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  • original,an electrifying new look at what if, and a story line that will carry you away. I was hooked after the first show, CBS has a responsability to the viewing public to continue this show. Thank God they listend to the people this time.

    I started watching this show after it was brought back from the dead pile and had been reinstated by CBS. My sister was one of the many who sent nuts to CBS. She then called me and told me to watch the show, knowing I would have no other alternative but to be hooked on it.

    This is one of the freshest views at this type of a disaster tale I have ever seen, the story line sucks you in from the beginning and you are waiting for the next scene to give you yet another shocker. The writing is superb the acting invigorating. I have not found many shows on TV that can catch my imagination and keep it for the entire season, but this show has done just that. I cannot wait to see what they have up their sleeve for the season premier and the rest of the season. Now I, like the rest of the populous that has been hooked on Jericho, am waiting with extreme anticipation for the story to continue. Do they find out that the villain is still in power, or is our hero going to take the fall?

    What about the residents of Jericho still in the town with guns, will the military accidentally shoot them or worse?

    Will the new military or government inflict any punishment on the people of New Burn?

    What will happen to Jake and his brother? So many questions and I could go on but the only one with the answers is CBS, they could conceivably continue the show for several years letting it evolve.
    Well this avid fan and viewer hope the show runs for many years to come.
  • One of the few shows on Television these days that is very character-driven. Not only that, but 'Jericho' also helps us to realize how lucky we are to have things this good...

    'Jericho' revolves around a small community by the name of....JERICHO! (Of course...) On a seemingly normal day, a little boys goes up to his roof and sees a nuclear explosion. Time reveals that there were more than one, two or three nukes set off in the U.S. This causes a lot of turmoil and confusion for the small community. Not only do they have to find out what happened, but they have to survive.. At first I didn't understand how this show would work. One small town left after multiple nuclear explosions. However, I was AMAZED at what 'Jericho' turned out to be. With threats like: Nuclear Fallout, Nuclear Rain, Neighboring Towns Willing to Kill for Supplies, Soldiers Turned Psychotic...etc. This show is also very character-driven. There are plenty of people that you love to hate, and hate to love. Many of the Characters in 'Jericho' can be somewhat hard to read, which makes it very interesting. You can never really tell who's going to go bad, or become good. For your own good...CHECK OUT 'JERICHO'!! I promise that there's a VERY good chance that you'll love it. I know I do!

  • Very interesting, dramatic, and a realistic look into what could happen.

    When I first saw Jericho, I was flipping the channels and came across the news. They were talking about the end of the world, and of course they showed Jericho as an example of what could happen. It interested me to see what it would be like if America actually lost government control. Of course it was a government conspiracy, what war isn't these days? What surprised me is that people weren't acting much different than they do now, except they weren't scared to go out and get what they want. American government scares me as to what it is capable of, it's out of control... and leading us into situations that are completely pointless and worthless besides keeping people rich. This show is a perfect example of what the government can do... and why we should show them that the people are what runs this country, not the government.
  • i am just loving this show

    well after seing previews for this and watched it and loved it. its got a great story, great chacters and the first season is awsome. with jericho the only city still with alive people and they think so they have to get things back to normal as possible.

    but the acting is good and like it very much and the characters are awsome. it has some great elemnts and i do like the elment or envoirment in it and i just love it and some of the guest appearances are good to. it feels like it could be a movie to me as long as it is on i will be watching it.
  • This show has a great premise and certainly makes one think about the alternate universe we could have or soon will be living in if world politics gets any uglier. And how can you not love a show where Major Dad is the mayor of the town?

    This show caught my interest upon seeing the pilot commercials. Viewing a big mushroom cloud form was interesting enough for me to watch it and see where it went. The pilot delivered the excitement that I expected so I continued to watch. The development of the plot and the spared use (unlike "Lost") of cliff hanging episode enders are very satisfying. When nearing the end of the 1st season I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see when Jericho was going to bust out the heavy artillery. Only caveat is the dialog can sometimes be cliche/expected.
  • It looks pretty good.

    A nuclear strike devastates America, seen from the perspective of a Kansas town Jericho, this show is a contemporary doomsday serial drama. Using a serialized format like Lost and Prison Break, Jericho could be seen in parts, events are not resolved in one episode. It's a smart narrative device to tell the story of Jericho from an angle of the people from the Kansas town. So much storylines can be derived from this plotline. It's really interesting, I'm not as excited to see this show as much as I am excited to see Lost or 24, but it's good enough for me to watch it.
  • How can we think that this should go to happen? Hypothetically, we should not think about it, but the series leads us to knowing something that we all think, but we do not want to accept: the possibility of losing everything of one day for other.

    Sat comfortably, I could enjoy a series as earlier we had never seen in the television, the topic to treat: the collapse of the society.
    It's very interesting to notice like the writer leads us to exploring the best thing and the worst of the American society, many people see reflected in the characters that Jericho shows, nevertheless, the majority does not reflect on the sufficient thing to realize that this might happen in any moment.
    The topic is even treated well, with some moments of optimism, but without falling down in the hurried happiness.
    Good series, good chapters, is worth while giving him pursuit.
    They have tried some to cancel it, but we must not forget that we are forced to know all the faces of a diamond, such a hard diamond of touching as this one.
  • Wow! Nothing like I had ever seen before.

    Right from the get go I could tell this was a show I could get into. There were tons of mystery's and nagging questions that kept you want for more and more. When I originally found out the show was canceled I was so mad. I couldn't believe that a show with that much still unrevealed could be canceled. But with all the fight from the fans we got the show back on the air, and I'm glad. This show has the potential to be very good, and I can't wait to see where the writers and producers will take it.
  • Long Live Jericho

    I'm so glad that Jericho will be back. This may be the first time that a broadcast network has listened to the audience instead of the Neilson ratings. Peanuts. I hope to see more of Skeet Ulrich and Ashley Scott's characters reconnecting. Lennie James is also great, as the good guy who could be bad.

    I'm also antipating the resolve to the season finale. With Skeet in charge of the the town (since his father's dead), it should get interesting. The most important thing, though, is that the show brings in new viewers. CBS has only given it 7 new episodes. If we want it to survive, we have to tell others about Jericho!!
  • it's a good show but it could be a lot better

    ...well a lot of people are not gooing to agree with me but i think the show could be a lot better. Don't get me wrong this show is not the worst i have ever seen but it isn't really one of my favorites. I mean after a few episodes the fun of it has dissapeared and the show became lame and i stoped watching it. It can be still fun and stuff but it just needs some fine-tuning couse now it's kinda not my style. Altough i liked it the first few episodes and the flashback episode i don't like it now........eum....yeah i now i may have angerd a few of you people so i'm gooing to put it straight...: it's a good show but it needs fine-tuning!
  • A small town works together to figure out the mystery of the nuclear attacks in there town,Jericho, and all over the United States. But Jake and all the other great citizens get them through it an make them feel safe. A GREAT SHOW TO WATCH with anyone!

    Jericho is a fasinating show. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. There is no doubt that it is by far the best series I have seen in a while. No other television show has made me addicted to it like Jericho has. It has a hold on you. And, you have to love all of the amazingly talented actors and actresses on this show. It has to be a hard role to play, but these people make it work well. I am in love with the show and all the characters, especially the main character who plays his role fantastically. Jericho is my favortie show and I am glad to see it every week. It is the highlight of my week and I LOVE IT!!!!
  • I cannot what to see the second season. They have to make another season a show of this magnitude.

    I can not what to see the second season. They have to make another season a show of this magnitude. Every episode that I watch just brings me more into the world that was created and called Jericho. The reality that was created in this show is one that could hit close to home but this show is done with great taste and suspense that makes me watch with my family every week. I say that not bring this show back would be a great injustice to TV. What's next numb3rs won't be good enough. The desecration of TV is due to all the reality TV shows on.
  • Jerico is a GREAT show! So happy to see it will be coming back with new episodes.

    I LOVE Jerico. It keeps you watching by giving you tidbits so you can decide if Hawkins is good or bad. I still want to know what he plans on doing with "the package". I was really disappointed to see Jonson die though. I have always liked Gerald McRainey and the personality he puts into his characters. Skeet Ulrich, well he is just HOT, not to mention a great actor. I was so happy to find out Jerico was coming back, especially since I didn't know CBS was planning to can it. This show is innovative in the fact that they had a contest to decifer the morse code at the intro to the show. I just love it! Can't wait for the new episodes!
  • One of the best new shows out there!!

    I must amit that i have never seen a single episode of this show before all the hoopla. After watching the entire season one weekend, I now understand why the fans of this show never gave up on it. This show is just FANTASTIC. The post apocalyptic world that writers created is really frightening and very interesting. The characters are multi-dimensional and the plot is riveting! For me the show is like a cross between prisonbreak and brothers and sisters. Who could ask for more right? Anyway now i am really hoping that this show will pull through. Good luck and i hope that the next seven episodes of season 2 will turn into at least seven more seasons!! Cheers!!
  • Jericho is unique and dramatic.

    Jericho is one of those few shows that really grasp your attention until the very end. The plot is intriguing and perfect for those that like survivor shows that can really reflect how closely we how we hope we will react in the face of disaster. The actors are great and convince you of their roles and the situations their characters are in, even though most aren't the most recognizable. The town, characters and whole world changes in the first episode and are always evolving. Jericho has a unique atmosphere that is rare and exciting. The mystery that surrounds Jericho is complicated and always has a twist at the end of almost each episode. Overall this is a great show that, in the end, it is one of the best shows I've seen in a while.
  • The world you know is gone! That is the life the people of Jericho must wake to everymorning after the devastating nuclear explosions that devastated the USA. These People must fight to survive the constant threat of nature and even their own niebors.

    This Show is simply Fantastic. This shows quality rivalas any hollywood blockbuster. Jericho offers the T.V. viewers a new type of show, a show that relieves the viewer from the everyday soap operas and dramas. After seeing the first episode i beged for more! I could not stop watching, i watched every episode and when i finally got to the last episode they made i craved for more! I can't wait till CBS makes more episodes. This is hands down one of the best episodes on television and I would not miss a single episode. I even convinced my girlfriend to watch with me and she barley ever watchs TV and she's hooked on this show!
  • I must say here and now, nothing compares to this show!! Its unpredictable without being too loose, it is, as far as I am concerned, the best show on tv at the moment.

    From the very first episode, you get well and truly grabbed into the town which is known as Jericho. Where this show stands above all others, is its ability to actually make you feel like a lead character while watchimg, and that you are somehow intertwined in the story. I honestly sat watching this show, completely lost in the self destructed world it has created. It isn't a run of the mill show. World goes bad, we starve, the end. The characters not knowing who done the damage for me is perfect writing. Too easily writers give away information in the pilot episodes of shows which doesn't leave much scope for the story to vary from. The actors are ALL perfectly suited to their particular roles and I must say, Skeet Ulrich is an absolutley fantastic actor, and before Jericho, i had never heard of him. Suspense and intrigue will get at you so bad at the end of every episode, that you'll do anything to get your next fix of this diamond of a show. Please believe me when I say you have got to watch this show, in a roundabout way its similar to the tv show Lost, but where i easily tired of Lost, i honestly never ever see myself falling out with Jericho. Everyone must watch this show, not everyone will love it, some silly people may even dislike it, but you will never (in my opinion) see a better written, acted, edited and dircted tv show ever!
  • Jericho is a small town in Kansas that has to deal with the aftermath of a nuclear attack. Can they survive? How Will they do this? Who is behind the attacks? How has the world changed? This is what Jericho is about.

    This show was the best newcomer on the air in fall of 2006, along with Heroes. Although the show was cancelled after the first season, it has been brought for a second run. This happened because millions of fans sended nuts to CBS' office to renew the show and CBS listened to them.

    Jericho is a small town in the state of Kansas, that has to deal with the aftermath of a nuclear attack on different American cities. While they the citizens try to survive the problems that has been caused by the attacks, they also have some personal problems they need to resolve and pasts that they want to stay in the past.

    There are alott of interesting characters in this show, but there are 2 that will everybody talk about.

    Jake Green: local bad boy coming back into town after 5 years of absence. Nobody seems to know where he has been and he only came back for his dead grandfather's money. After he doesn't get the money from his father, and mayor, he leaves town again. But then the blast happens and he returns and rises up to be a good and reliable person and a leader for the town of Jericho.

    Robert Hawkins: a new residence in Jericho. He moved in the old Thompson house a day before the attacks happened. He remains a mystery in the beginning of the season and then little by little you'll learn his motives. He has a wife, a daughter, a son and a nuclear bomb.

    Some other characters include the mayor of the town Johnston Green, his wife Gail, his son and Jake's brother Eric and Eric's wife April. We also have Jake's best friend Stanley Richmond and his deaf sister Bonnie, Jake's high school sweetheart Emily Sullivan and her fellow teacher Heather Lisinski.

    Jericho is an awesome show with alott of action and personal drama and leads up to an exciting cliffhanger. After each episode you want to know more and I guarentee more is what you get.
  • Exciting and interesting! A very well written story line and the perfect actors were cast!

    This is a nice change from reality shows since there are so many now. One of the few shows I enjoy on Prime time. Many people I have spoken to have never watched it. I don't think the show has had enough promotion. I love the story line. The actors cast fit the parts to a tee. I was kind of disappointed that the father died. He was a favorite of mine. I am anxious to see how the son takes over to lead the town. Not to mention that he is really great looking! I would love to see him have a love interest, keeping in mind that the protection of the town would come first to him.
  • This is one of the best group of actors on television today!! It is like they are really family, they meld together so well.

    This so is so worth watching and very GLAD CBS has brought it back!!! I am really tired of all the reality shows on tv today and this show is a breath of fresh air-intellegent, good story lines, great acting-once you start watching you get sucked right in and want to know whats going to happen next!! People should really give this show a look at and I bet you will get hooked on it just like all the rest of us. I love the way the story lines are so smartly intertwined from week to week. After watching the shows I cant wait for the next week to come!! CBS is re-running the first season on Friday Nights at 9pm, if you are interested in starting to watch Jericho, watch the episodes on line to get caught up. You will not be disappointed!!!!
  • I'm so happy it's not over just yet!!!

    I did not watch Jericho when new episodes were on tv but when I heard about the renewal because of the fans I decided it would be worth a watch. I went online and watched it on The first episode wasn't that entertaining but I stuck with it and watched the second. As the season progressed I found myself looking forward to seeing the next few episodes. The finale made me look at the episode guide to see if it really was the last episode because of the major cliff hanger. Anyone who has not watched the whole season I strongly advise that you watch it online or download it from iTunes.
  • One of the best ever!!! I absolutely adore the characters...especially that 'Jake Green'guy.He is totally the best...and so is Skeet Ulrich. I absolutely,positively,totally LOVE Skeet and Jericho.

    "jericho' is one of those shows where you just can't wait to see what happens next week.It's brilliantly written with a TERRIFIC cast. The senerio is so realistic and who knows?...with the way things are going in the world today,may just become a horrific reality. I honestly think 'Jericho' is a show that NEEDS to be viewed;It very well may be those willing to be educated. The very idea of a show like this was brilliant.My hats' off to the writers as well as the cast members who make it so believable. I really love 'Jericho' and i hope the show survives as long as i do.(lol) (I love you,Skeet Ulrich.)
  • Ithis show is one of the best show out there! It has made history & will continue to excite all that view! You have to give it a try! CBS is shwing season 1 now on Fridays to give you a chance in case you missed it! Take the time! You won't be sorry!

    I did not think I could ever love a show as much as 24! Jack is the ULTIMATE! Well Jericho came along & gve me a treat! I love this show! CBS is awesome for bringing it back to us~ granted it took a fight & a over a dozen tons of NUTS! But in the end they listened & we have Jericho BAck~~~ This is a MUST SEE!
  • Jericho is the greatest. It has wonderful characters, an excellent cast, and is a story about a town struggling to survive after nuclear attacks. It shows how people should be. Helping and caring for each other. Well worth the investment. And coming back.

    We did it! We saved Jericho. Check out a few episodes and I guarantee you will be hooked. Join us on the website as well, and see what all the fuss is about. Skeet Ulrich is fabulous and you will quickly learn to love the whole cast. This is a story that is not implausible. It could be a part of the future. The story line is so compelling, you will quickly see why Jericho Rangers fought so hard to bring it back. The first season will be replayed July 7th on cbs.
    We have seven more episodes promised in the fall. Jericho Rules..........Jericho Rangers Rock.
    Tune in.........
  • CBS almost cut their own throat when they decided to cancel Jericho!

    Jericho was one of the best new dramas out there when it premiered last season and then CBS decided to throw in a confusing hiatus and rattle the fans by announcing Jericho's demise. It appears that vocal fans and TONS of nuts have gotten CBS's attention and Jericho has been renewed! I think the show is one of the best and most original dramas on television today and I hope that many new viewers will tune in to watch these fantastic actors in action as they take on New Bern in the new season! LONG LIVE JERICHO!
  • skite drama series

    i yeast seen the pilot i almost fell a slepp. iwas expecting som futuristisk setting. Not a the same small towne thats in every singel movie and series. they get cut off by the world and they loss electrisity and there telefons. but its same tradgik conflicts as usial. they yeast making a series about how the politics keps the ameriken people skerd of an attack, in sutch a big skell attack that never gone happen. the ameriken televisen is tetching the terorist how to attack. now they might try it wen they got som insperation. dont they understand they are creating the terorist them self, like in irak they ver no alkida befor they attackt but after they was all over the plase. a seies like this never gone be a hit i europe.
  • The life in jericho has changed after terorism, but they doesn't lose hope to survive.Jwericho has one problem after other.They don't have food, water, electric.While trying to stay alive, some of people in jericho are forsed to solve their love problems.

    I like this show very much.It's very interesting to wacth how they all try to survive and how they solve their problems.I think much about what will follow-up.I hope that Emily and Jake will be together because they allready had shared past. They would be beautiful couple. This show shows how people should react in similar situations. Of all Jericho people I like Jake the best, he took leadership and knows what to do best in bad situations. Jake thinks more about all people well not only about himself. Some livers from jericho make many problems, but I ho0pe they will be solved.
  • I hope this series gets a full season because the drama is intense and the characters are just too memorable.

    This series deserves a full season because it is simply one of the best dramas out there on TV. It's like a post-apocalyptic Western. The towns are like that of the Wild West except this time they've got machine guns and tanks too besides the horses. But what makes this movie dramatic are the intense character development and how each and every set of characters are developed in every episode and their development is intregal to the plot. I hope the next season is also dramatic and I wouldn't mind more 'apocalypse.' The show needs a broader fan base but I think its getting there and hopefully it becomes a staple of prime time.
  • How would your town survive if it were suddenly cut off from the rest of the world? No news, No internet, No supply trucks bringing food, drinks or any other essentials (NO TOILET PAPER!!)

    Jericho is a great show for those are are tired of the same cops and robbers shows and reality shows that take up 90% of the prime time slots. How do you stop looting? How do you maintain control without crossing the line to a police state? How do you when medicine runs out? How do you get elictricity? Those are just a few of the dilemmas Jericho has to face. The scripts are great and the parts are very well acted. Millions of fans did not fight to save Jericho for no reason, the show is GREAT! How do you defend your town against the neighboring town who wants your farms because they are running out of food? Did I mention they had a factory that has been manufacturing mortars? Watch Jericho Season 2 this fall.
  • About a small town in Kansas that was not hit by the bombs but how it is effected and how they must survive.

    I love this show it is one of the best shows on television today, great writers and also great actors. I would suggest that you take time in your day to watch this show and I can pretty much say you will be back to watch it again every week. You will be on the edge of your seat waiting to see that happens. Skeet really does a great job in the show as does the entire cast of Jericho!!!! First season starts again July 6th thats a friday the time is 9pm/10pm ................ Enjoy the show I know you will.
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