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  • Petition

    I placed this on my profile and the Jericho profile. Sign, like and/or share it please. Lets see where this goes.

    I have started a petition. This isn't for politics, nor religion. Oddly enough I am starting my first petition for the dramatic television show of Jericho. For those of you who don't know, Jericho is basically a television show about what life could/would be if there was a complete nuclear wipe out of our country and how citizens of a small town have come to cope. Sign this petition if you want to see the show back on the air, but don't just sign it for the fact that it is just a show. Sign it because like books "Anthem" by Ayn Rand and/or "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury, it makes you THINK. If you have not seen the show watch the first two episodes, and if you like the show, or if you've already seen the show and like it add yourself to this petition. If you wish to be added "Like" this posting or add your name to a comment and be sure to share this post. Let's keep this going!

    1. Edward Flores

    2. Mandy Tillery

    3. Danielle Butcher Bancroft

    4. Stephen Hargis

    5. Isbely Farris

    6. Kristopher Farris

    7. Daniel Stephenson

    8. Denise Morgan Partin

    9. Tonya Fasgold

    10. Loki Ravary

    11. Elijah Price

    12. Trish Cook

    13. Jennifer Geisler-Melanson

    14. Debbie Stacy

    15. Annie Strawn Clay

    16. Liz Decker

    17. Anne Schwartz

    18. Carolyn Ellsworth Vandaele

    19. Milan Jakimov

    20. Sam Mills-Cotten

    21. Michaela Lynne Matthews
  • Jericho is a sleepy little town in Kansas about to be woken up with a bang. A barrage of nuclear attacks on various US capitals leaves this town isolated, and living in fear.

    Though this show has not aired yet, the video promotions found here at and on the CBS website are overwhelming. It is reminiscent of the movie, The Day After but promises to deliver a more human connection with more fleshed-out character development. CBS is toying with the idea of an internet storyline to go along with the television episodes to add a more personal, interactive component to the show. This innovative extension will hopefully attract a broader audience.

    It is refreshing that a network has come forward to offer something new and creative, lets just hope the fans and execs give this show the time to develop the characters and storylines. The knee-jerk cancellations have resulted in many spectacular shows, such as FireFly and Miracles to be yanked off the air before anyone even had the opportunity to see them. These shows are the precursors--trailblazers--to trends that develop and emerge only a few years later. Case and point: Ghost Whisper and Medium are popular shows that fall in the same genre of Miracles, though in my opinion pale by comparison. These two dramas premiered merely a year or two after Miracles.

    ATTENTION CBS : Thank you for something new. But if I could make another request, give it a full season. You paid for the episodes.....might as well show them!
  • Season 1 incredible. Season 2 ruined by budget cuts. Show is gone.

    The story line of this show is almost scary, because in our day and age it seems almost plausible. A corrupt company wants to over throw the US and rewrite our laws, history and identity. They start this with a nation wide attack the cripples the whole US. A small town in Kansas holds the smoking gun to the whole crime and only one man knows! Season one is truly genius. Although it may seem slow the first couple of episodes it is worth it to see the pickup that happens later on. This would have been the greatest tv show ever but unfortunately it was canned by CBS. Jericho will be loved and missed.
  • The U.S. is nuked and the world doesn't end... Because no one knows who did it!?!?! Show follows the survivors of a city in Kansas that is so remote no one cares.

    BRING IT BACK!?!?! I just started watching the show recently and couldn't stop. After watching the entire series in and week, then realizing the series was on hiatus, I was pissed. The commercials or what are remembered of them were terrible and this great show seemed to fly under the radar and right into the ground. The characters are great and intriguing to no surprise with a great cast of actors. The story is great and gives you that sense of confusion and paranoia that you would expect to ensue after and during a nuclear fallout. The show is riddled with interesting post apocalyptic elements such as mob mentalities and problems of everyday survival with a little bit of unrealistic hope and community unity that adds to the shows charm. One of the best parts of the show are the elements of government corruption, conspiracy, and abuse of power so relevant to our current government regime, especially the Jennings and Ralls company(Hali.....). Great show gonna go buy the dvds to help them get revenues. Show will be missed =(
  • Please bring it back!

    Please bring it back! This was a really good show. I watched all the seasons and its very disapointing to have it just go like that. Atleast release the rest of it on DVD or something. It really kind of sucks when something like this happens. This also happened to a show called Moonlight, both of these shows are awesome to alot of people. Sometimes you just need to advertise a little more. All I know that is im the type of person that was never really into any shows at all until I seen this show and now I watch a total of 15 difference shows and purchased the dvds for all the seasons.
  • This is one of those shows that ended way to soon. Someone need to pick it up and bring it back to tv!

    What can I say about this show. I never watched it when it was on tv but my sister in law has both seasons on DVD so I borrowed them and watched them and Ill tell you what if someone dosent pick this show back up I will be very disapointed. It kinda reminded me of Steven Kings The Stand but with bombs. The story line was well put together each episode better then the next the one thing that upset me about the whole thing was season 2 ended in a 'Whats next?' kinda feel like what happened the guy was tied to a table fighting for his life and Jake got back on the plane to go save him but.............nothing. WHY??? I wanna know what happened and Im sure theres many many people out there that wanna know too.
  • Bring it BACK!!!!

    I do not have the money to afford cable, therefore, I would love to see it come back to regular TV. I wish I could afford cable since there is absolutely nothing on the regular channels worth watching. Jericho brought our whole family together each week with anticipation. Brilliant storyline with believable characters and excellent actors/actresses. If we can't get it back on a regular TV Channel and have to have it back on a cable channel, I would try to find someone to record it for us to watch later. I would definitely look for it on DVD to own. It is a show worth fighting for!!!! Please, Please Bring it Back!!!
  • My overall review of the television series Jericho, is as follows:

    I was not able to watch this series while it was still on the air, I only saw a few episodes here and there. After stumbling onto 3 days ago I did NOTHING but watch all the Jericho episodes from start to finish. This show was then and is now underappreciated to the furthest extent of the meaning! I simply cannot believe that they did not continue this series even if it meant losing 1 or 2 more key players as long as they could be replaced with members of an equal standing! It was very unfortunate about some of the characters the writers felt needed to die, however, in the end most of it worked out for the better of the overall show. The war between the towns was too unbelievable with only 1 fatality on both sides after all those rounds fired, but then again it is television after all. My overall rating is 9.5 out of 10! Kudos!
  • "Jericho" is the first show in many seasons that I am clued to the screen.

    I love this show. It's about the only really good fiction entertainment ON television. I am so tired of criminal and law shows, the comedies are mindless, as is reality tv. This is an action packed, suspenseful, yet oddly realistic "what if" scenario drama. there are similarities between this show and the plot of Pat Frank's classic novel "Alas Babylon" (1959). I would definitely recommend this show to fans of the drama/sci-fi genres. Actually, I would recommend it to just about anyone! If you're looking for a good time watching TV, then this is the show you should be watching. I definitely enjoyed it, and I know you will enjoy it too.
  • Fingers crossed for a Netflix deal!

    Just got the 1st and 2nd season on DVD and started watching it all over again last night. Just as exciting the second time around -- and so much that I had forgot about. Hoping CBS & Netflix make a deal on giving Jericho new life.
  • Jericho is the best show on TV

    Jericho is the telling the story of the inhabitants of small farm town in Kansas. The story goes trough different twists and keeps the mind in suspence.

    The show has many fans and I don't get why CBS says it doesn't have good ratings. Since they don't appreciate it, some other network should revive the show. The story could have many twist. The writers could have went "nuts" with the story. It's a CBS loss, I guess.

    If you haven't seen the show, that should be priority numer one for you! It is the best show I've seen in years and you better have a lot of free time, because ones hookep up you won't be able to stop
  • One of the best shows on television, if not THE best show on television.

    An hour ago I had just finnished watching Jericho; every episode, and it left me almost speechless. Jericho has it all, the drama, the action and even the humour. It's the classification of a show we all want to see more of. It's got everything, perfect plot/story, perfect cast, perfect everything. Every episode was exciting and engaging, it makes you want to watch the next episode, and then the next and so forth... Shocking turns of events happen all the way through the series, both seasons are enjoyable, and I couldn't think of what more they could add. It ends with every state except Cheyenne declaring war on the newly elected government. We don't need to see the war, the outcome is obvious so the series does not end with a cliffhanger. In my eyes, the ending was perfect. Even better than the ending was the plot in the first season, where we watch the town struggling to survive, wanting food, electricity etc... The second season was of the same stature, we understand that the government is corrupt and everything. We find out about almost everything through the induction of the character Robert Hawkins. Nearly everything in the show relies on him, and the actor did a great job to portray him. Jericho is a superb show, and we want to see more shows like it.
  • Realy good show

    This show was just great i felt that the story for both season 1 and 2 was great, and i was realy disepointed whan thay dropt the show behind our back.
    And i am positive that the show whuld have goten serius viwers whit the 3 season for sure. But thay dident give it enugh time to build it self up viwers...
    I dont live in the us, but i also think thay probebly aired it on the wrong days so many good show was due to air that same day at same time, so thay lost alot of viwers there.... But i have given up, this show will not be picket up again, i serisly hope so but its a small possiblity.
  • CBS almost cut their own throat when they decided to cancel Jericho!

    Jericho was one of the best new dramas out there when it premiered last season and then CBS decided to throw in a confusing hiatus and rattle the fans by announcing Jericho's demise. It appears that vocal fans and TONS of nuts have gotten CBS's attention and Jericho has been renewed! I think the show is one of the best and most original dramas on television today and I hope that many new viewers will tune in to watch these fantastic actors in action as they take on New Bern in the new season! LONG LIVE JERICHO!
  • I don't have a life since Jericho started cuz I only think of Jericho and Skeet!! Luv him bunches!

    This is a fantastic show with all the makings of a real long runner! Watch our beloved Jericho and see what all the fans went crazy over! I promise you won't be disappointed. This shows what real community is about and why small towns are what need to survive in a situation like this one. We desperately need to watch out for one another cuz noone else is going to do this. Jericho is all about that and more. No barriers- color, religion, financial stature, sexism, political or any other walls that have been pushed away from the mainstream because its about people taking care of people, no matter what.
  • Jericho is a small Kansas town about to experience something big!

    As a nuclear cloud looms in the distance, the residents of a quiet, unassuming Kansas town are left isolated and alone. Communication and contact with the rest of humanity has been severed and we will witness the best and the worst that the remaining survivors have to offer. This case study in human survival has no million dollar prize, immunity challenges or tribal council.

    Though the show has yet to air on CBS, the promotional video found at looks intriguing and ominous. The cinematic quality is reminiscent of the highly-acclaimed, Miracles drama,which also starred Skeet Ulrich (Jericho's reluctant hero).

    With an ensemble cast which includes, Gerald McRaney as the mayor and the brilliant Pamela Reed as his wife, this show is bound to develop a strong following. With the success of serial dramas, such as Lost and 24, Jericho can attract a core audience that appreciates a more cerebral form of entertainment -- shows that explore the intricacies of human relationships.

  • The world you know is gone! That is the life the people of Jericho must wake to everymorning after the devastating nuclear explosions that devastated the USA. These People must fight to survive the constant threat of nature and even their own niebors.

    This Show is simply Fantastic. This shows quality rivalas any hollywood blockbuster. Jericho offers the T.V. viewers a new type of show, a show that relieves the viewer from the everyday soap operas and dramas. After seeing the first episode i beged for more! I could not stop watching, i watched every episode and when i finally got to the last episode they made i craved for more! I can't wait till CBS makes more episodes. This is hands down one of the best episodes on television and I would not miss a single episode. I even convinced my girlfriend to watch with me and she barley ever watchs TV and she's hooked on this show!
  • Bring jericho back

    One of the best shows I have ever watched! How could they cancel this? Watched all the shows on Netflix. Don't know how I missed it on tv. This is something that should be continued. Start it a few years later if necessary! Focus on the relationships, romance and personal drama as well as the intrigue. There are so many building blocks to use to restart this show. Netflix should produce this themselves and promote the old shows. Very good television. I couldn't stop watching! I'm in on the petition. Someone send it to Netflix!
  • Why do I always miss these shows?...

    I just started browsing through YouTube's new show channel feature, and came across this show. Curiousity got the better of me and I began the pilot episode. I was hooked within the first 30 minutes wondering what the heck was going on after the bomb. I was literally glued to my seat and left with a dropped jaw with the ending scene of all the dead birds. This is by far a fantastic "what the heck is going on series"?

    As usual once I begin to get into aa show, I find out it's cancelled and never get to hear about them when their actually on tv. Atleast I can catch up with what I missed out on, online with Youtube.
  • Good show and is missed.

    Ok I got to start off by saying that the show got canceled because Cbs was completly stupid in the first season. They started off really well and then they did what no show should do and that was they took a 3 month hiatus. WHAT!!! Why did you do that? That was the reason. You lost all the people that were on the fences and still watching. Anyway back to the show I hear that it will be airing on the Cw on Sunday night and maybe if it goes really well they could bring it back from the dead.
  • One of the best TV Dramas that I've ever watched!

    I am not that avid of a TV Drama fan however I started watching Jericho on Netflix and am totally hooked! I think it is one of the best shows that I have ever watched. The story-line and performances are all brilliant. I found out recently they continued Season 3 as a comic book. It is sad that the show got cancelled.
  • You Need To Bring It Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    first we found out about the walking dead and started watching it about 2 months ago and when we finished it i wanted something new to watch so i found jerico and when i finished i was so angry because it was so awesome i watched about 6 episodes a night.
  • Just an awesome series that kept me wanting more after each episode!

    Why on earth would you want to remove such a great series as Jericho, just boggles my mind. Was definately one of the best series I have seen as of yet. Kept me on the edge of my seat all the time. I liked the cast, the setting, everything about it was awesome...just awesome! I liked the fact that it was based on a time we live in and the things that happen(nuclear explosions, etc.) is actually not too far out of reach. Because we live in a time where that can easily happen. That's what really kept this series interesting for me. I actually found myself rooting for the cast and hoping to God they'll make it through and so that the good overcomes the evil. Even sent a few tears to my eyes a few times. Awesome, awesome series. Please please please bring it back!!! :(
  • Why on earth did they cancel this show!!! It was one of the best shows I have seen! I am very gutted!

    I love this show, I was always wondering what will happen, I love the closeness the main character have with each other.

    I actually rented it out on dvd, because I wasn't sure how the show would be like, but I wasn't let down, love the first season, and was really glad that they decided to show the second season. Just wish that Jericho get given more chance to show more of what they got. I don't even see why people wouldn't like this show. It has its mystery, character bondings, stuff that are really good too see… I will miss this show, and I just bought both season, and I have been watching it over and over again, thanks for producing such a great show. It will be missed.
  • This is a great show that will keep you at the edge of you seat wondering what is going to happen next.

    This is a really good show that takes place after 23 american cities are nuked in an explosion. Now the people of the small Kansas town of Jericho are wondering if they are some of the last people out there. They go through many hardships and many problems on their way to find out they truth about what really happened to those cities and the people. This is a great show that I actually just started to watch and can not stop watching it, episode after episode it gets better and better. I would really reccomend this show, to anyone who likes suspense.
  • One of the best ever!!! I absolutely adore the characters...especially that 'Jake Green'guy.He is totally the best...and so is Skeet Ulrich. I absolutely,positively,totally LOVE Skeet and Jericho.

    "jericho' is one of those shows where you just can't wait to see what happens next week.It's brilliantly written with a TERRIFIC cast. The senerio is so realistic and who knows?...with the way things are going in the world today,may just become a horrific reality. I honestly think 'Jericho' is a show that NEEDS to be viewed;It very well may be those willing to be educated. The very idea of a show like this was brilliant.My hats' off to the writers as well as the cast members who make it so believable. I really love 'Jericho' and i hope the show survives as long as i do.(lol) (I love you,Skeet Ulrich.)
  • Why should I watch Jericho? I found 6 reasons...

    Why should I watch Jericho?
    1) Show looks real. Every little detail and the whole atmosphere.
    2) You have many questions, but you still don't know the answers.
    3) It has own style. You can't compare this show with anyone else. I have many great words for script writers.
    4) Many different and real charachters, you'll find your favourite.
    5) The actors are great. (I even can't add something more here). 6) This show could help you to survive.

    It's always very intresting to watch people in dramatic situations like this. So, I hope you'll find an hour to watch this show and you enjoy it.
  • Another brilliant drama stroyline!

    Before I started watching Jericho, my favourite drama shows were Lost and Prison Break because I liked those types of themes. I likes themes which is one long story rather than a different stroyline each week. Jericho is also one of those brilliant shows which you can't just start watching half way through the season. I love Jericho because of the whole idea and I like the acting to. I think that everything in general could improve but I am still so happy with it at the moment. I hope that this excellent show lasts for 3 to 5 seasons!
  • Authentic disaster TV

    Set to a small town just after nuclear bombs wipe out most of the big cities of the US, the show is a show about survival, human comradeship and how easily lives can change.

    What makes Jericho so good is how authentic it is. You can basically feel the panic of the population of Jericho about their situation, you can see them make irrational choices and, when they end up at war with another city, you see the confusion and the shock that this is actually happening to them. They really do seem like ordinary people thrown into extreme situations (with the exception of Hawkins, who might be a bit unrealistic character-wise). You have people who've never fired a gun in their life standing guard and mentally preparing themselves to kill people if they are attacked. It seems real, it seems believable. You can relate. That is the strength of this show, in addition to a good plot. I just finished season 1 and am very sad the second season only has 8 episodes. Also, some plot lines just end. But it makes sense in this situation. Suddenly, a character dies in the middle of their plot line. That's what happens in circumstances such as this. That strengthens the show aswell, and makes it even worse to see beloved characters go.

    The dynamic between the two Green brothers is almost worth the show alone, but I watch it for all the characters. They all have strenghts and flaws, they do stupid things that make you want to yell at them and they don't always think ahead. Just like everyone else.

    You should watch this show! It is one of the best shows I have ever come across.
  • Great Show That Ended Too Soon

    I recently began watching this show on Netflix, just for something new, and I was immediately hooked. I went through he entire first season and then the second (if you can even call 7 episodes a full season) in about a week and a half. I think the show portrayed a post-nuclear America very well. As for those who say there were too many amenities still around, just because bombs went off does not mean that suddenly every single aspect of modern life disappears. Perhaps if this show took plave over several years I would understand the skepticism but as far as I'm aware, it was only a couple months. Overall, I thought the writing, the stories, the acting, and the final product were excellent. My only complaint is that Jake (the main character) was not put in enough dangerous me crazy, but thats always my favorite part of these types of shows. But hey, what can you do.
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