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  • Can you say CHEESY?

    I tried to get into this show, I really did. But it is just too cheesy for me. The acting, the music, the production quality, everything about it feels cheap. It just has that low budget, find it in the cheap bin quality to it. Maybe I'm used to quality shows like Lost, Grey's Anatomy and even Friday Night Lights,(FNL can be cheesy at times, but is at least watchable and entertaining). I'm surprised Jericho lasted as long as it did. I personally will not waste my time with this show. But then again, I couldn't watch Smallville for the same reason.
  • my review of Jericho

    My review of jericho.. to start off with can any of you loyal viewers tell me if they actually have peanut farms in Kansas?? It would seem like that if they do that peanuts, which grow very low to the ground..would be one of the quicker vegatation forms that would absorb any ambient/residual airbourne/waterbourne radiation fallout thereby contaminating the local foodchain to the extent that they were being used as part of it. Making them if contaminated useless as both a food source or bartering goldmine to the remaining survivors of the attacks.. this much is believable. As far as the remainder of the show goes...... there would be rampant human and animal mutations vegation ones as well, so then why are there none of these on the show...if it is going to call itself science fiction, which has to have a basis in actual science to be believable... this aspect is totally lacking, and one of the major reasons why I personally find it to be unwatchable, you all have your rights to watch any shows that you wish.
  • skite drama series

    i yeast seen the pilot i almost fell a slepp. iwas expecting som futuristisk setting. Not a the same small towne thats in every singel movie and series. they get cut off by the world and they loss electrisity and there telefons. but its same tradgik conflicts as usial. they yeast making a series about how the politics keps the ameriken people skerd of an attack, in sutch a big skell attack that never gone happen. the ameriken televisen is tetching the terorist how to attack. now they might try it wen they got som insperation. dont they understand they are creating the terorist them self, like in irak they ver no alkida befor they attackt but after they was all over the plase. a seies like this never gone be a hit i europe.
  • Cheap, tacky and boring.

    I had originally watched the first few episodes of Jericho, back when it had started, and really enjoyed the show. Half way through season 1 though, the show just started going downhill, and I stopped watching. The relationships were forced, it ripped off scenes from other BETTER shows, the dialogue was laughable, and the only character that I found interesting was written off half way through.
    I really liked the concept, and it did seem like this show could work at the beginning, but then it began to become apparent that the writers were heading in a completely different direction, and the show began to turn into some "battle of the towns" crap.
    After missing half the season, I tuned in to the last few minutes of the season 1 finale, and things had only got worse. After hearing of the shows renewal, I decided to check out the first few episodes of season 2 and see if there were improvements. Unsuprisingly, no. The show had gotten worse again. It became a cheap and tacky, and seemed to think it was a clever, smart show. It really isn't.

    Then the shows death character (forgot her name), goes parading around with a gun, thinking she can shoot down an army on her own. Pleaseeeeee. As if thats believable.
    It's a horrible, cheesey Lost wannabe, and I'm glad if wont be coming back for an even worse season 3. Hopefully CBS will replace this trash with something better.

    If you're considering watching this show, it really isn't as good, or anywhere near as the few dedicated fans make out.

    Nuts wont save it this time.
  • Abysmal

    Great premis, but the writing was terrible. Did they have any technical advisors? The world's ending and people are calmly walking around shopping? If they would have just focused on it as more science fiction than heart-throb soap opera it would have had a chance. I gave it 4 episodes, but the pathetic-ness/sillyness/ intelligence insulting-ness was too much. Geiger counters that apparently can sit in a basement for years and not need batteries or calibration. Fire fighters that have obviously never held a hose or responded to a fire No idea of what consequences a nuclear explosion would have on communications infrastructure. On and on. If you managed to pass 9th grade science you would be laughing
  • its confusing and boring.

    Jerico is one of the most boring programmes in the world for the exact reason that it only occansionally has action their always bickering ang the anarchy polt is so full of bull. Their are so many places you can miss interpret it and i hate the Fake FBI ploy if they cause the disaster don't drag it on with thsi person gets shot and that person gets shot and i hate everything about this programme. In my opinion this programme is redidculous my family might love it but its like marmite. you either lover it or you hate it.
    People of the world ignore it and switch over to something good like CHUCK on virgin1 and get proper action not flop action
  • Great idea for a show, so poorly executed.

    Jericho's premise was great; it had all the elements needed to build an outstanding show, but unfortunately got the wrong writers, the wrong actors, the wrong producers. I'm still wondering why it actually lasted one full season before its first cancellation, when it should have lasted no more than the usual 13 episodes.

    Seriously, this show was messed up by all the wrong people working on it. And I'm not talking about the details; I'm not that kind of guy who's looking for the goofs and all that. I watched the whole show, and all along the way, while I was looking forward to see the obvious good things that should have been done, all I got was the perfect example of how to screw up in every possible way what was an awesome idea.

    It's not CBS's fault. The network, as annoying as they can be when they cancel shows whose audience was twice of Jericho's audience, has nothing to do with this show's demise. As said above, it was so poorly executed by all the parts involved, that it's actually some kind of miracle how it lasted one full season.

    Sorry guys, but that's the truth. Jericho was always way too far from awesome, even was far from being good. All that was good from it, was the original idea. Go find the right writers, actors and producers, and start it all over again. Damn, if even a cheap show like Stargate SG-1 lasted 10 seasons...
  • When characters miss obvious things, its hard to suspend disbelief.

    I lost interest in this show during the episode where there was a fire at the library.

    Eric was trapped in a room with a child while the fire raged outside the door.

    He blatantly ignored the very large window through which sunlight was streaming into the room, and instead waited there (to die I guess) until the firefighters came and rescued them.

    There was no explanation why the window wasn't a viable option, no reason why it couldn't be broken. It was as if, for this character, the window didn't exist. But the viewer can clearly see the sunlight coming from it.

    At this point, I found it impossible to suspend my belief in this show. If a show doesn't have enough budget to break a window and replace it, or have the presence of mind to shoot a "trapped" scene in a room without an obvious means of escape, then I, for one, am not going to waste my time by watching it. After this episode, I just felt angry toward the character Eric, and though I tried watching a couple more episodes afterward, my mind kept jumping back to this glaring flub.

    It may have gotten better. But I wouldn't be the one to know. I refuse to be. They lost me at the library.
  • This show is really bad...the acting is poor, the writing is poor, the script sucks, generally speaking this show is terrible. Except for one thing...and that is the idea of the show is awesome.

    How horribly be granted the right and priviledge to direct, produce or even write a show that will be shown internationally and with an idea which is similar to that of'Battlefield Earth' (Do not see this movie) and Independence Day (again do not see this movie)holds incredible responsibility. You are given a chance to really produce a show that has substance and to tell a story that is so unique that it might even make you rich.

    But no, someone is given a budget, which they clearly blew on the good looking actors (that is all they are...good looking, because in reality everyone is hot)and are given an idea which is just great and what do they do... they develop a series that resembles two cows mating in the middle of a sewage treatment plant.

    WHY?? This show has so much potential. Very disappointed.

    For example...let me set the scene. One confirmed nuclear bomb has been detonated in Denver. The fallout is heading to Jericho. It begins to rain driving the radiation to the ground. People are forced to take cover by living in basements or sealing their homes with plastic. They are not allowed to confront the trauma of knowing that potentially millions of their countrymen are dead, and that they may die, or they might be under attack. They aren\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t allowed to manage the shock of what has just occured.

    One of the young boys takes shelter with the young indiffent girls. They last out the rain. When all her friends turn up. Because that is what I will do when I survive a rain storm of nuclear fallout, hang out and visit with my mates.
    They enter her house, and begin questioning why that boy is with one of their expressions.What the....??? Surely a human beings priorities in that situation would be beyond who you survived a rain storm of nuclear fallout with. But rather: thank god you are all alive and well. Because if I have to take cover from a rain storm of nuclear fallout I probably won\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t worry about who it is with. Bad writing. People this is not reality. This is not real. The world is horrible and not simple.
  • I only have one compliant about the upcoming season. The conception of the American Flag with the strips being side ways. I mean as a Veteran I sort of find that appauling to those that have defended and died for our county! Doesn't everyone else?

    Myself, I personally think the concept of the show isn't that far off of a possible reality basis. I'am sure that EVERYONE recalls the outcome of 9/11/01!! Additionally, where we as a county stand today is due because of it. If there are any true Americans left; please, let your voice be heard, or am I just an old fool who has nothing better to due with his time? As for myself I am half native American and proud of IT! If anyone can inform me as to why they would desicrate our flag please let me know the reason @\bri61w in my quest book. Thank you.
  • Worst show ever

    Worst show ever

    I gave this show a chance watch all 10 episodes. Seams to me that George and Dick wrote script themselves. Just to summaries in sixty six words: stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.
    What a waste of time.
  • i use to watch this show and now dont

    this show was pretty cool then i saw like 6 of them and i said this is going to be like lost of something. someone find something and there is meeting someone deads they get scare and so on. now i said to my self why i am watching this and then i stop watch it and find a different show to watch.
  • Character's were okay.

    The show was pretty good for the first four or five episodes. When you finally find out that it was a terror attack everything got stupid. There is no terrorist organization on Earth that could pull off that kind of attack. I did not waist my time on any more of the government propaganda TV show to get us to support more bills that take our freedoms away like the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act (USA Patriot Act) and the Hate Bill. Don't buy into this garbage. You liked Jericho? Just remeber that it will come true if we nuke Iran, an option that has not been removed from the table. China and Russia can do that! Al CIAida... ...NO!
  • It's time to give up, you will never know more.

    I used to watch this show, but the main storyline is so slow... I finally got to wonder why I was watching it...
    we've seen that so many times... Remember Invasion? it was exactly the same, good idea at the beginning but then it gets SO boring...
    I am making a prediction: in the 3rd season (if there is one), you will still not know what happened exactly the day of the attack, who the black guy really is and why on earth you're still watching this show.

    Look twice at it: the only thing it does is feeding you with some american-family-values crap!
    I believe the attack (if it is one) is just a plays with our fears, it makes us realize what Armageddon could be. That's right! its just here to make us good christians !! In other words, its just manipulation and propaganda.

    To summarize, please people, wake up! this show is a fake.
  • After a nuclear disaster of unknown origin, residents of a small Kansas town must face the threat of anarchy, looming starvation, radiation and most of all shapeless fear in their quest to survive and build a future for their families and town.

    While solidly directed and well produced, Jericho suffers from hackneyed character archetypes and little if any scientific validation. First I will applaud Jericho for holding my interest for three episodes despite offering nothing really new or interesting in terms of network television character drama. It is well paced and doesn’t create unanswerable questions that string the viewer along episode after episode. They set up a premise, hold out elements of suspense then mete out new information in a deliberate and satisfying pace. In other words, this won’t be another X-Files.

    That said, in the first two episodes we endured a pointless hostage standoff with prison escapees. Sadly, the escapees are both killed cutting short a plot thread and moral dilemma that were both potentially more interesting than the resolution of the crisis. We find out about a love triangle between the Mayor’s son, the town doctor and the local bar owner – each impossibly beautiful, none terribly interesting. Worst of all we see the town facing the first tangible consequence of a nuclear exchange - fallout. Regrettably, the solution (duct tape and plastic wrap) is so unworkable and scientifically unsound that there SHOULD have been no episode three. All citizens of Jericho would be dead within hours. The fallout would have left the soil radioactive and consequently lethal for centuries. Not just for farming as the show insisted but for walking, breathing or being near.

    What saddens me is not that Jericho is a thoroughly bad show – it is not. It is the fact that despite so much potential, Jericho too often falls back on traditional nighttime drama to pad its episodes and refuses to explore its apocalyptic setting with any effort or honesty. Remember, it’s fiction. If you find an aspect of nuclear aftermath too horrendous to surmount, write a way around it. We didn’t have to face radioactive fallout. It might have been more interesting to leave the direction of the wind a constant source of suspense.

    In the end, there is too much in the way of inane character friction, irrelevant drama and scientific implausibility to take for 20+ episodes. While there is enough dramatic foundation to hope that Jericho will improve, in my opinion there are still too many holes in the premise to allow for a meaningful restoration of the
  • Flop

    What was supposed to be a cool and interesting TV series proved to be a flop in the end. Ok, so we have a nuclear holocaust, people in disarray, important cities wiped out, and, of course, the survivors struggling to make ends meet. It makes you wonder: how did they get those poor ratings? Where did they go wrong? It seems that some fans really wanted the show to go on, so it dragged on to season two, but still they did not manage to capture too many people's attention. For me, the decor seemed too artificial and the characters were not developed enough to make the viewers fell in love with them.
  • Dull, boring and not worth your time.

    This show comes off as a remake of a Twilight Zone episode. It seems as if the writers were trying to come up with their own \"Lost\", they failed miserably. I found the show boring and the whole thing comes off as a cheap TV Movie of the week. The show won\'t last much longer, so if you like it check it out now before you have to buy the DVD set that will include the entire series. The characters aren\'t interesting, they over react to everything and it has the cheesy wrap up at the end. The whole show was very dull. Although I was looking forward to the show, I doubt I\'ll watch it again.
  • tedious "Lost" (rip off) with nukes

    ok... Jericho must be the most stupid series of the year. at least is fun to see people surviving radioactivity so well, looks very easy to survive, so learn, if your neighbor city is nuked by an atomic bomb, just be calm, find a cave, wait a few hours, ant then... well... then you're free to go and have fun :D
  • Good show but not that good,\'Nuke USA\" yeah that bomb was not that big really if you really going to nuke the usa it better a big Nuke.We can\'t surive a small diry bomb.

    Where\'s MAD MAX when you need him?
    Yeah,that kind of end of the world stuff is really better.There to many stories of course so will have to keep-up with the rest of the plot stoy arcs in this type of show.
    But more action is needed to keep my interest I don\'t mine post nuke attack tv show as long the some decent action on the show and that what we need here.The cast is great and all,but still it seem slow soap opera like.Other show have this type of pacing,and when I watch I fall asleep.
  • Can I get some more boredom please?

    I was excited to watch this show when I saw the preview. It's a great plot and a great set up for a top notch show. What went wrong? How can a show with such a cool plot still be so bad? The characters suck. The characters are just plain boring. The mini stories inside the main plot are boring. I could care less about some guy paying his back taxes or if a girl is throwing a party or if they need gas but can't figure out how to move it. There is one interesting character and that is the mysterious black man ( can't remeber his name)but he can't hold the whole show together. I'm getting bored just thinking of the show.
  • it's a good show but it could be a lot better

    ...well a lot of people are not gooing to agree with me but i think the show could be a lot better. Don't get me wrong this show is not the worst i have ever seen but it isn't really one of my favorites. I mean after a few episodes the fun of it has dissapeared and the show became lame and i stoped watching it. It can be still fun and stuff but it just needs some fine-tuning couse now it's kinda not my style. Altough i liked it the first few episodes and the flashback episode i don't like it now........eum....yeah i now i may have angerd a few of you people so i'm gooing to put it straight...: it's a good show but it needs fine-tuning!
  • You watch Jericho for the same reason you'd slow down to gawk at a car wreck -- you know it's an atrocity yet you cannot look away.

    This show has been a trainwreck since the pilot. And, like a good train wreck, you cannot look away. I watch Jericho religiously because nowhere else on broadcast TV can you find such a satisfying combination of bad writing, bad acting, bad direction, all coupled with piss-poor pacing and a total dearth of realism and believability. Some famous philosopher once said "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" -- this rings as true as the Liberty Bell for Jericho. From hammy, nightclass-style acting to textbook high-school drama story arcs, Jericho has it all. And did I mention the fear-mongering, nuclear terrorism premise? Instead of zooming out to see how a nation is dealing with several dozen cities swathed in atomic hellfire, Jericho chooses instead to focus on how its namesake smalltown is handling (gasp!) a fire at the library, and (swoon!) the theft of the mayor's horses by area scofflaws. One last thing I might add is that Jericho contains the most unrealistic, hateable character in the history of primetime telvision: Gracie. As of episode 7, Gracie, a frail, grandmotherly Midwestern woman with a limited vocabulary and a horrific accent, is practicing her smalltown brand of price-gouging at her general store. She has also taken in an orphaned child for the purposes of slave labor, and has refused the town's largest farm bags of fertilizer needed to save the only corn crop that might feed Jericho. On lesser programs, she would quickly be overwhelmed by pitch-fork heaving townsfolk, her store inventory transferred to the mob or at least the collective good. But not in Jericho. Last time I checked, good old Gracie was trading a bag of cat food for someone's antique crystal vase. In many ways that is a metaphor for this show. While its ingredients -- mostly tripe, and some filler -- may resemble those of cat food, the producers have somehow managed to trade them for a peach of a show, watchable -- nay, unmissable -- because of the very self-atrocity lesser shows would be said to "suffer from."
  • A Train Wreck. How many times will writers keep rehashing the same essential storyline with new characters?

    I don't see how this show could be considered original. The first episode is cheap drama at its greatest. "Well, I know what will make people excited! et's make someone die, and let's make someone else almost die. That'll keep them watching." There's no way to surprise a viewer with what happens. All of the TV/radio commercials and internet ads show a big huge mushroom cloud. As a result, the first 20 minutes or so of the show just drags. After the bomb goes off, you might think that the dragging would stop and the action would start. You would be wrong. There are no more surprises after the bomb goes off than there were before, so if you get to the bomb going off and think the show's interesting, then by all means, continue. If you get to the bomb going off and just can't take any more, and hope that it gets interesting soon, turn off your television, Go for a walk, and then punch yourself for ever having hope in this obviously bad show.

    It really is true. Stupid people deserve stupid television. Unfortunately, these people end up breeding anyways so that their children can create and watch more bad television.
  • When will they really DO something?!?

    Well, I have to admit I was completely thrilled by the Preview of this series. It sounded like a really interesting new show with a dark atmosphere and a lot going on.

    How wrong I have been. Lets face it. This series and its producers are just not imaginative and most of all brave enough to show what would be going on after a nuclear strike.

    From what I am seeing in my crystal orb, this series will not survive season 1, because people are starting to avoid it alltogether, so they might as well do some drastic changes concerning pace and storywriting. Maybe they should take it off air for a couple of weeks and do some reshoots, because at the moment, this is just a dull show about a dull town. Its like Atomic O.C. without the atomic threat...

    PLEASE try to make this worthwhile, because it really could be good entertainment with a psychological twist and even educational inputs. At the moment its getting more boring from episode to episode and I ask myself all the time: Will I watch another episode at all?!?!

    And please: Change that stupid synthesizer rock action music, because its embarrasing...
  • With regard to character development, Jericho is a huge disappointment. So much could be done in that area to further draw in the audience. To bad the writers are too lazy to think something up about the characters\' past.

    It’s time to get real about this show. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy watching the show, but mainly because I’m an end-of-the-world story lover. I mean, those kinds of stories fascinate me and scare me at the same time. But I think I’m in the minority when it comes to THAT reason for liking a show. Now for the part where we get real. Who are these people? I mean, we know their names and a teensy weensy bit about their past and that’s it. I know that much about any given kid who takes my order at McDonalds. Every time one of the characters is asked what they used to do or some question that might give us some insight as to who they are, we get some cryptic “Neo-of-Matrix” style answer. You know what I mean if you’ve seen any Matrix movie. Neo: Where do I find this thing. Oracle: You will know. Neo: How will I know? Oracle: Trust your heart. Neo: What day is it? Oracle: The answer is within you. Silliness. This is contrived suspense and I think I know where it’s coming from. Actually there are two possibilities. 1) The writers haven’t actually developed the characters yet and even THEY don’t know the answer to the questions, or 2) the producers are attempting to keep people watching by deliberately withholding information. That last one is generally a no-no when it comes to story telling. If the character knows the answer to the question and they don’t have an obvious good reason for not answering it, then the writers need to let the listeners/watchers/readers off the hook and have the character answer the question. To do otherwise is hackish at best. In the last episode (Episode 8: Rogue River), Jake finally reveals something of his past at gunpoint. He drove a truck in Iraq. Ok, this was a secret to be kept from an entire town? C’mon! And if he was lying even about that why keep the information from the audience? It’s not obvious. At this point to me, Jake is just an idiot. The writers have given me no reason to understand why he’s not telling his family about “where he has been.” Maybe the writers/producers think that is clever, but it’s not. Keep holding out and people will stop watching. I mean, look at Lost. Now that is a show that let’s you know about the characters and who they are, complete with flashbacks of their pre-disaster lives. I have to say that with regard to character development, Jericho is a huge disappointment. So much could be done in that area to further draw in the audience. To bad the writers are too lazy to think something up.
  • Jericho, a show that could have been a smash and then some.

    When I first heard of jericho, I thought "wow", a show about nuclear disaster and mankinds final battle. The First episode also promised a lot. Mushroomclouds in the sky, terrorised people and such. How can they ever cope with that ? Well until now surprisingly good. Or should I say only in the US they can survive nuclear rain and corn that is exposed to falldown ? After 3 months in this apocalyptic scenario everyone is still cleanshaven, washed, their bellys are filled with good food, everybody hangs out in bars, plays pool, drinks whiskey .... as if nothing bad ever has happened. They still have wast amounts of energy, everybody still drives cars and the IRS is still after their money. Not exactly how I would expect people behaving. But ok, it happened in this great country under the star spangled banner where people are known for their calmness and foresight.
    I probably still watch and when this show is over i will ask myself "why did I use so many hours of my life for THIS" ?
  • Predictable storylines, bland characters, and just where has Jake been for the last five years? Don't really care, actually!

    Typical "human nature experiment" show; very predictable storylines such as the prodigal son coming home; father/son struggles; the hinted-at 'I just met a girl in the face of disaster and we will fall in love if only I could get over the old girlfriend' storyline; the secondary threat of convicts running loose; townspeople turning against eachother; and one could actually guess the dialogue 'cause really, we've all seen this one before in the several post-nuclear war movies of the '80's and know what is coming next. Jericho already comes off as a 'formula' show and I actually rolled my eyes in a few places (the Mayor's 'don't break my heart' speach - a Gerald McRaney standard, Jake and Heather introducing themselves AFTER he saved them, etc.) Not going to bother with this 'new' show.
  • This the the BEST you have? Come on... This is crap

    Started watching the show from day one and have been impressed with how fast it went from something worthwhile to COMPLETE CRAP.
    Is this the best you have???? Where are your writers???? WHAT are your writers? kids?
    Since I have to write 100 words, I am forced to come up with different words for crap.
    So, crap, junk, silly, dumb, crap, crap crap. Your writers HAVE to do a better job, they have to do SOMETHING. This is like jerry crap springer but WORST.
    God, come ON people. You HAVE to do a better job. Your better then this CRAP.
    oh yeah crap
  • DUCK AND COVER! For the 21st Century Least Factually accurate show ive seen in a long time rofl

    This show had the potential to be a great show and stand out from the sea of reality tv & cop/lawyer shows the U.S. chucks out every year but unfortunately the creator did zero research into the topic what-so-ever.

    Jericho teaches us that Radiation fallout from the nearest city which is just visible on the horizion from Jericho (so i'd guess 20-40 miles away) is just a bad rain cloud that as long as you get out of the rain, tape up ur windows & doors and not touch anything wet after the rain then you will be ok ROFL ROFL ROFL.

    Also don't worry about food because apparently if the crops have matured enough then they will be immune to the effects of radiation HAHAHAHA

    OMFG no wonder there are so many stupid americans when their tv shows wont even take the time to google Radiation Fallout.
  • Do producers ever research before they establish fake little towns?

    The thing about Jericho is for a true Kansas native it is appalling. It seems like an attempt by a writer or show producer to stereotype Kansas as a whole. I feel they never researched the state before they put this fake town out in \"no where\" America. It is like they think Kansas does not know when things are going on especially one of a national disaster event. The show may be good and it attracts an audience but why make people believe the people of Kansas are living in the backwoods. We don\'t and in all honesty if there was a national disaster that involved nuclear warfare, Kansas would be one of the very first to know. Click on the old computer and go visit. Kansas has a nuclear plant. Yes, backwoods rural Kansas has a thriving nuclear plant and with international airspace all around it. Wolf Creek. Yes, that is the name and believe it or not if there was an attack on the US, it would be one of the very first places hit because of what it is. Yeah, lets show people how a community would survive if an attack would happen but maybe next time research rural America and find out that what you think is so \"out there\" and in \"no where\" land actually has been kept track of for over three decades by homeland security. So while every one is out there enjoying this show please remember that if there really was a nuclear attack; it sure won\'t be Kansas that is the last to know. Jericho is a drama show all right but nothing more than an attempt to scare people with all these talks of nuclear weapons in the world. Many people in Kansas are used to what may happen in an event like they and are trained yearly as to what they are supposed to do. Please producers, do some research. It doesn\'t hurt you to get off a chair and go visit somewhere before you put false information out on the air. Kansas is not a backwoods when it comes to nuclear and its destruction. Again just research before you make up false towns for your fake shows.
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