interesting and builds on the previous intrigue and excitement by placing the viewer and the protagonists in the same perspective, as the citizens of Jericho struggle to ascertain what has caused the nuclear holocaust they are experiencing.

    Fans of all sorts will love this creative and inventive program. Drama, mystery, action, sci-fi, romance, and more can be found in the small town of Jericho, a bastion of freedom and peace in the dissolving United States that is left behind after the detonation of numerous hydrogen bombs throughout the major cities of America.
  • What the fans did was well worth it.

    Some time back, like million of other people, I was shocked when they announced the cancellation of Jericho. That was such a stupid idea. I always think that ratings is a very bad way judge the viewer ship of a show. Jericho is very popular on the internet, does this counts in the ratings? No! The symbolism of the fans protesting and getting the last word is great! It means a lot. Jericho will be back as deserved. Season 1 was great, I loved it from the 1st episode, I`m looking forward to the second season, I`m sure it will be great. After the fans made the channel bring back Jericho, I`m sure the producers will make it well worth it.
  • Jericho!

    Please bring back Jericho!!! What is wrong with network people - why would you cancel such a great show.Please bring back Jericho!!! What is wrong with network people - why would you cancel such a great show.Please bring back Jericho!!! What is wrong with network people - why would you cancel such a great show.Please bring back Jericho!!! What is wrong with network people - why would you cancel such a great show.Please bring back Jericho!!! What is wrong with network people - why would you cancel such a great show.Please bring back Jericho!!! What is wrong with network people - why would you cancel such a great show.

    Why do reviews need to be 100 words?
  • Jericho: My Faith in TV Restored

    Family ties and friendships with a history that will keep you on the edge of your seat... Action and drama that will knock you off the edge of that seat... There is something for everyone. Masterful story lines with imposing characters played out by a intense cast of actors and actresses that tie it all together in a very compelling hour each week.
    Finally... a program for the senses and the census that you won't want to miss.
    I gave up on TV way back when... Then I heard about Jericho. Well, as they say, the rest is history.
    See you in Jericho...
  • sci-fi at its best.jericho is a a must see.

    one of the best shows on tv.i thank god every day that they brought it back.its ahead of its time,original and has great characters.EVERYONE has to watch this show as its up there with heros as the best show on tv but needs more viewers,great shows like the black donnelys and invasion have already been lost because of public ignorance,please dont let jericho go the same more episodes isnt enough i just hope that the trend of shows second season gaining a stable viewership continues because this is a prime example of how to do high quality,original programming.if it is canncled for good[i doubt it cause i think they already have a lifetimes supply of nuts]it will probobly be replaced by trashy reality garbage,dont let that happen.
  • Great Show that deserves more airtime!

    Different show that really grabs your attention. LOVE IT! This show started off with a bang and caught the attention of all my family members. We were finally able to watch a show that was good for everyone. Each episode pulls you deeper into their town and their problems. You find yourself fighting along side them at the end of the last episode. The viewers demanded another season and had to fight CBS just as hard as Jericho had to fight New Bern. The fans won and Jericho will also win when Season 2 returns. The fight is not over because we must get more than just 7 episodes!

    Jericho is the best show around and deserves more episodes!
  • Since the first episode Jericho turned to be one of my favourites ever!

    At the begining i watched Jericho just because i'm interested in post-apocalyptic shows. And when i saw the bombs going off in first few minutes i knew i will love this show! The best thing is that they are showing a very possible scenario of a city liufe after a devastating nuclear bomb explosion. At the beggining people dont know how to handle the situation but after a few fights and arguments they try to cooperate to survive. They are in need of basic things like electricity, supplies etc. but they still manage to survive and to wait for recue.
    However the main plot is not yet very surprising and creators should add some more drama in each episode to make it more popular!
  • A near loser in the ratings, Jericho been resuscitated for another season. The fact that not enough people watched to satisfy the network the first time around demonstrates how underappreciated this show is.

    A mid-western town is tossed into a state of confusion and desperation by a distant nuclear attack. Since, although distant, the mushroom cloud was visible, the town immediately knows something very bad has happened. Ostensibly cut off from the rest of the country and the world, Jericho and its citizens survive through cooperation and cunning. There is intrigue and scandal even while everyone is fighting to live through to see another morning.

    If there is a flaw in this show it is that the serial nature of the plot is exploited only occasionally. Overall, it seems show runners are gun-shy after the ludicrous hole Lost has dug for itself. For Jericho this is a shame. Nevertheless, producers have promised that much will be resolved and more mysteries will be launched in the second season. This is a good way to go, since the show -- just like its fictional town -- needs to capture a large number of new fans to survive. Oh those big spinning blades are not fans? Okay, wind turbines in the town's case.
  • Season One Overall Rating - 9.06

    I watched the show only after all the hype about it in the television world and I for one will be a new member once season 2 begins. Hopefully I am not the only one and there will be a lot of new viewers watching because this show is going to need 8-10 million people (Prison Break like numbers) in order to pull off a season three (or an extneded version of season 2)

    I like the characters in this show, every now and again Skeet Ulrichs character can say things that you could tell are scripted, but he is a young actor who is still learning. I think he taks ehte words off the page and makes them his own about 85% of the time, but that 15% is pretty big when it feels like he is an actor. I liked the plotline of season one and liked the flashback episode in the season as well. I thought there were a couple of episodes that were really really slow which brought the rating down a little bit. I have my entire Jericho ratings for season 1 in the boards, feel free to go check it out.

    Not the best show in the entire world, but it has a diehard fanbase who will not want to see it go. Ill be watching season 2 live.
  • Well done, tasteful. Dramatic, and yet elegant in it's thematics. Well laid out and planned. Characters are original, and full of there own history.. nothing boring. Excited and on the edge of my seat waiting for future episodes!

    I was summarliy pleased with Jericho in the first season. It dealt with adult situations, in a tasteful manner, which meant i could watch prime time tv, and not worry about whether it was apprpriate or not! Some of the life questions it poses through the use of futuristic drama, and current life situations (for some) create a forumn for discussion, and debate! While i may disagree with some of the decisions made in the lives of some characters, nothing was ever portrayed in the steamy version so often found in todays tv. And it is a wonderful relief. Amen to the knowing look and the shutting door!!!

    It is also wonderful to see a fear that all of us have had at one point or another be played out so that we could see what our options might actually be. How much more prepared are some of us going to keep ourselves, and yet how many more of us are going to stop having night mares with the knowledge of Human Strength, Compassion, and General Integrity?

    Thank you to the writers for providing in Jake's Father, a man of honor, decency, respect, leadership, and a charming genuine personality! He became a hero for me, more than any other fictional character in my life.

    Bravo, to cast and crew, you did an outstanding job, and i am pleased to see you all back at work. I can not wait to watch the first episode of season two... me, my husband, our laptop, and some popcorn, are anxiously waiting!
  • Jericho is just awsome I love the actors, the action, and how they coped with siutation of the nuclear attack. It was very real!!

    Jericho is an awsome show and i'm glad there bringing it back for a second season. Because after seeing the first season I was immediatly obsessed with it. It shows what would happen if there ever was a nuclear explosion, and how we would cope with the post dramatic shock. what I like the most about the show is how real it is and how us as human beings would react to a serious situation like that."Every man for himself" is how it would be. Overall I thought jericho was an amazing show with alot of realizm and action along with drama.
  • A very entertaining show.

    I feel that CBS was foolish to take of air this show. It had all the right elements. Action, adventure, drama, romance, interesting plot twists and some comedy. This show did exceedingly well considering it went off the air mid-season for a few months. Despite going up against American Idle, the ratings were still going strong. From what I heard, the cast was completely surprised when the show was cancelled. 'NUTS' to the executives at CBS. There are many of us hoping that TNT will pick up this show. A lot of us have phoned, faxed, e-mailed and snail mailed CBS hoping they will renew it. It is too bad the network executives do not take into consideration the people who watch these shows and what we like and dislike.
  • did not know this had gone till now wow

    as am in the uk we are way behind in geting us tv shows no ides what make the show`s good or bad in the us but this is one hell of a good show imo it should be on for at least 2 more years :)
    so glad it was saved its got so much more that can come from this think about the storys of each of the familys in this town that could take up another year keep this one going as its to good to can :) as ever scoot
  • original,an electrifying new look at what if, and a story line that will carry you away. I was hooked after the first show, CBS has a responsability to the viewing public to continue this show. Thank God they listend to the people this time.

    I started watching this show after it was brought back from the dead pile and had been reinstated by CBS. My sister was one of the many who sent nuts to CBS. She then called me and told me to watch the show, knowing I would have no other alternative but to be hooked on it.

    This is one of the freshest views at this type of a disaster tale I have ever seen, the story line sucks you in from the beginning and you are waiting for the next scene to give you yet another shocker. The writing is superb the acting invigorating. I have not found many shows on TV that can catch my imagination and keep it for the entire season, but this show has done just that. I cannot wait to see what they have up their sleeve for the season premier and the rest of the season. Now I, like the rest of the populous that has been hooked on Jericho, am waiting with extreme anticipation for the story to continue. Do they find out that the villain is still in power, or is our hero going to take the fall?

    What about the residents of Jericho still in the town with guns, will the military accidentally shoot them or worse?

    Will the new military or government inflict any punishment on the people of New Burn?

    What will happen to Jake and his brother? So many questions and I could go on but the only one with the answers is CBS, they could conceivably continue the show for several years letting it evolve.
    Well this avid fan and viewer hope the show runs for many years to come.
  • One of the few shows on Television these days that is very character-driven. Not only that, but 'Jericho' also helps us to realize how lucky we are to have things this good...

    'Jericho' revolves around a small community by the name of....JERICHO! (Of course...) On a seemingly normal day, a little boys goes up to his roof and sees a nuclear explosion. Time reveals that there were more than one, two or three nukes set off in the U.S. This causes a lot of turmoil and confusion for the small community. Not only do they have to find out what happened, but they have to survive.. At first I didn't understand how this show would work. One small town left after multiple nuclear explosions. However, I was AMAZED at what 'Jericho' turned out to be. With threats like: Nuclear Fallout, Nuclear Rain, Neighboring Towns Willing to Kill for Supplies, Soldiers Turned Psychotic...etc. This show is also very character-driven. There are plenty of people that you love to hate, and hate to love. Many of the Characters in 'Jericho' can be somewhat hard to read, which makes it very interesting. You can never really tell who's going to go bad, or become good. For your own good...CHECK OUT 'JERICHO'!! I promise that there's a VERY good chance that you'll love it. I know I do!

  • Very interesting, dramatic, and a realistic look into what could happen.

    When I first saw Jericho, I was flipping the channels and came across the news. They were talking about the end of the world, and of course they showed Jericho as an example of what could happen. It interested me to see what it would be like if America actually lost government control. Of course it was a government conspiracy, what war isn't these days? What surprised me is that people weren't acting much different than they do now, except they weren't scared to go out and get what they want. American government scares me as to what it is capable of, it's out of control... and leading us into situations that are completely pointless and worthless besides keeping people rich. This show is a perfect example of what the government can do... and why we should show them that the people are what runs this country, not the government.
  • i am just loving this show

    well after seing previews for this and watched it and loved it. its got a great story, great chacters and the first season is awsome. with jericho the only city still with alive people and they think so they have to get things back to normal as possible.

    but the acting is good and like it very much and the characters are awsome. it has some great elemnts and i do like the elment or envoirment in it and i just love it and some of the guest appearances are good to. it feels like it could be a movie to me as long as it is on i will be watching it.
  • This show has a great premise and certainly makes one think about the alternate universe we could have or soon will be living in if world politics gets any uglier. And how can you not love a show where Major Dad is the mayor of the town?

    This show caught my interest upon seeing the pilot commercials. Viewing a big mushroom cloud form was interesting enough for me to watch it and see where it went. The pilot delivered the excitement that I expected so I continued to watch. The development of the plot and the spared use (unlike "Lost") of cliff hanging episode enders are very satisfying. When nearing the end of the 1st season I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see when Jericho was going to bust out the heavy artillery. Only caveat is the dialog can sometimes be cliche/expected.
  • It looks pretty good.

    A nuclear strike devastates America, seen from the perspective of a Kansas town Jericho, this show is a contemporary doomsday serial drama. Using a serialized format like Lost and Prison Break, Jericho could be seen in parts, events are not resolved in one episode. It's a smart narrative device to tell the story of Jericho from an angle of the people from the Kansas town. So much storylines can be derived from this plotline. It's really interesting, I'm not as excited to see this show as much as I am excited to see Lost or 24, but it's good enough for me to watch it.
  • How can we think that this should go to happen? Hypothetically, we should not think about it, but the series leads us to knowing something that we all think, but we do not want to accept: the possibility of losing everything of one day for other.

    Sat comfortably, I could enjoy a series as earlier we had never seen in the television, the topic to treat: the collapse of the society.
    It's very interesting to notice like the writer leads us to exploring the best thing and the worst of the American society, many people see reflected in the characters that Jericho shows, nevertheless, the majority does not reflect on the sufficient thing to realize that this might happen in any moment.
    The topic is even treated well, with some moments of optimism, but without falling down in the hurried happiness.
    Good series, good chapters, is worth while giving him pursuit.
    They have tried some to cancel it, but we must not forget that we are forced to know all the faces of a diamond, such a hard diamond of touching as this one.
  • Wow! Nothing like I had ever seen before.

    Right from the get go I could tell this was a show I could get into. There were tons of mystery's and nagging questions that kept you want for more and more. When I originally found out the show was canceled I was so mad. I couldn't believe that a show with that much still unrevealed could be canceled. But with all the fight from the fans we got the show back on the air, and I'm glad. This show has the potential to be very good, and I can't wait to see where the writers and producers will take it.
  • Long Live Jericho

    I'm so glad that Jericho will be back. This may be the first time that a broadcast network has listened to the audience instead of the Neilson ratings. Peanuts. I hope to see more of Skeet Ulrich and Ashley Scott's characters reconnecting. Lennie James is also great, as the good guy who could be bad.

    I'm also antipating the resolve to the season finale. With Skeet in charge of the the town (since his father's dead), it should get interesting. The most important thing, though, is that the show brings in new viewers. CBS has only given it 7 new episodes. If we want it to survive, we have to tell others about Jericho!!
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