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  • A Realistic view of what might soon be.

    Jericho, KS, lies just enough south of the nuclear fallout "footprint" of a blast that has hit Denver so that the rainstorm that followed did not bring a death sentence to its residents. The show realistically depicts the stages of change experienced by these middle Americans as they come to realize that the world they once took for granted will never even regain a semblance of what it once was. I think the writers have done a good job of conveying the fears, the frustrations, the grief, and the mounting despair that would result from being in this situation. I note that some have posted impatience with the pace of plot development. Like any well-written serialized drama, too much revelation too fast spoils the suspense. As one post pointed out, there is a cliffhanger at the end of each episode. Unlike "24", there doesn't exist the urgency to complete the story in one day. This is the type of show that could conceivably continue to provide interesting storylines for many years: Rebuilding a functional government, starting a new economy, discovering the source of the attacks and the total global result, not to mention the evolution of life for our subjects in post-nuclear Jericho. One quibble I have with the writers is that there are too many characters' storylines to follow. I watched the first six episodes in sequence on tape so it was not so hard to keep stories straight for me; but I wonder how well this might play out for the casual viewer. I was pleased to learn that CBS has greenlighted the balance of season one. Let's hope that the ratings by that time will permit continuing story development of the depth that "The Day After" and "Amerika" were never able to provide.
  • The writers of this show got it pretty right. In the event of something like this really happening, the events and the way people react in pretty close to what would really happen. Im glad there is always a Army Ranger around when you need one.

    I was blowen away to hear that it was cancelled. So I started looking to find out why. I ended up here and found out the fans brought it back. Just like Star Trek. I stopped watching series because they always seem to get cancelled and the story line is never solved. I sure hope they end this great show proper.
  • Terrorist attacks thrust Modern Americans back to the technological equvalent of the late 18th and early 19th century.

    This series is one of the most thought provoking shows to come along in a LOOONG time. Like all shows it has great episodes and ho-hum episodes. But Jericho's great to ho-hum ratio is about 9:1.

    Jericho's problem is it's on CBS! The home of the original prime time reality show. The home of the too-gory police drama The home of a programming and research department that encourages internet viewing of programs but has NO idea how to use any data other than the antiquated Neislon system for evaluating actual viewership.

    And now apparently the home of child abuse reality television.
  • Thought provoking show about a small town trying to survive a disaster and coming together during this time of crisis. Hopefully CBS will renew the show for a second season.

    Its been quite a few years since an original series has appeared on TV. A show comes around, and there are 5 "clones" with similar plots. Reality TV has become the rage with networks, yet lack any real substance (I'm still not sure why people watch that particular type of programming). Jericho came out last fall, and finally took TV in a new, interesting direction. I personally didn't start watching the show till April of this year. I've just been so busy in the last couple of years. I've also found most programming on TV to have little substance, so I didn't set aside much time for TV in general (except for hockey). A friend of mine told me about an episode where there was a supply drop from China, and how the town was wondering if they had attacked the US. The idea of a town surviving a nuclear attack of the continental US, and trying to come to terms with the lack of knowledge of the world outside and the needs of the community was extremely compelling. I watched an episode on TV, and fell in love with the show. Since I was somewhere in the middle of the story, I turned to finding the show online in order to catch up. I didn't quite realize just how many shows I missed, and I decided I'd have to wait till season 2 to actually be able to watch Jericho on prime time.

    The story and characters in Jericho don't feel like they were cut out with a cookie cutter. You feel invested in the townfolk's lives. You want them to survive, and you want the story to unfold and find out exactly what is going on behind the scenes. CBS decided not to renew Jericho for a second season. I was disappointed, to say the least. According to CBS, Jericho dropped as far as ratings go. Of course, the show had to deal with a three month break mid-way through the season, and then being placed in a slot that would have it compete with American Idol (which many people watch, although I still think its just one more reality TV program).

    I'm not sure if CBS (and the other big networks) realize many TV viewers have simply tuned out, because of a lack of quality programming. Had someone not told me about Jericho, I certainly wouldn't have tuned in to the show, because like I mentioned before, I've been shying away from spending time in front of the TV. Others have been using technology to be able to watch TV when they had time for it. Many families have little time to actually watch shows in their regular time slots. They either use PVRs to record the shows for a later viewing, or have time-shifting. Others find the programming online.

    Fans are speaking out about the cancellation of such a great program, myself included. There's a campaign of phone calls, e-mailing and snail-mailing CBS requesting the network change their decision about Jericho. There's an online petition that now has over one hundred thousand signatures (my wife and I are amongst those that have signed). There's also "NUTS for Jericho". People are sending literally TONS of nuts from NutsOnline to CBS. I've contributed myself, and plan to shell out a little more this weekend. Needless to say, fans from all over the world are trying to save Jericho. In this age of reality TV and carbon-copy shows, one amazing idea for a show touched so many people. It made want to watch TV again. Now I'll be waiting to see if all I'll be watching in the fall is Hockey Night In Canada, or if I'll be watching more Jericho.

    Hopefully CBS brings this quality show back. I know many fans of Jericho out there are actively working hard to see that Jericho will be back next season.


    Remi Bilodeau
  • Jericho is a show that on the surface looks to be about a nuclear holocaust but in essence is about people.

    When Jericho, KS is cut off from the rest of the world after a nuclear attack, the residents and leaders must band together in an effort to survive and maintain order until help arrives. Without knowing if there is an America still, they try to hold out and protect their town and way of life in the face of raiders and marauding bands. As the first season ended we find that the neighboring town of New Bern have determined that Jericho is at fault for the attacks of these raiders on New Bern. That city, led by their sherrif turned mayor decides to invade and take over Jericho for control of the farmland and salt mine that will improve their cities livlihood.

    In a cliffhanger episode the residents of Jericho lose a leader, Johnston Green played by Gerald McRaney; the ex mayor who consistantly had to bail out the newly elected mayor and his poor decisions. Green's son, Jake, played by series star Skeet Ulrich, takes on the command of the troops and with a one word cry of "Nuts!" leads them into battle just as the screen goes dark...

    Though this show is not currently on CBS' fall schedule, there is an ongoing campaign to try to sway CBS' decision. For information on how to help, go to and click on the save Jericho campaign or go to for details on one of the unified fronts.
  • The best show in years!

    It is rare that a television show has the perfect combination of good acting, excellent thought-provoking writing, fantastic production values, and (most importantly) an innovative world that has the potential for years worth of engaging story telling. Some people may question my enthusiasm, but to me this is a show that is on par with M*A*S*H*, Twilight Zone, and Star Trek in terms of explorable storyline...there is just so much that can be done with this material.

    Unfortunately, CBS has deemed that we won't see any of it. This is a shame for those of us who appreciate intelligent television, which is a rare thing these days. Network executives have proven (yet again) that pandering to the lowest common denominator is more important than cultivating loyal customers. The people have spoken and CBS is deaf.
  • When approximately 20 American major cities were attacked in a coordinated nuclear attack uncertainties,fears,and unlikely relationships develop in a small Kansas town, Jericho.

    Although the main hook of Jericho, being a post apocalyptic drama, might not be original, the show has the defining ability of captivating your attention and thoughts for a long time. The story reveals itself as not original, and a great relief from reality tv. The acting is great, with polarizing characters, you quickly find yourself taking sides. The plot is developing to explain the reason for the attacks, the culprits, and the state of the american society after the horrible attacks. You find yourself asking questions, and having them answered sooner or later. Eventually Jericho develops a rivalry with the adjacent town, New Bern, which leads to war (Where season 1 ends). Cancelled on a cliff hanger
  • Came across Jericho amidst the fan's Nuts Revolt - The show is incredible! What is CBS thinking canceling the thing?

    Great show. Bring it back for crying out loud!

    Great show. Bring it back for crying out loud!

    Great show. Bring it back for crying out loud!

    Great show. Bring it back for crying out loud!

    Great show. Bring it back for crying out loud!

    Great show. Bring it back for crying out loud!

    Great show. Bring it back for crying out loud!

    Great show. Bring it back for crying out loud!

    Great show. Bring it back for crying out loud!

    Great show. Bring it back for crying out loud!

    Great show. Bring it back for crying out loud!

    Great show. Bring it back for crying out loud!

    Great show. Bring it back for crying out loud!
  • My favorite show

    By far one of my favorite shows of all time. Its original, thought provoking, and leaves me on the seat of my pants every episode. Why do networks have to cancel the good ones. I think I remember a show called the O.C. that lasted a couple of seasons, go figure. I will commit myself to not watch anything CBS related this year and in the future if they do not bring back Jericho, or allow another network to pick it up. Good luck to the cast and creators on future work, if you are not brought back. Nuts to CBS is all I have to say, Nuts
  • i really love the show... this is really desaponting... plz bring it back... many poeple like it... and i'm sure the show will be from the beast shows on TV dont destroy it ......... :( :(

    i really love the show... this is really desaponting... plz bring it back... many poeple like it... and i'm sure the show will be from the beast shows on TV

    dont destroy it .........

    :( :( :( :(:( :(:( :(:( :(

    Nuts..... Nuts..... Nuts.....Nuts..... Nuts..... Nuts..... Nuts..... Nuts..... Nuts.....Nuts..... Nuts.....Nuts..... Nuts.....Nuts..... Nuts.....Nuts..... Nuts.....Nuts..... Nuts.....Nuts.....Nuts .....Nuts .....Nuts.....
  • Bring it back!

    Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back! Bring it Back!
  • Ultimately Satisfying...

    When I first heard of Jericho, only one thing could come to my mind. Crap. I only thought that because it was on CBS. But wow, I wasn't actually expecting a good storyline, but yet, I got one. I wasn't expecting there to be any shocking moments (besides the nuclear mushroom cloud), but my oh my. The shocks this show has managed to deliver in over only 5 episodes is amazing, especially since it's in its freshman season. Unforgettable scenes include a satilitte broadcast showing cities that had been hit (this had amazing effect on me), a black box recovered of pilots talking to each other seeing the mushroom clouds and having no wear to land, and the most unforgettable yet -- Jake Green and the rest of the town looks out beyond Jericho and sees missles, most likely nuclear, which gave me the chills because in the Jericho world, you realize it couldn't just be the terrorists, of course the nukes wouldn't have been launched just a mere 5 or 6 days since the nuclear explosion, unless we were at war with another country. And even scarier...Jericho is slowly becoming reality. Kim Jong Il discovering Nuclear Power, and now threatening to use it upon us. It's not a matter that this series came at a really wrong time, but it came at the very best. Nuclear war is scary and devistating and these fears need to be realized. Jericho has done an excellent job of doing so. And many complain about the rain that brought the radiation down on Jericho, because it didn't happen. But the man who told the people of Jericho this did this on purpose, and he is involved in a much bigger plan, which makes since from him unloading a truck full of weapons in episode 2.
  • One of my favorite shows

    Before Jericho, I hardly watched TV. Until one night, I flipped on CBS and saw the pilot. From there, I was hooked. The cast of actors in this show are amazing. They show emotion and make a very believable atmosphere that goes through every episode. The episodes are entertaining and add on to the story line. Too date, I have never seen a boring episode of Jericho. (unless you count the season recap)I just hope CBS will get it through their head that this show is a keeper, and doesn't deserved to be canceled. Because if it is, I'll stop watching CBS altogether.
  • Life after nuclear attack.

    In the tradition of Invasion and Surface, another great show is thrown out of the line-ups to probably be replaced by some stupid reality show. Second best show on TV behind lost, but too far mind you. Great plot, excellent writing, and great characters. If you missed it I pitty you.
  • Such an amazing show, pitty it got canceled.

    "Jericho" is by far, the best new show of 2006. I watched the pilot episode on CBS and I was extremely impressed with it. The acting, storyline, and the whole premise of the show is fantastic! I even got teary eyed a few times through the show. That is a rare thing for me. I usually never get teary eyed during a show or a movie. However, "Jericho" is a whole different kind of show. It was actually suspenseful and even a little bit scary!

    I would definitely recommend this show to fans of the drama/sci-fi genres. Actually, I would recommend it to just about anyone! If you're looking for a good time watching TV, then this is the show you should be watching. I definitely enjoyed it, and I know you will enjoy it too.
  • I don't see that this show is any more Lost than it is Gilligan's Island.

    Never Judge a Show by it’s Pilot: JERICHO. I've heard that the new series Jericho is CBS's version of Lost set in a small Kansas town named Jericho following a nuclear holocaust. I don't see that this show is any more Lost than it is Gilligan's Island. Here we have a microcosm of people from different walks of life who have to work together in order to survive. Strange that while I am writing this I seem to remember that there were plans for another Gilligan's Island reunion movie where the seven castaways are the only known survivors of a nuclear holocaust. This was a common theme during the cold war. I have also heard Jericho compared to the 1983 controversial ABC TV movie The Day After staring Jason Robards. I think Jericho in actually more comparable to the BBC TV movie Testament staring Jane Alexander because the town is not at ground zero, but isolated from the rest of the world as a result of global events.

    Since I used Gilligan's Island as a model let me continue with that model. The "Gilligan" is Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich) the prodigal son returning home for a short visit after a five year mysterious absence. Jake's absence and life choices have been disappointing to "The Skipper" his father Johnston Green (Gerald McRaney) the town's mayor. "The Millionaire" is Gray Anderson (Michael Gaston) the owner of the local salt mine and political adversary to Mayor Green. It's nice to know that local politics like cockroaches can survive a nuclear war. This closest thing the show has to a "Mrs. Howell" is Mayor Johnston's wife, Gail (Pamela Reed). Gail takes her role as first lady of the town seriously and has to play peacemaker between her husband and her son. The "Mary Ann" is Heather Lisinski (Sprague Grayden), a pretty young schoolteacher and the "Ginger" is Emily Sullivan (Ashley Scott), Jake's high school sweetheart. The "Professor" is Robert Hawkins (Lennie James), a new arrival who claims to be a former cop from St. Louis. Robert knows everything there is to know about surviving a nuclear war claiming that after 9-11 the St. Louis Police Department were trained for all attack scenarios. I think that this show has potential to tell some great human stories. What do they do when the provisions run out? How will they survive a nuclear winter? Will the people who dropped the bombs invade? Just the fear of invasion is good for several episodes. I only hope that the show stays grounded in reality, meaning that I don't want to see the town attacked by giant radioactive spiders. I look forward to the next episode because I never judge a show by it’s pilot.

    The next episode was very well laid out. A storm is coming and with the rain comes radiation. The problem is how to shelter the town’s population when the town’s only circa 1950s fallout shelters can only hold a few hundred people. We also learn that Robert Hawkins has secretly received a Morse code message on the police radio and knows what other cities were bombed. My concerns are that the show may be to slow paced for anyone under thirty years of age. I remember the cold war. I wonder how those who have no recollection of a time when we feared that someone was going to "push the button" and "drop the big one" will see the show.

    To quote Jake, "I go away for five years and the town goes to hell".

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa
  • One of the best shows to come along ever. CBS...what's the problem?

    It has been too long that a show of this caliber has been missing from TV. While I enjoy other shows, none dragged me to the TV like this. None made me watch rather than tape. I could not even wait the hour. None seems as if the hour slips by so fast making me want more. This is a thought provoking, intelligent, well casted program that made me look forward to Wednesday night like never before. I like CSI, like Criminal Minds, but Jericho is different. Why are all the fans suffering for bad program placement on behalf of the network?
    Bring Jericho back to life.
  • The facts remain clear...CBS is NUTS for setting the fans up to be disappointed. Now they will see what loyalty means, even if they don't have any to their own customers!

    This show was by all means the best show I've watched in many years. It had meaning, morals and values. Something that is rare in TV today, I can't remember when I last watched a show so well rounded. It is a show that the American family can sit down and watch together...not only watch together, but also discuss. There are too many badly done shows on television to even consider cancelling this show. In my opinion, Jericho was the best show on television and CBS would be stupid not to pick it back up. So what if they have to admit they made a mistake, OH NO, executives admitting to a mistake...imagine...all they care about is money, they could care less about the average customer. Bring back the best show on TV!
  • Jericho is the best show on TV

    Jericho is an inspirational, thought provoking show and deserves a second season. The fans will not settle for anything less!!! The characters have become like part of my family and CBS needs to recognize that people are watching this show through the alternate venues that we have been provided with by CBS!!!
  • What does a town do after their world has changed forever- in the blink of an eye? The good, the bad and the ugly come out to fight for survival. This show is about so much more than strictly the aftermath of a nuclear attack-come watch and see!

    This show was well written, well acted and had a completely compelling plotline. CBS did it such a a great disservice by the total lack of promotion and crazy scheduling they gave it. I really hope you take a chance and watch it online (still available on and come back to write your own review. This is tv at its finest!
  • Fanastic Show!

    Jericho was undoubtedly one of the best shows--not only on cbs-- but on TV. It told amazing stories, and it was so realistic. It was so grabbing and jaw dropping. It was definately one of my favorite shows and I want it back! I will do whatever I need to do to get it back. THey can't just end it like that. We should at least get a thirteen episode seasone during the break of "Kid Nation," which sounds like a horrible show. This was one of the few shows I watched on CBS, and in my opinion it was the best show on cbs. So save Jericho!
  • Why would they take a show like Jericho off the air and replace it with another reality show? Get real, aren't there enough reality shows? Keep Jericho, also Close to Home.

    Jericho is a cutting edge show. It is very entertaining and I make time to watch every episode. If I can't watch an episode I will record it and watch it prior to the next weeks show. I don't like realty shows and if Jericho gets replaced by another piece of junk realty show CBS will be losing a lot ov viewers. I hope they are smart enough not to take Criminal Minds, Cold Case and Without a Trace off the air because that will be the only shows I will be watching on CBS. Also, the Evening News with Katie Couric stinks. She should have stayed where she was.
  • This is a post apocalyptic story of how people in a small town cope with essentially the end of their world as they know it.

    I am so bummed. This show has been canceled. Other than Heroes, every show that I get into seems to get canceled. This show was innovative and interesting. I loved the dialog and the characters. The acting may have been a bit overdone at times, but I could not get enough of it. After watching the season finale, I really want to know what mister bad bald guy is really up to. And if Jake will avenge his father. The cancelation of this show is a travesty and CBS should be ashamed of themselves. Good show but don't bother watching because its over and you will feel pissed that you do not get to see the end of the story.
  • America Attacks America? Sounds vaguely farmiliar.

    When I saw the first commercial for Jericho I knew I would love it. The writing proved to be as excellent as I could have hoped. The characters this show built is just amazing. Through hardships and death these characters pulled together to get through a nuclear holocaust. The writers would put people through several different types of situations and each week I was left wanting to know more. Few shows truly leave people begging for the next episode. This show truly is a diamond in the rough. In this world laden with cop shows this was unique and well done. It is highly unfortunate that the network and tv viewers could not see it for what it was. RIP Jericho. One of the Best Dramas to hit TV in years.
  • After a nuclear disaster caused by several terrorist attacks destroys most of America, residents of a small Kansas town must come to terms with a new and very different reality.

    One of the best shows a round¬ me and my friend used to sit and watch this all the time! untill they decided to cancel it, which in my opinion was a massive mistake by CBS! they really do not know how good this show actually is and how many fans there really were! it has a great story, great characters and great acting to boot! some of my personal favourites being Jake Green and Robert Hawkins! they had a great background, from hat we know about them anyway! but as it got cancelled we still do not know the their full backgrounds! the series reminded me and my friend of resient evil a little bit! specially when they dont know the rest of the world is dead or alive and they can't really leave the town, apart from nearby towns like New Bern!

    We the viewers are really gutted that this got cancelled as there are still loads of burning questions that need answering for closure of the characters! mainly Jake and Hawkins, but also the company/Boss who are after Hawkins, Ravenwood and most of all the war that started between the 2 towns! will they find more survivors, will they survive?? as of now nobody knows! but the first season was a great season, every episode generally opened something up and either closed it in the same episode towards the end or in the next episode, the only long lasting plots that were never answered was 'What had Jake been doing in those 6 years away?', 'Is Hawkins a good guy or is he still lying to save his family?'

    Everybody should watch this show and they should definatly being it back!
  • America is bombed and residents of the small Kansas Town of Jericho must come to terms with the harsh new reality.

    A Brilliant show that combines real-life facts with a sci-fi situation, Jericho is a show that offers something for a more action oriented, drama viewer. It is an interesting show that gets better and better as the season goes on. It is always unexpected and whats's more is the fact that it is a pretty realistic play of events that we can relate to. In short Jericho is one of the best new shows to come on for a long time and it should not get cancelled. Jericho's storyline allows for only 2-3 seasons max but it should be allowed to live them out as it is an awesome show that the whole family can watch.
  • Jericho is wonderful! Jericho is fantastic! Jericho is awesome! Jericho is perfect!

    Jericho is probably THE best show on the air today. I am hoping and praying that it will return to me because quite frankly, I NEED my daily fix! And no, I didn't say weekly! I need to at least see a picture from one of the episodes each day to keep my alive!

    I don't think I will survive it is cancelled!

    So to all the fans, don't give up!!!

    And to CBS - Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease keep it on!!!
  • This show which somewhat seems influenced by many cult classic movie and video games.

    Seems like the show has been air on bad times and not marketed correctly. The show will prove it's worth once it sells it's DVD's and takes it's place as a cult classic. I just hope that CBS's poor understanding of their clientele doesn't effect the second season of this amazing show.
  • I talk about my new best friend all the time! I wish I could see my new best friend every day! I love my new best friend! Jericho is my new best friend!

    Jericho is a cleverly written storyline with some of the most talented actors I have ever seen! From Jake to Hawkins to Gail to Mary, every character is so well rounded with, not only wonderful lines, but a difference between them all that makes you unable to turn the channel.

    Jericho is a small town that has been thrown into chaos when the world around them may not be anymore. The storyline's that ensue are wonderful, fantastic, beautiful and completely spellbinding!

    The show is definately my favourite show!
  • Jericho is the best character-driven serial on television. We need a second season!

    What a powerful show! Successfully avoids the "end of the world" hype and focuses on the human element of survival beyond, yet doesn't sugar-coat the realities of a post nuclear America. In such a reality, NO character is safe, and the show doesn't let you relax by making certain characters "safe" from destruction (can you say "Jack Bauer?). The season finale was the perfect blend of pathos, hope, tension, and cliffhangar. My only fear is that Gerald McRaney is simply jumping from a sinking ship, and we'll never know if Jericho survives the second attack fron New Bern. Here's hoping CBS has some sense and brings back one of the best character driven shows on television today!
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