Season 1 Episode 8

Rogue River

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2006 on CBS

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  • Jake and Eric travel to Rogue River to get supplies for their father, who has gone into septic shock. They arrive and encounter Ravenwood, a mercenary contractor who appears to have killed innocent people. Gray interviews Hawkins' family.

    This episode focused mainly on the mission to Rogue River, and the interview of the Hawkins family. Overall, I think that focusing on these elements made a better story, as the tension of one reinforced the adventure of the other.

    I am not so fond of the character Hawkins, the actor that plays him or the family. The part of the episode that centered on him did reveal some information, but for some reason I don't trust it. The writers have kept Hawkins such a deep secret, and there is so much misinformation about him I don't know what to believe. This is a problem for writers; if you jerk the audience around, then they learn that you can't be trusted to reveal the truth. This means that whenever we hear the straight deal about Hawkins, I most likely won't believe it.

    The trip to Rogue River was interesting and I found Ravenwood to be a plausible plot device. It introduced a new force that Jericho will have to contend with, and I'm enjoying the forces converging in the story. The action sequences were believable without being over the top.

    This is a good episode.
  • Jake and Eric venture out of town in search of help for their dad.

    We get to see some of the outside world in this episode and it is nothing like life in Jericho! Jake and Eric need to find medication for their dad so they travel to a nearby town with near disasterous results. Considering it's only been a week since the nuclear bombing it's kind of funny to watch the marriage's still suffering and the flirting and such go on as if nothing has happened! I was quite disappointed considering life has changed dramatically for the town and it's people! All in all it shows exactly why the bombs fell as humans are impervious sometimes to their own failures often resulting in meltdowns both human and nuclear...
  • Jake and Eric try to find medicine for their dad but meet with resistance.

    Exciting episode in which Jake mentions another possibility for his five-year absence. Was he in the army and did he serve in Iraq? If so, I don't believe that he was simply a driver. I liked the two brothers working together, it seems as if Eric is starting to realise Jake is no longer a screw-up. He even confesses to Jake that he plans to leave April, but doesn't yet know she's pregnant. Great plotting.

    The Hawkins family has to endure some pretty invasive questioning and get their house searched. Robert has taken precations though, with the help of his daughter and he accidentally left an FBI badge lying around, which impresses his interrogators.
  • Review

    This episode was pretty action packed and the ending of the episode makes it seem like we have a storyarch for the next couple of episodes with the town looking to be targeted by this group that Jake used to work for. We got some answers about Jakes past, for 18 out of the 60 months, which was long overdue after 8 episodes into the season. The relationship with Jakes brother and his wife look to about be over as hes about to confess that he loves Mary from the bar. The next episode should have a little bit of drama followed by a little bit of action if the men attack the town.

    Id like to see Jake and Heather expand on there little episode in the next episode, I dont want it to be something that happened for shcok value and isnt expanded on for a few episodes. Ill forgive them this time because Jake was away most of the episode and Emily was right there when he got back. Solid episode though.
  • There's a lot going on out there

    Jake and Eric head to Rogue River to find the right medicine to save Johnston's life and they run into a unit of mercenaries. Finally, Jake admits to where he was those past couple of years and we find out that he must have had a tough time in the Middle East.
    In the end, we're left with a tense cliffhanger, cause Eric might have lost his wallet in Rogue River so that the mercenary soldiers now probably now where to go next. Scary...
    We also find out a little about the lies that Robert Hawkins got his family memorize about their past. He's a strange guy and there's still no way to figure out if he's one of the terrorists or a good guy like his daughter suggested...
  • New information, new plot twists, and a new character. (spoilers)

    In an adventure tale almost comparable to quest movies like The Wizard of Oz, this episode tells the tale of Jake and Eric venturing out to the nearest hospital to procure medicine for their father. The scene they stumble upon is so different from what they normally deal with in Jericho, the two brothers can't possibly return home unchanged. The only two men alive at the hospital are clearly damaged, but each has a strong and well-developed role in this story. Having another doctor in Jericho will certainly improve matters, even if he is still in shock from recent events. Eric leaving his jacket at the scene--another smart detail included by the writers--will most likely create an even more momentous plot point in the near future. Good drama.

    The scenes at the Hawkins house were intense as well. The tension among the family members seems to be building slowly, and the children (especially the young son) can't be expected to keep the family's secret forever. Robert Hawkins is finally starting to seem capable of affection toward his family, and I'll be interested to see how the father-daughter relationship develops.
  • great episode

    Jake and Eric venture out to another town called Rogue River in search of a medicine that can help their dad. When Jake and Eric reach rogue river, they realize the whole town is deserted, they get to a hospital for the medicine but soon they are trapped their when a security firm called Ravenwood gets to the hospital threatening the lives of anyone living. This episode is exciting, with the element of danger thrown in to complicated matters with Jake and Eric, the atmosphere of safety suddenly becomes dangerous. DB Sweeney plays a convincing villain, this episode looks really good.
  • Woooow. Now that's quality TV!

    We picked up where we left off. Jake and Eric rushed to the Rogue River hospital to find medicine in order to cure their dying father, the mayor. Now that wasn't the only exciting issue in this episode ..

    The Green brothers(sounds like I'm talking about green people) made their way to Rogue River to find it completely abandoned. They learned that it was evacuated by a mercenary group of some sort that slaughtered the sick inhabitants in the hospital, making us a really creepy view.

    As they entered the hospital, it was a mess. Filled with dead bodies, crashed equipment and other post-apocalyptic kind of stuff. The whole scene while they were inside that hospital was simply creepy. It felt like some sort of horror movie. A post-apocalyptic one. Really made the mood.

    While it was up to Jake and Eric to save the day(as usual of course), Heather and Emily tried to be useful too. By making ice. That was quite the nerve-stretcher too. As the finally found a way to make ice and help as they can in curing the mayor. Of course that all emotional too. This show is just so dramatic! Gotta love that!

    While everybody did what they could to save Johnston, deputy Gray and that chubby police officer suspected Mr. Hawkins of something obscure. They asked manipulating questions, searched the house. It was annoying actually. But as they're little play of who-gets-the-upper-hand expressed itself, the Hawkins' eventually tricked them over, making their living in Jericho stable. Now we'll just have to wait and see to what'll happen to the mayor. Of course he will. We didn't go through all that drama just that he can die. No way, jose!
  • Another good episode!

    Seeing the woman in the road definately added that "appocolypse is real" effect, although not seeing a single car on the streets of Rogue River seemed more "twilight zonish" to me that surreal. Finding out that Jake seems to know alot about private military contractors from previous experience was interesting as his details seemed more truthful than the past responses he gave regarding his past in the prior episodes. Eric leaving his wallet in Rogue River was I think a less than intersting way of getting the mercenaries to Jericho. Finding out April is pregnant....well....gotta have some emotional plots in there I suppose. Overall, I am still pleased with this show with the exception that it is only 40 minutes of story. CBS needs to do a 2 hour long episode as the season finally.
  • What I have been wating for!

    WOW! Since the beggining of this series it has been great but not brilliant and has been pretty rocky lately. This is just the kind of episode that I and everyone else was waiting for and what will start the main storylines apart from who stole that and who kissed who. We have has a lot of soap storylines lately which isn't what I want and we finally at the point where the all of the main "heroes" are starting to realise the bigger problems. Right now in the show, Jericho seems to be the most stable town in the whole of America. I mean they are even celebrating Halloween and don't realise that there are people raping, killing, stealing and God knows what else. I can imagine if the normal townspeople of Jericho find out what is happening they won't be so normal. Next week that vicious group of Ranenswood are going to come to Jericho but imagine if the rest of all of those starving people knew that a healthy town still existed. It wouldn't be healthy for so long! They need to hide Jericho somehow or another and the sherrif should have taken Robert's advice in episode 1 to cover up his police car with the word Jericho. Things like that and many more! A good show has just been givin the Lost tick by me and is now around the standards of Lost and Prison Break.
  • Whoa!!!! That episode was definitly one of the best yet.

    This episode was a good example of what Jericho can really be at it\'s highest, it\'s starting to get better every week, and next week looks like it\'s gonna be even better. And ive been watching \"Countdown\" and have thought, what\'s this thing with american mercaneries??? Is the people who dropped the bombs american? Is america in a civil war??? Many questions are starting to be more specifed like; how did Jake know about those X signs on the doors, and why are the mercaneries invading? I know the show has lost it a litle for the past few episodes but, Jericho\'s definitly statring to live up to it\'s greatness.
  • Best episode yet, big improvement.

    "Rogue River" was the best episode yet. Based on the rating thus far of 9+ most agree.

    Excellent tense action at the hospital where Jake and Eric encounter a group of mercenaries (working for Ravenwood, a military contractor) assigned to evacuate the town of Rogue River. It appears these guys went nuts, either due to seeing too much death or possible radiation sickness due to spending too much time in contaminated areas like Rogue River; these guys are definitely not playing with a full deck. Their leader at the end reminds me of Michael Biehn in "The Abyss" as a navy seal who slowly goes insane due to diving to the ocean bottom too quickly - having that paranoid, thousand yard stare. Sane people dont shoot hospital patients in their beds. They probably only kept the doctor alive for their own medical needs. The one Ravenwood guy left behind to guard the doctor has a change of heart and decides to help Jake, Eric and the Doctor escape and save the Mayors life by taking on his Ravenwood comrades and sacrificing himself. Eric made a dumb move upon leaving that provides a cliffhanger into episode 10 "Crossroads" where the remaining Ravenwood guys show up on Jerichos doorstep looking to loot the town.

    The questioning by Gray Andersons of the Hawkins family was tense and at times uncomfortable as Robert and his daughter Allison did an excellent job convincing Anderson that he is on their side making helpful suggestions in finding people who mean Jericho harm.

    The soap operish moments (concerning Eric and his wifes marital problems) were kept to a minimum and the tense action kept me focused. Even after a terrorist attack people will still have relationship problems and normal human emotions but too much of that would make the episodes dull. The final scene where Jake is peering out the window in the darkness with shotgun in hand added to the suspense leading into the next episode. As a bonus we found out how to make ice without a freezer!
  • nice one =)

    lets keep it up, reveal a little more about new fbi agente (suposed agent..) and lets get the story out of jericho, lets see what happened with the world and how we're gonna react to it, let the pillage starts, the shots roll. This episode was good and the action scenes where also good, lets keep it coming =)
  • Jake and Eric go to Rogue River, KS to get medicine for their dad the mayor. They run into a couple of people that survived and find out that FEMA has came through the town. Run into Ravenwood and the ending is up to you to watch. Go to

    I simply loved this episode because it was so pivoting and it just pointed out once again what could happen if something like this actually happened. Jake and Eric go to a town about 120 miles away and find out that FEMA has gone through the town, now a ghost town. Then they get to the hospital and all hell brakes loose. I liked this episode, because we finally got to find out what life is like outside of Jericho, KS. Also if you want to watch this episode, go to and go to shows and go under jericho. You can watch full episodes there. I miss the show sometimes and go here to watch it. Its a great feature. Also click on Countdown a series in which you find out the real reason why Hawkins does what he does. Watch Rogue River episode and become hooked on this show like many of us have!
  • Who could have thought it would be so hard to get drugs?

    This episode was great. It moved preaty fast and had alot of gun fights or people upset. The two brothers drive to the town and no one is around. Plus, Jake knew what the strange markings on the door from FEMA were. At least the fictional FEMA does things. The two end up at the hospital and are shot at right away from it. SO what do they do, run into the building that contains their attacker. Inside they find freshly dead people. they head upstairs and more shots. Then a flash grenade is thrown at them. Jake of course handles this with out winking his eye, his brother is like ehh? Jake rushes upstairs and meets a wounded mercinary. HE reasons and the guy then trusts Jake. But I don't think Jake told him the truth. he said something like he just drove for mercinaries or something, wsa not military, but I think he lied cause his brother then came up. Anyways, they meet a doctor who was trying to save someone when evil mercinaries come. THe one with the brothers shoots one outside cuase they killed all the patients. So when the baddies enter, Jakes' brother acts like a doctor and meets them, he says he can help the injured man. WHile acting, he grabs the drugs his daddy needs and Jake shoots at the lead baddy, Oh and he is DB sweeny, who got old looking. The boys flee with the doctor and their military man stays behind to cover their backs and probably got killed, it just showed Jake entering he car wiht shots behind him in the hospital. Back at the farm house, the new doc introduces himself and treats the major. THe brothers talk and idiot tells Jake he left his wallet in the hospital. Flash back to the hospital and DB is looking at the wallet and address. Oh, and inter editly, the teacher and ex were trying to make ice for the major. THe daughter-in-law confess' she is pregnant.
  • Awesome!...

    this episode was one of the best yet i think, it sort of reminded me of 24 how they were in the building getting shot at and having to escape. i think the storyline of Jericho is great and hopefully will only get better. it's too bad that there taking it off until february. oh well.i think that the mayor will survive., but there is a chance that they could kill him off seeing how they have only had one season, nothing is predictable yet. i like Skeet Ulrich's character Jake and am glad they finally find out where he went for so long.later.
  • Wow!!! This is what i'm talking about!

    This was definitely another great installment!!!
    I loved the whole Jake and Eric working, side by side, thing.
    They make a great theme as brothers.
    This episode was not only exciting, but it has got me hooked as to what will happen next i can't wait.
    I'm counting down the days to when it will air!

    However, i like Eric and his wife....i don't want them to split up.....but it looks as if he is gonna tell her about the affair..
    Oh well...

    This episode was still great....but now i'm wondering if Robert is an FBI agent or not?!

    Guess i'll just have to wait and see.
  • Another good episode....

    I thought this was a good episode. It really had me at the edge of my seat. There was a lot of "Holy, crap" moments in the episode. I thought the deserted town was really creepy. I don't really think that Jake's dad is going to survive. The town is starting to get smarter when they suspect Hawkins. I think that either Hawkins is a bad guy or with the CIA. But either way, he's trouble. I just saw the preview for next week's episode and I'm really excited for it.
  • We finally get out beyond Jericho and see what has happened in another town. Jake and Eric have some more bonding time and pickup a doctor along the way, but have to shoot it out with a tough merc group called Ravenswood.

    A fairly entertaining episode (aside from Emily and Heather making ice for the Mayor and Heather having a meltdown since it wasn\'t working properly since she was using plastic bowls). Jake and Eric cruise around KS in the General Lee (oops I mean Jake\'s car) looking for Cipro for their dad. They got to Rogue River (nice name for a town) and find it is deserted and FEMA was there recently evacuating everyone due to the contaminated water supply. They find a doctor and one merc at the hospital and talk their way in where they find tens of dead bodies lying around the hospital that had all been murdered by the other mercs. In the meantime Hawkins and his family are interrogated by Gray and Jimmy where they find his wallet with FBI badge and identification. Hawkins tells them about how he was planted in Jericho to monitor terrorist activities, but can we believe him? April tells the Mayor she is pregnant and tells him not to die. Eric tells Jake he loves Mary and Jake encourages him to leave April not knowing she is pregnant.
  • Ok,i loved this ep,i did,but im left thinking something is missing after watching it even though i was really kept on the edge of my seat all the way through.

    I dont know. I didnt go much on the effects in the beginning with Jake and Eric in the car,i thought that was really badly done. Loved the conversation though,just like two brothers talking. I thought Gray was an absolute bastard showing up like he did,that was so wrong. I didnt like the way he was obviously accusing Rob of being a traitor,everything bar coming out and saying it anyway lol The brothers second conversation in the car was interesting though,a lot more points raised for discussion. Seems like there was always a 'who is right' thing going on with them. I loved the way Heather was so nice to Jakes mom... And the making ice thing was an absolute brainwave lol Her face was so funny when she realised she could do it. The whole Rogue River thing was sooo creepy. I didnt like the hospital at all,reminded me of watching The Stand (i love that movie) all those poor patients,they had no idea what was coming. I love the dr though,he is wonderful,i dont know if he will stick around,but they could use another dr in Jericho. Poor Peyton. I really felt worry for this guy. He had been thrown in at the deep end,and really just carried away with everyone else. I cant believe they laft him for dead,they were supposed to be his colleagues. Wow,we certainly learnt a lot about Jakes past tonight. it was so nice to hear some of the stuff that he had been up to. Very scary for him to be doing such stuff,but i must admit he was very professional with that gun,and knew a lot about the grenade thing.And that he could hear that Peyton was scared in his voice. Robs daughter did such a good job to think quickly enough to make sure his boy just acted like a normal kid. I was so worried,that he would speak and forget something. And good on her for having spunk when she was talking to Gray too,that was so cool! he was literally interrogating her,and he had no right to do it. I still dont like him. I did have a little bit of emotion through the whole April/Johnston scene,i thought it was very sweet. I dont go much on April,but i know how she must feel at the moment,and that made me warm to her immediately. And how sweet was it for Jakes mom to be standing there and to hear the whole thing. I felt so sorry for the dr,he was really upset about not being able to save even one of those patients... Im a big fan of Jake taking charge though. Just makes me sit up and take notice lol (yeah i know,im such a fan girl ) Jake knows exactly what to do in these situations and he does it without even thinking twice,thats what i like about him. Robs daughter did such a good job of hiding those things! Really well done. I cant believe after interrogating them that Gray wanted them to look around as well! But anyway,he certainly did act all surprised when he ended up finding the badge. Something to think about anyway. I nearly fell off my chair when Jake was hiding behind the door,and the soldier was there. This episode certainly kept me occupied! Just watching the whole Emily/Heather thing where they were talking about Johnston and Jakes mom being married for 40 yrs. I felt sort of sorry for Emily in this scene,it must be hard on her. I was pleased when she said that Jake was coming back to Heather,made me wonder what she saw last week But now watching it twice made me wonder if she was saying it because she was thinking she would be confused if Jake and Roger both came back. I dont know just something in her eyes wasnt right in that scene. Poor Heather though,she was determined that the ice wasnt working,and then she discovered that they needed metal bowls! Was so glad that Rob thanked his daughter. It was a good thing for him to do. Showed that he appreciated what she did for him. I wasnt happy with the moment they had between Emily and Jake instead of Heather and Jake though. This is the only problem i had with this episode,i was thinking that yeah,with the confession that Emily had made to him about Heather saving his dads life,there would have been a little more intereaction with the characters. I thought that maybe they would have had the emotional moment with Heather and him anyway. I dont know,I just thought he had a little bit of a hurt expression on his face when Heather just reached out and patted his arm instead of anything else. I dont know if it was just me or not. And I felt sooo sorry for him when Emily asked him what he had seen.The tears you could see in his eyes when she walked out,totally broke me up.. I had tears too at the end of that scene. Another bit of brotherly intereaction,that was wonderful! I love that. And Eric is going to tell April,thats good! I dont know,i think that things happen for a reason,and living unhappily isnt going to make anything better for anyone. OMG about Eric losing his jacket though,and that soldier picking his wallet up! I didnt like the way he said "Jericho" Oh and yet again,another favourite Jake moment for me. Him standing guard to protect the family. The whole protective thing, I love it. The protective side of this guy is just so adorable!
  • It's episodes like these that get me through the character development episodes.

    I needed a break from character development for a little while. They trimmed a lot of people out of this episode to bring us Jake and Eric on a mission to find medicine for their dying father. Automatic weapons, rescuing a doctor and speeding out of town to get to their dad was exciting. It's too bad that Eric forgot his jacket with his wallet in it. The mercenaries are on there way to Jericho now, but they got the job done and they are going to save their dad. I don't mind new characters as long as they are necessary and a doctor is always welcome when you are living in an end-of-the-world scenario. I had my money on Mary getting pregnant but instead it's April. That is going to be a big bombshell once they get back to dealing domestic issues but for now it's time to get ready to protect the town.
  • They go to Rogue River to get meds for their dad. While there they meet a group of mercinaries from Ravenswood.

    This episode was the best one yet. It was alot more exciting than the other ones, and it was more interesting. I like this one for several reasons.

    First, Jake and Eric cleared the rooms of the hospital like proffesionals. We don't really know where Jake was, but Eric was the Assistant Mayor (or whatever) where did he learn to clear a room and provide 360 security like that? I thought that was interesting.

    Second, I liked how they had so much action in this one. There was alot of good action scenes and several tense moments. I thought it was cool how Jake knew the writing on the doors from FEMA. It was also cool how the Ravenswood merc's had their guns tricked out. They had scopes, flashlights, laser-sights, and forward hand grips. That was awesome to see the directer go to such lengths to show the difference in equipment between those in Jericho and the merc's.

    Finally, I liked how they left the ending open for a great following episode. The merc's coming to Jericho...that is gonna be awesome and I cannot wait for the next one. It is gonna be awesome seeing how the citizens of Jericho protect their homes from the merc's who, clearly, have the military advantage. This was a pretty good episode.
  • Finally an episode that does not wallow around in maudlin soap opera sensibilities

    They managed to make it through an entire episode without it seeming like Peyton Place. No Dake/Skylar subplot. No sexy IRS agentflirting with the man on whose farm she was going to foreclose and Eric not looking at the local bar owner with puppy dog eyes. That is NOT what the show should be about.

    2 major subplots in this episode; Jake and Eric attempting to get medicine for their dad, and Gray Anderson grilling Hawkins. Annoying and useless disstractions were absent. We got to see a little bit of the outside world, and it doesn\'t look nice.

    I gave this a classification of pivotal, because for myself it was. Here we have had major lifetime changing occurences (use of nuclear weapons), and we were seeing small town boy rejected by out of town hottie, philandering husband and winsome IRS aganet becoming attracted to the person she was going to foreclose on. I thought the show was spinning it\'s wheels, and going nowhere fast. I felt it had to get gritty, and in a hurry. I would have continued to watch in any event, but I was becoming disillusioned.

    This episode buys the show some time. As long as they build on this episode, it can become a good series. It it backslides, lets up, or doesn\'t continue building, it will be nothing more than mediocre.

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