Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2008 on CBS

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  • Beck imprisons Jake and cuts off the towns supplies until the rangers surrender.

    Jake is in custody under a high watt tungsten lamp.Becks tries to get him to sign a declaration condeming the rangers and thier actions .But he just spits on the paper.In town several people fire bomb the J&R office.The list of wounded on both sides is growing and the major is feeling frustated at the spiraling situation.

    Jake meanwhile deprived of sleep starts seeing his grandfather a former WW2 POW .He tells him that that this has all happen before only the names change.Before J&R there was the india tea company .This seems to strengthen jakes resolve,as does a visit from his mother (where the heck has she been hiding?)The ranger deduce from a really bad smell jakes mother describe that he is being held on a hogfarm outside town.A night time raid is launched and jake is spirited away to the ranger hideout.When he wakes hawkiins tells him he lost the bomb its heading to cheyenne and the mastermind behind the attacks intends to liberate it and destroy the ASA capital.Hawkins asks for his help.

    Another outstanding episode cranks up the tension yet again.the stakes are higher than ever .The town is being strangled by the J&R controlled goverment i cant wait for next weeks exiting episode.
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