Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2008 on CBS

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  • The architect of the September attacks is revealed and his new plan will be the final nail in the coffin.

    The moment Beck saw Goetz's body, you just know what he's thinking – either it was New Bern or Jericho, either way it's gonna get bad. Beck starts hunting the Jericho group involved – how does he know?! – and starts talking about 'insurgent activity' which was exactly the phrase he used about New Bern! Hawkins reports that Beck doesn't actually know what happened, just a good idea – doesn't know about Hawkins or who killed Goetz. Jake surrenders, trying to protect his friends and family, only to have Beck – who is no longer playing Mr Nice Guy – throw a bag over his head and drag him away! Beck is treating this like a betrayal.

    The interrogation with Beck proves one thing – Beck has got an incredibly well-informed source, one who told him absolutely everything – Russell. Beck starts using tactics on Jake which are definitely low-grade torture. The Rangers hijack army trucks – where'd they get the uniforms? – and seems they've got most or all of the Rangers with them! They're trying to get Jake back! Beck's right – the Rangers are holding out from loyalty to Jake, if Jake told them to stop, they would, even Eric. Jake defies Beck who declares Jericho an insurrection – which means Jericho's about to turn into New Bern. What Jake has realised is this is bigger than one man – Stanley or Goetz – this is about a corrupt government using their military to silence any opposition. That's what Jake's fighting for – it's not just about protecting Stanley, Jake's making a stand for an idea, a principle. This is about freedom from tyranny. Was the Boston Tea Party really about tea? Hell no!

    Heather spiritedly attacks Beck and realises his plan, he's trying to get Jericho to turn against the Rangers. And let's face it – there are always those who will do what is easy instead of what is right. How long will the 'common man' hold out in the face of no power or supplies against what the Rangers did for Jericho months ago? Of course, there's always an alternative – the people of Jericho could really have an insurrection, just like New Bern.

    This is a whole new side to Beck - until now, he's been an ally and a fair man, we've never been on his bad side before. We've heard the stories about New Bern though, so we should have realised he was capable of this. It can't be easy for him, he's trying to do the right thing while trying to do his job - and those two things just don't combine under these circumstances.

    I loved the scenes between Jake and his grandfather, who confirmed something I suspected the moment I heard the truth about Iraq: that Jake is trying to make amends. They've talked about this before, accepting the status quo versus upsetting the entire system with revolution – how many of Jericho's citizens would fight beside them? Could New Bern put their grievances aside to fight a common enemy? Jericho is just one town but this must be happening all across the country under Cheyenne, if Jericho started the fight, would other towns stand with them?

    Hawkins' contact is *too* well informed, knowing Hawkins intends taking the bomb to Texas. He offers a 'secure' alternative – problem is, we have no idea who this guy is! He could be loyal to Cheyenne for all we know! How's Hawkins supposed to make a decision with so little info? Gotta love Darcy, what a loving wife! "You stole a shirt? That's your plan?" Stole an ID and a truck – doesn't it occur to him J&R will spread the word on that? The informant even knows that Hawkins is driving to Texas! Then he turns around and tells Beck the truth about Hawkins!! The chase scene was nerve-wracking! Would. you. please. stop. shooting. at. the. nuclear. bomb?!

    Mystery solved – our 'whistle blower' is actually the architect of the September attacks. This guy goes on about his reasons for doing it, how J&R had so much influence with the government – what exactly has changed? All you did, you idiot, was make J&R the government! Now his reasons are clear – when Hawkins went his own way, he needed to get the bomb. Now that the bomb is in the army's hands, he just has to get it from them and he can use it on Cheyenne.

    Naturally Hawkins confides in his closest ally – and strangely, his best friend – and they discuss the dismal future: if the bomb destroys Cheyenne, the government/J&R will have every excuse in the world to crack down, it'll become everyone's worst nightmare – Jake's children will have to have the concept of 'freedom' explained to them because they will never have known it. The war is about to begin - this isn't just about Jericho any more.

    Last thoughts:
    - Beautiful shot – At 9pm, as Hawkins drives past the 'Now leaving Jericho – come back soon' sign, you see the lights go out in the distance.

    An incredibly important episode, explaining crucial info and a frightening new plan for the future.
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