Season 1 Episode 8

Rogue River

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2006 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: About 12:50 into the episode, just after the boys talk about the mercenaries and before they get up off the floor, one of the dead soldiers is seen breathing.

    • When Gray Anderson and Jimmy (Bob Stephenson) are talking with Robert Hawkins and Allison Hawkins. Jimmy has in the first shot "25.20" a green jacket on, then no jacket in the next shot of him. Then again with the jacket on.

    • Jericho Geography: Sign outside the hospital in Rogue River reveals that that town is located in Fillmore County.

    • Nitpick: According to his driver's license, Eric's birthday is September 21, 1977. In the episode "Federal Response" we saw that Jake's birthday is January 21, 1977. This makes Eric exactly eight months younger than Jake. Even with a premature birth it is highly unlikely that the two brothers could have been born so closely together.

    • The markings on the houses in Rogue River are similar to those used by FEMA and other groups during the evacuation of New Orleans after the Hurricane Katrina Disaster.

    • When Jake and Randy are talking at the hospital, Jake says that he was working in Iraq for a security contractor, driving a truck back and forth to the Green Zone. If this is true, Jake was not in prison in his years away from Jericho but in Iraq.

    • During Gray Anderson and Jimmy's interrogation of the Hawkins family, they find an FBI badge and Robert convinces them that he is an undercover FBI agent. The Morse code heard over the title "ROB NOT FBI" convinces otherwise.

    • When Eric and Jake arrive at Rogue River, there is a clock stopped at exactly 9:02 because that was the time when the EMP was set off in episode 6 AKA "9:02".

    • According to his driver's license, Eric Green is 6'2", 190 lbs. His date of birth is 21 Sept 1977, and his address is 621 Granville Street.

    • Randy told Jake and Eric that FEMA set up a tent city a few miles north of Rogue River. This is where all of the evacuees of Rogue River were taken.

    • 1 Month After The Bombs
      This is shown at the bottom of the screen at the beginning of the episode.

    • The Morse code message heard over the title is:
      ROB NOT FBI.

    • The episode title, "Rogue River" refers to the place that Jake and Eric go to in this episode to find medicine for their father.

  • Quotes

    • Darcy: Is searching houses standard policy here? I thought this was Kansas, not Soviet Russia.
      Hawkins: You know, we've been pretty easy-going about all this.
      Gray: And I'm only asking for a little more patience, so I know I can vouch for you. Unless, you're afraid there's something we'll find.
      Hawkins: You know, if you can overlook the mess, we can overlook the violation of our civil rights.

    • Allison: Well that's when my grandma died and left everything with my parents. They wanted me out of the school I was in so, we moved.
      Gray: Was your father away from home a lot when you were a kid?
      Allison: Of course, he's a cop.
      Gray: Did he bring friends around or anybody you thought was kind of strange?
      Alison: His friends are all cops.

    • Jimmy: Hey pal, what are you drawing?
      Sam: My old house.
      Jimmy: Oh yeah, where is that?
      Sam: I'm hungry.
      Jimmy: Well you know what, as soon as we've finished talking, maybe your mom will give you some of that pie.
      Sam: I want it right now. Now. I'm hungry.

    • Allison: You went to Crow Island school. We moved here after our grandfather died. Sam, are you listening?
      Sam: I'm hungry, and I want dinner.
      Allison: You know what, Sam? You should tell that to the guys in there. Just keep saying it as much as you can, okay?

    • Eric: Oh my God. What happened here?
      Jake: You okay?
      Eric Yeah, where do you think those shots came from?
      Jake: Top floor.
      Eric: Who the hell would be shooting at us?
      Jake: I don't know, but if they have any Cipro, it's probably upstairs.

    • Jake: Are you going to be okay Dad?
      Gail: He's going to be just fine.

    • Jake: I see it.
      Eric: Slow down.
      Jake: Not stopping until we get to Rogue River.
      Eric: We can't just leave her lying there in the middle of the road.
      Jake: See that second set of skid marks back there? Means someone forced her off the road and probably robbed her and killed her. For all we know, they could be waiting out there to do it again. I don't like it anymore then you do but if we don't make it Dad dies. This is the world we live in now.

    • Eric: You don't even know what I was going to say.
      Jake: Put the map away, we're taking the back roads.
      Eric: Jake, Dad's on borrowed time. We need to get the medicine and get back here.
      Jake: I spent most of my teenage years driving these roads. We'll make up the time.
      Eric: You always think you know better.
      Jake: This thing's loaded? (hands Eric a gun)
      Eric: Yes, it's loaded. What are we going to have to do, Jake?
      Jake: I don't know but when it comes time to do it.
      Eric: I'll be ready.

    • Jake: You haven't said anything for miles, stay sharp.
      Eric: What happened to you Jake?
      Jake: What do you mean?
      Eric: The last five years, where were you? I'm assuming jail. Why won't you tell me?
      Jake: Why does it matter?
      Eric: Because all that time, I stood and I watched Mom and Dad suffer. Every time the phone rang they thought it was you. I used to hate calling the house because we sound the same on the phone. I couldn't listen to them realizing it was only me.
      Jake: I'm sorry, all right. I'm sorry for what I did to our family. But don't use me as an excuse for not getting on with your life.
      Eric: What's that suppose to mean?
      Jake: You wouldn't be the first guy to leave his wife, Eric. Look, I'm not telling you to leave her. I'm just saying….

    • Gray: Thanks for talking with us, Robert.
      Robert: No problem Gray. What's this all about?
      Gray: Well, when I was in Topeka people were saying that all of this could be a first step in a foreign invasion except that getting all of these bombs into the country would be difficult…
      Robert: Without help on the inside.
      Gray: Exactly.

    • Robert: Well, why don't you just ask me the question? You really think I was the mastermind behind the largest terrorist attack in the history of the world?
      Gray: Were you? (long pause and then Gray and Robert giggle)

    • Gail: How long can he hold on like this?
      April: I can't say for sure. Maybe 12 hours.
      Gail: 12 hours?
      April: I am so sorry.
      Gail: I---I've been married to that man for a long time. I refuse to believe this is the way it ends.

    • Eric: I didn't know Rogue River had a SWAT team.
      Jake: They don't. These guys aren't cops. They're government contractors; a private army, a firm, called Ravenwood.
      Eric: What are mercenaries doing in Kansas?
      Jake: The same thing they've been doing in Iraq and New Orleans. The military's been stretched so thin the past few years mercenaries became a commodity. The real question is did they kill these people?

    • Emily: She's been up for 24 hours. They've been married for 40 years.
      Heather: Can you imagine?
      Emily: I was supposed to get married tomorrow.
      Heather: Hey, Hey. Roger's coming back.
      Emily: So's Jake.

    • Jake: Look, if something happens to me get in the car and go, all right, find another town, search house to house if you have to.
      Eric: Jake, nothing is going to happen to you. Okay? Nothing ever does.

    • Mayor Johnston Green: (weakly) Gail…..
      April: Oh it's me April, Gail's downstairs. She'll be up soon. I wish there was something more I could do, but there isn't. Please just hold on a little longer. Can I tell you a secret? You are going to be a grandfather. I haven't told anyone yet, not even Eric. I don't know what he's going to say, but this child needs a grandfather. Hold on, okay? Please.

    • Jake: Payton, they'll kill you. Come on.
      Randy Payton: I don't care. I deserve this. I emptied my gun up there, too. Now go, let me do this.

    • Robert: How do you even know that that badge is real?
      Gray: I guess I don't.
      Robert: The fakes are usually made of aluminum. It's cheaper, lighter. If it's heavy, (drops badge on the table) that's how you know. Don't just assume that just because someone has one of these that it's real, especially not these days.
      Gray: But why didn't you say anything?
      Robert: Because I don't know you. I don't know who I can trust. You see, the Bureau was tracking some suspicious contacts between unknown people in this area of Kansas and terrorist groups abroad.
      Gray: What kind of contacts?
      Robert: Pay phone calls, money transfers. You know I was relocated to investigate undercover, Mr. Anderson, and as far as I'm concerned, I am still on the job, so I would appreciate your discretion.
      Gray: No, of course. Jimmy's the only one that knows. I'll make sure it stays that way.
      Robert: The people who did this they will try to do this again. We can't let that happen.

    • Jake: You'll be okay, all right? You'll get through this. You're a much better person then I am, so…I know you'll be fine.
      Eric: I don't know if I'm a better person. I'm in love with Mary Bailey. (Jake smiles) You knew that didn't you? I'm gonna tell April. Life's too short, right?
      Jake: Whatever you do I'm sure it will be the right thing. (puts some water on his face) Let's get some rest.

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      Denmark: November 21, 2007 on SBS Net
      The Netherlands: June 16, 2008 on Veronica

  • Allusions

    • In Rogue River the clock is frozen on the time 9:02. This is the exact time of the bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City in 1995.

    • Rogue River was featured in post-apocalyptic Kevin Costner film The Postman.

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