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  • Jericho is a small Kansas town about to experience something big!

    As a nuclear cloud looms in the distance, the residents of a quiet, unassuming Kansas town are left isolated and alone. Communication and contact with the rest of humanity has been severed and we will witness the best and the worst that the remaining survivors have to offer. This case study in human survival has no million dollar prize, immunity challenges or tribal council.

    Though the show has yet to air on CBS, the promotional video found at looks intriguing and ominous. The cinematic quality is reminiscent of the highly-acclaimed, Miracles drama,which also starred Skeet Ulrich (Jericho's reluctant hero).

    With an ensemble cast which includes, Gerald McRaney as the mayor and the brilliant Pamela Reed as his wife, this show is bound to develop a strong following. With the success of serial dramas, such as Lost and 24, Jericho can attract a core audience that appreciates a more cerebral form of entertainment -- shows that explore the intricacies of human relationships.

  • I just finish to watch the pilot and at first sight its a mix of "Red Dawn" and "The quiet Earth" but whit an entire village

    A decent tv show....whit an American way of television : couple of strong Alpha male and couple of cute girls/women ....classic but good/fair tv .....i cannot tell yet if i'm gonna watch it week after week or just downloaded it and watch it at the end of the season ....but I'm sur to watch episode 02 ....just to see the day after the "incident" .....
    it is my first post and English is not my first language (i'm from Quebec City , so i speak french ) so please forgive me for all the mistakes of language .....lolll !!! the bad thing whit this show : i'm gonna wait until September to watch an other episode !!!!
  • it is a story of how a small humdrum town of Jericho,Kansas is going to survive a violent siege of terrorist attack amidst the turmoils of their personal lives.

    i just finished watching the pilot of Jericho, and i must admit that this is an amazing show. It is one of the most original shows of fall season. I know that it is not being shown yet on mainstream tv,but i was intrigued and i dl\\\'d it online, i must admit that my doing so is not a waste of time..i am truly happy about the storyline, and the cast and characters depicted the scenes very well, and in doing so, they were able to take me to the exact same place where they were...

    I wish that they would go ahead and fast track the showing of this series, instead of waiting till the end of September as planned. I know that there are already a large group of people waiting for this series to start just so they could find out what happened the day after....
  • Jericho is a show about a the small Kansas town of \'Jericho\' that witnesses a nuclear mushroom cloud at the horizon.

    Though the pilot wasn\'t extraordinary, the concept of this series promises to be very interesting.

    As written above, an atomic bomb goes off near the sleepy town of Jericho, Kansas. Communications black out and the town is for themselves, not knowing what has actually happend in the outside world. Was it an accident or an attack?

    The characters seem interesting. There\'s your typical family drama with the \'looser\' son just returning, a lot of ordinary town folks and some people who just happen to be there by accident at the time of the explosion.
    As a pilot it communicated the future concept of the series very well but if you expect much action, this show is probably not for you. It is a drama and about character development. As that, we need to see how the story develops in the series. Can\'t wait to see more of it.
  • Maybe the classification 'Trendsetter' is a bit much... I'm hopeful the series will turn out to be(come) this good. The pilot was very promising. Lots of different storylines that could become interesting. The pilot really caught my attention. Try it!

    Contains spoilers!

    Jake a prodigal son of a smalltown mayor returns home for a day during his fathers preparations for a local election to claim inheritance left him by his grandfather. This inheritance is in the care of his father who will not give him his share because the son seems to be 'good for nothing' even in his own eyes. Son takes off again after visiting his grandfathers grave together with his mother. He shows some pride by refusing to accept money offered to him by his mother. When he has just left town a nuclear disaster seems to strike a nearby city and a mushroom cloud in the distance becomes visible. While watching the clouds a car from the other lane drives into Jake's car. Jake is hurt but can walk. Other car's occupants are dead.

    The town is struck by a powercut, after all outside communications failed already, tv, radio and a ham radio offer no contact with the 'outside' world. A geiger counter proves there's no radiation in town... so far. A schoolbus full of children is missing and the townpeople start problems at a gas station. A tape from an answering machine proves another city, Atlanta, was also struck by a bomb. A prison bus is found by a policeman who is promptly gunned down, presumably by an escaped inmate. A man claiming to be an ex-policeman from St. Louis proves helpful while the mayor's campaign opponent seems to try to achieve political gain from the circumstances... and fails because Jake's father turns up and says all the right things.

    While walking/limping along the road Jake accidentally finds the missing bus, manages to save a little girl's life and drives the bus back into town.

    All this sets the stage for a drama series with much potential...
  • Apocalypse misses a small US town but not by much. Reasonable character development but nothing we haven't seen before. Watchable but not earthshattering or anything new.

    OK, first the absurd. In a world much safer than at any time since about 1950, to come up with a story that has nuclear weapons rain down on the US with no build up to the event, no massively heightened alerts or otherwise outright war, is just absurd. (Oh and if you think the war on terror makes the world less safe today than say 15 years ago, you really do not understand what actually goes on around the whole world - even 911 killed only a tiny percentage of people in comparison to any war in Africa pretty much in any year for the last couple of decades and that’s without taking into account other conflicts such as Chechnya, Afghanistan – both US and before that Russia - Vietnam, communist insurgents in Asia and South America, Pol Pot, the war on the Mafia, Russian organised crime skirmishes and just to return to Africa at the end, Idi Amin). Sure, terrorists could use a nuclear weapon but it is not as easy as most movies suggest. Pinch a Russian warhead is the supposed to be the easiest but actually doing it and moving it around without being caught makes this type of thing incredibly difficult. After all it costs hundreds of millions just to attempt to blow up a few 747s with easily made chemical bombs. How much to create a nuclear war that has multiple US targets?

    So if it was not terrorists then who? Iran? North Korea? Yeah right. They would be wiped off the face of the earth. Even they are not that stupid. And of course neither has the technology to deliver nuclear weapons to Denver or Atlanta.

    I'm not sure this show is really a good thing. People are already worried because of the threats to aircraft.

    Aside from the premise that the town is isolated because of a nuclear explosion (which has been done before in different ways, starting I guess with On the Beach with Gregory Peck), the show itself is rather predictable. You have a young man not getting on with his father and striking out on his own, frightened townsfolk who start to riot but are shamed into calm by the older wiser town elder - in this case the opponent on the incumbent mayor. Then you have a rather far fetched storyline where a school bus crashes because of startled animals but the sheriff looking for it finds instead another bus, a prison transport bus and, naturally, the prisoners have escaped and seized the guard's weapons. If you have not seen that in a storyline before then you really must not watch any seventies movies or very much TV. The coincidence of having the two buses really stretches disbelief past breaking point.

    It is my guess that the escaped convicts are going to cause all sorts of problems for the good townsfolk and that really wasn't necessary. Just dealing with everyone else around them being dead from nuclear explosions should have been enough. There are enough people in the world with bad intentions even in a small town for the makers of this series to have not needed this rather pathetic addition to the plot.

    So the premise is absurd and maybe not even appropriate for the current world events. The addition of the convict bus was imho, just plain stupid, managing to kill off the sheriff before the end of the first episode. Otherwise? The human interactions seem to be nothing new but then again some of the best shows have been about human interactions without much else - The Waltons popped into my head just then but I guess some would say it was cheesy but it did tell human stories very well and was watched by a lot of people. Actually the human interactions in Jericho weren't that bad and what seems to be the development of story lines about some of the characters is probably worth watching.

    So, imho, the show is actually watchable but I very much disagree with the reviews that have said this is something different.
  • A blatant ripoff of the movie The Day After

    Unoriginial in that the plot and setting are blantant copy of the movie The Day After. Its too bad they couldn't have at least used a different state (The Day After features the state of Kansas also after a nuclear attack). Interestingly enough, the movie came out when fears of nuclear war were quite high...and now the TV series comes out with the same fearful feelings of widespread terrorism.
  • I'd rather be watching Battlestar Galactica

    This "Jericho" has gotten a lot of comparisons to "Lost," that wonderful program on ABC that taught us all that the only way to survive a plane crash is to be attractive. Personally, I feel that even the comparison is doing "Jericho" too great of a service. While "Lost" is captivating, challenging, mystifying, and a work of stunning originality, "Jericho" is exactly what everyone expects it to be, only a little sappier. The good townspeople fight over gasoline, a bus full of schoolchildren is missing, a bus load of hardened convicts has escaped, and there's a crazy old conspiracy theorist with a HAM radio living in shack somewhere. Then there's an orphaned kid, a deaf woman, and the prodigal son. Calling these ideas 'off-the-shelf' doesn't even come close; this stuff passed its sell-by date many moons ago.

    A more apt comparison for "Jericho" would be "Battlestar Galactica," a fine program that is also about a small community of survivors trying to make their way after a devastating attack destroys their civilization. There the similarities end. The SciFi channel managed to create a dark world filled with damaged people who relentlessly push themselves forward to keep from thinking about the traumas they have suffered; Jericho seems like it would get along fine as long as they could keep the ice cream from melting. It almost seems as if when "Jericho" was being made they created a list of all of the cliches they didn't want to use in the show, but then some suit saw that list and said 'it is good,' and so the show came to be. Of course, all of that was right after they watched "The Day After."
  • To early to tell, but it's an entertaining show so far.

    I think it's way too early to tell if this is a great show. I've seen the pilot, and I got interested. I really want to see more. In Jericho we follow the people who lives in Jericho, which most likely is the only city left after an nuclear bomb in USA. Jake Green comes to the city to vicit his family to get the money that his grandfather left for him. But when he is going back again, something gets in his way, and suddenly the whole city is in darkness. I don't know if this was a good review but I can say, that this show can be very interesting to watch. Give it a chance, and see if you like it.
  • I'll watch future episodes but if it doesn't improve, sayonara.

    Yahoo provided a streaming version of the first episode free without commercials. Being a fan of post-nuke stories, I would have watched it with the ads, and will again when it debuts tomorrow night. I like Skeet Ulrich and Pam Reed as the prodigal son and his mom, but the rest of the cast barely registered, including Dabney Coleman -- eh, I mean what's-his-name, Delta Burke's husband, Gerald McRaney -- as Pam's hub and the town mayor. Coleman certainly would have added much-needed wry humor to this bound-to-be preachy drama. It's CBS, after all, a network that hasn't had decently-written dramas since the heyday of "Picket Fences". About the only touch of reality in this show is the smalltown borderline racism against the sole black guy, a know-it-all ex-cop from St Louis. The scene with Skeet reviving a dead child on a broken-down schoolbus was ridiculous, setting him up as a messianic figure for the rest of the kids; a better show -- like "Lost" -- would have let her die and that would have been one of the crosses he would have had to bear.
  • Denver gets nuked, but instead we are more concerned about cheesy music more fitting for a WB show!

    Too feel goody for my tastes. I\\\'ll give it a couple of more episodes but I am quiet disappointed so far and have a feeling I will stay that way. In addition some of the acting and scenes came off as way too cheesy. This show looked like it had promise and that it was really something to look into that would maybe pick up where The Day After came up short. Instead I think it will go the way of Invasion, a show that also looked like it had promise only to come up short when it really counted.
  • I just watched the pilot episode of Jericho - It was great.

    I fear that terrorists are planning dirty bombs or worse.
    I doubt they will use planes again - as they have done it.
    Terrorists look for creative ways to inflict the most harm - radiation is high on their list.
    Too many Americans have forgotten about 9-11 - remain vigilant.
    I pray this will just be a good TV show and not foreshadow things to come in our great country.
    It’s already been widely proven that former USSR nuclear materials are missing and likely available to the highest bidder.
    Also - terrorists latest goal is to attract blue eyed - blonde disillusioned whites.
    I hope that this show will encourage Americans to report suspicious activity.
    Some will say the show gives ideas to terrorists - and that’s wrong - terrorists have long planned this type attack.
    I am also frustrated that moderate, peace-loving Muslims don’t do more to confront their radical brothers.
    I have heard that some moderates are afraid of the homicidal jerks who have hijacked their great religion.
  • So i just watched the Pilot episode. I thought it was really good. The plot is good so far and I think that this show can really hold up. I have thought this show was going to be good since I watched the trailer after hearing about it.

    So i just watched the Pilot episode. I thought it was really good. The plot is good so far and I think that this show can really hold up. I have thought this show was going to be good since I watched the trailer after hearing about it. Now I am for sure that it will be a great season. It started off a little different than I had expected, but that spiraled off into something better than I had expected. Truly a great TV show in my opinion and I will continue to keep watching it. I\'m very excited to see then next episode because I think they ended it very good and with many possible things to happen. Once again, great show.
  • So far so good!

    This reminds me of the controversal 1983 tv movie The Day After and that it is like what if this ever happens. Very good show so far, really good acting, and well-written and I like what I see so far. As a young man comes home to make amends as this day in the pilot will be the last day ever for anybody to have an "ordinary day!"
  • Dull, boring and not worth your time.

    This show comes off as a remake of a Twilight Zone episode. It seems as if the writers were trying to come up with their own \"Lost\", they failed miserably. I found the show boring and the whole thing comes off as a cheap TV Movie of the week. The show won\'t last much longer, so if you like it check it out now before you have to buy the DVD set that will include the entire series. The characters aren\'t interesting, they over react to everything and it has the cheesy wrap up at the end. The whole show was very dull. Although I was looking forward to the show, I doubt I\'ll watch it again.
  • Will tune in next week.

    I thought the show was a great change in what has been coming out lately. Kind of reminds me of the book by Stephen King THE STAND. Thought the story line was good. The acting and the characters have me wanting to know what is going to happen next week. We will see where this one leads us. They seem to have enough ways to go with this one, wanted to know and understand more about each character. They even have a character you dont want to like. A trouble maker. Then they have their heroes of course. Hope they keep this one going in the right direction.
  • So far so good!

    So far, Jericho is like a modern version of "Red Dawn" (1984, Patrick Swayze) with a hints of "Armageddon"(1998, Bruce Willis) and who knows? Possibly even "Con Air"(1997, Nicolas Cage). The United States is suddenly being attacked by terrorists. It is looking like their small town may be part of only a small minority of survivors. Apocolypse? Maybe? They are going to have to work together to survive and most likely defend themselves. As for the empty prison bus, I wonder if it was transporting prisoners, or if it was part of the front the terrorists used? This show definately has potential. I hope its writers put the focus on action and suspense keeping the politics and love affairs only as shadows of a much larger plot.
  • I did not find this particularly good..

    I was looking forward to this as one of the new shows premiering tonight, but after watching it, it did not really hold my interest.

    I don't find Skeet Ulrich's acting very believable, and I thought the show was filled with alot of typical scenarios and cheesy dramatic bits that you've basically seen 5 million times before.

    It definitely lacked in special effects; considering that this magical "mushroom cloud" is the thing they based the entire series around, you would think some dramatic animations and explosions would be in order, but instead you just see a ridiculous computer animation of a fire cloud from 10 miles away..

    I will give it another shot for the next couple of weeks but I've got to say it did not peak my interest very much and I noticed myself getting preoccupied throughout the entire show..

    Not a great start to the series in my opinion, yet it somehow has a 9.0 on this website.. I guess people will watch anything these days!
  • Hopefully a true redo to the classic \"Alas Babylon\".

    I found Jericho having a well done intro to a show that could introduce many angles in the future episodes. Peralleling the \"Alas Babylon\" story line will do it no harm. Hopefully it will fair better than a recent poorly done MFTV movie \"Deathlands\" that should have taken off like a rocket if it wasn\'t for $1.95 budget and actors from some bozo agency. The more interesting stories will probably develope away from the town and how the world handles this. O ya remember \"Postman\"??
  • A nuclear attack hits and a small town is left unsure of what is going on outside there own community. They must bond together to survive.

    I loved the show. I thought it was new and fresh....a nice break from other tv shows that seem to revolve around the same thing. I like the fact that they show normal people in a life altering situation. If you haven\'t seen the show the watch it. I hope it gets a chance because there are a lot of tv shows in the past that didn\'t and they deserved one. Check it out!!
  • This show is something different, it is not " THE DAY AFTER" re-visited, it has a plot, storyline and HOPE! THIS is the part of America that will survive, the heart of America!

    This show is scarey and interesting, and should be a wake up call to everyone who is watching the news...
    Never before in the history of our nation could this actually come true... I like the human side, how it shows how people come together in a time like this, I hope if this does happen, that there are people out there that will carry on as they are for the greater good of people everywhere. I think the world under estimates our American Spirit and our ability to florish in adversity. We would come together, I think the show really fosters Hope for our an ever scarey REAL world.... I will be glued to it next week!
  • A grim view of the near future

    Watching this show puts into perspective what our near future could and probably will be. With the current crisis in Iran & North Korea, \"Jericho\" I think portrays how small town America could be affected. While some people out there are nieve on how this subject matter is relevant to the current political & social view towards America, then maybe those same people should watch this show and hopefully it might put a spark of thought into their heads as to what might just really happen here. This show has some really good well known actors and I sincerely hope that this show lasts for a while. And for the fellow supporters & believers of my opinion & view about this subject matter, keep watching CNN & other news about these current events. In closing, be smart & well armed for the day may come when we Americans (all races & creeds) will have to defend our homes on our own soil. Thanks for reading. ---Mckennah (Asheville, North Carolina)
  • Jericho is so far a decent show.

    Due to the fact that i have so far only seen the first episode, i am unable to form a complete opinion about this show. However, i must comment about the fact that it seems interesting.

    After watching it's premiere, i was intrigued as to what Jake's secret could be. Aside from that, the whole 'Nuclear Bomb' thing is making me wonder how i (along with my country-Guyana) would react to such an attack. Therefore, i'm even more intrigued as to how the characters of this new show will be protrayed.
    For instance, will the wedge between Jake and his father grow or will they overcome their issues in the face of disaster?

    As for the romantic side of the show, who will Jake be more interested in; The school teacher on the bus or the engaged girl who seemed to be an old flame?

    However, i must admit i'm a little worried as to how long the writers will be able to sustain the storyline of a Nuclear Bomb attack and the struggle to return to normality of a small town. Will that be all the show is based upon?
  • the premier was awsome.

    i had heard all the hype about this show. when i found out it would be on cbs i was worried. they have had huge success with the csi family and survivor, but they have let a few good shows go to the wayside. i watched it last night and it is now one of my favorite shows. i hope it gets a good following. it had to compete against bones last night. i just hope cbs doesn't cancel it after only a few episodes.
  • Good story..A plot that can go somewhere but a flat on character should get cleaner and more intense

    This show is a kind of cross between Testament and the Day After.The 2 movies I mentioned had to deal with KNOWN enemies, and the consquences of Nuclear war. This show tries to develop the human side of the tragedy, both emotionally and spritually. It could have been a flood,fire,earthquake that happened but the story would have been the same. This show picks up where Jason Robards left off in the Day After, by offering an orange to the squatter that was sitting in his once standing house. The writers can go on forever with this kind of plot because the town can survive on it\\\'s own and their really is no end game in this plot.I heard most people complain about the effects and reality of the nuclear explosion. This is one thing that we have never witnessed on our soil and hopefully will not ever! So we cannot really gauge the reality of this event and capture it truly on the screen. Plus Denver CO is about 700 miles away from KC so that would put Jericho about 200-300 miles away from the blast, if you saw the sign with the milage in the beginning. At a Radius of 30.4 miles with a 25 Megaton Bomb
    Residences are moderately damaged. Commercial buildings have sustained minimal damage. Twenty-five percent of the population between the 30 and 60 mile rings are injured, mainly by flying glass and debris. Many others have been injured from thermal radiation -- the heat generated by the blast. The remaining seventy-five percent are unhurt. If the terrorist devices were homegrown then it would come nowhere near this magnitude. But enough over analyzing this will be a good long as they give it a chance to develop.
  • Predictable storylines, bland characters, and just where has Jake been for the last five years? Don't really care, actually!

    Typical "human nature experiment" show; very predictable storylines such as the prodigal son coming home; father/son struggles; the hinted-at 'I just met a girl in the face of disaster and we will fall in love if only I could get over the old girlfriend' storyline; the secondary threat of convicts running loose; townspeople turning against eachother; and one could actually guess the dialogue 'cause really, we've all seen this one before in the several post-nuclear war movies of the '80's and know what is coming next. Jericho already comes off as a 'formula' show and I actually rolled my eyes in a few places (the Mayor's 'don't break my heart' speach - a Gerald McRaney standard, Jake and Heather introducing themselves AFTER he saved them, etc.) Not going to bother with this 'new' show.
  • Finally, a new show with real potential. This story has been waiting and waiting for someone to address it for a long time. Let's just hope that the quality does justice to the subject.

    Stephen King's book "The Stand" first made it into the public mainstream when it was made into a multipart telivision movie. King's book was inspired by a little known book titled "Earth Abides" by George R. Stewart- Copyright 1949. This television show, "Jericho," Stephen King's "The Stand," and the one that started it all, "Earth Abides," address an important subject, well, a clear and present danger that the U.S. and the world have been eager to ignore for a long time. But, maybe now in this unique world political situation we may be able to have a glimpse of a truly possible if not probable future. After watching the first episode I am optimistic, not for the condition of the world, but for the important information that has great potential to come from this project. Finally, we have something to help us tune in instead of all the other crap that requires us to tune out.
  • Good character growth, again a nice hit coming CBS way, they just need to keep with it and not let it go.

    Absolutely fantastic can\'t describe this show, now CBS needs to grab this show by the horns and promote it till they can\'t anymore. Like Lost many may think this show can\'t possibly last long, a town with a nuclear disaster. Lost is about survivors on an island and look where that went and is going. Don\'t let this slip away have a huge hit here.
  • This show is great, brings a movie twist to television, and has a great young cast and excellent tv veteran cast starting with Gerald M. It started off great, we shall see if it continues, 1st episode great.

    Great new show, Great young cast, Excellent plot line, and a show lead by Greald M. and a underated actor in Skeet U. This show has the potential to be one of the breakout hits of the year, as long as they keep us hooked every week, Just like most shows on today, their keeping us tuned in evey week.
  • A nucluar attack goes off somewhere over the mountain horizon, but in perfect view for the inhabitants of \'Jericho\' to see the lovely Mushroom cloud bloom. (Warning contains dead birds)

    What actually happens in this show? I sat, I saw, I waited, and waited, and nothing happened. Was excited about watching this after reading the synopsis of the pilot episode, but it actually delievered nothing. The terrorist attack was a Mushroom cloud on the horizon, ok that\'s a pretty big statement to make, that there\'s been a potential Nucular attack on US Soil, but after that nothing happens.
    A collection of small town characters ensamble together, with the main character set out as he saves a school bus of children by himself. Maybes if they had fed me more \'meat\' I would have appreciated the build up of characters a little better, but nothing in the Pilot projected the story along futher then \'US has been attacked and these are the people we\'ll watch as the cope with the attack and fallout\'. There was no explanation as to WHY or WHO. Maybes I\'ve went into this show with the wrong mentality, I was expecting a more gripping style of format and show rather then an actual \'serious\' drama evolving around characters and their emotions.
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